Đồng nghĩa của interminable

Alternative for interminable

Đồng nghĩa: endless, infinite, lengthy, long, perpetual,

Tính từ

Seemingly endless because boring
endless never-ending ceaseless everlasting long-winded constant incessant long-drawn-out unceasing wearisome boring dragging infinite long non-stop perpetual unending uninterrupted unlimited boundless continual limitless monotonous protracted seemingly endless sustained tedious unbroken immeasurable laborious meandering overlong ponderous rambling unbounded without end continuous day-and-night dull eternal interminate looped permanent timeless unbound dragged out spun out strung out no end of no end to on a treadmill measureless vast illimitable inexhaustible bottomless incalculable untold unfathomable fathomless immense indefinite immensurable horizonless inestimable great without limit cosmic countless numberless amaranthine immortal undying enduring abundant extensive indeterminate undivided deathless innumerable persistent huge myriad tremendous unfailing no strings self-perpetuating unsurpassable multitudinous relentless steady unfaltering unremitting indeterminable nonstop abounding enormous unfading unflagging unnumberable innumerous large without interruption round-the-clock incomprehensible unfathomed beyond measure no holds barred unconfined wide open priceless invaluable always-on unchanging precious without limits valuable prodigious unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained lasting without ceasing unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled uncounted million all-embracing supertemporal sempiternal perdurable stupendous extreme wide unbottomed total lavish beyond price utter full no catch stellar uncountable no strings attached without number jillion umpteen massive colossal unmeasurable zillion unreckonable considerable soporific turgid not stopping having no end crawling with alive with all-encompassing full-blown full-out on tap full-scale complete all-out totalitarian universal ad nauseam with no holds barred undefined uncalculable wide-open abysmal deep profound unplumbed cavernous yawning unknown abyssal unquantifiable very deep unsounded chasmic gaping plumbless plummetless immensurate unspecifiable indefinable unidentifiable unspecified very many impenetrable uncertain undetermined undecided unfixed unresolved unsettled unmeasured unplumbable far down copious soundless bountiful immeasurate imponderable chasmal sunken deep-set extending far down

Tính từ

Continuous, without interruption
round-the-clock continuous constant continual perpetual endless incessant uninterrupted ceaseless unceasing unbroken relentless unremitting unending persistent eternal nonstop everlasting steady running ongoing permanent regular repeated enduring frequent unvarying unfailing timeless recurrent unchanging unflagging consecutive dateless persisting unwaning repetitive staying aeonian connected around-the-clock 24-hour day-and-night oft-repeated round the clock never-ending unrelenting non-stop sustained unabating continuing lasting unrelieved perennial continued abiding undying immortal unfaltering chronic imperishable ageless deathless unabated unwavering infinite unfading habitual prolonged sempiternal indestructible immutable neverending indefatigable always-on undeviating untiring without respite amaranthine stable unyielding unwearied solid recurring perdurable unswerving persevering dogged tireless without end protracted unstoppable lengthy long extended fixed extensive undivided lingering changeless inexorable inextinguishable boundless indissoluble forever drawn out drawn-out nagging stretched out monotonous interminate never-ceasing unsleeping unwearying day and night direct never-changing on a treadmill long-lasting undiminished remorseless diligent assiduous unsparing limitless niggling outstretched inevitable inescapable irrevocable unavoidable unlimited unintermitted periodical periodic sedulous unalleviated hard harsh stern never-dying gnawing unflinching undisturbed undestroyed all day long regularized standardised regularised implacable pushy elongated lengthened unended even uniform standardized at all times all day and all night 24/7 no end to steady-going with no let-up without a break no end of for ever and ever without surcease closed consistent predictable straight untroubled successive smooth illimitable indefinite classic traditional immemorial always termless death-defying ever living never dying world-without-end stationary invariant monolithic unchanged that will never die incorruptible that will live forever phoenixlike undeadly through without stopping straightforward in succession same rigid set equable inflexible static stabile unchangeable unfluctuating invariable durable firm established remaining steadfast irreversible surviving indelible reliable fast secure dependable lifelong inexhaustible ingrained old inexpungible longstanding deep-rooted till the cows come home long-lived long-standing in for the long haul long-term ineradicable deep-seated tenacious stubborn prevailing residual inveterate obstinate living incurable vestigial settled rooted usual inbred long-running sustaining advancing pursuing maintaining progressing extant long-established existing confirmed carrying on ineffaceable routine inborn ever-present unmitigated current inextirpable standing strong unshakable resilient in existence still existing immovable in progress lifetime serious livelong returning lifetime's annual yearlong yearly seasonal severe leftover unforgettable time-honoured year-round all-time for life for all your life acute dangerous inerasable memorable unexpungeable alarming extreme dire grave resistant entrenched haunting rememberable unerasable stirring shrunken stunted token imperceptible marathon far great long-drawn-out long-drawn alive hard-core intrenched deep bred-in-the-bone deep-set longevous not to be forgotten never to be forgotten congenital irredeemable old as Methuselah full of years continuing on indurated sworn adamant radicated customary innate accustomed seasoned habituated

Tính từ

Of great length or extent
lengthy long-winded protracted diffuse overlong discursive long prolix tedious verbose wordy long-drawn-out rambling extended prolonged very long digressive drawn-out elongate elongated garrulous king-size king-sized lengthened oversized ponderous wearisome boring dragged out dragging king size longish padded tiresome windy lingering time-consuming slow spun out marathon sustained enduring dragged-out endless seemingly endless great spun-out long-lasting circumlocutory pleonastic circuitous meandering repetitious laborious periphrastic logorrheic lasting unending ambagious delayed far long-lived long-term convoluted gradual progressive tautological tortuous draggy conservative talkative chatty palaverous bombastic sesquipedalian loquacious expansive voluble gabby painful verbal wandering maundering circumlocutionary redundant logorrhoeic flowery never-ending full of verbiage everlasting stretched out drawn out monotonous remote stretching strung out rangy distant far-off lofty faraway stretched stringy continued extensive towering high tall deep running stretch expanded lanky outstretched gangling enlarged far-reaching persistent multiday long-drawn multiyear mundane repetitive diffusive overextended boundless tardy dilatory late limitless spread out longwinded tiring for ages without end numbing trying wearying mind-numbing plodding forever and a day gassy talky effusive turgid mouthy roundabout gossipy multiloquent conversational inflated big-mouthed gushing babbling blathering chattering multiloquous yakking rhetorical flatulent with the gift of the gab motormouthed blabby glib profuse indirect communicative jabbering fluent chattery pompous loose-lipped prattling gossiping articulate gibbering eloquent slick smooth superfluous loose pretentious full of hot air iterative oblique having kissed the blarney stone able to talk the hind legs off a donkey orotund grandiloquent fustian waffly oratorical vocal alliterative yacking wittering reiterating gobby dull loudmouthed rattling empty circumlocuitous circumlocutional circumlocutious prosy vague boastful waffling over-talkative random lavish copious exuberant swollen motormouth noisy forthcoming gaseous rhetoric desultory open unreserved silver-tongued uncalled-for reiterative inelegant unneeded unnecessary elaborate excursive leaping digressionary digressional blessed with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney Stone running on bigmouthed vociferous shallow tumid overblown superficial breezy tumescent spreading free musing erratic broad deviating roaming roving informal intricate rhapsodic lyrical windbag ornate all jaw big mouthed over-elaborate outgoing outspoken prating drivellous involved magniloquent tautologous repeating excessively communicative full of air having kissed the Blarney stone

Tính từ

Lacking in interest or excitement
weariful boring arid bomb bromidic bummer characterless cloying colourless colorless commonplace dead drab drag drear dreary drudging dry dull flat ho hum humdrum insipid irksome lifeless monotonous moth-eaten mundane nothing nowhere platitudinous plebeian prosaic repetitious routine spiritless stale stereotyped stodgy stuffy stupid tame tedious threadbare tiresome tiring trite unexciting uninteresting unvaried vapid wearisome weary well-worn zero uninspiring mind-numbing not fun miserable mindless pedestrian leaden lacklustre soporific slow laborious ponderous wearying tired monochrome unvarying lackluster uninspired banal plodding heavy overlong bland numbing mechanical old monochromatic fatiguing draggy prolix jejune prosy jading enervating samey pabulum dreich exhausting dragging poky snooze uneventful hackneyed dusty common dullsville mortal unenjoyable dismal endless depressing unentertaining dull as dishwater run-of-the-mill deadly dull as dry as dust long-drawn-out ho-hum big yawn lacking variety ordinary everyday unremarkable unimaginative workaday usual conventional wishy-washy sterile vanilla anaemic anemic square blah irritating annoying repetitive quotidian boresome vexatious banausic day-to-day straightforward weak limp cut-and-dry average standard businesslike cut-and-dried normal unexceptional garden-variety standard-issue featureless nondescript bog-standard soulless lame feeble stock zestless vacuous tasteless watery unoriginal gray stiff deadening passionless unspirited nothing to write home about yawnsome grey no great shakes unstimulating lacking excitement wooden dry as dust lacking interest unrelieved pallid milk-and-water bloodless lusterless diddly actual practical practicable simple matter-of- fact lowly prose yawn clean flavourless driveling drivelling least unpalatable Milquetoast flat tire vacant flavorless innocuous inane predictable hack stereotypical overworked overused clichéd overdone corny derivative time-worn hoary hackney worn out shopworn cliche hacky obligatory cornball cobwebby timeworn musty dime-store old hat cliché-ridden truistic facile hokey cornfed tripe played out trivial noplace dumb

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