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  • xem blab

Tính từ

Tending to blab or gossip a lot
chatty talkative garrulous loquacious conversational gabby talky mouthy motormouthed chattery newsy taletelling bigmouthed gossipy voluble verbose long-winded windy loose-lipped chattering effusive communicative big-mouthed multiloquent prattling gossiping gushing glib gassy multiloquous wordy prolix babbling blathering able to talk the hind legs off a donkey with the gift of the gab talebearing forthcoming expansive loudmouthed vocal profuse rambling gibbering fluent yakking jabbering repeating dishing tattling full of hot air having kissed the blarney stone gobby articulate eloquent slick verbal smooth rattling intimate yacking motormouth vociferous ranting over-talkative noisy ordinary familiar everyday spoken open unreserved prating informal spontaneous personal multieloquent relaxed wittering tonguey bombastic yakkity prosy gaseous wind-bag loose-tongued yakky blabbermouth drivellous outspoken outgoing running on at the mouth flap jaw having kissed the Blarney Stone excessively communicative colloquial dishy spilling whispering blabbing spilling the beans giving away pleonastic tautological periphrastic diffuse circumlocutory palaverous circuitous repetitious lengthy discursive tedious redundant logorrheic tortuous protracted expressive turgid uninhibited informative inflated ambagious demonstrative long-drawn-out meandering flatulent rhetorical conversable prolonged unrestrained overlong free digressive convoluted pompous indirect wandering logorrhoeic sesquipedalian superfluous roundabout silver-tongued oratorical empty casual conversational iterative frank blabbermouthed long tiresome boastful orotund enlightening communicable boring wearisome running on circumlocutionary plainspoken reiterating padded interminable candid confabulatory cooperative helpful obliging friendly blessed with the gift of the gab genial affable sociable free-spoken magniloquent fustian flowery grandiloquent tautologous involved pretentious repetitive amiable extroverted full of air having kissed the Blarney stone easy warm extrovert effervescent unconstrained gregarious liberal magnanimous generous lavish gushy maundering waffly full of verbiage

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