Đồng nghĩa của outgoing

Alternative for outgoing

Trái nghĩa: incoming,

Tính từ

Friendly and socially confident
sociable warm cordial extrovert friendly gregarious affable approachable convivial genial open social affectionate easy extroverted accessible companionable extraverted unreserved clubable clubbable clubby kind lively uninhibited sympathetic unconstrained unrestrained easy-going hail-fellow-well-met attention-seeking amiable congenial pleasant good-natured neighborly neighbourly chummy hospitable conversable good-humored comradely matey good-humoured amicable agreeable buddy-buddy pally jovial gracious happy boon cheerful welcoming obliging easy to get along with company-loving good-tempered warmhearted couthy cheery well disposed complaisant hearty bonhomous kindly polite exuberant gentle well-disposed mellow easygoing collegial intimate communicative mild personable palsy familiar talkative warm-hearted civil relaxed benign hail-fellow decent palsy-walsy receptive amenable natural helpful happy-go-lucky buoyant boisterous chirpy perky joyful demonstrative smiling casual nice benevolent humble carefree pleasing bubbly sweet courteous expressive likeable cooperative close jocular jocose down-to-earth favorable tolerant likable urbane ebullient nonchalant informal blithe jolly backslapping cosy merry favourable upbeat cozy tight regular free and easy glad lenient chipper jocund sunny buddy buddy easy to get on with good company charming socializing people-oriented expansive fun unflappable available humoring brotherly unstuffy great-hearted fraternal communal socialising considerate harmonious colonial frivolous playful high-spirited diplomatic unaffected undemanding confident chatty glad-handering humouring conciliatory fond like-minded vibrant loyal amusing confiding funny good faithful peaceful delightful hilarious attentive compatible loving amical tender comical peaceable attached entertaining kindred on good terms responsive bluff unselfconscious loud upper up cheering high enlivening joyous at ease touchy-feely sunny side up bright light-hearted gay animated blithesome fun-loving optimistic laughing winsome gladsome rosy vivacious mirthful sparky eupeptic gleeful beaming lightsome festive canty lighthearted positive sunbeamy bright and breezy lovable engaging generous accommodating thoughtful understanding thick supportive unselfish charitable personal simpatico compassionate diverting unanimous frictionless united mannerly altruistic indulgent congruous consonant consistent caring heartfelt enthusiastic inseparable earnest wholehearted sincere eager winning solicitous in agreement softhearted kindhearted sweet-tempered cliquey festal conversible clannish merciful philanthropic facile dear shared public devoted non-hostile civilized all heart swell breezy copacetic conflict-free glowing near in favour affectious similar empathic concordant agreeing pacific accordant downright neighborly civilised fatherly genuine confidential bosom red-carpet fit adapted suitable inviting liberal comforting maternal humane in accord in favor comprehending selfless forgiving livable kissy-huggy very friendly lovey-dovey deep motherly amorous empathetic paternal well-suited well suited sympathique square shooting right nice fresh officious snug community informative popular common pleasurable collective organized group polished general lovely kind-hearted free-and-easy like soft easy to live with thick as thieves akin unpresumptuous prepossessing unassuming regular fellow right neighborly in sympathy mushy as nice as pie big-hearted goodhearted appealing taking mild-mannered sensitive captivating bighearted tenderhearted tender-hearted good-hearted reasonable sweet-natured barley-sugar soft-hearted enchanting large-hearted even-tempered patient harmless organised societal in harmony honest of one mind on the same wavelength in tune ethical respectable upright honourable virtuous trustworthy honorable worthy moral incorrupt dependable just principled noble upstanding righteous regardful pro right straight true clean-living well mannered stand-up all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean well-mannered right-minded compliant encouraging willing acquiescent tractable pliant adaptable biddable pliable persuadable appreciative well-intentioned onside persuasible suasible game open-minded down encouraging of supporting of in favour of vicarious supportive of approving in favor of cool approving of useful eager to help glad to be of assistance forthcoming eager to please responsive to having a heart on the side of friendly to favourably disposed to on same wavelength receptive to well disposed to favorably disposed well-disposed towards favourably disposed towards in sympathy with tuned in

Tính từ

Full of life and energy
lively animated active spirited energetic dynamic cheerful vivacious frisky perky sparkling sprightly bubbly brisk chirpy quick spry alert bouncy buoyant chipper effervescent peppy sparky zippy exuberant gay merry nimble upbeat vibrant agile skittish youthful zestful zesty airy animate blithe blithesome bouncing frolicsome full of life mettlesome pert jaunty jazzy peart pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy springy vital zappy bright dashing happy hyper industrious jocund kinetic high-spirited fun go-go fun-loving full of vim and vigour full of pep bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans alive and kicking vigorous spanking playful jolly cheery sunny ebullient stimulating joyful light-hearted enthusiastic jovial breezy sportive carefree zingy joyous stirring rousing exciting mirthful moving exhilarating gamesome gleeful glad lighthearted in high spirits genial boisterous rollicking electrifying invigorating entertaining witty inspiring gladsome strong frolic thrilling fiery forceful interesting happy-go-lucky bold festive ludic energizing elated envigorating breathtaking hair-raising wild striking gripping keen fresh jocular funny convivial optimistic rip-roaring hilarious powerful flamboyant humorous laughing excited bright and breezy full of the joys of spring provocative amusing refreshing in good spirits vivid positive energising passionate hearty arousing coltish as merry as a grig bracing untroubled riotous spunky noisy colourful alive irrepressible cordial kittenish enlivening appealing scintillating animating crank lightsome pleasant intoxicating hectic lusty smiley jubilant jocose of good cheer thought-provoking hopeful uproarious charged colorful light spine-tingling jumping challenging rowdy titillating feisty winsome restorative hardy exhilarated good full of fun good-humoured fascinating dramatic spicy piquant frivolous adrenalizing good-humored impish brilliant tireless unruly unworried debonair radiant exhilarative loud social busy tonic uninhibited gingery friendly mischievous roguish confident vitalizing smart devil-may-care as lively as a grig sharp forcible dazzling rambunctious showy electric swinging robust clever driving emphatic jokey daring gutsy galvanic bubbling galvanizing euphoric romping gregarious easy buzzing enjoyable unrestrained eupeptic grinning canty smiling uplifting rumbustious bustling sociable waggish sparkly insouciant without a care in the world enterprising cheering inspiriting raucous wick content wanton flippant poignant prankish ardent antic humming galvanising full of get-up-and-go knockabout stimulative eager invigorated quickening game indefatigable relaxed facetious impassioned kicky exultant rocking contented brash mind-boggling mind-bending heart-stopping mind-blowing comical hopping riveting effective intense chucklesome cock-a-hoop sanguine roisterous eye-catching rosy rough abuzz extroverted larking droll happening peppery fay sportful elfish larky sexy salty robustious determined frolicky barnstorming vivifying tumultuous tough diverting heartening affable aggressive heady perk go-getting clubby encouraging inspirational comic potent easy-going mobile larkish courageous gritty emotional whimsical ecstatic full of energy rejuvenating up untiring stem-winding reviving anthemic on the go delightful high red-blooded boon sporty energized tart high-powered coruscating casual warm motivating activated swashbuckling plucky clear astir flourishing puckish thriving abubble aboil festal intriguing punchy naughty gallant venturesome pleasing unconcerned energised teasing vehement ball of fire arresting joking refreshed coarse fearless outstanding resilient devilish hell-raising rugged companionable remarkable audacious blissful graphic coquettish intrepid elvish rested restored emotive renewing reinvigorating pleased imaginative unreserved fair zealous saturnalian healthy magnificent roborant exhilarant innerving volatile revived compelling flirtatious unflagging wicked extrovert flip grooving action-packed strenuous stalwart sturdy hail-fellow-well-met pleasurable high-octane expansive pungent elastic excitable provoking impressive on the move unwearied open unconstrained extraverted full-blooded sensitive emotion-charged glowing influential joshing soul-stirring on top of the world lurid daffy like new rehabilitated bright-eyed bushy-tailed flirty feeling one's oats disorderly nonchalant tangy theatrical bawdy ostentatious welcoming abandoned shaking trembling full of hope storming biting quaking pulsating throbbing suggestive adventurous arch heartwarming welcome sassy dapper extravagant ribald beaming vitalized raunchy hospitable blue vulgar expressive wonderful juicy rakish valiant brave flush slaphappy healthful fortifying wacky jesting conspicuous delighted broad exceptional turbulent fluid demonstrative salacious fancy dynamical amiable laid-back overjoyed dizzy flashy occupied rejuvenative peaceful thrilled spectacular clamorous meaningful free and easy orgasmic rich go-ahead lewd harsh ballsy strengthening gratified captivated intoxicated blessed blest tickled saucy in fine fettle rose-colored salubrious revitalizing venturous free-swinging nervy emboldened adventuresome nerved silly clangorous sensational feel-good tricksy rascally health-giving bullish espiègle raring to go resounding rejoicing gaudy ingenious breathing mellow flying high on cloud nine tickled pink can't complain looking good walking on air splashy congenial obstreperous pushing side-splitting Pickwickian pushy strident vociferous bantering aware vibrating sympathetic memorable tongue-in-cheek rough-and-tumble responsive approachable bodacious commanding awesome camp rude full of spirit full of zip have-a-go supple garish crude sentient fabulous living laughable mad rhapsodical existing over the moon enchanting touching affecting fruity existent revitalising organic awe-inspiring communicative lots of laughs live biological awakening coming on strong full of joie de vivre clubbable fun-filled accessible as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy diligent clubable at ease good-natured in the land of the living among the living having life neat conversible ambulatory orgiastic savory savoury frolicking capering party graceful unused young undimmed stimulated verdant relieved florid ruddy unfaded wholesome dewy creamy unwithered blooming unthinking indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless jazzlike psychedelic glitzy fervent fairylike stylish gruff informal depraved debauched amused glittering insubstantial unserious excellent fast swift new marvellous whopping marvelous rapid avid pertinent dull relevant tight poised pacific measured collected composed possessed commodious providential sober breathless burning hot elevating lucrative money-making paying rewarding coy partyish heated pleasure-seeking tasty distinctive fanciful glimmering glinting holiday demoniac motive locomotive kinematic motile self-assertive forward presuming enlivened turnt remunerative gainful fruitful rallying hale and hearty jumpy laughter-filled inharmonious laid back dexterous deedful eventful dextrous effusive willful heartbreaking heartrending overexcited conscious ventilated easygoing easy-breezy low-pressure cute esthetic loony chaffing jollying nutty romantic attractive raffish hushed unflustered unperturbed sedate unruffled frothy agitated gushing motivational bucked sweeping pixieish scampish knavish pixy risible glib pixie sly leprechaunish jarring aesthetic pronounced prominent full of vim and vigor bombastic personable swish elegant extant offhand virile undisciplined uncontrolled wayward bubbling over persuasive impactful cheerly inspirative full of the joy of living shallow superficial cheeky trivial fancy-pants termagant intensive skipping irregular beating springing bounding leaping hurdling quivering roseate glass half full sunny side up in jest clowning in fun impelling likable off-the-wall urbane revitalized reinvigorated impetuous wilful roistering empty-headed demure giddy scatterbrained feather-brained gentlemanly sportsmanlike muscular sound affectionate heroic steely tenacious valorous instigating affective instigative exalting peaches-and-cream to the point charming talkative crazy flaky joculous gagged up campy flakey ludicrous boffo for grins piquing inciting triggering resolved steadfast resolute indomitable mettled promising great revivified rejuvenated renewed exclusive swank wild and woolly at peace self-possessed trim natty original resourceful spruce propitious comforting reassuring auspicious kind snazzy likeable childish agreeable captivating engaging all-out vociferant over-the-top brawling contemporary sophisticated modern hip believing revitalised reenergized bright-coloured fantastic hard-hitting beguiling absorbing recreative nice amicable unsteady kenspeckle obvious exhibitionistic marked noticeable grabby glittery catchy distinct attention-seeking generous considerate sportsmanly decent cavorting can-do redeeming gratifying magnetic glaring brightly coloured gassy crisp cool stoked wrapped rapt satisfied rapturous enraptured chuffed shivering shuddering bling salient inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated motivated perked up proactive as game as Ned Kelly neighborly inventive functional over the top exalté rhapsodic beatific well paradisal triumphant paradisaic fulfilled enchanted paradisiacal thankful paradisaical entranced paradisiac gracious conversable rollicksome thumping ripping enthralling riot engrossing entrancing enticing relaxing scream be a ball gas priceless creative unmarred honorable square honest honourable evenhanded just reasonable frantic exquisite fab miraculous boss wondrous blood-tingling overwhelming large effectual indecent combative imposing startling tense manifest definite well marked evident plain up-to-date people-oriented socializing trendy satirical over the top OTT comfortable entertained magical argumentative matey neighbourly ambitious talented quick-witted gifted capable able belligerent unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired quickened stunning quarrelsome Panglossian bellicose chummy inflammatory violent impellent major urging flexible propulsive chilly beneficial salutary assertive pugnacious risqué smutty indelicate assured eloquent artistic significant revealing up-and-coming entrepreneurial feelgood contentious staggering suspenseful in a good mood earthy gross confrontational operating functioning close easy to get along with intimate colonial familiar easy to get on with warm-hearted good company regular sporting zero cool truculent immodest looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory militant adjustable adaptable variable on a high in seventh heaven disputatious agitational like a new man giving one food for thought warlike charismatic activating productive self-motivated highpowered hyped-up go-getter gamy indecorous pick-me-up cold handy occupational working efficient operational serviceable operative scrappy telling pregnant revelatory indicative evocative descriptive meaning as pleased as Punch beside oneself with joy blissed out as happy as Larry jumping for joy tickled to death starry-eyed floating on air like a dog with two tails astonishing astounding extraordinary amazing incredible agonistic hungry take-over progressive craving gumptious hardworking spark plug hard ball advancing self-starting itching yearning aspiring hustling lusting innovative ready accommodating chippy dirty parodic irreverent socialising gladiatorial doubtless implicit certain sure cocksure discordant climactic phenomenal practicable utile straight shooting square shooting square dealing assaultive off-color off-colored off gamey slapstick brawly malleable inspired visionary indicating emotion indicating feeling allusive deeply felt shock-horror ornery play hard ball play for keeps adult utilitarian well-oiled touchy farcical disrespectful ridibund undoubtful secure disposed to look on the bright side self-assured expectant in good heart self-confident sudden studied difficult compliant shocking shady erotic purple off colour improper lascivious raw nasty mean crass understanding representing pictorial indicating tender representative articulate pathetic thoughtful full of feeling full of emotion pointed easy-to-read picturesque masterly silver-tongued signifying breath-taking near the bone pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding near the knuckle close to the bone Rabelaisian jaw-dropping employed gutty harum-scarum gee-whizz thin-skinned on the warpath high-strung hot-blooded versatile complaisant tolerant conformable incarnate recuperative mutable soaring corporeal bodily at work resonant hard-pressed in the flesh busy as a bee hard at work engrossed in wrapped up at work on rushed off one's feet with preoccupied with absorbed in hard at it on the hop on the job immersed in ringing sonorous reverberant reverberating cacophonous stentorious deep orotund heightened throaty blaring thundering echoing reverberative full booming intensified reverberatory pulsing carrying thunderous sonorant oscillating piercing baritone harmonious melodious consonant canorous palpitating plangent rotund stentorian round aquiver plummy golden low blasting dinning fortissimo deafening enhanced earsplitting overpowering full-bodied ear-popping ear-shattering very loud head-splitting clearly audible deep-toned full-voiced full-throated ear-splitting ear-piercing loud-voiced

Động từ

Present participle for to surpass or be better than something or someone else
outmatching surpassing outdoing topping exceeding eclipsing outshining beating transcending bettering outclassing excelling outstripping overshadowing trumping besting outgunning capping outperforming outdistancing overtopping passing outrivalling outrivaling outpacing surmounting outranking outrunning outstepping overstepping overriding towering outweighing ranking towering over putting to shame improving upon towering above going beyond going one better running circles around improving on doing better than going one better than putting in the shade trouncing defeating blowing away overrunning clobbering upstaging outvying triumphing crushing outplaying dominating extinguishing predominating waxing shooting ahead of standing above beating hollow knocking spots off winning against standing head and shoulders above rising above leaving standing wiping the floor with running rings around blowing out of the water taking precedence running rings round triumphing over overtaking leaving behind dwarfing walking away from getting the better of outmaneuvering getting ahead of outsmarting outmanoeuvring overreaching overshooting leading outreaching shaming overpassing outfoxing shaking off overcoming outwitting leaving breaking outflanking overdoing outthinking going by bypassing outhussling licking getting further ahead of put somebody's nose out of joint conquering leaving in the dust overhauling outjockeying outcompeting foxing outslicking drawing away from creaming overwhelming overpowering owning going above winning the race prevailing over throwing into the shade scoring points off shooting ahead leaving in the shade moving ahead of eluding outmanning overcounting making look pale by comparison crowning winning taking over outgalloping standing out passing by transforming exceeding in quantity swamping diminishing obliterating shading rivalling rivaling undermining finessing preponderating minimizing outguessing conning heading vanquishing routing thrashing smashing subduing minimising outnumbering ruling over snowing downing trashing cooking bulldozing burying overtaxing distancing out-distancing gaining on leaving something standing putting something to shame calling somebody's bluff catching somebody napping getting one over on gaining the advantage over getting the upper hand over putting someone in the shade putting something in the shade going over running over breaking record having advantage taking in faking out doing in having command over stealing a march on somebody getting upper hand wallopping walloping whipping drubbing having a jump on having it all over scooping showing up straining overacting overextending overstretching cutting across going over the limit of going beyond the bounds of blowing out of water pulling a fast one widening the gap undertaking biting off more than you can chew pulling ahead of getting past going faster than going past superseding looming rising soaring mounting rearing overweighing overlooking ascending outbalancing overbalancing prevailing tipping the scales tipping the balance against turning the scales against having the edge on setting off turning the balance against taking precedence over moring than make up for tipping the scales against humiliating having the edge over taking priority over overhanging standing high reaching high hanging over extending above being above looking over bringing shame upon holding up to shame

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