Đồng nghĩa của suspenseful


Causing or creating excitement
heart-pounding alarming bloodcurdling breathtaking chilling electrifying exhilarant exhilarating frightening hair-curling hair-raising horrifying rip-roaring rousing spine-chilling spine-tingling terrifying thrilling exciting shocking stimulating stirring gripping scary startling macabre dreadful petrifying fearsome blood-curdling scaring appalling creepy redoubtable direful horrible sinister intimidating terrible formidable forbidding ghostly hairy spooky horrendous nightmarish dread eerie eldritch dire ghastly fearful frightful weird unearthly invigorating inspiring intoxicating enthralling dramatic cliff-hanging extraordinary causing excitement explosive moving riveting compelling sensational intense powerful arousing dynamic cliffhanging mind-blowing wild mind-bending heart-stopping adrenaline-charged nerve-racking mind-boggling exhilarative knife-edge stem-winding kicky electric envigorating edge-of-the-seat daunting menacing disturbing awful dismaying unnerving threatening baleful horrid disquieting dangerous harrowing ominous grim distressing awesome awe-inspiring monstrous worrying gloomy mean-looking depressing horrific gruesome perturbing upsetting foreboding bodeful dismal unpleasant impressive tremendous calamitous godawful hostile imposing terrific severe unwelcoming brooding atrocious shuddersome ugly inhospitable bleak dark ferocious fierce causing fear hideous disconcerting perplexing feared dreaded traumatic strong mighty pulse-pounding unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing overwhelming pressuring terrorising bullying overpowering all-powerful shivery shuddery commanding doughty invincible indomitable resolute valiant fateful unpropitious baneful unlucky apocalyptic eery spookish imminent courageous brave uncanny strange ghoulish disgusting freaky nasty haunting hellacious unfriendly afraid striking massive uninviting harsh unpromising inauspicious evil-looking rough tough unfavorable unfavourable disastrous bad dour untoward adverse uncomfortable disadvantageous austere negative stark hard disagreeable rugged jarring desperate catastrophic ruinous offensive odious life-threatening perilous glowering repulsive woeful crying pressing cataclysmic critical crucial unspeakable extreme cruel urgent grievous suggestive of evil serious outrageous drastic grave miserable wretched crippling hopeless irretrievable devastating lousy abysmal parlous portentous chronic exigent oppressing lamentable deplorable scowling heartbreaking regrettable afflictive unfortunate


(of an outcome, especially one that is desired) Possible but very uncertain
touch-and-go delicate precarious tricky uncertain dangerous dubious hazardous risky sticky tight unclear unsure cliffhanging critical treacherous unsafe dodgy hairy dicey doubtful in danger in jeopardy parlous perilous sensitive shaky touchy unknown unpredictable on thin ice hanging by a thread in the balance chancy insecure threatening iffy serious gnarly unstable unsound problematic grave fraught with danger high-risk unhealthy ticklish difficult menacing venturesome thorny grievous jeopardizing rocky jeopardising vulnerable exposed problematical touch and go speculative awkward nasty unsteady wicked jeopardous desperate knotty unreliable deadly fatal dynamite prickly tricksy spiny tough catchy playing with fire erratic unchancy undependable destructive harmful wobbly slippery loaded terrifying malignant ugly hot at risk life-threatening Russian roulette alarming dangersome embarrassing death-defying acute lethal rugged unsettled toxic breakneck shonky formidable heavy bad defenceless mortal rickety explosive long shot viperous adventurous capricious venturous defenseless out on a limb scary exigent haphazard taxing fluctuant incalculable threatened injurious extreme unsecured endangered on slippery ground wide-open dire unprotected deathly very bad untrustworthy open to attack fearsome tottering on a limb painful unpleasant not secure not stable disastrous barro uncomfortable discomforting reckless severe poisonous incurable capital rough hard laborious operose strenuous peracute profound egregious very dangerous life-and-death impregnable on collision course serpentine portentous pressing queasy urgent terrible impending daredevil on a slippery slope built on sand hanging in the balance charged tense overwrought volatile inflammable worrying complicated strained anxious nerve-racking volcanic combustible stressful highly charged knife-edge complex involved vexed convoluted perplexing quirky intricate fiddly troublesome trying vexatious bothersome controversial irksome upsetting distressing disturbing concerning worrisome traumatic arduous harrowing onerous grim wearisome challenging punishing baffling harassing excruciating burdensome daunting bitter demanding troubling perturbing wearing exhausting fraught exacting harsh contentious vexing unsettling disquieting exasperating testing brutal gruelling oppressive grueling tiring hellish cruel niggling dismaying weighty disagreeable harrying questionable emotive nettlesome forbidding awful annoying anxious-making frustrating pressured tormenting draining compromising humiliating toilsome tedious sapping back-breaking rigorous crushing bleak puzzling cringeworthy uneasy cringey disconcerting flustering discomfiting cringe-making dark scratchy unfriendly spartan hostile suspect discomposing briery pointed inconvenient unnerving incommodious nerve-wracking irritating fatiguing galling torturous enervating hectic agitating tiresome agonizing agonising anxiety-ridden paradoxical sophisticated intractable mystifying provocative subtle heated nice tender echinated stimulating divisive scandalous troublous nagging like herding cats searching penetrating temperamental mercurial changeable inconstant fickle variable kid-glove apprehensive hair-trigger murderous stiff hardhanded aggravating inhuman searing a stinker of a pestilent bristly barbed disputed briary thistly brambly tickly dolorous bumpy debated contested sharp spiculate pronged bristled spiniferous spicular spiky aculeate spinous spiked demeaning degrading itchy confronting distressed afflictive embarrassed debatable moot setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose untimely discountenancing causing discomfort ill-fitting undecided undetermined unresolved unconcluded shameful in contention ongoing at issue in dispute toe-curling open to question open to debate hot-button open to doubt fractious up in the air yet to be decided much debated killer easier said than done high-impact slavish torturesome wearying toilful drudgy labored tall upstream vicious laboured vigorous tortuous crippling high-pressure really hard tough going fierce intimidating titanic mighty unbearable unforgiving uphill ambitious jarring intense worksome distressful savage scabrous depleting uphill battle moiling backbreaking unendurable killing shattering knackering hard-won backbreaker intolerable sweaty immense no picnic energy-consuming marathon difficile impossible cumbersome unsparing prohibitive unremitting problem Herculean ominous insufferable bruising merciless ponderous gargantuan effortful not easy staggering colossal unyielding herculean debilitating like getting blood out of a stone solemn painstaking very hard ferocious almighty grinding gigantic

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