Đồng nghĩa của theatric


Relating to the genre of tragedy


Causing amazement in a surprising manner
amazing incredible mind-blowing astonishing remarkable unbelievable astounding breathtaking exciting fascinating marvelous mind-boggling miraculous spectacular staggering surprising thrilling awe-inspiring awesome eye-opening fantastical heart-stopping jaw-dropping marvellous prodigious sensational shocking startling stunning stupendous wondrous dazzling dramatic theatrical awe-striking bewitching blinding captivating enchanting enthralling eye-popping heart-stirring impressive mind-bending sensorial overwhelming empyreal some wonderful extraordinary fabulous striking stupefying sublime phenomenal flabbergasting jolting brilliant dumbfounding jarring fantastic portentous blindsiding dumfounding outstanding tremendous awful magnificent imposing arresting amazeballs out of this world splendid electrifying superb glorious grand stirring terrific noteworthy eye-catching notable excellent great unreal stimulating unusual majestic exceptional gee-whizz conspicuous unexpected super commanding intense uncommon exhilarating massive inspiring out of the ordinary beautiful noticeable formidable bold emphatic hair-raising unforeseen prominent marked rousing intoxicating rare monumental confounding showy memorable splashy unpredictable disturbing fab sudden divine fine unsettling bewildering unanticipated unpredicted galvanizing salient magical electric considerable flamboyant pronounced catchy bodacious noisy moving splendorous towering galvanising powerful baffling disquieting monstrous humbling exhilarative charged rip-roaring significant signal galvanic momentous smashing colossal strange kicky bizarre crazy unnerving bad unheard of engaging wicked unimaginable distinctive distinguished kenspeckle grabby piquant extravagant heroical horrifying scandalous attractive first-class first-rate enormous attention-grabbing ominous inexplicable unaccountable huge unique beyond belief appalling charming disconcerting royal immense confusing puzzling heavenly gorgeous vast important resplendent from left field superhuman lavish stately luxurious abnormal inordinate picturesque lurid heavy complex complicated alarming stellar unparalleled outlandish shock-horror superior interesting frightful humongous perturbing inconceivable pointed buzzworthy newsworthy freakish profuse scary frightening unforgettable upsetting singular astronomic distressing hallucinatory outrageous unco ridiculous obvious cool emotional sultry heroic manifest gross far-out psychedelic mind-altering far out arrestive primo devastating gripping riveting zero cool hard to swallow observable vivid envigorating groovy compelling dynamite proud never to be forgotten spine-tingling invigorating beguiling absorbing affecting action-packed opulent swanky palatine sumptuous exquisite queenly statuesque elegant celestial splendiferous regal out of the blue palatial princely magnific epic without warning grandiose sightly baronial solemn kingly Homeric splendent better than expected weird supreme utmost state-of-the-art preternatural out-of-this-world something else preposterous destabilising destabilizing worrying uncomfortable absurd mad far-fetched wild what sensitive tense befuddling evident distinct mystifying perplexing hard to believe insane suspenseful flustering freaky shattering sweet premium unprecedented providential sensuous unmistakable unthinkable unannounced the strong clear-cut visible impenetrable mysterious lively what great drop-dead clear supermundane wonderworking anomalous numinous supranatural graphic climactic special blissful sensationalistic revealing perceptible appreciable forcible world-class unrivaled top-notch A-1 bang-up top-shelf extremely good unrivalled rockin unsurpassed mean sweeping effective stem-winding high-octane heady unfathomable intricate convoluted Byzantine sensory involved labyrinthine profound telling forceful jazzy cogent lofty sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny studied can't miss it unheard-of enlivening fabled ethereal enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled the utmost overcoming paralyzing very large crushing paralysing deep like wow swell delicious breath-taking yellow historic melodramatic chur exalted Daedalian incomprehensible Gordian disorienting wildering august capricious daring influential hunky-dory dandy like a dream come true sensual tabloid vulgar coloured rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored impassioned touching ostentatious pre-eminent difficult to understand beyond one imperial portly noble venerable appealing famous provocative intriguing entertaining curious uncanny weighty solid engrossing thought-provoking preeminent meaty inviting charismatic eventful amusing hypnotizing hypnotic tantalising enticing mesmerising worthy of note fresh mesmerizing compulsive preoccupying unputdownable trenchant topical unboring immersing hypnotising magnetic vibrant newsy relatable prepossessing involving racy pleasurable delightful tantalizing alluring entrancing consuming mesmeric spellbinding seductive pleasing diverting refreshing mammoth gigantic world class gilt-edged challenging mighty difficult dreadful gargantuan large horrible giant substantial sizeable ghastly mega hideous disgusting revolting terrible disgraceful offensive repulsive abominable odious sickening horrific nauseating atrocious foul oceanic cosmic pharaonic gigantesque planetary leviathan vasty super-duper walloping king-size titanic galactic humungous fantabulous Brobdingnagian bumper supersize cosmical whopping jumbo cyclopean monster whacking mountainous elephantine Himalayan supersized oversized astronomical herculean king-sized loathsome unspeakable repellent abhorrent repugnant immeasurable ginormous horrendous obscene vile forbidding fearsome grisly big copious king size mortal heartstopping terrifying horrid rancid grewsome repellant intimidating dire obnoxious nasty evil noisome distasteful fulsome direful noxious macabre agitating nightmarish gruesome ugly nightmare fearful nauseous deplorable godawful abysmal redoubtable hellacious glaring heinous detestable spine-chilling from hell


Having a persuasive effect
effective persuasive compelling efficient capable convincing influential powerful able cogent coherent impactful moving striking strong eloquent pertinent rational reasoned successful sufficient telling articulate authoritative clear credible definitive emphatic energetic expressive important irresistible logical lucid material meaningful plausible reasonable relevant sound well-founded well reasoned enthusiastic exciting imposing on the ball powerhouse punchy satisfying significant trenchant weighty direct graceful grand hard-hitting high-powered mighty unanswerable acute aggressive charming puissant vehement vivid dramatic histrionical performant forceful potent impressive forcible effectual conclusive valid efficacious dynamic decisive vigorous robust assertive active driving passionate feisty intense solid gutsy incisive animated zestful pushy lively stimulating enterprising bold high-octane stirring consequential affecting urgent coercive satisfactory inducing dominant firm suasive silver-tongued ball of fire commanding determined go-getting vivacious go-ahead vital tough spirited pushing electric touching graphic pithy in-your-face zealous smooth-tongued incontestable swaying peppy go-go strenuous fiery zippy useful virile unequivocal impassioned lusty tireless indefatigable spunky red-blooded responsive full-blooded full of get-up-and-go vibrant coming on strong revealing fluent uncompromising violent productive full of life full of beans ambitious incontrovertible militant convictive insistent crucial compulsive momentous considerable great bullish unmistakable sharp inspiring glib operative stringent unassailable pointed indubitable believable impelling enticing alluring seductive reliable assuasive well-spoken intelligent categorical assured controlling clear-cut vocal constraining elemental intelligible flamboyant rousing critical flourishing sparkling grandiloquent magniloquent take-over steamroller take-charge sparky ballsy flush gingery hardy well-defined sprightly comprehensible colourful realistic smooth-spoken effervescent sturdy storming racy intensive have-a-go perky thriving bouncing well expressed resounding spry rugged bouncy high-spirited mettlesome muscular colorful dashing jaunty brisk distinct competent snappy spanking pulling no punches full of vim and vigour all-out alive and kicking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed impactive eventful irrefutable high-performing undeniable orderly systematic methodical marked armed apposite apt justified well-grounded consistent fitting zappy drastic compulsory substantial succinct terse well organized devastating conspicuous hardline salient audacious fierce imperious confident domineering bossy well-established competitive stout likely pregnant evident formidable crystalline pivotal inspirational probable suggestive motivating instrumental honest frank blunt forthright unsparing brassy winning healthy revelatory meaning self-asserting strong-willed provocative motivational swayful guiding masterful verisimilar straight-talking condemnatory obvious unambiguous undisputed well-expressed indicative contributory formative far-reaching silky slick smooth-talking colourable strongly worded upfront dynamical decided infallible intuitive ingenious insightful fit strapping fine athletic central rhetorical fervid fervent well spoken poignant titanic voluble ardent outspoken punch sententious facund inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling unctuous smooth able-bodied blooming true-to-life possible acceptable faithful carrying conviction trusty trustworthy presumable authentic believeable hopeful dependable in good health playful no holds barred all out hale strong as an lion buoyant in good trim in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition in good shape in good condition encouraging fateful hale and hearty upbeat hearty not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder communicative chipper wick fast-track responsible animating monumental purposeful fit as a fiddle fighting fit full of energy exuberant full of vim raring to go hard-driving in the pink detailed explicit electrifying driven understandable alive zesty dazzling bustling magnetic happening airy kinetic animate humming buzzing pictorial descriptive illustrative picturesque uninhibited authoritarian ruling supreme hopping fresh coruscating bubbly busy astir abuzz industrious shocking lurid rich startling stalwart springy sensitive untiring vibrating breezy unflagging frisky pert radiant not taking no for an answer visual delineated pizazzy abubble jazzy aboil pizzazzy positive illuminating full of the joys of spring bright and breezy full of pep gay full of spirit photographic well-drawn highly coloured well drawn perspicuous figurative well defined lifelike definite full well delineated precise concrete highly capable in control leaving nothing to the imagination charismatic energizing hyped-up activating go-getter vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising in the saddle play for keeps play hard ball top talented major league excellent earth-shattering of use top-notch number-one stupendous big time big-league epoch-making splendid splendorous of value big-time ultimate major-league skookum top-drawer major big league earthshaking self-assertive keen high-pressure eager resolute forward self-confident dogged persistent earnest brash presumptuous tenacious cocky thrusting ruthless nervy bumptious committed impertinent avid hungry wild obstinate sure arrogant self-assured cocksure carnivorous pushful steadfast motivated overbearing relentless dedicated presuming unwavering overconfident stubborn desirous thirsty dog-eat-dog officious plucky cut-throat self-possessed loud obtrusive brazen two-fisted gung ho offensive obnoxious aspiring cheeky brave impudent demanding rigorous insolent unrestrained wholehearted ferocious daring unrelenting uncontrolled unbridled unremitting persevering rude sassy importunate cutthroat progressive pioneering pertinacious obdurate saucy bloodthirsty fanatical adventurous unyielding staunch certain brazen-faced full of oneself inspired uppity wise can-do power-hungry rash courageous single-minded intrusive interfering diligent fiercely competitive intensely competitive resourceful prying meddling nosy intruding meddlesome immodest resilient assiduous protrusive nosey snoopy merciless hard sedulous pitiless strident loudmouthed unabashed solicitous absolute defiant hubristic voracious intent flip imperative antagonistic gladiatorial gritty brutal impetuous hotheaded unflinching scrappy bold-faced dogmatic impulsive impolitic inconsiderate over-assertive overweening out-and-out warlike hot unfaltering unbending iron-willed doughty resolved hard-nosed fearless on the make strong-minded perceptive self-driven goal-oriented venturesome self-seeking get up and go not backward in coming forward eager beaver power-loving high-reaching having killer instinct self-starting Herculean unswerving restless painstaking constant conscientious unfeeling complete radical laborious unprincipled collected thoroughgoing thorough murderous creophagous unruffled unfazed bludgeoning hard-working bent total sweeping projecting prognathous flagrant bald bulging blatant jutting sheer arduous taxing steely pressurizing sure of oneself all-embracing exhaustive loyal sagacious demoniac motive mobile kinematic locomotive motile striving obsessed stressful difficult pressured exhausting assaultive man-eating irrepressible familiar unmixed pressurising undaunted arch brassbound independent heroic indomitable unhesitating take charge mean assuming believing in oneself hardened vicious unmerciful out and out firm in spirit keen as mustard stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad clamant pressing exigent overfamiliar shameless bent upon trashy heedless precipitate headlong untactful as bold as brass brazenfaced incautious thoughtless full of yourself bright hasty maladroit barefaced like a ball of fire hell-bent full of determination dead set desiring success self-respecting adventuresome venturous free-swinging nerved emboldened peremptory autocratic dictatorial imaginative inventive cynical intransigent irreverent creative overassertive lordly excited masculine manly hard-bitten daredevil intrepid free overfriendly enthused every person for themselves without mercy clamorous instant dire entreating burning necessitous exacting crying emergent nagging pumped bantam raring magisterial full-on hard as nails impatient crazy tough as old boots as tough as old boots agog anxious gifted temerarious reckless overbold innovative foolhardy disturbing annoying troublesome suppliant overeager harassing stoked brass-necked bare-faced antsy butch athirst smart-alecky unshakeable geeked juiced rigid undeviating sustained steady nuts unabated male greedy practical bullheaded unconditional unqualified combative downright outright ordering imperial stern high-handed harsh bidding emulous contentious nifty chauvinist swashbuckling he-man laddish ringing glaring sober express accented flat stressed solemn self-willed proactive banzai deviceful vying overly solicitous keyed up hepped up fired up hopped-up extremely enthusiastic one hundred per cent hang-tough go for broke bound and determined stop at nothing competing for a face no mistake warring opposing oppositional macho aggressively male manful ultramasculine unpleasantly masculine sharp-elbowed on the warpath spoiling for a fight ready for action

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