Đồng nghĩa của fervid

Alternative for fervid

fervid /'fə:vid/
  • tính từ
    • (thơ ca) nóng, nóng bỏng
    • nồng nhiệt, nhiệt thành, tha thiết; sôi sục

Tính từ

Involving, or given to, open or heavy displays of emotion
ardent fervent impassioned intense passionate vehement emotional heated passional perfervid wholehearted blazing burning charged deep-rooted deep-seated demonstrative eager earnest feverish fiery flaming full-hearted glowing heartfelt hot-blooded incandescent profound red-hot religious sincere superheated torrid warm warm-blooded avid enthusiastic deeply felt zealous fierce spirited excited strong keen violent animated fanatical raging deep frenzied furious powerful consuming acute angry vigorous inflamed lively urgent forceful wild stirring excitable heightened impetuous tempestuous explosive hot all-consuming energetic extreme committed expressive stormy uncontrollable frantic moving temperamental vivid emotive devout ferocious dedicated feeling excessive serious significant severe ungovernable incensed rousing eloquent thrilling ecstatic tender volatile aroused rash rabid sentimental potent melodramatic vocal impulsive hyper poignant affecting dithyrambic hopped up touching on fire ablaze white-hot compelling vociferous emphatic extraordinary forcible clamorous exceptional assiduous great raw hellacious meaningful insistent messianic blistering heavy unfeigned hectic tumultuous fuming amorous hearty inspiring irascible sensitive stimulated overwhelming enthused wrathful mad responsive mad keen immoderate acrimonious loud stirred full-throated outspoken hysterical volcanic overemotional true blue gung ho mercurial fired up steamed up from the heart hot-tempered enraged mournful desirous devoted effusive mighty tremendous seething dramatic frenetic sexy titillating arousing aflutter nutty mettlesome spunky high-spirited red-blooded scintillating uncontrolled marked bubbling over sad fevered bitter inordinate intemperate penetrating piercing unqualified steadfast allegiant resolute peppery gingery sultry vivacious abject true genuine entrenched intensified gung-ho overpowering uplifting doleful susceptible reinvigorated revitalized reborn honest hard-core rooted intrenched overzealous inspired cordial importunate neurotic agitable noisy inveterate thorough bona fide supreme grave very angry exciting loving heartwarming overcharged roused card-carrying overactive overwrought agitated hyperactive soulful strident forthright demanding raucous turbulent rough mushy romantic sentient verklempt thoroughgoing settled relentless desperate concentrated pronounced opinionated delirious high-pressure precipitate headlong high-powered hotblooded quickened pious warmhearted paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage convulsive vociferant obstreperous touchy-feely ghastly almighty off the air very excited on the warpath foaming at the mouth fit to be tied short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung hard major bred-in-the-bone confirmed indignant irate ireful worked up knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts ill-tempered hammer and tongs bad-tempered bang-bang distracted exquisite gotta have keen as mustard dying to hot for drastic dreadful starry-eyed on the make sharp terrible fearful irresistible fearsome vicious irrepressible intensive frightful unmanageable unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable excruciating critical revitalised born-again elated gripping engrossing absorbing heavy-duty cut-throat unruly crazed maniacal manic raving delighted crazy euphoric enthralling carried away articulate silver-tongued besetting compulsive preoccupying devouring persuasive fluent beside yourself intoxicated intriguing riveting dominating interesting immersing obsessive involving fascinating arresting engaging like one possessed pregnant revealing graceful exhausting suggestive effective telling glib lucid smooth-tongued revelatory meaning pointed graphic well-spoken orgasmic well-expressed indicative grandiloquent rhetorical smooth-spoken well spoken voluble impressive magniloquent well expressed sententious facund

Tính từ

Significantly high in temperature
scorching searing burning hot fiery boiling roasting sweltering torrid broiling scalding sultry fervent ardent ultrahot superheated red red-hot white-hot piping hot sizzling blistering blazing baking tropical parching flaming heated like an oven boiling hot steaming warm sweltry on fire very hot humid febrile fevered piping stuffy close baking hot white igneous ovenlike recalescent incandescent thermogenic decalescent smoking calescent tropic extremely hot stifling oppressive withering glowing blazing hot feverish feverous summery like a furnace very warm suffocating sweaty scorched unbearably hot like a blowtorch burning up oven-like aboil burning hot toasted ablaze dry arid parched hot and humid airless barren muggy steamy dried waterless desert sticky jungle-like stewing perspiring like a Turkish bath flashing gleaming overheated fiery hot heavy clammy flushed damp like a sauna claggy soupy balmy moist thermal toasty lukewarm melting breathless dank violent unventilated fuggy confined mucky soggy stagnant thick misty febrific hectic drying lush pyretic low wet uncomfortably warm equatorial snug thermic watery sodden irriguous stale afire very damp foetid fetid frowsty mellow warmish hottish warmed tepid aflame kindled ignited inflamed intense choky mouldy uncomfortable fusty moldy musty stale-smelling lit raging conflagrant alight enflamed combusting fierce acute ferocious lighted flickering empyreal agitable turbulent flaring unrestrained strong extreme dripping moderately hot sweating explosive heavy-duty vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome profound deep hellacious hard ghastly dreadful furious intensive terrible keen almighty fearful frightful in flames clouded fogged hazy foggy cloudy very great blistery steamed up hot and sticky misted up fogged up

Tính từ

Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm towards an activity
keen eager ardent avid enthusiastic earnest fervent impassioned passionate zealous athirst dedicated industrious perfervid excited wholehearted willing assiduous crazy raring spirited driven hopeful intense longing voracious conscientious enthused intent warmblooded diligent ebullient hungry motivated vehement desirous devoted fanatical solicitous wild ambitious committed craving lively yearning desiring fierce interested zestful mad keen bright-eyed and bushy-tailed keen as mustard nuts antsy thirsty agog hot gung ho greedy impatient obsessed pumped juiced hot to trot hopped-up champing at the bit hepped up as keen as mustard pining rabid hankering fiery stoked appetent great geeked anxious infatuated passional mad itching ready ready and willing dying to potty gone on raring to go burning obsessive vigorous hearty acquisitive self-starting covetous extreme breathless energetic restless frenetic gung-ho forceful wishful dotty hooked afire itchy fanatic possessed aching bugged dying rarin' to go feverish enamoured fascinated nutty enamored bursting heated restive insatiable edgy thirsting chafing gagging straining ravenous grasping avaricious rapacious gotta have in a hurry straining at the leash amenable prepared disposed up psyched set inclined fond daft keen on warm fain exuberant minded game nutso infatuated with thrilled addicted to hot for devoted to favourably inclined dynamic animated vivacious titillated frenzied in the mood exhilarated smitten in love with hooked on rhapsodic animate aflame wacky tantalized concerned unqualified of a mind pysched up fixated immoderate up for on for waiting with bated breath active gaga determined tantalised pleased sprightly zesty charmed besotted enchanted beguiled militant mad on over-enthusiastic compulsive turnt red-hot sincere devout lovesick captivated bewitched visionary high-spirited single-minded pushy purposeful taken spellbound enraptured seduced love-struck intoxicated keyed up wackadoodle wackadoo bigoted overenthusiastic ripe zealotic fired go-ahead fireball wild-eyed full of beans incorrigible credulous impulsive biased willful raving addicted violent erratic opinionated monomaniacal unruly partial stubborn obstinate headstrong contumacious domineering very keen very enthusiastic chomping at the bit coming on strong turned on nuts for high on resolute persistent enterprising aspiring tenacious dogged go-getting unwavering goal-oriented untiring persevering assertive steadfast indefatigable hard-driving self-driven unflagging bold strong-willed self-assertive resolved inspired striving sedulous ruthless progressive strong-minded high-reaching bent upon aggressive full of determination tireless adventurous unrelenting bent uncompromising staunch unyielding pioneering hard-working fixed firm power-hungry dead set power-loving self-asserting hell-bent eager beaver get up and go self-seeking daring rigorous strong stalwart unbending mettlesome steely undaunted unshakeable unfaltering gutsy constant plucky obdurate undeviating pertinacious unflinching insistent decisive steady hardworking on the make desiring success like a ball of fire career-focused unswerving strenuous painstaking focused dutiful dependable self-motivated upwardly mobile thrusting hard laborious radical perseverant competitive focussed unremitting confident relentless career-minded rigid cutthroat sustained feisty ferocious unabated bloodthirsty stringent assured gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy warlike bullheaded self-willed self-confident cut-throat self-assured can-do hang-tough bound and determined full-blooded intensely competitive stop at nothing iron-willed high-pressure having killer instinct go for broke self-possessed in-your-face dog-eat-dog fiercely competitive resourceful original imaginative ingenious audacious inventive creative clever gifted capable alert bright intrepid venturesome sharp able talented quick-witted bound out decided adventuresome courageous dashing hardy venturous free-swinging up-and-coming nerved nervy emboldened entrepreneurial minding zippy go-go peppy stirring pushing hustling lusting take-over snappy innovative spanking gumptious advancing driving busy inflexible about hell-bent on intent on single-minded about insistent on set on out to do-or-die determined to fixed on hell-bent upon bent on fixed upon decisive about anxious to obsessive about firm about fixated on committed to obsessed with dead set on resolved on intending to fanatical about impatient to resolved to determined on spark plug hard ball compelled consumed unshakable unbendable unshaken immovable galvanized adamant serious indomitable impelled obsessional unhesitating induced guided besetting pushed steered galvanised urged on

Tính từ

Illuminating or reflecting light
glowing bright brilliant shining radiant luminous lustrous dazzling incandescent beaming refulgent shiny effulgent lucent lambent candescent ablaze sheeny fulgent lucid bedazzling splendid lighted shimmering clear illuminated flickering luminescent aglow phosphorescent twinkling ardent gleaming glimmering fervent smoldering smouldering glowy sunny rutilant suffused lit up red-hot white-hot burning blazing fiery aflame Day-Glo on fire intensely hot fluorescent flaring sparkling resplendent glittering scintillating irradiant flashing vivid light intense coruscating glistening glaring glossy lit glistering polished burnished flaming illumined alight flashy warm iridescent beamy relucent fulgurating agleam glittery white rich vibrant golden argent sunlit moonlit auroral fulgid irradiated silvery mirrorlike satiny splendent brightened lightsome radiating glorious fulgurant glinting fulgurous colourful colorful lurid sleek striking deep strong clinquant gaudy flamboyant bold garish splashy psychedelic kaleidoscopic jazzy gay showy loud deep-coloured bright-coloured highly-coloured eye-catching highly colored molten illuminative brightening rapier-like sharp healthy luminiferous cheery varnished hot soft shinning gleamy irradiating nitid translucent crystal beamful full glazed opalescent splendorous noticeable conspicuous stunning blinding glassy satin rubbed buffed beautiful visual dramatic glacé slick sparkly reflective convey smooth fierce overpowering waxy shimmery luculent rosy ruddy brightly illuminated extremely bright limpid

Tính từ

Having or demonstrating an unwavering devotion toward someone or something
keen faithful constant dependable devoted loyal patriotic staunch dutiful steadfast true ardent fanatical impervious steady unfaltering emphatic fervent stalwart trusted enduring firm stout trustworthy zealous committed genuine resolute dedicated impassioned obdurate solid supportive close inexorable reliable strong unwavering allegiant hardened persistent trusty devout perfervid stable unflinching good immovable passionate strict unswerving true-blue true-hearted tried and tested tried and true true to life earnest enthusiastic pious stanch sworn serious vehement sincere wholehearted deep fast adherent down-the-line true blue determined driven purposeful profound intense single-minded avid pledged card-carrying decided resolved set dyed-in-the-wool revering deep-dyed venerating eager intent heartfelt adoring mad keen active red-hot dinkum heart-and-soul goody-goody worshipping pietistic worshiping attentive concerned big doting fond rabid exuberant goody two-shoes diligent assiduous consecrated admiring through and through studious fundamentalist orthodox hard-working religious out-and-out single-hearted old faithful traditional conservative reverent as keen as mustard true to the end given over to honest in earnest serious-minded meaning what one says meaning business hell-bent adamant definite deliberate prayerful conscientious pure nationalistic jingoistic nationalist chauvinistic strong-minded settled tenacious untiring indomitable stubborn unhesitating set on gritty obstinate buckled down bent strong-willed dogged bent on fixed persevering hardboiled flag-waving xenophobic jingo loyalist tried gung ho tried-and-true inveterate responsible isolationist statesmanlike spreadeagle hopeful loving intimate sure inseparable attached unfailing bosom honourable honorable upright confirmed long-standing familiar unshakeable boon established dear vigorous uncompromising special cherished thorough diehard friendly deep-rooted liege thoroughgoing chummy respectful thick tight as thick as thieves valued especial straight inward treasured near buddy-buddy indefatigable hard-core entrenched best complete confidential obedient unshakable decent abiding bound close-knit truthful affectionate deferential scrupulous unyielding reverential pally die-hard matey sound favorite never-failing pertinacious tireless absolute thick as thieves unrelenting unqualified utter unchanging long-established rigid favourite incorrigible secure unbending unquestioning trustable calculable intransigent high-principled incorruptible unapologetic unashamed righteous warm nice incurable behind one submissive bred-in-the-bone deep-seated safe proved compliant patient correct palsy-walsy unremitting regardful just virtuous ethical uncorrupted whole moral durable unflagging redoubtable spirited filial hearty forceful worthy punctilious right chronic habitual rooted infallible positive unequivocal worshipful unrepentant full-bore right-minded inflexible intrenched impeccable principled stiff tough right-down arrant certain decisive undeviating confiding circumspect obsessive truehearted creditable all right respectable cozy cordial ingrained cosy explicit effective dearest on the level string along with hard-line veracious well-established whole-souled whole-hearted keen as mustard bona fide out and out on good terms insistent long-lasting motivated main credible right-hand important honored principal unflappable extreme engagé hopeless undaunted believable unmovable changeless immobile unmistakable tested in good faith bulldog very dear adulatory irrepressible undying eternal beyond hope radical brave direct meek humble awed predictable reputable unimpeachable mettlesome plucky strenuous stout-hearted bold courageous daring sturdy obscene pornographic X-rated careful incorrupt personal rock-ribbed dyed-in-the wool congenial clubby sociable idolizing familial through-and-through honoured solemn regular full-fledged instilled congenital infixed unchangeable deep-down unwaivering audacious steamroller unafraid resilient nervy powerhouse unambiguous real total unstinting full unreserved categorical unlimited unmitigated unconditional unrestricted undivided nearest and dearest deifying upholding appreciative polite gracious obeisant energetic industrious deeply ingrained unadulterated unalloyed to the core unwearied incessant dynamic Herculean sonly sororal family fraternal daughterly hanging tough unfeigned undiluted outright flawless indivisible bound and determined dead set on on the best of terms well in close to devoted to on friendly terms tight-knit inseparable from hand in glove entire authentic fullhearted venerational idolising conjoined indissoluble inseverable inalienable balanced compelling undamaged normal convincing perfect adult rational inexhaustible weariless unceasing entwined integral united molded intertwined connected undividable unified moulded interwoven integrated capable of being trusted docile influential persuasive well judged fresh trenchant felicitous unimpaired favourable seasonable expedient unspoiled eatable timely potent well timed unhurt seasoned perky continuing plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted undeterred fireball continued hyper plodding competent capable qualified able efficient self-reliant hundred percent upstanding law-abiding undecayed well-timed uncontaminated promising intact fit to eat unblemished without reservations tied up as one veridical undistorted estimable square perennial lifelong innocent noble blameless duteous indelible immutable on one's side befitting a son or daughter angelic high-minded faultless irreproachable sinless saintly guiltless fair favorable in each other's pocket joined at the hip no lie up front fiery torrid irredeemable unreformable compulsive ineradicable impenitent longtime supreme pliant biddable deferent focused eager beaver stand-up anti-corruption staid accustomed inured habituated relentless obligatory well-behaved binding sicker on top of each other God-fearing squeaky-clean noble-minded equitable make good in good part make good on something monomaniacal hellbent obsessed on the up and up well disciplined impartial matchless exemplary commendable deserving holy laudable godlike peerless spiritual meritorious charitable philanthropical philanthropic praiseworthy well established deep-set hard-shell all-consuming firmly established out focussed well trained incumbent on do-or-die pigheaded pig-headed hell-bent on go-getting hell-bent upon bent upon full of determination

Tính từ

Relating to, or tending to, arouse lustful desire or excitement
erotic sexy steamy aphrodisiac sexual erogenous lubricious sensual libidinous licentious rousing stimulating bawdy carnal erotogenic explicit lustful naughty racy ribald aphrodisiacal concupiscent lascivious lecherous prurient randy raunchy salacious spicy venereal arousing fleshly horny hot kinky off-color purple Rabelaisian raw venereous anacreontic earthy sexually arousing sexually stimulating sexually exciting amorous lewd passionate wanton amatory voluptuous unchaste hot-blooded ardent torrid erotical physical dissolute sensuous animal sizzling bodily impure dirty coarse loving red-hot gross satyric sultry libertine debauched dissipated lickerish desirous indecent seductive suggestive depraved degenerate obscene vulgar goatish pornographic titillating corporeal lubricous provocative luscious lush epicurean immodest coital sybaritic hedonistic aroused hypersexual itchy exciting hankering ruttish abandoned decadent itching animalistic luxurious hircine intemperate heavy X-rated stimulated turned-on romantic pleasing delightful zipless impassioned sex-hungry juicy unrestrained uninhibited bestial corporal somatic material smutty saucy gamy adult fruity sexually explicit crude sordid sexually attractive profane genital immoral offensive promiscuous stimulant stimulative personal unwholesome red-blooded warm-blooded loose popper turn-on amative wampole voyeuristic longing unhealthy wicked intimate orgiastic fast self-indulgent wistful warm scorching unspiritual voluptuary appetitive Dionysiac obsessive enthusiastic avid incontinent pleasure-loving unvirtuous Spanish fly love drug wolfish indulgent pleasure-seeking moving physically gratifying hedonic stirring sharpened rough tactile sensory hot to trot turned on lotus-eating immoderate bacchanalian of the flesh desirable attractive enticing hedonist appealing craving filthy blue nasty trashy gutter foul stag porny unprintable locker-room violent brute profligate uncontrollable uncontrolled sinful reproductive uncurbed pleasurable corrupt pervy perverted scurrilous procreative reprobate unconstrained swinging amoral unruly unmoral unprincipled lax relaxed scabrous disorderly rude hard-core soft-core evil-minded low-down gratifying rich aesthetic improper unseemly sex crass uncouth indelicate low in the fast lane fast and loose tasteless sleazy sumptuous lowbrow lowbred raffish porn roughneck porno rugged rough-hewn near the knuckle scatological close to the bone scatologic in the gutter cheap low-minded sensorial affective genitive generative opulent fleshy aesthetically pleasing sensualistic primrose deep intense esthetic

Tính từ

Relating to the art or practice of public speaking
oratorical grandiloquent rhetorical bombastic high-flown high-sounding orotund magniloquent declamatory fustian lofty pompous Ciceronian eloquent grandiose linguistic overblown overripe pretentious sonorous turgid verbal aureate epideictic euphuistic extravagant flatulent florid flowery gaseous gassy highfalutin rhetoric stylistic verbose windy Demosthenean Demosthenic silver-tongued dramatic elaborate elocutionary expressive forceful gesticulative gesturing histrionic impassioned important imposing inflated intoning long-winded loud noble noisy ostentatious persuasive senatorial stagy stentorian theatrical tumid vivid ornate purple overwrought overdone magnific affected Ossianic wordy flamboyant pleonastic convoluted strained laboured articulate hyperbolic showy hifalutin hyperventilated stilted labored over-elaborate big complicated arty-farty mouthy effusive formal swollen fancy pedantic baroque fulsome erudite scholarly prolix ornamented bombast periphrastic exaggerated rotund exalted fluent haughty fussy boastful ranting la-di-da ponderous puffed braggart bragging self-important Falstaffian embellished sesquipedalian tumescent figurative grand-sounding portentous rococo redundant glib ornamental big-talking windbag puffed-up self-righteous majestic impressive mannered actorly tedious bold over-the-top curlicued tiresome boasting wedding-cake busy gingerbread overinflated discursive high oratorial high-falutin elevated heroic solemn very elaborate elegant sententious Miltonian epic Homeric stodgy high-minded snobbish booming melodramatic arresting decorative garnished rich luscious pontifical blathering blustering flashy shallow superficial breezy diffuse euphemistic stuffy tall lexiphanic overwritten euphistic tall-talking arty overelaborate high-wrought linguistical lexical vocabular rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash effervescent fizzy contrived carbonated vocal grand sparkling bubbly voluble loquacious stuffed shirt highly decorated palaverous repetitious full of hot air serious arrogant grave tautological complex involved detailed decorated excessive flattering well-spoken smooth-talking rhapsodical overestimated reiterating padded garrulous rambling circumlocutory circuitous lengthy gabby logorrheic talkative tortuous chatty protracted long talky ambagious vaunting egotistic long-drawn-out meandering expansive monumental vast prolonged overlong babbling prating gushing prattling indirect large wandering jabbering digressive big-mouthed wittering multiloquent multiloquous gobby logorrhoeic yacking with the gift of the gab learned superfluous roundabout swaggering iterative fine prim ambitious boring wearisome maundering sublime interminable circumlocutionary waffly overambitious full of verbiage OTT over the top empty yakking crass flaunted jaunty vain brazen garish gossiping chattering tautologous repeating repetitive gossipy conversational chattery full of air having kissed the Blarney stone communicative forthcoming motormouthed blabby magnificent tonguey able to talk the hind legs off a donkey flap jaw loose-tongued blabbermouth having kissed the Blarney Stone loose-lipped motormouth yakkity running on at the mouth prosy wind-bag yakky splendid stately glorious resplendent awe-inspiring superb lavish striking palatial august opulent plush imperial heroical classy massive royal gallant proud baronial regal luxurious flash swanky unfathomable cosmic impenetrable splashy overwhelming high-falutin' high-flying lordly

Tính từ

Acting or done quickly and without thought or care
impetuous impulsive hasty rash precipitate spontaneous unplanned headlong reckless spur-of-the-moment unthinking violent ardent eager fierce foolhardy furious heedless ill-conceived imprudent incautious injudicious overhasty passionate precipitous hurried ill-considered impassioned impromptu unbridled unreasoned unrestrained unthought-out vehement rushed unpremeditated unreflecting abrupt hotheaded precipitant restive subitaneous sudden swift unexpected going off deep end careless thoughtless wild madcap devil-may-care temerarious irresponsible harum-scarum brash negligent ill-advised hot-headed daredevil unguarded inconsiderate daring hare-brained unwary audacious unconsidered indiscreet harebrained mindless cursory flying carefree kamikaze adventurous hell-for-leather helter-skelter venturesome gadarene improvident premature headstrong bold drive-by pell-mell inattentive venturous capricious unheeding quick casual unwise speedy slapdash foolish regardless irrational unsafe overbold flighty breakneck over-adventurous determined death-or-glory insouciant free ill-judged jumping to conclusions unobservant abandoned giddy unforeseen uninhibited unanticipated overconfident desperate misguided fiery frenzied insuppressible immature tearaway previous flippant over-venturesome rushing unwatchful instant uncareful easy-going fast instantaneous uncircumspect napping dangerous off-guard not bargained for absent-minded out of the blue unalert unvigilant without notice without warning extemporaneous instinctive free and easy frivolous risky erratic scatty prodigal scatterbrained cavalier extravagant unrepressed frantic uncontrolled lavish wanton emotional silly rapid intemperate unreserved whimsical remiss immoderate dippy hectic perfunctory nonchalant relaxed lightning dotty shortsighted excessive snap superficial unworried dizzy profuse unannounced adventuresome whirlwind death-defying blithe happy-go-lucky light-minded untroubled accelerated fleet neglectful sloppy bull-in-a-china-shop unmindful dozy playing with fire fast and loose credulous not in the cards ignorant unlooked-for jumping the gun unprepared heady extempore suicidal unthoughtful fearless intrepid courageous snatched senseless haphazard brave dauntless undaunted reactive rough tempestuous misjudged inconstant divvy hazardous unduly quick blind romping disorderly unconcerned wasteful knee-jerk stupid mad badly thought out not thought through self-destructive shiftless spendthrift profligate risk-taking lawless airy unchecked swaggering breezy indifferent thriftless uneconomical unthrifty wide open unconstrained demonstrative uncurbed unrestricted off deep end out on limb monstrous scandalous heinous anxious short-sighted disregardful uncaring inadvertent irreflective careless of lackadaisical involuntary intuitive fly-by-night off-the-cuff off one's guard unadvised smart shocking atrocious worried distracted squandering free-spending unprompted freakish prompt alacritous quick-fire unhesitating asleep at the switch out to lunch without regard from the hip unpredictable offhand careless of one's duty feckless myopic without a care in the world prankish jaunty light-hearted blasé boisterous untimely ill-timed forgetful automatic unmeditated blindsiding unheralded impolitic uncautious wary too soon inopportune unhoped for unlooked for dissolute immodest effusive caught napping asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful any old way asleep on the job foot-in-mouth easygoing easy unselfconscious unaffected natural half-cocked half-baked ditzy skittish abstracted unreflective oblivious ad-lib overventuresome touchy-feely unsmart ill-thought-out excitable winging it genuine open frothy batty dopey featherbrained goofy ditsy puerile futile birdbrained yeasty unfettered abundant volatile out of control nutty dappy excited brainless bemused gaga bubbleheaded immediate sharp empty-headed light-headed feather-brained hot breathless rapid-fire overnight nippy splitting snappy galloping fast-track zippy whistle-stop meteoric fleet-footed rattling blistering brisk footloose and fancy-free expeditious spasmodic acute quickened quickie explosive unusual speeded cyclonic brief hurricane tumultuous short very fast tornado short-lived without delay lax slack slipshod apathetic derelict disinterested uninterested delinquent lazy cool slap-happy unsystematic laid-back disorganized hit-or-miss disorganised insensitive tactless tardy slovenly undiplomatic indiscriminate loose witless messy random desultory unreasoning unmethodical detached uncurious indelicate crackbrained aimless neglecting chaotic untidy oscitant behindhand incurious shoddy rude unthorough idiotic crazy outrageous deaf crackpot nonsensical blithely unconcerned without care all over the place all over the shop directionless inept daft inadvisable unorganized shambolic arbitrary inane pococurante undependable untrustworthy unaccountable unreliable complacent unreasonable inaccurate simpleminded insensible inexact scattered thrown together lost half-witted shabby pointless unmeticulous unintended mechanical unorganised unintentional unconscious unwitting unmoved good-for-nothing unintelligent asinine brutish unkind gratuitous last-minute absurd preposterous listless unfocused wacky imbecilic uncharitable impolite clueless moronic lukewarm clumsy unmeant gay graceless undirected damfool laid back inexpedient dismissive orderless wayward unguided unsympathetic imperfect faulty botched threadbare junky unfastidious fainéant barmy irregular unsettled lamebrained illogical unsound idiotical meaningless lamebrain nonrational fruitless asleep at switch uncalled-for dim-witted without goal without direction ad hoc asleep on job without purpose blundering disregarding luxurious selfish unfeeling nonobservant uninvolved unaroused aloof disordered muddled coarse unselective undiscriminating trivializing informal without a goal undiscerning impractical failing bored weary naive unaware uninformed crude unsubtle infelicitous garrulous nosy radge high-rolling poor jumbled unprofessional barbarous barbaric glutted distant jaded trivialising riotous procrastinating failing to show proper care and attention unadvisable unwarned unknowing unsuspecting otiose faineant accidental lively uncritical inobservant couldn't-care-less not interested sketchy impervious world-weary barratrous dilatory indolent chance purposeless ridiculous uncalled for reflex unworkable unrealistic impracticable cloyed unexcited blameworthy culpable slothful defaultant inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible slow woolgathering promiscuous forgotten ignored unnoticed fleeting summary passing token in the dark goalless vagrant drifting wandering leaving self wide open off the deep end cock-eyed loony unruffled supererogative vacant blunt untactful wooden innocent fortuitous incidental uncalculated flukey fluky equanimous equable composed calm serene sunny kooky cuckoo screwball jerky looney fool weak-minded lunatic insane featherheaded fatuous cockeyed zany tomfool lunkheaded whacky daffy kookie sappy balmy driftless objectless not in the loop at fault lacking concern buoyant unserious coincidental undevised unthought undesigned fluctuating fickle fitful upbeat half-hearted going through the motions phoning it in walking through it any which way dispassionate fanciful supererogatory lighthearted slaphappy lightsome debonair unheedful free from worry free from care thrown-together not on purpose soft lenient optimistic content free-minded cheerful ungracious stray catch-as-catch-can overindulgent failing to take proper care permissive vague indulgent liberal non-restrictive complaisant indefinite broad general carefree and untroubled flabby over-tolerant flaccid nonspecific shapeless imprecise yielding easy-peasy intolerant discourteous rattlebrained unsteady unstable changeable bizarre disrespectful accepting tolerant floppy nonjudgmental limp living the life of Riley unhandsome uncivil callous unmannered impertinent unmannerly boorish unfair heartless unceremonious any way paying no mind ill-bred ill-mannered

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