Đồng nghĩa của salacious

Alternative for salacious

Đồng nghĩa: lewd, lubricious, lustful, obscene, prurient, raunchy,

Tính từ

Having a strong lustful desire
lecherous libidinous lascivious lustful prurient licentious lubricious wanton carnal horny libertine concupiscent randy debauched degenerate depraved dissipated dissolute impure intemperate loose unchaste crude goatish hypersexual lewd naughty pervy promiscuous raunchy satyric sensual ardent fast hot itchy lickerish lubricous orgiastic sinful passionate erotic immoral dirty indecent coarse corrupt decadent sexual sexy abandoned amorous voluptuous vulgar smutty fleshly immodest perverted gross filthy desirous obscene wicked steamy profligate ribald animal ruttish bawdy pornographic venereal bestial incontinent reprobate physical blue hot-blooded unprincipled shameless profane foul X-rated suggestive wolfish disorderly hedonistic hankering bodily toey unwholesome itching rakish hircine unvirtuous sensuous aroused self-indulgent degraded warped amatory of easy virtue aphrodisiacal loving aphrodisiac unclean sordid lusty wild trashy vile porny nasty unprintable hot to trot stag gutter immoderate unrestrained romantic coital stimulated impassioned hot and heavy unconstrained locker-room turned on fast and loose racy rude uninhibited disgusting low-down craving corporeal debased uncontrollable luscious lush somatic material corporal uncontrolled dishonourable wrongful uncurbed offensive scungy titillating animalistic improper perverse sick voluptuary rakehell demoralized jackleg rakehelly arousing swinging amoral unruly unmoral lax relaxed scabrous genital unblushing indelicate red-blooded torrid warm-blooded sultry seductive degrading base low profaned dishonorable desecrated personal voyeuristic whorish sizzling red-hot longing unhealthy freethinking demoralised not pure impious disreputable private wayward unscrupulous in the fast lane provocative tender sybaritic obsessive enthusiastic avid turned-on intimate erotogenic erotical of the flesh fornicatory epicurean pleasure-loving excited frisky titillated indulgent pleasure-seeking inflamed foxy squirrelly desiring venereous lotus-eating luxurious reckless sexually arousing sexually aroused in heat sexed up hard up on fire toey as a Roman sandal hot and bothered bacchanalian audacious carefree brash attractive enticing hedonist delightful appealing desirable pleasing fast-paced self-gratifying extravagant careless out of control irresponsible devil-may-care frivolous foolhardy exciting louche temerarious daredevil slack imprudent harsh gadabout bad vicious evil defiled infamous villainous mean fast-living uncleanly miscreant rotten vitiated iniquitous despicable fallen nefarious easy unworthy reprehensible gone bad unrefined corrupted disgraceful hedonic brutal contemptible sleazy discreditable shady raffish contaminated ignominious unsavoury shameful drunken monstrous ignoble heinous gone to the dogs unsavory high living flagitious scurvy tainted flirtatious riotous dishonest scandalous atrocious wrong unrighteous criminal ungodly shabby notorious rough shocking violated deteriorated open outrageous light crooked vice-ridden dodgy abject blameworthy rascally in the gutter diabolical lacking restraint dastardly opprobrious inglorious shy unrespectable shoddy knavish night owl sullied scurrilous hardened incorrigible grubby raw hard-core evil-minded off-color soft-core irreligious unholy blasphemous roguish roundheeled scoundrelly unregenerate abased degenerated heedless unethical dishonoured inconstant boorish baneful deleterious dishonored retrogressive demeaned retrograde sinking flatitious failing no better than one should be appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual unconscionable deviant fraudulent unfair underhand morally wrong devious untrustworthy moving stirring tactile heavy stimulating sensory physically gratifying sharpened flagitous twisted wretched petty craven seedy suspect questionable cutthroat Machiavellian black unlawful dark sicko kinky unnatural of bad reputation dubious suspicious seamy slippery execrable snide unchivalrous currish detestable low-minded paltry deplorable saturnalian unjust graceless fishy shifty appalling not cricket uncharitable dirty-minded in low esteem pitiable in the doghouse beggarly sorry cheap lowly no good derogatory in bad abominable savage poor peasant ordinary reproachful servile modest menial simple plain loathsome unspeakable odious hellbent hateful indefensible inexcusable unforgivable cruel ferocious gone to seed egregious unbecoming violent dangerous flagrant fiendish barbarous heartless sadistic inhuman barbaric callous fierce ruthless cold-blooded remorseless brutish merciless bloody bloodthirsty awful murderous inhumane terrible butcherly fell brute truculent dreadful homicidal grim worthless sanguinary abhorrent beastly faulty untamed putrid insubordinate

Tính từ

Having or conveying undue or inappropriate interest in lewd matters
indecent obscene lewd bawdy crude erotic improper indelicate ribald smutty suggestive titillating vulgar coarse dirty filthy gross pornographic adult blue corrupting earthy immoral low nasty prurient sexy steamy arousing exploitative rank ruttish porn porno skin X-rated hard-core off colour soft-core raunchy racy rude naughty profane offensive foul lascivious risqué impure spicy wanton saucy licentious near the knuckle porny off-color raw scatological indecorous immodest gamy scatologic trashy fruity gutter unprintable locker-room Rabelaisian vile stag wicked scurrilous sordid foul-mouthed explicit broad unseemly nudge-nudge salty near the bone shameless disgusting off gamey colourful tasteless inappropriate off-colored scandalous juicy unwholesome sensual unchaste colorful lecherous abusive rough scabrous lustful base unclean depraved provocative crass blasphemous exciting libidinous loose uncouth shocking distasteful off-colour stimulating carnal lurid taboo cheap impolite unrefined bad-mannered hot close to the bone debased tantalizing fascinating dirty-minded malicious rakish evil randy sexual Fescennine tantalising sleazy barnyard outrageous lowbrow in bad taste bad mature sickening inelegant purple shady interesting sensational obnoxious captivating venomous thrilling lubricious seductive tempting profligate sick questionable mucky repulsive sexually arousing sexually stimulating odious vituperative sexually exciting insulting unvirtuous loathsome repugnant noisome unsavory low-down-and-dirty uncivil uncultured tacky concupiscent evil-minded degrading ithyphallic Cyprian horrible hideous atrocious unsavoury entertaining lowbred unbecoming boorish unpolished tactless discourteous malodorous unconventional page-three risque sooty lively daring illicit shameful lusty fast libertine incontinent embarrassing corrupt sexually explicit undecorous ridiculous foulmouthed ill-bred goatish dissolute amoral degenerate debauched indiscreet sizzling intriguing rogue devilish vicious poisonous scurvy gruesome sly rascally ignorant awkward unsophisticated grody blunt aphrodisiac full-frontal untoward piquant excessive erogenous barro in poor taste dishonourable dishonorable sneaking contemptible slippery villainous outlandish unworthy fractious XXX unblushing brutish callow untactful vivid spiteful out of line low-down and dirty grown up rousing beyond the pale sexually suggestive uncultivated ignoble erotogenic depraving shock-horror very interesting brash unmannerly grimy grubby aphrodisiacal venereal vitriolic insensible roughneck common raffish rugged incult illiberal gossip-mongering snide malevolent kinky venereous fervid fleshly horny unrightful ungodly unjust unrighteous wrongful unequitable reprehensible uncivilised tawdry colloquial unsettling derisive uncivilized churlish loutish affronting ill-mannered unutterable vilifying ungracious perverting invective disparaging derogatory contumelious pejorative denigratory deprecatory opprobrious anacreontic alluring subversive maleficent demoralizing scurril groundless vituperatory truculent scurrile infamous appealing sensuous teasing vituperous offending beguiling enthralling attractive enchanting demoralising compelling charged stirring gripping riveting provoking edgy mean vulgarian farmyard lowdown and dirty

Tính từ

Presented in vividly shocking or sensational terms
lurid sensational shocking exaggerated graphic explicit grisly gruesome macabre melodramatic disgusting ghastly startling revolting colourful extravagant gory hideous horrifying overdramatized rubbishy sensationalist trashy unrestrained appalling cheap kitschy prurient pulp ribald tasteless dirty filthy grim repugnant savage suggestive violent atrocious awful dreadful frightful grewsome grotesque horrendous horrible horrid horrific juicy monstrous morbid nightmare nightmarish shock-horror tacky terrible terrific unearthly vivid full-frontal yellow bloody colorful deep distinct extreme fiery garish low-down obscene off-color offensive purple racy raunchy rough salty sanguine sinister striking terrifying frightening dire unspeakable loathsome sickening harrowing abominable fearful vile distressing abhorrent alarming repulsive nauseating eerie bad scary forbidding odious beastly spine-chilling hellacious heinous unnerving upsetting fearsome repellent hair-raising direful disturbing nasty from hell dark gross formidable spooky godawful cruel daunting disagreeable sick hateful distasteful detestable grievous intimidating disquieting chilling grody unpleasant foul sombre somber gloomy grave wicked weird execrable redoubtable bleak outrageous black traumatic spookish diabolical ghostly hellish funereal morose shadowy sepulchral wretched worrying solemn dread depressing disheartening objectionable despicable ugly ghoulish deplorable severe petrifying dismal egregious nauseous lamentable noxious disgustful loathly mean sick-making abysmal disconcerting vicious scandalous intolerable displeasing evil perturbing serious unsettling unpalatable insufferable contemptible troublesome creepy miserable shameful agitating unbearable obnoxious undesirable unhealthy rotten sad lousy desperate ominous noisome very bad bloodcurdling unwelcome unfortunate troubling barbaric villainous disgraceful inhuman fiendish nefarious dismaying irksome discomforting barbarous cold sickly ruthless infamous sullen brutish sober terrorizing unsightly base merciless devilish annoying sadistic discouraging shady discomposing unacceptable foreboding humourless humorless irritating terrorising sedate unforgivable tragic dreaded glum desolate cheerless flagitious God-awful off-putting unsavory gray mournful grey hairy woeful unsavoury calamitous repellant icky difficult doleful bitter harsh yucky astounding parlous beyond the pale tremendous gut-wrenching overwhelming hostile shuddersome dangerous gut-churning sensationalistic overripe dramatic taboo critical poignant whiz-bang bilious unwholesome insalubrious unattractive unhealthful haunting diabolic twisted perverted unthinkable unmentionable iniquitous deathly satanic bestial scaring loud great depraved demoralizing bothersome unkind callous lou terribly bad discommoding unpardonable abject immoral aberrant spine-tingling blood-stained inconvenient disastrous punk excessive lewd wrong vexing strange sublime baleful heavy inexcusable misshapen fugly freaky misproportioned reptilian Kafkaesque frozen gnarly huckery onerous suffocating like death warmed up overpowering demoralising reprehensible rubbish mushy pulpy trash pulpish nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal like the back end of a bus as ugly as sin worrisome rebarbative exceptionable agonizing stressful torturous uncanny dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural anemic weak anaemic stupefying poor crummy distressful uncomfortable mortifying unsatisfactory stinking tormenting heartbreaking troublous unendurable fraught vexatious regrettable stunning rancid astonishing bewildering fulsome amazing staggering surprising tragical uncool yukky grotty unhappy saddening sour pathetic unappealing awkward afflicting uninviting afflictive affecting glaring excruciating hurtful galling concerning agonising anguished sorrowful heartrending painful uncongenial unlovely unpleasing nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking brutal straitened unpropitious dour unfriendly ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable hard joyless hopeless tough discommodious tortured harmful perilous troubled full of hardship doubtful threatening strained exacting adverse ill-omened treacherous ill-boding injurious austere negative inauspicious oppressive pressing precarious comfortless exigent messy jeopardous unfavorable apocalyptic rocky unfavourable infernal murderous black-hearted flagrant low dreary melancholic melancholy dispirited depressive tenebrous inhumane heartless scurvy butcherly brute truculent wanton pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear dingy cacodemonic facinorous death-obsessed sinful ungodly dishonourable dastardly dishonorable sorry corrupt sordid criminal damnable malicious degenerate accursed ignoble reprobate unholy pitiful malevolent demonic unprincipled rank ferocious unrighteous fierce remorseless ignominious opprobrious unlawful disreputable putrid notorious yucko paltry unethical cold-blooded chronic pitiable vulgar coarse impure bloodthirsty unutterable unscrupulous dissolute demoniac discreditable skanky crooked malfeasant indecent shabby shameless perverse illegal unfair indescribable Mephistophelian malignant smutty unfeeling inadequate inferior unclean shoddy dishonest profane impious bent warped crude wrongful maleficent immodest unworthy sanguinary grubby demonical spiteful cursed demoniacal cruddy sullied pits knavish degrading debased underhand preposterous roguish scoundrelly unmerciful uncaring hard-hearted rascally morally wrong uncharitable crying dislikeable pernicious malodorous blatant unappetizing fell fetid smelly squalid peccable scurrilous lame scabby scummy sneaking ratty unrelenting mephitic bum pongy stinky whiffy grimy funky bogging not cricket niffy miasmal blue substandard olid irreligious festy homicidal satanical sacrilegious foetid blasphemous blameworthy unrespectable louche shy unsympathetic obvious useless godless amoral inglorious duff poxy arrant pants conspicuous indefensible illicit patent lawless catastrophic illegitimate unreasonable cataclysmic miscreant unsparing on the nose stark insupportable underhanded worthless pronounced improper third-rate forlorn degraded cold-hearted insensitive ridiculous abandoned licentious uncompassionate capital vomitous unhallowed snide currish wolfish inconsiderate a load of pants acrid polluted foul-smelling evil-smelling sleazy smudged bedraggled befouled bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike grungy begrimed soiled uncivilised uncivilized low-minded poison X-rated vomit-inducing ruinous felonious devastating trying barefaced humiliating indictable taxing Hadean brazen senseless deliberate ropy enormous mediocre confounded demonian Luciferian outright undisguised utter beyond contempt piteous unjust hard-boiled profligate audacious naked evident debauched embarrassing erring fallen ogreish unconcealed manifest laughable exorbitant complete inept faulty unbecoming wrathful sucky stone-hearted unforgiving unpitying immoderate palpable transparent inexpressible overt second-rate absurd caitiff ineffable crazed tainted thick-skinned hard-nosed obdurate compassionless desensitized indurate soulless unkindly affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney stony implacable dolorous unjustifiable unchaste lascivious bawdy unbelievable unseemly scatological scatologic destructive revulsive loose lustful desensitised pornographic serpentine unconscionable wayward strong hated out and out out-and-out brass-necked hateable ornery raw porno barnyard scabrous red in tooth and claw stomach-churning stomach-turning with a heart of stone ogry ogrish dislikable transgressing ruffianly blackguardly brackish catty thievish pestilential culpable peccant sneaky Stygian untold outcast crass undescribable ravening good-for-nothing naughty cussed foolish uncouth beneath contempt frenetic maniacal mad possessed impoverished oppressed undignified ill-famed tenth-rate slimy downer bummer rancorous ignorant unlucky unsocial cowardly inequitable poisonous intemperate drunken carnal crucial aggressive gloating abusive cringe-making contaminated untamed insubordinate libidinous demoralised demoralized wild ill-reputed questionable unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent gruff urgent not up to snuff poverty-stricken mephistophelean unrefined uncultured unlettered bad-hearted inconceivable servile inelegant menial intense defective cannibalistic malign relentless drastic detested execrated wilful unimaginable reviled backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting testing pressured demanding frustrating crippling irretrievable weighty despised very disgusting abnormal extraordinary hellborn cloven-footed needless unjustified arbitrary acute highly improper portentous bodeful abominated loathed abhorred sheer plain cut-throat gruelling arduous tiring unprovoked red hot bungling steep oppressing scowling absolute downright inordinate unqualified beyond words preternatural undefinable nagging apparent unmitigated significant major inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed silly god-awful rueful derisory ludicrous foolish-looking disappointing gratuitous groundless motiveless indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil maggot unwarranted maddening impossible OTT exasperating averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic O.T.T. extortionate tricky antisocial against opposite alien invidious extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign irreverent too great shaming disgracing debauching depraving debasing contumelious grueling too horrible for words guilty willed unmotivated deleterious damaging in opposition over the top baneful mischievous prejudicial incorrigible nocuous detrimental ill stony-hearted aimless bloodless unemotional late unheard of reeking reeky undisciplined unruly contrary insolent double-crossing stern inclement a stinker of a a bummer of a musty stenchy high fusty flinty draconian frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty bad news pigpen ripe yecchy slaughterous roughshod virulent open bold flaunting ostentatious forbidden prohibited proscribed cataclysmal unashamed flagitous interdicted banned censored flaming noticeable disconsolate unprintable bald-faced bare-faced sorrowing grieving grief-stricken broken-hearted heartbroken no good rude indecorous impolite devastated inconsolable downcast mourning despairing down distressed dispiriting godforsaken pessimistic crestfallen dejected depressed downhearted stick out like sore thumb frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits darkening hanging out impermissible not to be spoken of restricted off-limits no go that dare not speak its name woebegone tenebrific chill sunless plutonian lonesome lonely elegiacal dreich saturnine Cimmerian elegiac cloudy low-spirited down in the mouth long-faced down in the dumps

Tính từ

Inappropriate for a given purpose, situation or occasion
unbecoming inappropriate improper unseemly inapt incorrect indecorous unsuitable untoward unbefitting ill-suited indelicate tasteless unfit unfitting unsuited unacceptable amiss graceless inapposite incongruous indecent inept infelicitous malapropos offensive perverse unapt undignified ungentlemanly unhappy unladylike unmannerly wrong discreditable awkward clumsy gauche maladroit out of keeping rough tacky uncomely undue unfair ungodly unhandsome unlovely unseasonable untimely unworthy unworthy of lacking in propriety out of place ill-timed inopportune ill-advised inexpedient unfortunate incompatible discordant shameful tactless dishonourable injudicious undesirable inapplicable irregular vulgar disreputable dishonorable misplaced unwarranted disgraceful inadvisable ill-considered indiscreet ill-judged impolite discrepant unrefined degrading immodest unprofessional irrelevant base demeaning inharmonious inconsistent uncalled-for inadmissible debasing coarse in bad taste ignoble rude ignominious out of order regrettable bad form uncouth contradictory ineligible erroneous illogical imprudent inaccurate wretched absurd odd extraneous unfavorable unfavourable in poor taste dissonant inapropos scandalous ill-fitted lowering at odds humiliating cheapening shaming belittling mortifying suggestive smutty immoral outrageous ill-chosen inconvenient inglorious crude risqué misguided malodorous low infra dig contemptible naughty false disproportionate abnormal preposterous conflicting ludicrous contrary mismatched crooked foul disconsonant irreconcilable bizarre inconsonant incoherent disparate inadequate disadvantageous unrelated shifting unpredictable distorted jumbled rambling unconnected fantastic divergent uncoordinated unbalanced lopsided unavailing uneven alien foreign unintelligible twisted fitful out-of-place out-of-season off-base out of line out of character troublesome beyond the pale out of the way uncomplimentary unceremonious inelegant unreasonable shocking shameless unethical crass cheap tawdry off-colour unwelcome obscene abject bawdy immaterial incongruent racy gross impolitic earthy incompetent filthy blue despicable vile rotten unscrupulous lewd dishonest corrupt raunchy wanton impertinent jarring clashing dirty nasty insensitive unsatisfactory erring unfitted off impure licentious ill-adapted ribald Rabelaisian detrimental mistimed lascivious saucy unhelpful untactful bad unsuitable for inappropriate to raw disagreeable X-rated fruity objectionable bothersome off colour inauspicious not cricket off-color not proper not good enough not germane not suitable unpropitious near the knuckle difficult adverse diverse different at variance varying differing unmixable out-of-the-way improprietous unconventional sorry incautious lax disappointing uncalled for poor rowdy ruffian raffish loose unvirtuous ill-bred beneath you lacking dignity unprincipled funny off-balance stupid dull slow boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous illegitimate irrelative inexpert ridiculous meaningless pointless not done negligent uncivil unmatched dissident interfering senseless unhandy jejune undexterous insipid banal inexperienced unfacile flat inadept unmeet unproficient deplorable dreadful sordid beneath your dignity shady dodgy forward unwholesome distasteful bold against the rules premature not pertinent ill-matched irrational wrong-headed fresh cheeky brazen unsavoury early hasty faulty defective incommodious seamy sleazy louche seedy shoddy trying testing tough disastrous challenging prohibitive unworthy of one beneath one's dignity infra indignitatem beneath one broad out of its element debased depraved degenerate low-minded spicy intrusive misjudged unorthodox discommodious unprofitable discommoding awry abhorrent odious titillating pornographic mistaken confused badly timed sleazoid disgusting abominable inefficient uncool useless ineffective imperfect adrift flawed astray trashy salty porny scurrilous profane stag gutter juicy unprintable disobliging disobedient delinquent ornery unhealthy rebellious miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant uncontrollable obstructive fractious mean not designed squalid unsavory adult rogue devilish ineligible for not equal to inadequate for unfitted for not designed for ill-adapted to no good not up to scratch unequipped for unprepared for not good enough for unsuited to ill-suited to fallacious undeserving beneath reprehensible inexcusable left-field gamy sly scabrous gamey rascally unallowable foot-in-mouth way off sick unlawful haywire foul-mouthed low-down and dirty off-colored locker-room unforgivable invalid unfitting to recreant valueless nothing blamable improper to unmerited no-good good-for-nothing pitiful no-account worthless disparaging derogative depreciative contemptuous denigratory slighting detractive scornful derogatory decrying pejorative derisory depreciatory deprecatory disdainful denigrative glitched up prohibited precluded disallowed impermissible forbidden unqualified unbecoming to discrediting corrupting menial downgrading embarrassing ill-favored not acceptable unadmittable not allowable exceptionable censored unadmissible excluded barred banned unwanted bringing shame not deserving not worth out of place with out of character with not fit nudge-nudge ill-favoured barro strange off-key unblushing bad-mannered brutish callow lowbred beside the point not appropriate paradoxical ironic near the bone not in harmony in opposition incongruitous sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water scatological scatologic lowbrow unpolished prurient sexy uncultured wicked uncultivated rough-hewn erotic common rugged roughneck steamy porno incult porn explicit loutish insensible blasphemous colourful illiberal colorful hard-core oafish abusive uncivilized close to the bone ungraceful unsophisticated lecherous undiplomatic lustful unclean unchaste provocative uncivilised gruff arousing sexual rustic libidinous barbaric stiff obnoxious loud vulgarian taboo barbarian rakish sinful skin ungracious exciting blunt rank inconsiderate soft-core blundering philistine carnal concupiscent purple uneasy dissolute uncomfortable low-down-and-dirty thoughtless ignorant cloddish stilted tempting Fescennine seductive hard stimulating exploitative repulsive brusque randy malicious profligate curt lowdown and dirty mucky foulmouthed bearish gaudy lubricious wrongful questionable lurid provincial unsubtle heavy sickening lusty ungallant debauched ungainly rustical uneducated sensual hot iniquitous evil yobbish harsh gruesome primitive outlandish wooden gawky obtuse plebeian savage undecorous lumpish barbarous disrespectful low-down loud-mouthed unpleasant daring mature ruttish revolting unrestrained sizzling illicit Philistine sooty lively entertaining bashful nauseating unrighteous unequitable unrightful unjust vicious scurvy craggy slippery villainous sneaking grody corporeal voluptuous fleshly unmannered sketchy sexually suggestive brash insulting gritty fast libertine incontinent goatish amoral mannerless dirty-minded profaned desecrated parochial backward immature ithyphallic Cyprian not pure plebby hooligan in the gutter barnyard excessive troglodytic low-bred unsettling affronting vilifying colloquial vituperative derisive unutterable ungenteel clownish disgracious rough and ready classless hick hillbilly backwoods flashy garish common as muck clodhopping slobbish grubby grimy reprobate dour severe brutal bluff Neanderthal execrable slavish humble snide infamous servile petty currish detestable paltry ostentatious flash showy forbidding fierce stern austere roughcast grim inviting meretricious naff tatty heavy-handed cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman tantalizing alluring kitsch loathsome lowly ugly flinty onerous ungentle artless bitter hardhanded oppressive godless ornate hideous pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial makeshift wild lumbering clunky gangling dense murderous cheap and nasty unskilful irreligious impious unholy witless asinine sheepish farmyard irreverent atheistic slinky passionate sensuous like a bull in a china shop with two left feet unworldly bovine doltish shy geeky come-hither piquant coquettish sexually arousing amorous sexually exciting flirtatious heathen pagan sacrilegious non-theistic socially lacking lacking in social grace embarrassed nerdy socially anxious lacking in social graces socially incompetent socially inept self-conscious ill at ease socially awkward vacuous thick mindless kinky tarty fiendish demonic pig-ignorant intriguing tantalising enticing encouraging bewitching interesting beguiling enchanting intoxicating heady infernal satanic diabolical malevolent unhallowed

Tính từ

Showing or characterized by great energy and movement
jazzy animated lively spirited vivacious zippy active airy animate bouncing brisk energetic frisky gay jaunty kinetic mettlesome peppy perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy spanking sparky sprightly springy vital colourful colorful fancy glitzy jazzlike psychedelic sexy smart wild zestful bouncy vigorous bubbly spry full of beans high-spirited dynamic sparkling full of vim and vigour chipper full of life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed buoyant playful frolicsome effervescent bright exuberant sportive vibrant happy chirpy cheerful merry peart breezy enthusiastic dashing alert zappy zesty upbeat zingy nimble fresh forceful fiery cheery strong jolly go-go full of pep agile sparkly blithe gamesome wick keen light-hearted lighthearted sunny light ebullient full of the joys of spring as lively as a grig as merry as a grig full of get-up-and-go alive and kicking carefree rollicking tireless lusty spunky untiring in high spirits swinging full of energy jumping hyper bright and breezy ball of fire joyful stimulating lightsome exciting blithesome bold passionate indefatigable quick potent powerful gingery forcible vivid frolic skittish unflagging feisty hardy stalwart sturdy ludic industrious strenuous rocking red-blooded high-powered jocund fun-loving full of fun jovial glad energized activated gleeful confident coltish genial insouciant excited impish jocose sporty ardent debonair energised perk scintillating peppery devilish mobile alive mirthful driving sharp elated unconcerned aggressive kittenish bustling crank busy enterprising rugged in good spirits impassioned joyous eager barnstorming zealous frolicky robust happy-go-lucky prankish brash on the go larkish excitable pushy in fine fettle feeling one's oats full of joie de vivre neat daring bubbling outgoing dapper nonchalant pertinent tight relevant interesting dull breathless flippant casual saucy sassy youthful whopping excellent wonderful outstanding fast marvelous rapid swift remarkable striking exceptional magnificent marvellous new gritty graceful fairylike grooving fervent valiant aware flush irrepressible avid fun uncaring unthinking unconsidered unworried untroubled heedless indifferent hot burning occupied go-getting full of vim and vigor heated romping enlivened full of the joy of living hale and hearty raring to go insubstantial unserious eventful dexterous full of zip on the move dextrous deedful high mischievous wanton puckish dramatic entertaining vitalized fanciful elastic volatile whimsical resilient to the point jumpy wicked roguish tricksy antic elfish fay sportful rascally larky naughty funny espiègle good-humoured comical good-humored elvish flourishing electrifying flamboyant dazzling exhilarating heady humming happening stirring virile vehement buzzing rousing intense hopping astir abuzz determined coruscating intensive thriving festive storming resounding ballsy punchy sensitive vibrating emphatic radiant gutsy effective responsive clever tasty distinctive piquant tangy rich poignant pungent tart witty moving dynamical locomotive demoniac motive motile tough kinematic have-a-go hard-hitting full-blooded all-out high-octane muscular abubble sound aboil full of spirit frivolous convivial slaphappy laughing winsome cheering devil-may-care rakish gladsome jocular eupeptic pleasure-seeking canty waggish self-assertive forward presuming on top of the world as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy exhilarated trim easy natty venturesome flip spruce joking showy hearty fit ambitious healthy strapping athletic resolute hale tenacious stout persistent persevering able-bodied committed steadfast dogged Herculean boisterous firm staunch driven brawny go-ahead burly motivated progressive aspiring beefy buff thrilling unremitting unwearied diligent inexhaustible assiduous pioneering husky assertive pertinacious weariless adventurous shredded earnest unrelenting self-starting hungry purposeful unwavering jacked hectic courageous intrepid speedy in good condition solid fighting fit unfaltering in good shape blooming ripped in good health well built unwearying hard-driving hunky single-minded unshakeable hasty lithe fit as a fiddle able hard-working stark hurried muscly unflinching incessant unfailing inspired buzzy fast-moving militant sedulous in good trim rip-roaring grind dedicated unswerving invigorating eager beaver well bursting with health hefty steady substantial plucky inspiring lightning breakneck charged striving sinewy fleet employed blistering galloping ingenious alacritous imaginative intoxicating galvanizing whole thewy riotous intent unyielding inventive breathtaking going strong manly powerfully built gripping action-packed desirous masculine exhilarative uncompromising obstinate thirsty galvanic envigorating creative unceasing fierce well-built power-hungry well-conditioned kicky electric alive and well surviving around all right still with us resourceful swashbuckling gallant mind-boggling mind-bending heart-stopping hair-raising mind-blowing on the make ruthless audacious self-seeking engaged fine in the pink galvanising fearless innovative in rude health rowdy goal-oriented self-driven nippy fleet-footed frenetic mighty unruly hard influential working frantic indomitable well made capable iron full rattling animating energizing thickset enthralling suspenseful wholesome fixed tumultuous raucous solidly built uproarious undeviating aerobicized in tip-top condition supple rough hustling obdurate ready unbending acrobatic budding stubborn original growing all-male energising hell-bent busy as a bee tied-up strong-willed constant macho self-asserting get up and go bent upon power-loving high-reaching entrepreneurial brave manful devoted theatrical up-and-coming patient demanding flying euphoric chaotic noisy exacting challenging jubilant whirlwind disorderly physical exultant big loud talented venturous free-swinging nervy emboldened adventuresome nerved splitting rapid-fire dizzy arduous gifted ferocious laborious hopeful crowded frenzied enlivening relentless swarming rumbustious difficult extravagant pushing exhausting invigorated trying smiley game take-over teeming gumptious severe taxing knockabout thronging persuasive dutiful roisterous prompt expeditious bent onerous awake warlike resolved scrappy inspiriting turbulent furious involved obsessed healthful anthemic cracking gladiatorial fanatical efficient steely robustious undaunted of good cheer rigid full of vim express secure in trim inexorable two-fisted at work hardworking impressive durable rude physically fit nifty engrossed powerhouse hard at it rambunctious emotional hell-raising well-made decisive stiff on the hop accelerated as fit as a flea as fit as a fiddle like Piccadilly Circus on the job in fine feather hard-pressed as strong as a horse full of go full of commotion strong-minded sound in body and limb like a ball of fire hard at work stop at nothing full of determination high-pressure bound and determined dead set desiring success pulsating self-directed eye-catching uncomplaining long-suffering fearsome gregarious ambulatory expressive violent stylish unstinting young sporting self-motivated noteworthy fluid conscientious high-energy party hilarious chivalrous male liberal modern disruptive advanced forward-looking heroic valorous lionhearted stout-hearted manlike enlightened forward-thinking unending loyal unretiring turnt stocky romantic attractive raffish ostentatious heaving roaring A1 rising practical broad-shouldered participating full-bodied well-developed built perceptive dependable swish elegant fervid zoolike ripping in excellent shape in good physical shape still going strong avant-garde meaty chunky herculean hardline fast-paced adrenaline-fueled as strong as a ox deviceful full of activity urbane never-tiring consumed compelled man-size mannish studly fecund fertile butch laddish man-sized unrestrained well-proportioned mesomorphic plugging unstinted continuing undeterred fireball continued plodding high-speed camp fancy-pants faithful contributing devout activist thrusting rushing thronged immovable unshakable set unbendable unshaken possessed obsessive built to last hulking bulky stouthearted strong-arm overexcited fast-track formidable exclusive swank galvanized serious monomaniacal impelled adamant outdoor outdoorsy bursting with good health reproductive generative sexually potent procreative gymnastic unsinkable remorseless ironclad painstaking inspirational decided intransigent inflexible good headlong volant tantivy productive combative induced fixated compulsive insistent obsessional unhesitating glowing argumentative absorbed interested immersed sprouting burgeoning expanding augmenting amplifying up-tempo sports-loving competitive tense belligerent as strong as a lion as strong as an ox in good kilter strong as an horse strong as an lion strong as an ox expeditive going harefooted uplifting quarrelsome pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised grandiose monumental bellicose clamorous undisciplined uncontrolled wayward abandoned uninhibited pugnacious die-hard stiff-necked encouraging contentious cutthroat sustained rigorous urged on confrontational febrile truculent motivating bloodthirsty unabated stringent assured important impetuous wilful roistering steamroller take-charge disputatious limber light-footed heavy defiant bullheaded brutal motivational affecting grand elaborate toilsome nose to grindstone dead set on significant agonistic deft in full swing heartening emotive over the top over the top OTT tied up chippy clangorous obstreperous right as rain intensely competitive iron-willed in-your-face fiercely competitive having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke self-assured can-do gung ho self-possessed self-confident visionary lofty hellish pretentious discordant willowy provocative impactful riveting provoking memorable shocking jolting startling knife-edge fit as a flea assaultive upwardly mobile brawly impelling stimulative quick-moving lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome strident vociferous vociferant over-the-top brawling explosive adrenalized cliffhanging killing knackering ornery touchy viral arousing instigating affective touching instigative exalting refreshing time-poor twinkle-toed urgent power-driven AC DC juiced captivating electronic battery operated absorbing motor-driven electrical magnetic plug-in rechargeable optimistic intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be wishful large-scale awakening piquing inciting meaningful triggering quick-thinking twinkle toes clear-headed quick on the trigger spright winged mercurial quick on the draw easy-moving enduring reinforced stable good at sports up to one's ears rushed off one's feet overloaded in demand rushed off your feet having a full plate snowed have one's hands full having many irons in the fire slaving busy as a beaver at it on the run having enough on one's plate harried having fish to fry quick-witted soul-stirring emotion-charged thought-provoking puissant tiring future possible prospective likely heavy-duty living gutty adroit well-founded live breathing inflammatory thin-skinned on the warpath high-strung hot-blooded longing hard as nails craving advancing itching yearning lusting termagant agitational existing expectant endeavoring endeavouring restless testing harsh unsparing sentient wild and woolly subsisting biological organic existent stem-winding spark plug hard ball burdensome flustering madhouse coming on strong viable mortal bumpy full on wearing imperious among the living having life in the land of the living not dead engrossed in wrapped up at work on rushed off one's feet with preoccupied with absorbed in immersed in

Tính từ

Unjust, dishonest, or immoral
wrong bad unlawful criminal evil illegal immoral wicked illicit unethical dishonest sinful crooked iniquitous devious dishonourable felonious miscreant unconscionable unprincipled unscrupulous base blameworthy corrupt delinquent indictable lawbreaking lawless nefarious unfair unjust condemnable culpable despicable foul reprehensible rotten shady under-the-table unrighteous unsavoury unsavory vicious vile villainous wrongful against the law bent dark morally wrong risqué amoral blamable blasphemous censurable debauched depraved dishonorable dissipated dissolute indecent naughty profane profligate reprobate sacrilegious smutty ungodly unholy wanton not cricket degenerate black shameful contemptible dirty ignoble heinous disreputable erring execrable mean disgraceful guilty indefensible monstrous perverted low-down dastardly detestable improper odious outrageous abominable sordid low atrocious unworthy shocking unjustifiable flagitious scandalous fiendish inexcusable underhand discreditable infamous diabolical unwarranted horrible errant debased warped irreligious impure unforgivable wretched egregious nasty ignominious hateful deplorable beastly malfeasant stinking impious shabby diabolic unpardonable offensive peccable unwarrantable reproachable perverse barbarous abject unacceptable disgusting offending unjustified illegitimate aberrant godless obscene cruel snide paltry roguish currish unreasonable dodgy shameless at fault low-minded tainted loathsome blameable abhorrent devilish appalling unmerited deviant degraded gratuitous deceitful sinning abandoned fraudulent scurvy rascally transgressing wayward murderous uncalled for malicious excessive fallen sinister corrupted answerable sullied undeserved worthless responsible treacherous damnable repugnant dreadful unseemly uncharitable black-hearted cutthroat Machiavellian lamentable decadent straying unbecoming scoundrelly objectionable misbehaving regrettable to blame mischievous servile menial maleficent unpleasant groundless unruly disobedient unmanageable malevolent in the wrong licentious uncalled-for infernal undue irreverent sly inappropriate out of line inequitable hellish liable terrible opprobrious inexpiable accountable ugly blameful reprovable prohibited remiss demeritorious amiss obnoxious underhanded pernicious insupportable unlicensed injurious forbidden unauthorized degrading unprovoked petty contraband banned unsanctioned vitiated cheating lewd proscribed immoderate actionable outlawed disorderly coarse unofficial chargeable peccant interdicted intolerable bootleg two-faced troublesome black-market insubordinate rude verboten disruptive unspeakable incorrigible uncontrollable deviating in error unauthorised contumacious froward badly behaved not permitted not allowed rowdy under the counter unprofessional biased prejudiced mistaken demonic sick satanic cheap untrustworthy vulgar notorious shoddy partisan distorted harmful discriminatory partial undignified hideous insufferable spiteful awful unclean knavish misguided rancorous wrathful disagreeable slippery no good cowardly unsuitable inhuman revolting undesirable exceptionable horrid punishable squalid faulty disproportionate loose rakish one-sided humiliating sorry inelegant defiled prejudicial bigoted venal weighted preferential ruffianly double-crossing libertine poor gross clandestine dirty-dealing two-timing impermissible slanted sadistic furtive extreme caught mutinous deserving blame noxious contrary sleazy unpermissible untenable unallowable annoying ungrounded undisciplined off base willful transgressive fallible pitiful heartless difficult savage impolite adulterous smoking gun God-awful fractious rebellious playful conscienceless heavy off-color refractory ungovernable defiant without justification without cause wilful exasperating unbiddable recalcitrant obstreperous grisly gruesome impish without reason headstrong good-for-nothing tricksy intractable brattish scampish puckish prankish ill-disciplined off limits gallus against the rules on one's head self-willed full of mischief contrary to law in violation of law beyond the pale rough erroneous vice-ridden intemperate atheistic shadowy bad-hearted incorrect blackguardly antisocial suspect thievish unregenerate unnecessary craven flagrant glaring putrid tricky unchivalrous barred accursed facinorous tawdry double-dealing mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing unchaste needless baseless injudicious unfounded insulting perfidious scurrilous mercenary faithless repellent nauseating repulsive shy unrespectable unfortunate louche irremissible sickening misbehaved unconstitutional racket caitiff peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain bribable slavish humble off-putting distasteful unvirtuous pornographic convicted deadly mortal discriminating unequal non licet lustful whorish promiscuous bawdy wild beyond contempt criticizable awkward intolerant coloured trashy lowly indelicate common plebeian incriminated fast saturnalian graceless X-rated miserable yucky dangerous gut-churning icky sick-making teasing sneaky negligent ill-advised convictable impeached condemned deleterious damaging baneful hurtful nocuous adverse baleful vomitous bogging noisome lousy not forgivable tough bad-mannered attention-seeking detrimental ill loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary flimflam fishy scam slick censured ghastly yucko disgustful loathly abnormal twisted inordinate filthy ruthless brutal merciless accusable doomed false grievous unrightful non-objective colored blundering vomit-inducing of easy virtue inhumane callous unorthodox shifting erratic stray out of control heretic off straight and narrow unreliable meandering errable bottomless superfluous unfeeling unkind forbidding bloodthirsty tyrannical shifty brutish bestial unconscientious scheming inexorable fly-by-night sicko unwholesome demoralized deviate bad news found wanting malignant pitiless self-indulgent disparaging exploitative hard-hearted mean-spirited crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous cold-blooded scornful despiteful harsh virulent questionable vindictive disdainful grewsome horrific lurid unbearable horrendous macabre horrifying terrific nightmarish great nightmare off grotesque impaired unhealthy kinky unnatural vitiate pervy contorted jackleg irritating very bad a bit much a bit thick out of proportion out of order unbefitting impeachable influenced frightful calamitous demoralised rakehell rakehelly caught red-handed hung up incongruous inconsistent unfitting incompatible fixed undeserving beneath caught in the act ineligible out of character unfit unfitting to not deserving not worth recreant valueless nothing below the belt improper to not good enough out of place with out of place out of character with no-good unbecoming to out of keeping unsuitable for no-account not fit inappropriate to anarchic terrorist insurgent insurrectionary anarchical seditious mutinying noncompliant nonconformist anarchistic taboo uncivilised violating turbulent violent warlike criminogenic ungoverned unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic disordered racketeering recusant uncultivated infringing wildcat piratical traitorous tapu haram under-the-counter under the table not acceptable without law and order ruled out artful badly-behaved ill-behaved bothersome raunchy kiddish impudent infantile ill-natured frolicsome foxy insolent thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful pitiable inferior ratty scungy low-life scummy seedy pathetic grubby sad seamy inglorious beggarly dismal lame barbaric brute lower-class deceptive scabby baseborn crude truculent skanky proletarian slimy lowborn lascivious uncouth lumpen prole sneaking lecherous woeful boorish cruddy unwashed libidinous butcherly crass churlish scrubby ungentlemanly unfriendly piteous despisable heartbreaking distressing ferocious distressed nauseous meager meagre slummy threadbare prurient mournful unrefined scruffy grungy carnal rancid repellant fulsome subservient scuzzy crummy demeaning grotty dumpy rundown tatty grovelling ornery groveling disdainable fierce low-born rueful heartrending low-grade swinish malign harrowing mediocre unpalatable remorseless dislikeable catty subordinate lying afflicted joyless cheerless tearful suffering sorrowful comfortless insalubrious immodest tacky hostile surly meek obscure godawful small dilapidated grody unassuming bad-tempered ill-tempered poisonous hateable indecorous obsequious mangy displeasing selfish uncultured run-down shaming broken-down debasing neglected tumbledown tatterdemalion timeworn run down Janus-faced down at heel grim humdrum bombed-out moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared down-at-the-heels down-at-heel dirty rotten lesser lowlife insignificant down and dirty moving affecting touching undistinguished dubious suspicious cunning retrograde feral ferine guileful cursed minor conniving meanspirited disloyal unfaithful sleazoid outcast compassionate stirring arousing commiserative deceiving retrogressive crabbed measly low-ranking unpretentious uncivil unmannerly dire loutish arrant duplicitous demoniac Mephistophelian tragic discourteous untrue drunken middling second-rate hated narrow-minded ungenerous little basic cussed disastrous desperate ungracious abusive senseless dingy unprepossessing ignorant ill-mannered creepy hairy animal average ruthful invidious fickle miserly inconstant uncaring substandard doleful gut-wrenching revulsive abysmal cantankerous skeezy low-class gentle mild ill-humoured ill-humored submissive dutiful docile limp double-faced mundane declassed prosaic unpolished withdrawing reverential false-hearted everyday cast down retiring doggish merciful useless embarrassing inadequate hardened ill-famed wrongdoing shiftless ill-reputed base-minded avaricious vulgarised vulgarized feckless incompetent disingenuous detested execrated unsightly unskilled slipshod calculated covetous poxy funny iffy despised abased low-status boring casuistic lubricious implacable piggish gluttonous irrational heathen pagan non-theistic abominated loathed abhorred hateworthy dishonoured unladylike dull routine reviled ribald of bad reputation scabrous shrewish unaccommodating dishonored preposterous maggot cheapening morbid ominous stingy natty gloomy humiliated dejected deferent hangdog self-effacing beneath contempt below contempt pixieish arch pixy pixie leprechaunish waggish elvish ridiculous foolish good-for-naught no-count meritless bloody dislikable chronic derogatory unlettered lowering infra dig belittling mortifying impoverished destitute pill pesky pestiferous heel unsporting homicidal fell commonplace venomous fawning wolfish sanguinary wounding needy poverty-stricken wily in bad untoward unceremonious in poor taste cacodemonic degenerated ramshackle treasonous designing calculating irreverential secular unhallowed unblessed unsanctified unconsecrated contaminated untamed sycophantic in low esteem in the doghouse timid weak fearful sarcastic shrewd unsportsmanly unsportsmanlike bedraggled tattered worn-out unkempt decrepit untidy rickety insensitive lacking dignity beneath you two-bit limited brusque oafish morose hedonic undependable contradictory opposed blue-collar low-rent penniless beggared indigent demeaned sinking flatitious failing averse antipathetic inimical rebarbative antagonistic sullen low-bred concupiscent unrestrained riotous restricted tasteless explicit against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign tedious obeisant animalistic subhuman unloyal betraying Punic penurious impecunious indulgent raffish flagitous ill-gotten insidious truthless snake in the grass misleading ungallant ill-bred sybaritic swinging unconstrained voluptuary beneath your dignity brash lowbrow tactless in opposition needful broke down-and-out famished skint pauperized dirt-poor necessitous coldhearted unsympathetic deteriorated violated easy open physical bodily hypocritical classless cloddish clownish dirty-minded fast-living suggestive not nice deprived hard up in the fast lane night owl fast and loose lacking restraint in the gutter gone bad pleasure-seeking gone to the dogs high living mendacious colloquial derisive unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative unutterable unsound insincere unthinking instinctive mindless secondary second-class untruthful defrauding treasonable sparse deficient slender irritable grumpy clodhopping blunt polite rustic lowbred snippy dour touchy crusty curt cross-grained unsociable grouchy gruff unneighborly delusive unimportant junior subsidiary second-string illiberal insular forsworn mythomaniac apostate renegade falsehearted perjured accurst freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst blasted danged durned dang confounded darn hollow-hearted back-stabbing heart-rending visceral instinctual ancillary second-fiddle smaller puny reduced bottom Lilliputian sectarian set inflexible small-minded xenophobic provincial grudging parochial anathematized slighter poorer lower lower-ranking disturbing saddening blamed under a curse blessed dratted forlorn poignant tear-jerking plaintive bush-league minor-league lower in status undersized lower in rank small-fry small-time dinky third-string subjacent distressful entry-level bottom-rung second-banana beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat less important below someone not so important derisible to be pitied dowdy faded smirched worn tired

Trái nghĩa của salacious

salacious Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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