Đồng nghĩa của badly timed


Done at the wrong time
inconvenient inopportune untimely unseasonable mistimed ill-timed inappropriate awkward unfortunate unfavourable unfavorable inapt unsuitable unwelcome inauspicious infelicitous malapropos unpropitious difficult problematic troublesome contrary premature ill-chosen disadvantageous early disturbing bothersome inexpedient discommoding incommoding inept hasty improper unbecoming intrusive ill-judged misjudged unseemly unbefitting unsynchronized adverse unexpected unanticipated unforeseen unpredicted unusual unpredictable surprising disastrous annoying precocious refractory wayward froward incontrollable headstrong recalcitrant irritating uncontrollable willful unmanageable unruly intractable ungovernable wilful unlucky disruptive vexatious inimical unyielding misfortunate unpliable undisciplined fractious stubborn unpleasant untoward star-crossed hapless luckless indocile ill-starred wild unfit wrong unhappy unsuited indecorous detrimental ill-advised incongruous unapt ominous regrettable inapposite unpromising unfitting inadvisable incorrect bad discommodious undue calamitous ill-suited amiss graceless perverse unwarranted destructive threatening damaging ill-fated objectionable gloomy harmful out of place prejudicial dire negative hostile uncalled-for ill out of keeping tactless wretched unacceptable inapplicable incommodious unprofessional tasteless poor counter uncomely misplaced opposed lacking in propriety ruinous bad form disparaging black ill-omened unhandy unfriendly irregular ill-considered undesirable direful injudicious erroneous bleak inharmonious discordant unladylike ungentlemanly discrepant fateful imprudent jinxed inaccurate inadmissible abnormal preposterous inconducive ludicrous odd baleful gauche out-of-place out-of-season harsh ill-fitted unadvantageous off-base uncomplimentary at odds lamentable out of order distressing injurious aggravating vexing cataclysmic tiresome deplorable terrible unwieldy dreadful catastrophic discouraging miserable doomed pestiferous cumbersome very bad tough menacing cursed deleterious indelicate sinister foreboding misguided bodeful disheartening indecent unfair disagreeable sinistrous baneful uncalled for ill-boding false clumsy disproportionate maladroit afflicted unprofitable unhelpful out of line in poor taste in bad taste out of luck remote embarrassing obtrusive unsatisfactory tardy late antagonistic low minatory doomy portentous worrisome unchancy impending evil impolitic unconventional forbidding inhospitable grim perilous out of the way bringing bad luck funny off-balance unfitted impractical challenging dangerous stupid slow incompetent dull not done beyond the pale worrying nasty immoral dishonourable illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical trying prohibitive testing hurtful disobliging inexpert offensive undignified unmannerly crooked unscrupulous inexperienced ill-adapted unfacile flat jejune inadept unmeet undexterous unproficient insipid banal discreditable inadequate against the rules dishonorable not suitable not cricket unsuccessful unhandsome rough ungodly tacky unworthy of unlovely salacious unworthy unsympathetic snakebitten snakebit blighted tragic grievous derogatory detracting pejorative debit-side dyslogistic depreciative slighting depreciatory downside accident-prone pitiful cataclysmal fatal tough luck down on luck behind eight ball hard luck bad break unnecessary unjustified tragical woeful heartrending heartbreaking devastating distressful damning on the debit side unjustifiable undeserved unmerited forsaken destitute hopeless unprosperous unjust incompatible inapropos awful deadly hard catastrophal needless ineligible fulsome superfluous unneeded insensitive inconsonant irrelevant off underhanded unwarrantable illegal shattering crippling frightful in a bad way non-essential not proper left-field foot-in-mouth way off not required naughty immodest

Trái nghĩa của badly timed

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