Đồng nghĩa của fulsome

Alternative for fulsome

Đồng nghĩa: buttery, oily, oleaginous, smarmy, soapy, unctuous,

Tính từ

Complimentary or flattering to an excessive degree
extravagant adulatory excessive fawning inordinate overdone unctuous gushing gushy ingratiating cloying immoderate lavish saccharine ample enthusiastic extensive generous glowing liberal profuse effusive flattering laudatory nauseating over-appreciative sickening acclamatory buttery complimentary eulogistic hagiographic hagiographical insincere oily oleaginous rapturous soapy sugary sycophantic encomiastic gross honeyed OTT smarmy bombastic canting coarse glib grandiloquent hypocritical magniloquent mealy-mouthed overgenerous sanctimonious slick slimy smooth suave wheedling over the top exuberant obsequious unrestrained bountiful overflowing servile commendatory prodigal encomiastical praising appreciative admiring unreserved rhapsodic copious galore rave bounteous plentiful teeming luxuriant abounding superfluous aplenty plenty grovelling sucky smug groveling no end bootlicking toadying demonstrative panegyrical abundant cajoling expansive ebullient unstinting prolific congratulatory riotous emotional superabundant greasy laudative highly favourable opulent lush swarming crawling with alive with thick with approving creepy plausible subservient crawling approbatory saponaceous smooth-talking lyrical applauding mushy sentimental lionizing honey-tongued over-effusive silver-tongued plenteous smooth-tongued favourable eulogizing bumper extreme sumptuous profusive openhanded open-handed over-enthusiastic lionising full rich praiseful approbative a dime a dozen hyped up favorable eulogising unlimited lank full of praise replete a gogo laid on with a trowel surplus in excess overabundant extra sleek deferential commending supple bland insinuating coaxing compliant exaggerated worshipping flannelling blarneying blandishing worshipful reverential sweet-talking soft-soaping gratifying creeping actorly theatrical dramatic wholehearted slavish extolling free ecstatic toadyish glorifying panegyric celebratory touchy-feely uninhibited worshiping munificent maudlin unconstrained outpouring raving overemotional mawkish nostalgic unsparing ungrudging handsome vociferous overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid highly complimentary loving infinite inexhaustible free-flowing cringing very happy all over someone large good positive friendly substantial considerable humble huge flush great complete urbane fertile comfortable cornucopian productive blubbery hammy voluble dewy-eyed plauditory polite civil honoring fair-spoken celebrating well-wishing courtly gracious respectful honouring kind numerous many innumerable multifarious multiple manifold multitudinous countless fruitful thick on the ground competent swimming well-provided lousy with rife appreciable sufficient flowing chock-full enough improvident in abundance wordy myriad heavy prolix verbose lovey-dovey with high praise with highest recommendation highly favorable slippery phoney creamy pinguid phony brown-nosing self-abasing arse-licking smooth-spoken apple-polishing forelock-tugging a mess of Uriah Heepish ass-kissing coming out of ears

Tính từ

Inclined to be generous or to share in abundance
generous liberal charitable bountiful unstinting munificent unselfish free bounteous unsparing openhanded bighearted freehearted freehanded open magnanimous benevolent giving kind lavish open-handed beneficent philanthropic big-hearted altruistic ungrudging free-handed prodigal big hospitable handsome kindly considerate thoughtful helpful noble princely kind-hearted extravagant eleemosynary kindhearted loose soft-touch humanitarian profuse abundant humane good ready self-sacrificing high-minded lofty unstinted benignant honourable indulgent plenteous willingly given fair honest moderate excellent easy tolerant reasonable greathearted just honorable profligate wasteful thriftless immoderate unrestrained willing unstinging wild almsgiving philanthropical substantial rich unprejudiced acceptable unreasonable eager excessive unkind unrelenting inexorable cruel procrustean disinterested selfless public-spirited self-denying devoted compassionate self-forgetting caring overgenerous overabundant open-hearted improvident intemperate ample loving chivalrous incorruptible self-effacing extroverted decent denying casual exuberant free-and-easy openhearted plentiful full generous to a fault over the top equitable sympathetic gracious friendly warm tender gentle good-natured benign understanding warm-hearted merciful amiable obliging lenient mild good-hearted neighbourly neighborly tender-hearted cordial warmhearted tenderhearted accommodating genial affectionate gallant agreeable soft-hearted great-hearted large-hearted amicable all heart affable goodhearted pleasant softhearted soft supportive well-disposed patient nice responsive do-good great forgiving sensitive upright polite solicitous lordly elevated feeling sociable high good-humored good-humoured mellow concerned amenable clement forbearing self-forgetful congenial courteous natural favorable empathetic righteous complaisant cooperative bleeding-heart well disposed sublime companionable sweet favourable empathic fatherly motherly maternal worthy civil virtuous well meaning upstanding ethical sentimental comforting approachable attentive easy-going human easygoing cheerful pitying good-tempered socially concerned compliant broad-minded respectable encouraging moral principled comradely appreciative doting fond even-tempered respectful receptive accepting open-minded hearty fatherlike regardful knightly moralistic benefic uplifting approving well-mannered admiring enthusiastic heroic convivial valiant well-meaning complimentary applauding accommodative adoring civilized calm reassuring useful nurturing acquiescent chummy civilised eager to please demonstrative deferential satisfied commiserative loyal eager to help bleeding heart lovable likeable angelic propitious sympathizing condoling perceptive commiserating delightful engaging sympathising stand-up loving and giving well intentioned comprehending sweet-tempered brotherly likable welcoming community-minded immaculate social conscientious beneficial idealistic advantageous social-minded holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive spotless unerring harmonious beneficient valuable very kind patriotic contributing donating prosocial Santa Claus profitable good scout Robin Hood pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic guestfriendly helpful to others goodish unmean welfare nonprofit consoling has heart in right place large public- spirited fraternal protective inspiring inspiriting nonmalignant reputable virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making wholesome salutary piteous ruthful accessible touchy-feely personable nonthreatening uncorrupted cultivated redoubtable illustrious matey bonhomous palsy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow buddy-buddy geocentric exocentric sparing having heart in right place breezy happy easy to get along with easy to get on with pally lovely conciliatory tractable assenting outstanding brave courtly refined soft touch unoffensive dutiful tactful heart in right place pleasing adaptable pliable old softie well-intentioned stimulating boosting gratifying paternal softie marshmallow extraordinary remarkable meritorious submissive pliant biddable conformable doing good works personal intimate unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome unassuming docile handy long-suffering cheering soothing fulfilling mushy as nice as pie appealing taking mild-mannered captivating simpatico sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting harmless non-malignant conscious pleased aware noble-minded relaxed obedient ardent anti-corruption willing to please favourably disposed moving ennobled heroical venerable serene laid-back mindful commendatory positive knowledgeable approbatory dear user friendly on tap on deck flexible placid happy-go-lucky carefree trustworthy glorified passionate amatory cognizant incorrupt dependable equable nonchalant insouciant willing to help fervent close earnest faithful reverential reverent imperturbable untroubled unconcerned unruffled unworried permissive blithe enlightened alive in the know keen mannerly peaceable right straight true expressing adoration bound up close-knit chilled undemanding unhurried easy-peasy unexcitable outgoing communicative allocentric talkative clean-living well mannered all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded unreserved together free and easy unfazed unflappable loquacious effusive garrulous uninhibited forthcoming recommendatory laudative laudatory praiseful chatty voluble extrovert conversational discursive talky adulatory flattering effervescent unconstrained expansive gushy gregarious worshipping idolizing panegyrical worshiping worshipful encomiastic eulogistic condign idolising

Tính từ

Arousing or meriting strong disgust, aversion, or displeasure
disgusting foul nasty sickening offensive repellent revolting distasteful repulsive loathsome horrible nauseating odious obnoxious repugnant dreadful abhorrent awful abominable horrid appalling nauseous gross horrendous obscene hideous shocking noisome scandalous noxious rancid repellant ugly evil vile unpleasant disagreeable terrible objectionable ghastly detestable God-awful yucky frightful disgustful beastly hateful despicable putrid loathly yucko off-putting atrocious sick-making contemptible execrable reprehensible heinous bogging rotten gruesome unsavoury uninviting deplorable stinking unpalatable skanky unsavory lousy displeasing icky bad grotty stomach-turning vomitous stomach-churning monstrous unspeakable wicked grisly vomit-inducing horrifying festy gut-churning malodorous mephitic fetid wretched outrageous rebarbative scurvy foetid abysmal intolerable rank unappetizing diabolical filthy on the nose dislikeable smelly sorry creepy unpleasing disgraceful niffy grody olid invidious hellish sleazy mean beyond the pale dirty insufferable hellacious dire base squalid pitiful grubby cringe-making evil-smelling foul-smelling pongy stinky whiffy grimy funky godawful unwelcome sordid miasmal grungy shameful horrific poor undesirable very bad unacceptable inexcusable exceptionable poisonous emetic chronic egregious dislikable macabre sick acrid polluted cruddy pestiferous upsetting smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched yukky befouled smutty unfair blackened sullied cheap scummy bemired dusty unclean uncleanly sour lame unsportsmanlike black dingy draggled sneaking bitter ratty uncongenial unlovely harsh scabby muddy begrimed illegal soiled paltry pitiable from hell poison bum ungodly unholy lamentable hopeless inadequate hated unsatisfactory crummy woeful pathetic inferior pestilential useless duff poxy pits miserable terrifying fearful pants slimy distressing reeking catty insupportable rubbish vulgar grievous unsightly unpardonable unforgivable hateable alarming forbidding opprobrious biting embarrassing cutting unlikable tasteless galling annoying unbearable brackish immoral ornery pesky revulsive off-color damnable yecchy very unpleasant inclement substandard laughable loathed detested abominated execrated despised gut-wrenching sickly shameless chunderous harmful reviled discouraging uncool indescribable terribly bad tainted diseased offending abusive impertinent insolent irritating discourteous hurtful deleterious unhealthy pernicious injurious mischievous disconcerting repelling dismaying very disgusting woozy rocky scabrous animal beast bestial morbid squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball scuzzy baneful unwholesome tremendous censurable deadly insalutary dangerous accursed villainous hairy cursed brutal grim reeky serious ropy third-rate pill heel strong high musty stenchy fusty flavourless flavorless insipid yicky painful savorless flat afflictive harrowing frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty malevolent raunchy godforsaken gnarly depressing spiteful pigpen ripe vicious dishonourable criminal sinful iniquitous infamous unseemly a load of pants not up to snuff disreputable desperate backbiting ignominious maligning indecent vilifying traducing detractive untrue gossiping crying detracting contradictory inconsistent hostile opposed incompatible adverse highly improper inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic dishonorable red hot unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite unfitted alien foreign disquieting in opposition stupefying scary fearsome frightening disturbing perturbing stunning astonishing grewsome bewildering unsettling lurid overwhelming intimidating startling amazing direful formidable agitating terrific nightmarish staggering nightmare unnerving redoubtable surprising glaring spine-chilling hair-raising ignoble low unattractive discreditable low-down unworthy wrong shabby unsuitable nefarious unappealing abject inhuman shady calamitous cruel flagitious rude sad improper degenerate unprincipled dark corrupt dismal snide currish off notorious unutterable unscrupulous troublesome regrettable low-minded shoddy coarse grotesque inappropriate degrading pungent weird worthless stale fiendish unreasonable blameworthy depraved inadmissible indecorous unfortunate infernal indefensible disastrous disappointing rough unrespectable unpopular difficult excruciating humming punk confounded inglorious vexatious defective humiliating exasperating below par barbarous chilling unhandsome daunting ill-smelling savage beyond contempt dishonest detrimental uncomely ruthless murderous unendurable debased ill-favoured crooked unwanted unlawful undignified crude menacing flagrant reprobate dissolute deficient ill-favored mediocre subpar suboptimal unearthly weak louche shy mortifying severe blasted unhappy inhospitable grave bleak insufficient impermissible dissatisfactory wanting profane cussed gloomy baleful tragic sinister niffing wack crumby unpretty heartbreaking ill decayed bush destructive unbeautiful infuriating out of order maddening spooky uncouth sacrilegious strong-smelling rascally bush-league not up to par perverted diabolic dodgy excessive taboo degraded unrighteous lawless irksome unjustifiable sadistic impure toxic unfit awkward threatening illicit blasphemous ineffable impossible agonizing not on uncomfortable perverse unbecoming bothersome eerie decomposed imperfect foreboding malignant faulty lewd mouldy sepulchral funereal too much dastardly malign out of line junky unmentionable out of bounds distressful trashy gory venomous amiss extreme tough moldy virulent tenth-rate no-good heartrending glowering a bit much freaking cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged dang darn caitiff spoiled damaged unprepossessing agonising spoilt heart-rending barbaric deformed not cricket boorish forbidden no good stinking to high heaven spookish not up to scratch from hunger impious brutish prejudicial prohibited disheartening seedy untoward dubious banned proscribed unwarranted churlish irreligious disliked irreverent inequitable unfavorable unfavourable godless abhorred brute interdicted unbefitting unlucky disrespectful erring shunned negative unwelcoming darned prurient merciless black-hearted dreary cheerless huckery homely damaging extravagant violent censored ghoulish swinish wanton preposterous unfitting shaming culpable unethical graceless putrescent inconsiderate illegitimate over-the-top uncharitable fierce inexpedient impolite underhand rubbishy incongruous sombre somber condemnable ruinous ghostly poignant cowardly scoundrelly unsatisfying roguish bent restricted unsought solemn traumatic torturous indelicate gamy off limits unimpressive scurrilous decaying salacious miasmatic treacherous frowned on junk decomposing malfeasant warped drab tragical not the done thing over the fence dirty rotten tormenting lethal disapproved of rotting dank feculent intense disadvantageous contaminated servile menial stenchful petty common not acceptable trying afflicting tacky knavish debasing unsound outcast off-limits odoriferous blamable cold great questionable inexpressible blackguardly maleficent no go out of keeping unthinkable shadowy rotted mournful ferocious low-quality for the birds acid beneath contempt below average low-grade not good enough out of place below standard poor-quality second rate beyond bearing not to be borne miscreant skunky not satisfying odiferous second-rate accurst unadorable uncaptivating dispiriting demoralizing unapproachable dour messy yechy unloved shonky inedible irregular indiscreet hatable unlovable demoralising unheard-of uneatable not okay undesired piggish gluttonous feral ferine carnal irrational anathematized avoided condemned piteous shuddersome resentful untempting pain drag unheroic unsuccessful senseless felonious unjust insalubrious seamy ungracious unpleasant to breathe unfit to breathe fugly ridiculous unconscionable foolish joyless comfortless sucky demeaning failed errant inhumane heartless butcherly truculent tawdry mighty evil- indictable transgressing haunting base-minded groveling dissatisfying undescribable facinorous cacodemonic ominous awful-looking frightful-looking acute despisable disdainable not pleasant untold maggot ruffianly ill-advised cynical unnourishing scungy unmanageable wrongful weighted discriminatory one-sided suspicious suspect humble slavish crashing faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural anemic thievish stifling humiliatory ill-famed remiss durned dreaded lacking too bad eye-watering spine-tingling infested fallen unhospitable innutritious insanitary intractable ungovernable recalcitrant hateworthy measly reproachable acidic spoiling troubling unbelievable inconceivable grovelling unenticing ill-reputed weighty taxing piddling trifling beggarly crass blimming sensational hard discomfiting graveolent turned outlawed discomforting worrisome plebeian lowly low-life below contempt delinquent unimaginable debauched peccant unhygienic unhealthful dull lackluster lacklustre unshapely unwished-for demanding wayward lemon subnormal negligible schlocky thin underhanded graphic exaggerated devilish malicious stressful reprovable blameable stagnant odorous brooding funny iffy disfigured scorned inconvenient incommodious uninvited rejected minimal trivial unjustified no great shakes leaving a lot to be desired not much cop melodramatic explicit discomposing humourless humorless sober doleful septic unnutritious plain-featured unkind plain-looking insignificant ironic evil-looking bodeful dread mean-looking unpromising inauspicious sharp bland tart shifty misshapen worrying fraught sedate troublous peccable abandoned unrelenting burdensome oppressive searing onerous heavy relentless stiff hardhanded rugged plain indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond words too horrible for words preternatural beyond description undefinable indescribably evil melancholic dispirited depressive morose glum melancholy desolate deceitful opprobious fraudulent untrustworthy devious guilty demeritorious unwished for inelegant pathological sore remorseless saddening affecting tenebrous sullen not quite the thing to be avoided strictly for the birds jerry-built minor-league minor league small potatoes not pretty prejudicious counterproductive pestilent intemperate rigorous hard-hearted provoking surly vindictive vetoed verboten ruled out not allowed anguished concerning sorrowful gray grey pitiless murky mirthless lugubrious drear sensationalist overdramatized colourful unrestrained morally wrong steep life-threatening suggestive of evil perilous cantankerous despiteful wounding at fault death-obsessed fatal corrupting cancerous nocuous immoderate exorbitant ribald kitschy pulp unbreathable affrontive OTT haram anathema barred tapu not permitted sarcastic ill-humored insidious devastating mortal nocent malefic suggestive O.T.T. extortionate reptilian nerve-racking nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking disruptive disorderly beneath undeserving too great disgracing debauching uncivilised depraving contumelious uncivilized evil-minded bad-tempered mean-spirited ill-tempered ill-natured ill-humoured shock-horror vivid juicy pessimistic misanthropic mordacious killing destroying ruining reserved non licet disapproved unsupportable ineligible over the top yellow full-frontal festering rebellious bad-looking environmentally unfriendly short on looks hard-favoured as ugly as sin hard-featured inapt incorrect unfitting to valueless nothing unmerited out of character with unsuitable for out of character not deserving not worth recreant improper to out of place with unbecoming to good-for-nothing no-account not fit inappropriate to putrefied overpowering purple sanguine racy fiery salty deep bloody striking colorful distinct garish mouldering putrified contemptuous cheeky unsocial asocial enough to try the patience of a saint enough already enough to try the patience of Job last straw beyond endurance too much to bear past bearing ill-suited unsuited addled amateurish meagre meager corroding mildewy defiled corrupted perished unhelpful cheapo irremediable garbage tatty out inacceptable reject belligerent uncooperative sociopathic caried carious worm-eaten dirtied purulent wormy pustular inept unladylike infelicitous malapropos ungentlemanly inapposite unapt unmannerly immodest unprintable undermining obstructive disobliging invalidating contrary moldering smelling infected flyblown overripe faecal fecal maggoty bad-smelling unfit for human consumption execrative execratory cursing imprecatory profanatory swearing insulting X-rated poor quality under par won't do half-baked of low quality of poor quality less-than-stellar second-class not quite the done thing two-bit not up to standard antisocial untimely clumsy undue gauche unworthy of unseasonable maladroit disparaging discrediting derogatory critical lacking in propriety abrasive caustic corrosive not to be spoken of that dare not speak its name more than flesh and blood can stand

Tính từ

That has been described as greater or better than it actually is
exaggerated inflated excessive overblown extravagant hyperbolized overweening overstated bloated overdone hyped magnified steep pretentious hyperbolic overdrawn overemphasised overemphasized actorly theatrical overplayed overripe extreme OTT dramatic overestimated overwrought amplified overdramatized aggrandized melodramatic tall preposterous sensationalistic exalted sensational sensationalist embellished embroidered fabulous fantastic farfetched hammy histrionic impossible outsize outsized overkill schmaltzy spectacular stylized unrealistic over-elaborate over the top too much highly coloured larger-than-life too-too blown up highly colored a bit thick out of proportion undue disproportionate immoderate O.T.T. hyped up pompous hyperventilated intemperate profuse unrestrained superfluous inordinate overworked needless over-enthusiastic laboured unfair over-effusive unnecessary gushing effusive unreasonable forced stagy affected overelaborate camp beyond the pale elaborate labored a bit much beyond all bounds laid on with a trowel artificial ostentatious mannered actressy stagey flamboyant ham over-the-top showy stilted unreal overacted unwarranted campy theatric staged unnatural comic uncalled for over the limit farcical animated expressive pumped up splashy catchy going too far overemotional overdramatic posturing over-sensational sensationalized sentimental operatic barnstorming hokey cloak-and-dagger sensationalised cliff-hanging blood-and-thunder Daliesque wild ceremonious acting up camped up superficial legitimate acting tragic emotional dramaturgic vaudeville show amateur meretricious far out explicit graphic lurid trashy kitschy yellow shock-horror cheap pulp full-frontal rubbishy tasteless garish tacky juicy whiz-bang

Tính từ

Showy in speech and given to using flowery or elaborate terms
orotund grandiloquent oratorical pompous pretentious rhetorical affected bombastic flamboyant florid flowery grandiose mannered ornate overblown over-elaborate actorly declamatory fustian high-flown high-sounding inflated magniloquent theatrical convoluted highfalutin overdone overripe overwrought purple rhetoric rotund tumid turgid aureate euphuistic flatulent gassy hyperventilated Ossianic windy gaseous ostentatious showy verbose wordy long-winded stilted laboured strained labored sesquipedalian arty-farty elaborate ponderous hifalutin magnific pleonastic stodgy puffed self-important stuffy sonorous lofty extravagant prolix eloquent periphrastic hyperbolic diffuse rambling circumlocutory articulate circuitous redundant pedantic silver-tongued garrulous discursive complicated tedious mouthy effusive fancy voluble lengthy formal baroque palaverous bombast swollen ornamented big tautological loquacious logorrheic boastful erudite scholarly exalted exaggerated Ciceronian epideictic imposing repetitious Demosthenic Demosthenean long-drawn-out protracted tortuous braggart bragging gabby chatty ambagious Falstaffian fussy contrived meandering ranting complex la-di-da dramatic roundabout overlong grand-sounding figurative histrionic tumescent digressive maundering embellished wandering stagy talkative talky elocutionary rococo fluent puffed-up ornamental circumlocutionary logorrhoeic self-righteous majestic impressive boasting portentous tiresome superfluous elevated heroic bold over-the-top curlicued high-falutin sententious iterative oratorial wedding-cake busy gingerbread overinflated high-minded snobbish lexiphanic indirect very elaborate elegant shallow superficial breezy decorative garnished rich luscious euphemistic blathering blustering overwritten booming melodramatic arresting vague loose waffly rhapsodic big-talking windbag loudmouthed balderdash waffling arty overelaborate high-wrought unnatural studied verbal linguistic full of verbiage stiff forced awkward artificial stylistic stuffed shirt over-embellished overworked heavy full of hot air flashy highly decorated diffusive fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian unconvincing laborious inelegant clumsy profuse long random lavish copious exuberant drawn-out dull intricate glib vocal grand involved detailed decorated not spontaneous excessive rhapsodical overestimated empty prolonged

Tính từ

Unwarranted or inappropriate because excessive or disproportionate
undue excessive extreme immoderate inordinate disproportionate extravagant improper inappropriate intemperate needless overmuch unjustified unnecessary unseemly unsuitable unwarranted non-essential superfluous unneeded baroque devilish exorbitant fancy insane intolerable lavish overdue overextravagant overweening plethoric steep stiff too great too much towering unbecoming uncalled-for unconscionable undeserved unmerciful unmerited unreasonable exceeding forbidden gratuitous ill-advised illegal ill-timed inapt indecorous inept sinister unapt uncalled for underhanded unfair unfitting unjust unjustifiable unmeasurable unseasonable untimely unwarrantable not required a bit much over the top exaggerated unrestrained extortionate high sky-high unreserved gushing effusive gushy fancy-pants profuse overgenerous outré outrageous monumental enormous wanton grand OTT wild grandiose tremendous epic massive surplus great imposing vast profligate huge prodigious substantial preposterous monstrous prodigal extra over the odds reckless colossal uncontrolled magnificent unbridled immense large boundless giant self-indulgent uncurbed considerable redundant dizzying whopping big unbounded stupendous impressive criminal imprudent overkill abandoned gigantic extraordinary limitless superabundant unrestricted inflated severe prohibitive supererogatory mountainous lofty mammoth pricey heavy unlimited heroic overboard unchecked overabundant excess too many wasteful super de trop expensive commanding Homeric in excess sizable humongous O.T.T. overindulgent titanic sizeable voluminous way out extensive overpriced audacious astronomical harsh out of control supernumerary dissipated spare magnific fantastic punitive irrational unhampered rampant serious uncontrollable luxurious runaway riotous striking gargantuan gross costly astronomic jumbo dear immeasurable mighty mega monster majestic out of all proportion hulking ostentatious egregious remarkable elephantine hefty handsome resplendent Brobdingnagian bumper oversized heroical outsized violent over-the-top princely king-size king-sized surplus to requirements king size ridiculous abounding indulgent rigorous recrementitious stratospheric supernatural more ruinous ample tall drastic significant unhindered punishing abundant sharp dramatic ambitious draconian raw excessively high far-reaching unfettered swingeing oppressive unrelenting imperial splendid ginormous almighty fine regal thumping unmitigated rash bold stately glorious baronial additional proud excellent marvellous terrific herculean spectacular sublime elaborate oversize expansive superb outsize supersized radical walloping stunning arresting heedless high-priced staggering super-duper pharaonic supersize cyclopean bulky royal marvelous fabulous exquisite awe-inspiring beautiful wondrous statuesque kingly sumptuous out of hand splendorous amazing sightly big-ticket desperate elevated dire dissipative debauched showy unbalanced forceful careless very expensive decadent zealous copious increased strong too-too over highway robbery uninhibited remaining supreme impetuous unacceptable dispensable absonant ludicrous momentous expendable crippling strict useless illogical free inessential tough dissolute ungovernable unwanted infinite august superior austere incontinent nonsensical noble nonessential unyielding stellar leftover substantive transcendent unrequired wide unusual surpassing residuary up to here gigantesque epidemic widespread unconstrained major broad pandemic raging out of sight rife pleonastic healthy humungous far-out superfluent rampaging exuberant flagrant pervasive devil-may-care leviathan overflowing unasked mondo eye-catching costing an arm and a leg full-size cumbersome cosmic overgrown turbulent proliferating generous whacking ponderous good-size good-sized tidy galactic cosmical megalithic sensational opulent licentious thumping great swanky stirring awesome palatine gorgeous super colossal largish divine goodly whopping great queenly elegant spreading like wildfire celestial splendiferous palatial heavenly a whale of a biggish formidable on the rampage whacking great ominous Himalayan solemn untempered very too passionate sweeping tempestuous very profitable high-dollar value grandiloquent long Miltonian marked raised greedy blown up out of all proportion hard absurd boosted soaring a lot inexcusable overinflated senseless unaffordable pricy unused unproductive disposable uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly horrifying unholy left over waste to spare high-flown bombastic high-sounding stringent distinguished impulsive capricious cavalier top premium extremely high ritzy extraneous on your hands unessential multistorey sky-scraping meaty plentiful heightened liberal good plenteous thick escalated measurable respectable pronounced full bounteous fat jacked up bountiful hulky appreciable far-fetched onerous cruel grievous rough exacting immodest posh unrightful imbalanced unlawful wrongful peremptory unprovoked arbitrary unwieldy outstanding paramount altitudinous uneconomical unduly expensive an arm and leg bitter brutal hardhanded rugged grim portly powerful venerable spacious man-size Bunyanesque swelled great big socking great roomy of considerable size deep fair-sized comprehensive husky capacious family-sized family-size brobdingnagian whopper commodious man-sized dirty great massy thundering fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized mastodonic beyond the pale daylight robbery costing a bomb a rip-off lordly above average abnormal intensified murderous trying excruciating burdensome searing rank aggressive dominant tumultuous costing the earth over one's head high-dollar spendy high-end priceless valuable precious pretentious egotistic improvident vehement prevalent out of bounds overblown hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable airy preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping imperious unconfined uncompromising stern unbending luxuriant volatile theatrical overdone silly unshackled untrammelled spreading clamorous blustering unruly boisterous exceeding bounds rambling fecund predominant threatening multiplying flourishing growing furious robust intense rigid remorseless exceptional consequential undisciplined unimpeded natural unsuppressed overambitious large-scale unrealistic high-falutin' high-flying on a grand scale ballsy fanciful adventurous fanatical irrepressible unbound loose unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable downright unconventional uncommon thorough absolute ferocious dignified unrepressed utter sheer profound admirable out-and-out spontaneous frank flamboyant candid impertinent indiscriminate blunt ungoverned saturnalian immoral impotent plenary open untrammeled lawless bizarre honourable honorable illustrious brash carefree out of proportion astonishing phenomenal fast-paced wonderful eminent gallant oceanic weighty mass notable prominent inspiring startling arrestive incredible fascinating electrifying dazzling solid vasty self-gratifying salacious worthy planetary behemothic behemoth heavyweight blimp supererogative mahoosive cumbrous titan special fantastical dreamy out of this world confounding perfect fast irresponsible frivolous foolhardy shameless giant-sized larger-than-life jumbo-sized giant-size extremely large extremely big very big Herculean extra-large barn door Cyclopean very large super-colossal renowned authoritative exciting temerarious daredevil slack gadabout louche fast and loose carnal corrupt first-class first-rate more than one can afford more than can be afforded

Tính từ

Charming, confident and elegant
suave debonair smooth sophisticated urbane affable charming cool courteous polite smooth-tongued worldly worldly-wise dignified gallant gentlemanly poised self-possessed smooth-talking agreeable bland civil civilised civilized diplomatic glib gracious mannerly polished refined silver-tongued svelte tactful cordial courtly cultivated cultured distingué formal genial impeccable ingratiating obliging oily pleasant pleasing politic slick sociable soft soft-spoken unctuous well-bred well mannered elegant stylish genteel well bred chivalrous decorous smart considerate dashing cosmopolitan classy well-mannered gentle graceful ladylike stately fine respectful fashionable spiffy thoughtful discerning swanky tasteful honourable dapper noble amiable handsome honorable majestic accommodating couth chic citified media-savvy decent well-groomed snazzy kind experienced self-assured well-dressed confident composed together friendly spruce unruffled complaisant collected nonchalant snappy aristocratic proper equable hip knowing sharp mature oversophisticated lovely delicate congenial fly sensitive discreet distinguished exquisite swank plush understanding schmick fashionably dressed easy calm respectable amicable attractive heroic courageous presentable persuasive valiant beautiful brave serene swish engaging trim charismatic bold unperturbed fearless self-confident tranquil groomed appealing metropolitan possessed likeable likable intrepid luxurious trig unfazed assured impassive opulent sumptuous sedate coolheaded well dressed good-natured dauntless accomplished self-composed seemly subtle imperturbable on fleek valorous witty dressy well turned out aware fetching well behaved unflappable august comely judicious grand unprovincial prudent equanimous at ease nonplussed placid streetwise nice stout-hearted careful sleek hospitable wise benevolent dainty worldly wise skilful skillful well travelled aesthetic neat indulgent beneficent benign charitable posh cool, calm and collected dexterous deft savvy cautious well-presented clean-cut superior esthetic dextrous approachable big-hearted loving tender as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox larger than life treating with kid gloves forthcoming bonhomous good-hearted been around balanced unemotional attentive kindly haughty snobbish gentlemanlike warm-hearted kind-hearted ceremonious finished correct reputable magnanimous with good taste proud cavalier deferential wellmannered smarmy facile giving privileged well-born aloof glamorous silky well spoken well-behaved well brought up well-spoken adulatory complimentary high-bred imposing conventional highbred prim flattering preux lofty studied royal initiated spick and span natty well-turned-out dolled up with it well-tailored soigné spiffed-up besuited dressed to kill peaceful unshaken recollected untroubled level undisturbed limpid equal unworried precise reserved well-balanced seductive trendy sassy dressed to the teeth at peace old with experience matured happening spiff kicking seasoned evolved airy close developed progressive advanced improved forward high rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on late higher mathematical sure of yourself sure of oneself swell supercool enlightened having been around been there old hand in the know cool as a cucumber sporty chichi broad-minded liberal unprejudiced discriminating sublime punctilious fastidious knowledgeable captivating jet-set intelligent blasé artistic enchanting high-brow high-minded restrained ritzy well-travelled clever erudite mondaine well groomed well turned-out in vogue smartly dressed endearing world-weary casual detached buoyant cheerful jaunty happy sprightly planetary catholic gregarious public ecumenical self-controlled cool-headed sweet bewitching adorable cute prepossessing winning classic modish adept enticing dreamy lovable delectable absorbing alluring entrancing perceptive conciliatory artful arch intriguing capable crafty sly contriving brainy cunning strategic shrewd conniving calculating guileful scheming cagey opportunistic wily astute divine luring irresistible beguiling winsome adorbs select choice noble-minded inviting couthy magnetizing magnetic bonny delightful magnetising electrifying ornate rare ostentatious ornamented affected fancy easygoing controlled high-class overdone recherche stylized observant skilled adroit insightful sympathetic tactical well-designed mild compassionate merciful lenient benignant knightly a la mode daring doughty treating something with kid gloves plucky lionhearted manly manful mettlesome gutsy undaunted macho gritty great-spirited stouthearted stalwart unshrinking daredevil unafraid death-or-glory undauntable greathearted heroical lion-hearted indomitable unflinching gutty stout ballsy venturous have-a-go spunky game spirited fire-eating hairy quixotic generous warm caring helpful neighbourly neighborly humane warmhearted kindhearted tolerant unselfish altruistic good companionable tender-hearted softhearted good-humoured good-humored well-disposed tenderhearted goodhearted mellow comradely solicitous responsive convivial soft-hearted affectionate philanthropic great-hearted selfless chummy matey large-hearted humble regardful upright munificent humanitarian philanthropical buddy-buddy social bighearted palsy-walsy good-tempered bountiful palsy maternal fatherly motherly hail-fellow-well-met bounteous hearty dutiful all heart patient cooperative familiar well disposed forbearing unstinting clubby principled concerned empathetic outgoing open-handed feeling reverential well meaning easy to get along with moderate comforting collegial personable clement favourable welcoming favorable moral reverent honest supportive easy-going jovial hail-fellow bleeding-heart ethical just virtuous forgiving intimate righteous empathic solemn admiring fond peaceable amenable modest lordly public-spirited conversable obedient unassuming obeisant harmonious cozy appreciative cosy angelic mild-mannered harmless sweet-tempered eleemosynary ungrudging open meek respected venerable do-good worshiping free extroverted upstanding regal openhanded princely openhearted extrovert open-hearted self-sacrificing devout worthy clubbable big pacific pally natural great fatherlike worshipping pious worshipful paternal pitying regular brotherly upholding even-tempered generous to a fault well intentioned protective educated unoffensive easy to get on with good-mannered fair submissive encouraging conscientious moralistic imperial relaxed devoted kingly carefree exalted highbrow well-brought-up awed well brought-up condescending communicative communal becoming confidential cheery doting magnificent freehanded free-handed impressive heartfelt enthusiastic wholehearted earnest sincere uninhibited heedful compliant befitting clubable extraverted propitious down-to-earth tight eager unpresumptuous lavish commiserative breezy elevated amical sweet-natured cheering de rigueur accessible benefic human company-loving simpatico temperate lamblike demure retiring self-respecting open-minded stand-up loving and giving non-confrontational free and easy venerational happy-go-lucky self-effacing lax accommodative willing reassuring mindful guestfriendly receptive adoring womanly almsgiving good mannered uplifting genuine wonderful highborn blue-blooded patrician light thoughty unconstrained unreserved very kind immaculate sentimental accepting amorous deep inspiring nurturing inspiriting acquiescent humoring touchy-feely compatible goodish patriotic contributing donating socially concerned prosocial marshmallow softie informal quiet taught trained upper-crust copacetic dear unceremonious responsible boon colonial lively consoling eager to help eager to please goody-goody angelical spotless social-minded holy pharisaical esteemed creditable approving unsparing inoffensive unerring sisterly shy laid back dovelike dove-like shared kindred ceremonial obsequious stimulating boosting gratifying nonmalignant taking condoling sympathizing unaffected undemanding willing to please favourably disposed jolly bluff like-minded independent scrupulous self-sufficient piteous ruthful commiserating nonthreatening personal mushy as nice as pie reasonable humouring having heart in right place sympathising sparing downright neighborly favorably inclined favourably inclined subservient good company public- spirited near thick merry fulfilling soothing unmarred pietistical pristine unflawed chaste pietistic docile uncorrupted redoubtable illustrious old softie bleeding heart well-intentioned chirpy upbeat joyous jocund glad perky chipper enlivening upper up sunny blithe bosom deferent measured barley-sugar wholesome tame subdued outstanding well-educated well read learned well informed fraternal venerating duteous extraordinary remarkable meritorious unanimous adapted united suitable fit frictionless sunny side up backslapping gracesome non-hostile sensible non-malignant virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful officious snug inseparable fresh well-suited well suited sympathique community amusing informative entertaining popular pleasurable organized group general common collective diverting trustworthy free-and-easy thick as thieves soft touch regular fellow consistent congruous consonant right neighborly staid anti-corruption dependable incorrupt patronizing hollow prudish straitlaced prissy stuffy pompous pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronising artificial snooty priggish precious heart in right place buddy buddy impartial evenhanded equitable unbiased straight right true organised societal serious portly imperious eminent sporting forthright nonpartisan sportsmanlike sombre magisterial somber highfalutin' starchy grave nifty glowing lawful clean-living all right on the up and up squeaky clean right-minded affectious law-abiding legal sportsmanly nondiscriminatory red-carpet just so on the level clean according to the rules according to Hoyle well-meaning wary foresighted softly-softly kid-glove

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