Đồng nghĩa của undesired

Alternative for undesired

undesired /'ʌndi'zaiəd/
  • tính từ
    • không được ưa thích, không được cầu xin

Tính từ

Not desired
unsought unwanted undesirable unasked uninvited unpopular disagreeable unpleasant distasteful displeasing unacceptable rejected objectionable excluded inadmissible obnoxious repellent exceptionable blackballed lousy thankless shut out unwished-for ill-favoured ill-favored excess baggage not in the picture left out in cold unwelcome unsolicited unbid unbidden not wanted unrequested unfortunate uncalled-for unlucky unpalatable unsummoned disappointing deplorable distressing upsetting regrettable lamentable blameworthy reprehensible ill-advised left out in the cold unasked-for too bad unexpected not asked uncalled not invited unappreciated bad uncongenial unlovely icky rotten unpleasing unsavory harsh nasty yukky yucky sour bitter wicked offered annoying unsavoury overbearing uncanvassed presumptuous uncalled for unwished for unasked for not required unlooked-for unfavorable unfavourable untoward offensive terrible appalling disastrous intolerable awful dire ignominious wretched sad pitiful disgraceful shameful disgusting abhorrent repugnant insufferable contemptible loathsome repulsive revolting foul dreadful horrid loathly sickening disgustful nauseating horrible vile frightful detestable beyond the pale nauseous odious ghastly off-putting beastly hateful obscene despicable noxious unsatisfactory abominable hideous horrendous gruesome shocking unbearable sick-making execrable gross censurable atrocious grisly monstrous rebarbative repellant bogging ugly dislikeable noisome base unappealing troublesome rancid putrid fulsome scandalous evil rude unsuitable skanky yucko God-awful invidious mean painful horrific horrifying grim unspeakable insupportable inappropriate irritating heinous poisonous lurid macabre nightmarish dislikable uncool adverse godawful stinking hostile scurvy hateable inexpedient creepy not okay out of line ornery out of order unenviable infelicitous unseemly indecorous opprobrious hated reviled unfit scabrous poison off-color heel pestiferous pill pesky inadequate terrifying grewsome terrific nightmare fearful corpselike uncanny ghostly unnatural unearthly dim faint from hell anemic ghoulish mortuary sepulchral haggard funereal wraithlike weak supernatural deathlike anaemic troubling disconcerting irksome disquieting worrisome discomforting miserable severe woeful unsettling forbidding agonizing traumatic daunting torturous stressful perturbing humourless poor harrowing sober crummy sombre dismal uncomfortable unnerving doleful disturbing agitating mortifying humorless difficult solemn discomposing distressful somber incompatible contradictory inconsistent opposed troublous gloomy unendurable frightening fraught vexatious sedate abysmal hairy tormenting worrying heartbreaking diabolical depressing grave antipathetic inimical averse antagonistic tragical pathetic awkward cruel grotty afflicting hellacious unhappy tragic saddening uninviting grody afflictive affecting opposite unfriendly revulsive extrinsic unfitted in opposition counter against extraneous alien unconformable foreign different agonising nerve-racking anguished excruciating hurtful sorrowful heartrending gut-wrenching galling nail-biting extremely bad grievous nerve-wracking concerning heart-rending heart-breaking dreaded disliked unattractive unlikable loathed inconvenient shunned useless incommodious disadvantageous scorned outcast defective bothersome detrimental to be avoided for the birds strictly for the birds out of place

Tính từ

(of something undesirable) Not necessary because avoidable
needless dispensable gratuitous unnecessary excessive expendable inessential nonessential pointless redundant superfluous uncalled-for unwanted useless non-essential avoidable causeless groundless purposeless unessential unneeded unwarranted supererogatory too much uncalled for unrequired de trop to no purpose unimportant peripheral extraneous incidental extrinsic disposable trivial optional fortuitous wanton irrelevant cosmetic unmerited uncritical noncompulsory prodigal haphazard wasted casual undesirable futile accidental random chance worthless no need not required not needed to no avail beside the point surplus exorbitant undue extravagant inordinate unreasonable extra immoderate lavish extreme profuse disproportionate excess overmuch additional unjustified unconscionable plethoric steep senseless unproductive unjustifiable meaningless exaggerated towering insane superabundant overextravagant overweening intolerable inappropriate supernumerary supplementary insignificant fruitless unprofitable outrageous empty mindless in excess unjust profligate unfair stiff minor more intemperate overdue unprovoked devilish dizzying unmeasurable sky-high indefensible overabundant OTT spare aimless too many over the top abounding valueless unavailing surplus to requirements unrestrained inexcusable leftover preposterous idle motiveless purportless unwarrantable extortionate baroque fancy unmerciful irrational hollow in vain enormous boundless super limitless not necessary dissipated indulgent unbounded wasteful recrementitious stratospheric overboard supernatural overkill ridiculous overgenerous self-indulgent way out without rhyme or reason a bit much unfounded remaining baseless indiscriminate careless ineffectual nonsensical replaceable inane immaterial vain ornamental secondary unforgivable unacceptable hopeless improvident profitless barren undeserved residuary otiose pleonastic inapt ineffective superfluent illogical unrestricted footling overflowing unasked supererogative imprudent unlimited inconsequential over fulsome uncurbed monstrous unused overindulgent not essential not pertinent out of all proportion unwelcome skippable unpardonable wrong subsidiary removable accessory subordinate left over waste to spare uninvited iniquitous injudicious insulting absurd high added supplemental further on your hands effusive gushy unreserved gushing very too a lot going begging fatuous fresh fancy-pants petty luxury deadwood overblown stupid automatic oblivious of little account diffuse unsuccessful outmoded disused impotent nongermane excess baggage over the limit going too far abortive special thriftless spendthrift outré bootless inefficacious needed like a hole in the head add-on inapposite inapplicable unrewarding omissible uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly over-the-top horrifying unholy criminal unrelated unconnected improper unfruitful unbecoming uneconomical squandering unthrifty impertinent ungrounded indecorous unprolific goalless vacuous trifling over and above unfitting unseemly beyond the pale unreasoning without reason brutish unavailable gainless to no effect untimely witless vapid designless thoughtless frivolous irrelative inadmissible without cause inept for naught unseasonable reckless high-rolling ruinous tangential adventitious not germane unapt unsupportable assumed bottomless reasonless desultory brainless feckless inutile unhelpful intrusive spinning one's wheels wild goose chase pound-foolish inefficient liberal overdone dissipative squandered destructive incontinent cavalier wild floundering drifting wanky undirected unpurposed neither here nor there not to the point nothing to do with it wide of the mark out of place not to the purpose off the subject unsuitable unbridled underhanded sinister illegal substantial vast uncontrolled immense grandiose tremendous gross ill-timed untempered good-for-nothing hit-or-miss ill-advised infinite immeasurable stupendous fantastic prodigious huge monumental astronomic massive humongous astronomical unhampered giant mega unchecked ludicrous mighty unfettered mammoth thumping whopping silly monster extensive mountainous epic gargantuan colossal gigantic uninhibited wishy-washy unmeaning unsound super-duper O.T.T. over the odds more than enough

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