Đồng nghĩa của appalling

Alternative for appalling

Đồng nghĩa: dismaying,

Tính từ

Causing dismay, horror, or revulsion
horrible terrible awful horrifying shocking dreadful horrific ghastly hideous frightful horrendous atrocious dire harrowing nightmarish abominable alarming frightening grim grisly gruesome monstrous scaring shameful terrifying unspeakable vile abhorrent daunting dismaying fearful horrid intimidating outrageous astounding disgusting hateful heinous loathsome odious unnerving abject distressing godawful grewsome lurid macabre nightmare petrifying repellent revolting sickening terrific tremendous unforgivable unpardonable disheartening egregious hellacious nauseating repugnant repulsive bad formidable grody grotesque heavy inexcusable mean upsetting from hell offensive spine-chilling nasty forbidding direful scary hair-raising beastly grievous foul fearsome calamitous execrable detestable unpleasant evil disturbing woeful lamentable deplorable redoubtable gross obnoxious dread wretched distasteful disagreeable miserable tragic lousy cruel wicked rotten grave chilling disquieting despicable eerie obscene inhuman scandalous insufferable worrying unfortunate ugly dismal savage severe traumatic contemptible sinister startling creepy intolerable desperate spooky disastrous vicious ruinous hairy catastrophic nauseous abysmal nefarious morbid extreme diabolical brutal unearthly barbarous objectionable cataclysmic troublesome villainous distressful hellish disconcerting serious devastating gloomy noxious painful perturbing very bad heartbreaking bloodcurdling iniquitous dangerous flagitious repellant dark barbaric regrettable destructive noisome fulsome disgraceful fiendish critical bestial menacing indescribable unutterable black rancid unbearable unpalatable hopeless parlous sorry difficult sick pathetic agonizing ungodly sad fatal brutish poor irksome pitiful harsh ruthless depraved reprehensible ghostly agonising devilish displeasing depressing ominous unlucky blood-curdling doleful disgustful loathly God-awful sinful sombre somber baleful heart-rending cataclysmal unsettling troubling weird bitter sick-making fateful infamous galling unhappy agitating immoral gory merciless eldritch acute heartrending chronic base stinking ghoulish damning gut-wrenching harmful annoying uncomfortable sorrowful spine-tingling discomforting irritating vexatious adverse accursed desolate melancholy bleak yucky unwelcome afflictive violent wanton stressful funereal off-putting crippling overwhelming infernal damnable unpropitious black-hearted flagrant unreasonable fraught discouraging bloody excessive murderous crushing extravagant tragical cacodemonic solemn discomposing pitiable foreboding crying hard facinorous deadly fierce uncivilised uncivilized devastative forlorn criminal unkind gut-churning unacceptable piteous annihilatory pitiless icky unsavory sadistic mournful unsavoury excruciating shattering depressive melancholic cheerless glum sepulchral brute dreary morose beyond the pale inauspicious terrorizing unpleasing uncongenial unfavourable perverted unfavorable glaring drastic exceptionable terrorising worrisome demoralizing amoral affecting terribly bad taxing unsightly haunting bothersome torturous inexpressible callous sober threatening malevolent perilous preternatural insupportable satanic awesome dreaded demoniac mortal immoderate trying strange irretrievable undesirable grotty supernatural uncanny unendurable tormenting troublous animal demoralising vexing opprobrious lethal unfair inconceivable concerning humourless humorless imposing stark prurient anguished testing frustrating preposterous exorbitant shuddersome sedate steep bodeful heartless low-down unwarranted awe-inspiring unholy saddening sanguine catastrophal bewildering low striking ill-fated moving intense OTT unnatural hurtful hostile sanguinary mean-looking hapless dispiriting injurious dispirited deathly drab ill-starred causing fear unappealing yukky disappointing sublime nerve-racking mortifying mirthless unlovely poignant butcherly truculent cold over the top spookish sour drear revulsive unmerciful sullen inhumane lugubrious dingy irrational Kafkaesque bloodthirsty dislikeable dislikable nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal lou dicey untold brackish catty beast great undescribable demonic risky precarious hazardous discommoding dodgy unstable blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder inconvenient punk outcast Mephistophelian demoniacal deleterious lewd wrong aberrant impoverished oppressed frozen gnarly unbelievable impressive onerous thrilling unimaginable brooding degrading poverty-stricken tough pressured demanding baneful apocalyptic weighty mighty unseemly scurvy diabolic annihilative sleazy cursed ineffable like death warmed up exciting breathtaking disreputable overpowering powerful afraid massive gruelling arduous tiring malignant irredeemable crashing invidious backbiting ignominious untrue maligning indecent vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting nagging beyond words undefinable blood-stained blue pesky highly improper disconsolate joyless rueful comfortless demonian demonical Luciferian consequential profound peracute indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil crummy all-powerful red hot fugly misproportioned reptilian misshapen freaky unsatisfactory mephitical irritable perplexing aggravating troubled austere unamusing distressed hair-curling cliff-hanging extraordinary suspenseful unrelenting strong pulse-pounding oppressive dejecting dolorous dolesome sensational sore frenetic maniacal unhallowed crazed mad possessed piggish gluttonous swinish unclean degraded feral boorish ferine carnal coarse rebarbative pernicious blighting earth-shattering messy phantom afflicting uninviting uncool awkward huckery grueling too horrible for words graphic exaggerated shivery shuddery detrimental tenebrous faint mortuary haggard wraithlike anaemic dim deathlike corpselike anemic weak life-threatening depressed spectral causing excitement melodramatic explicit shadowy gray grey murky pressing crucial stupefying ravaging shady extraterrestrial haunted mysterious other-worldly pensive heart-wrenching tear-jerking lachrymose derisible plangent heartstopping urgent like the back end of a bus as ugly as sin staggering stunning astonishing amazing unhealthy alien bizarre surprising a stinker of a a bummer of a trashy sensationalist overdramatized colourful unrestrained rubbishy untoward unsuccessful nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking death-obsessed eery portentous exigent abortive tasteless ribald cheap salacious kitschy pulp oppressing scowling inordinate stirring despondent dejected doomed luckless ill-boding suggestive dirty filthy not of this world phantasmal phantasmic shock-horror tacky vivid juicy undue inappropriate hyperphysical heavenly ethereal yellow full-frontal cold-blooded unsympathetic off-color purple racy fiery raunchy salty deep colorful rough distinct garish maddening impossible exasperating unfeeling hard-hearted remorseless overextravagant unnecessary insane plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy disproportionate needless overmuch overdue overweening stiff O.T.T. extortionate hard-boiled scurrilous too great shaming disgracing ignoble debauching notorious depraving debasing contumelious corrupt degenerate uncalled for stone-hearted unforgiving unpitying thick-skinned hard-nosed obdurate compassionless desensitized indurate soulless unkindly affectless slash-and-burn inconsiderate take-no-prisoners ironhearted uncharitable uncaring case-hardened pachydermatous insensitive insensate stonyhearted stoney stony unsparing dastardly ridiculous unconscionable sneaky conscienceless knavish too much unjust over-the-top unthinkable illogical uncompassionate with a heart of stone desensitised cold-hearted shameless blatant brazen improper vulgar unprincipled arrant discreditable rude dishonourable audacious obvious immodest shoddy patent dishonorable bold rank unworthy barefaced transparent undisguised unconcealed indefensible inglorious unashamed conspicuous manifest incorrigible louche overt pronounced unrespectable shy profligate sordid capital impudent insolent reprobate cheeky open dissolute out-and-out naked unembarrassed sky-high unabashed palpable indiscreet unbecoming enormous unblushing abusive unjustifiable brash evident forward hardened abandoned utter derogatory complete impolite humiliating smutty absurd bald-faced high-handed overbold unchaste presumptuous brassy brass-necked crass abnormal inflated insulting unsuitable indecorous expensive unscrupulous blameworthy unfitting outright indelicate right shabby undignified unladylike ungentlemanly inferior proper prohibitive questionable perverse miscreant bare-faced unheard of disparaging unrepentant wild not on embarrassing second-rate overinflated unwholesome noticeable apparent disrespectful brazenfaced beyond contempt substandard mediocre putrid intemperate duff inadequate uncivil discourteous flaming downright unrefined useless poxy bum impertinent absolute unqualified sheer out of line out of order not the done thing a bit much crude out and out rubbish uncontrolled almighty no good a load of pants unsocial bald penal real antisocial unheard-of unlawful unethical unrighteous senseless late unwarrantable unprovoked treacherous underhanded beneath contempt confident unconcerned foolish plain irregular out of bounds risqué undismayed undaunted unmitigated significant major very great cruddy off-colour fresh good-for-nothing ill-famed drunken impure debauched visible ill-reputed caitiff fearless unawed unflinching unshrinking vitriolic vituperative obtrusive out of keeping out of the ordinary unmistakable pejorative denigratory invective deprecatory inept bungling third-rate unmissable outstanding inescapable cocky poised forthright abashless composed unaffected unshamed dishonest rascally venomous untrustworthy plain to see over the fence without justification vomitous unlikable ropy pits tricky unbefitting unceremonious bold as brass seedy suspect disorderly clear protrusive festy surfeiting bogging sleazeball unappetizing yucko squicky cloying skanky scuzzy vituperatory scurrile scabrous scurril groundless demeaning of bad reputation dubious crooked slippery suspicious seamy wounding yecchy total high as plain as day lowering cheapening belittling fishy shifty offending vituperous as plain as a pikestaff staring someone in the face standing out a mile provocative personal provoking affronting slighting unmannerly high-priced impenitent radical thundering ultimate supreme unalloyed uber maximum utmost unadulterated veritable thorough pure libidinous licentious beggarly lowly cringe-making stomach-churning stomach-turning not quite the thing sticking out a mile contemptuous censurable Rabelaisian vomit-inducing excessively high standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb raised in bad increased in low esteem in the doghouse prohibiting unaffordable limiting preventing without shame boosted foul-mouthed in bad taste slovenly uncouth low-rent flaunting uncultivated barbarian over the odds off ostentatious beyond your means financial means conditional out of the question unsophisticated philistine incompetent two-bit bush-league wack subpar wanting dime-a-dozen low-grade cheapjack bush sucky cheesy junky deficient dissatisfactory bargain-basement careless trumpery cut-rate piss-poor schlocky gimcrack crumby suboptimal common schlock uneducated unpolished uncultured primitive tinhorn pants bodger Neanderthal ill-bred flagitous faulty el cheapo stupid for the birds strictly for the birds of a sort not up to scratch not much cop worthless loutish benighted ill-mannered deliberate heathen heathenish Neandertal thuggish churlish natural illiterate unmannered yobbish slobbish in a state of nature mannerless rugged stick out like sore thumb hanging out raging forceful passionate uncontrollable resounding ungovernable rabid rampaging rampant consuming riotous furious exquisite unchecked unmanageable sharp unbridled blistering keen storming unfettered uncurbed inflamed biting ferocious emphatic energetic strenuous peppery enraged blustery forcible hot vigorous concentrated intensive convulsive potent explosive paroxysmal turbulent out of control full of force aroused heavy-duty volcanic vehement frenzied coercive gale force stormy dynamic tumultuous tempestuous more than one can afford

Tính từ

Characterized by low quality or standard
dreadful awful atrocious deplorable disgraceful frightful hopeless lamentable shameful shocking terrible crummy inadequate inferior laughable pathetic poor rotten substandard unsatisfactory woeful abhorrent abominable abysmal dire disgusting distasteful duff evil foul fulsome God-awful gross hideous horrendous horrible horrid loathsome lousy nasty nauseating nauseous noisome noxious obnoxious obscene odious offensive pitiful pits poxy rancid repellant repellent repugnant repulsive revolting scandalous sickening ugly useless very bad chronic hellacious pants bad vile execrable wretched disagreeable diabolical unpleasant objectionable detestable contemptible rubbish despicable beastly miserable hateful reprehensible yucky shoddy unacceptable ghastly disgustful grotty dismal loathly sorry mediocre a load of pants putrid cheap unsavoury second-rate heinous sick-making egregious sad unsavory off-putting third-rate stinking icky yucko bogging base rubbishy paltry deficient unpalatable scurvy worthless displeasing low-grade lame trashy pitiable wicked ropy bum gruesome mean uninviting dirty unspeakable shabby skanky intolerable imperfect ignominious dissatisfactory sleazy junky faulty direful defective coarse monstrous cruddy dishonourable low-rent subpar suboptimal bargain-basement below par dishonorable schlocky abject distressing disreputable malodorous below standard grubby fetid undesirable sordid filthy disastrous common schlock outrageous punk low-quality vomitous second-class wanting beyond the pale rebarbative ignoble under par unfortunate foetid insufferable unwelcome mephitic opprobrious two-bit stomach-turning godawful stomach-churning discreditable sucky crude not up to snuff immoral stinky vomit-inducing gut-churning cut-rate rank disappointing wrong cheapjack scabby scummy damnable exceptionable sub-par grievous low regrettable unprincipled nefarious festy smelly el cheapo trumpery ratty below average gimcrack degrading grisly unsound sneaking cheesy niffy iniquitous infamous on the nose invidious unpleasing hellish olid vulgar villainous insufficient grody flagitious flawed foul-smelling evil-smelling subnormal tawdry dodgy not up to scratch tatty horrifying vicious pongy whiffy dime-a-dozen good-for-nothing unappetizing funky miasmal annoying the pits degenerate sinful average middling tenth-rate junk indefensible unworthy indifferent embarrassing corrupt ordinary blameworthy upsetting unexceptional criminal calamitous pedestrian inexcusable incompetent acrid unforgivable squalid low-down black poor-quality cringe-making inept humiliating creepy grim not up to much leaving much to be desired depraved sour dark tinny poorer lemon downmarket unethical grungy tragic sick unscrupulous heartbreaking bush-league feeble very unpleasant notorious jerry-built not up to par hack tacky off irritating amateurish shady unrespectable louche shy déclassé dislikeable slimy unholy bodger ineffectual ungodly grimy from hell crumby meagre unlovely unclean harsh yukky uncongenial meager bitter poison beyond contempt less-than-stellar wack shameless not much cop harmful harrowing unlawful unrighteous indecent low-end knavish dastardly godforsaken gut-wrenching depressing perverse debauched emetic inglorious careless uncomfortable mournful unwanted unsightly impure afflictive valueless pestilential inadmissible unsuitable ineffective weak lacking polluted insupportable dislikable poisonous bush smudged bedraggled befouled smutty sullied bemired dusty uncleanly draggled muddy illegal stained mucky besmirched unfair blackened unsportsmanlike dingy begrimed soiled unlikable tinhorn garbage pestiferous god-awful pesky unbearable no good scurrilous unlucky strictly for the birds underhanded unfavourable poorly poor quality off-color unfavorable malevolent rough deceitful heartrending perverted unpopular fiendish devilish distressful tremendous infernal dissolute tragical bungling melancholy treacherous alarming negligent desperate hated unseemly reprobate snide currish flagrant miscreant censurable catastrophic unconscionable indecorous troublesome horrific loathed reeking adverse piss-poor rude low-minded unpardonable immodest improper scungy cursed confounded biting cutting unsought inexpedient gnarly unhealthy caitiff not up to standard unjustifiable accursed impaired weak sauce yecchy very poor questionable half-pie tasteless galling raunchy restricted no-good ridiculous impermissible for the birds downer bummer hateable derisory from hunger cheap and nasty no great shakes ornery a dead loss irremediable of a sort unable to do something for toffee off-colour crook off colour out of sorts chastening inclement undesired thoughtless satanic tricky unhappy despisable untoward slovenly irksome excruciating detested glaring sinister sickly catty ill-advised tainted diseased malicious meanspirited disrespectful preposterous senseless culpable abominated despised execrated dishonest untrustworthy twopenny-halfpenny discouraging vexatious too bad foolish chunderous crooked tough disconcerting repelling spiteful naff amiss slipshod sneaky malignant deceptive crass graceless disdainable ill-famed forbidding uncool ill impertinent abusive insolent discourteous ropey dissipated well below par throwaway overwhelming dolorous commonplace dreary brackish rocky woozy scabrous unfit inefficient reduced limited mortifying remiss worst ill-reputed offending brummagem twopenny amoral stupid end-of-the-pier bleak serious hurtful deleterious pernicious injurious mischievous reviled impotent little ill-favoured desolate dismaying dreaded disliked broken inexpert baneful unwholesome very disgusting pill heel flavorless insipid painful flavourless yicky savorless flat cataclysmic surfeiting sleazeball macabre squicky cloying scuzzy blah insubstantial sparing inappreciable inconsiderable cheapie unattractive vitiated wanton bent venal second-best deadly insalutary dangerous inconsistent hostile incompatible contradictory opposed gloomy sombre cheerless drab inappropriate good-for-naught no-count meritless no-account unwished-for not good erroneous not the best diddly bad news fallacious eye-watering averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic piddling unimpressive mercenary faithless perfidious joyless piteous solemn somber disheartening sullen morose drear bothersome detrimental scorned inconvenient shunned outcast incommodious disadvantageous uninvited rejected dubious unreasonable extremely bad ill-favored second class unfriendly against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different revulsive unfitted foreign silly rueful affecting absurd ludicrous foolish-looking cheap-jack condemnable cheapo out beneath contempt below contempt unbecoming bribable warped inacceptable unappealing reject low-life dirty rotten reeky ribald intemperate lewd drunken profligate carnal forlorn depressive impoverished sepulchral indigent glum comfortless incapable in opposition unwished for not cutting it musty stenchy strong high fusty under-strength blasted not cricket won't do half-baked of low quality out of order not on second rate of poor quality over the fence not quite the done thing lowest of the low rock-bottom the dumps frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty inproficient unproficient to be avoided out of place pigpen ripe debased freaking cussed darned cotton-picking infuriating doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged durned exasperating dang darn unable to do something to save one's life diabolic blimming degraded abandoned forbidden taboo prohibited proscribed interdicted banned ineffable censored sorrowful grave indescribable unutterable unprintable X-rated impolite frowned on disapproved of out of bounds off limits hurting unmentionable off-limits not to be spoken of no go that dare not speak its name craptacular

Tính từ

Very great in amount, scale, or intensity
tremendous huge enormous immense colossal vast gigantic mammoth monstrous prodigious titanic massive whopping gargantuan monumental stupendous towering cosmic giant mighty grand humongous humungous jumbo substantial astounding astronomic astronomical epic great herculean large mega monster overwhelming mountainous super awful bumper extraordinary formidable leviathan whacking dreadful ginormous heroic heroical hulking oceanic pharaonic supersized thumping walloping cosmical cyclopean elephantine fearful frightful galactic gigantesque mondo planetary supersize terrible vasty whopper Herculean super-duper thumping great king-size king-sized oversized very great Brobdingnagian great big Himalayan whacking great whopping great king size big extensive considerable hefty bulky gross sizable heavy weighty very large sizeable very big impressive terrific stellar fantastic oversize extreme goodly immeasurable brobdingnagian handsome voluminous boundless inordinate almighty magnificent remarkable imposing grandiose Bunyanesque ample outsized awesome striking outsize ponderous phenomenal significant excessive infinite limitless behemoth blimp tidy marvellous expansive biggish major high outstanding staggering husky marvelous wide largish mastodonic pythonic generous extravagant princely abundant broad exceptional excellent severe dirty great serious profuse intense massy amazing exorbitant whale of a measureless unlimited tall overgrown lavish fabulous large-scale appreciable cumbersome majestic supreme thundering unwieldy whaling lofty boxcar solid superb incalculable stunning sublime endless unbounded decisive notable spectacular illimitable memorable Homeric behemothic resounding roaring heavyweight interminable incredible capacious pronounced copious splendid sensational spacious complete unqualified commodious wonderful thorough fine out-and-out rip-roaring utmost awe-inspiring marked conclusive emphatic healthy magnific burly strapping consequential important unmistakable noteworthy giant-size acute statuesque giant-sized august extra-large fathomless unfathomable never-ending roomy wondrous kingly glorious stately regal plenteous imperial baronial good resplendent strong proud substantive brawny royal momentous maximum super-colossal fat unusual awkward beefy sturdy titan eternal historic material cumbrous paramount elevated eminent bottomless illustrious sweeping hunky man-size of considerable size man-sized noble mortal inexhaustible barn door comprehensive far-reaching full-size long powerfully built solidly built ominous superior bountiful plentiful ultimate palatial gorgeous a whale of a splendiferous commanding super colossal unbelievable uttermost thunderous muscular lumbering brilliant surpassing mind-blowing breathtaking stout top clumsy urgent critical extremely large extremely big ungainly mind-boggling unforgettable dramatic jumbo-sized untold meaty thick powerful hulky cavernous thickset monolithic cracking extended Cyclopean abnormal liberal Gargantuan dignified enduring renowned steep sky-high ambitious prolific mahoosive unending stiff exceeding harsh exalted larger-than-life rich gallant devastating inestimable transcendent global distinguished superabundant much horizonless indefinite immensurable megalithic everlasting unreal detailed good-size good-sized mesomorphic socking great mastodontic well built heavy-duty earthshaking earth-shattering bounteous immoderate thewy respectable portly without limit bull without end deep opulent swanky stirring no end to palatine sumptuous exquisite divine no end of queenly elegant celestial beautiful splendorous heavenly full sightly arresting solemn luxurious distinct Moby deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing booming thrashing superhuman Olympian unmitigated daunting crashing laborious lasting classic Brobdignagian startling miraculous very loud astonishing moving irresistible dynamic immortal flabbergasting horrific fierce widespread wicked pleasing desperate loud elephantic OS fantabulous expanded rare max honourable honorable protracted mundo disproportionate through the ceiling epoch-making shattering numerous prolonged fleshy heavyset muscly chunky priceless invaluable eventful what abiding permanent well-built leaden profitable spanking oafish lumpish lengthy decided worthy measurable innumerable Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy vital crucial life-size burdensome far-flung spread-out stretched-out lank wide-ranging comfortable buff robust ripped shredded meaningful loutish heavily built clodhopping clunky out of this world larger buxom greater zaftig reasonable indeterminable swelled fair-sized family-sized family-size fair-size economy-size economy-sized authoritative interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical all-inclusive wholesale noticeable the what great stalwart jacked tectonic unco stark fair lordly crushing paralysing prime precious not inconsiderable roly-poly big and strong muscle-bound broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed soaring decent first-class first-rate stocky haughty weighing a ton earthshattering wide-reaching exhaustive mass heightened above average intemperate unreasonable escalated increased jacked up intensified fundamental perpetual unnumberable myriad innumerous valuable tolerable overcoming paralyzing pretty maximal universal nationwide essential central pressing something else exciting eye-opening unfathomed numberless ostentatious eye-catching venerable worth taking into account not to be sneezed at multistorey sky-scraping leading packed across-the-board international chock-full stuffed intercontinental awash all-encompassing worldwide brimming crowded sempiternal incessant million all-embracing without number uncounted supertemporal perdurable amaranthine highest greatest beyond price unconscionable overextravagant overmuch undue overdue insane overweening intolerable plethoric baroque fancy unmerciful devilish altitudinous unhandy ultra superlative consummate unmanageable unmanoeuvrable incommodious worthwhile girthy deadly indescribable raging sovereign airy preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable towery unmeasurable skyscraping mother of all greatest possible especial high-priority dire uppermost overriding telling earnest special page-one portentous of great consequence unmissable life-and-death conspicuous grave downright egregious total absolute utter abounding cardinal capital of import burning of great import of moment front-page newsworthy of great moment determining veritable hellacious pure ceaseless unfailing undying unconfined forceful rank right unadulterated flagrant grievous radical proper outrageous brutal unalloyed uber sheer preposterous arrant unfading unbottomed unceasing wide open no holds barred no catch no strings no strings attached dazzling pompous plush ritzy aristocratic courtly posh celebrated bright deluxe fab splendacious magnolious smashing staid esteemed radiant famous bombastic honored triumphant honoured formal pretentious gratifying shining high-flown imperious ceremonious magisterial elaborate bold showy famed noted splendrous effulgent delightful well-known time-honored costly high-rise pleasurable acclaimed glittering classy fustian fashionable high rise brave expensive stylish rising raised flashy respected high-reaching splashy flash ascending inflated gracious smart admirable daring intrepid arduous mythological highfalutin' egotistic graceful impenetrable dynamite high-falutin' high-flying upraised alpine uplifted fit for a king steady bonny uplifting distingué enjoyable grandiloquent Miltonian picturesque amazeballs splendent choice high-sounding high-born orotund legendary classical utopian luxuriant ornate godlike rarefied fit for a prince dressy fit for a queen fit for a princess swish plushy swank high-ranking effective penetrating absorbing decent-sized maxi maestoso tall in the saddle palatian forcible colorful sonorous adored magnifico flamboyant eloquent overblown hallowed chic prestigious extra large purple complex theatrical unsparing monarchial monarchical monarchic monarchal fairly large marathon solid gold colourful gaudy billowing decorous very good sensible cool baggy highly regarded well-proportioned Junoesque queenlike full-dress reserved fateful landmark of repute of distinction ideal sedate upright one for the book blissful rapturous perfect high-minded of high standing well thought of featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless spacey loose-fitting poised shapely trim highbrow composed something to write home about on a grand scale overambitious unrealistic pivotal fulfilling groundbreaking very long snazzy modish quality sombre refined somber couth starchy nifty sundry simple multitudinous various legion several convoluted many multifarious swelling covering consistent transcendental sacred inspiring inspirational holy spiritual abstract cheering satisfying rewarding epochal red-letter heart-warming real key snappy schmick sharp too much the most self-respecting firm sound tall and dignified touching affecting just so useful durable principal too good to be true high fashion hard demanding big-deal major-league gee-whizz highly impressive challenging difficult exacting aggressive tough strenuous trying onerous industrious exhausting taxing toilsome energetic visionary hellish killing knackering courageous valiant fearless doughty valorous undaunted high-pressure dauntless gutsy audacious unafraid lionhearted indomitable stouthearted plucky stout-hearted mettlesome chivalrous greathearted exaggerated rock-ribbed spunky venturesome gutty undauntable manful venturous ballsy feisty lion-hearted fire-eating champion gritty impavid stand tall bigger than life most important

Động từ

Present participle for to fill with horror
flooring jolting shocking affrighting alarming amazing astounding awing aweing consternating daunting depressing disconcerting disgusting disheartening dismaying distressing fazing frightening horrifying insulting intimidating outraging petrifying scandalising scandalizing scaring shaking sickening terrifying throwing unnerving upsetting shaking up getting to grossing out knocking for a loop startling terrorizing cowing spooking panicking disturbing terrorising perturbing stunning browbeating agitating alaruming chilling chillin scaring to death bullying scaring the bejesus out of rattling frighting disquieting overawing bulldozing scarifying abashing discouraging striking terror into flustering discomposing repelling unsettling demoralizing astonishing confounding worrying bothering deterring stupefying paralysing dumbfounding unhinging demoralising filling with fear taking aback paralyzing scaring stiff putting off scaring someone out of their wits putting the fear of God into knocking for six scaring the pants off throwing into a panic throwing into a blue funk putting the wind up scaring the living daylights out of discomfiting subduing surprising ruffling unmanning embarrassing tyrannizing discomforting hectoring troubling dragooning scaring witless perplexing strong-arming mau-mauing vexing bludgeoning scaring off tyrannising throwing off balance making your hair stand on end revolting nauseating staggering threatening rocking dispiriting discountenancing confusing menacing offending nonplussing oppressing traumatizing badgering railroading persecuting bullyragging stiffing dashing disappointing blackjacking bogarting jarring buffaloing coercing bewildering dazing frustrating blustering enforcing tormenting electrifying flabbergasting showboating psyching out puzzling scaring away frightening to death curdling the blood overwhelming making teeth chatter numbing traumatising picking on chilling to the bone making blood run cold mystifying bowling over filling with terror knocking sideways making one's flesh creep frightening out of your wits enthralling afflicting frightening the living daylights out of pushing around setting someone back on their heels giving someone goose pimples making your blood run cold giving one the creeps throwing a curve frightening the life out of leaning on giving someone a turn transfixing moving chilling off frightening off victimizing immobilizing stirring up impressing knocking props out unstringing making waves putting chill on immobilising scaring silly benumbing galvanizing making it hot for someone putting the frighteners on striking terror in victimising making things hot for someone inspiring panic in saddening galvanising freezing concerning pressuring paralysing with fear harassing knocking over throwing a curveball stopping someone in their tracks springing something on pressurizing domineering hounding striking fear into blowing away grandstanding making someone shake in their shoes scaring the hell out of hotdogging scaring the pants off of making your flesh creep striking frightening someone out of their wits knocking socks off sending into a cold sweat dazzling scaring the life out of distempering hagriding flurrying exercising undoing frazzling distracting ailing chagrining derailing disillusioning fussing harrying throwing into panic disenchanting disgruntling pothering mortifying filling with consternation flummoxing putting the wind up someone throwing into a tizzy weirding out messing up screwing up freaking out lousing up snafuing letting down fouling up mucking up forcing obliging freezing your blood compelling riding getting the wind up making someone jump out of their skin giving someone the heebie-jeebies throwing into a fright chilling someone to the marrow scaring someone half to death constraining steamrollering annoying pushing about plaguing twisting someone's arm pressurising using strong-arm tactics on repulsing crushing dejecting muddling casting down irritating making despondent making downhearted prostrating trying dampening repressing putting a damper on disparaging deprecating beating down drooping weighing breaking one's heart causing to lose heart irking making someone want to throw up turning one's stomach turning relucting making someone feel nauseous making sick turning your stomach turning off making your gorge rise disordering deranging affecting displeasing provoking dumfounding overcoming angering antagonizing turning on the heat walking heavy thunderstriking devastating antagonising giving offence to knocking out hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows giving a turn taking the wind out of your sails completely surprising shaking out of your complacency making one's blood run cold scaring the daylights out of making one's hair stand on end pestering nagging baiting hassling bugging molesting abusing making nervous teasing riding roughshod over bossing about bossing around mistreating eating subjugating exploiting giving a hard time overbearing fleecing blackmailing heckling bedevilling devilling deviling bedeviling inhibiting exasperating needling bleeding attacking putting someone off their stroke dissuading preying on taking advantage of maltreating cheating swindling kicking around warning goading cautioning making anxious pushing dominating chivvying nettling dogging weakening aggrieving despotizing brutalising brutalizing niggling peeving misusing riling aggravating enervating enfeebling issuing threats to narking chafing grating frosting getting rasping itching galling spiting griping piquing putting heat on discombobulating putting out hunting burning up pursuing hacking off ill-treating ill-using putting into a flap throwing into a tizz extorting rattling one's cage working on causing someone to lose their composure walking all over driving up the wall hogging treading on trampling on staring down putting off balance outstaring outfacing kicking about standing up to barbarizing vandalizing emasculating putting someone off disempowering pushing someone around giving someone hell swaggering castigating taunting chivying vandalising hindering stirring pressing lording it over twisting somebody's arm making one's teeth chatter making someone jump out of his skin scaring the living daylights out of someone brainwashing prodding hustling miffing disarming manhandling influencing persuading putting through the wringer putting the chill on making worried blinding someone with something overpowering furbelowing exciting wearing frilling disrupting winding up getting across stumping fretting throwing into tizzy fuddling abrading taking someone's breath away hoodwinking tricking bringing pressure to bear on torturing mishandling harrowing stressing talking out of undermining uncalming sapping making uneasy jeoparding imperilling endangering periling adventuring jeopardizing venturing risking compromising imperiling hazarding putting pressure on using pressure on prevailing on acting on destabilizing unbalancing baffling distressing greatly throwing off setting back press-ganging putting the squeeze on putting under an obligation fast-talking putting the screws on riding roughshod catching conning mithering stressing out beleaguering carping fulminating admonishing growling snarling forewarning scowling comminating straining giving a bad time breathing down someone's neck despoiling paining burning driving round the bend macerating foraying gnawing giving someone grief driving round the twist keeping on at jerking around noodging destabilising blinding putting down treating harshly gambling with looming impending portending lowering jeopardising scolding criticizing playing the heavy with messing over chiding manipulating flexing muscles making threats to threatening to harm making threats against threatening to kill looking daggers making threat wringing uttering threats to whipping around berating picking at caviling cavilling squeezing seizing depredating burdening loading preoccupying living on devouring raiding plundering killing feeding on consuming living off taxing haunting pulling the rug from under enslaving pecking at criticising henpecking shaking fist at pulling the rug out from under making afraid making jump making fearful giving someone a fright making someone's hair stand on end wronging crucifying beating exiling injuring expelling living off the backs of taking for a ride playing on stepping on ripping off putting one over on walking over sucking dry withholding rights from treating unfairly imposing on finding fault scaring hell out of singling out sticking the knife into getting the knife into

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