Đồng nghĩa của pill


A person who behaves in an offensive manner
creep jerk schmuck scumbag scum cretin lout sleaze slimeball swine clown joker louse skunk vermin cad slime sleazeball rat sleazebag scuzzball slob stinkard varmint dog snake beast fink dirtbag toad boor buzzard crud chuff heel rotter stinker hound churl bleeder reptile bounder blighter cur crumb so-and-so rat fink son of a gun scoundrel pig knave scrote weasel dastard blackguard snake in the grass wretch dingo varlet rogue spalpeen cheat sleeveen lowlife bad lot worm reprobate vagabond stinkpot swindler villain skank oaf nasty piece of work brute trickster fraudster vulgarian charlatan good-for-nothing wastrel SOB bumpkin rube rascal philistine rapscallion miscreant butthole wrong 'un bad egg mother unprincipled person mofo peasant dork yahoo idiot buffoon barbarian goon clodhopper hick ratfink lummox boob jackass bear bum degenerate weirdo hayseed no-good prick rake kuri scuzzbag slimebag slimebucket scalawag pervert dirtball rounder liar dip deviant sly person dastardly person reprehensible person cootie maggot hind traitor serpent betrayer turncoat unpleasant person riff-raff refuse rabble garbage trash twit dipstick shyster Judas quisling double-dealer double-crosser swain yokel dolt numskull trog dirt undesirable back-stabber viper informer stupid mucker rustic jake gawk bucolic rass despicable people rats despicable person two-timer black sheep ne'er-do-well recreant apostate backstabber dirty dog dregs of society hooligan ruffian pond scum lowest of the low thug chav clod low-life yob roughneck clodpole hoon loudmouth yobbo rowdy savage brawler ape toughie Neanderthal rough lump redneck bogan lubber bosthoon bruiser gorilla cougan bully boy primitive monster hard man lager lout tough scozza oik renegade defector evildoer deserter baddy baddie meany meanie deceiver devil collaborator tergiversator scamp fiend caitiff scallywag renegado fifth columnist scapegrace Benedict Arnold heavy nazi snitch evil-doer criminal sneak double agent conspirator crook backslider incorrigible treasonist bad guy fraternizer colluder rebel whistle-blower profligate wrongdoer squealer tattletale tyrant traditor spy psychopath sociopath imp stool pigeon mischief-maker evil person nasty person bad character fraud hypocrite thief delinquent heretic scab mischiefmaker fizgig outlaw snitcher bully libertine schismatic antagonist animal shark misfeasor malfeasant false friend hood bad news enfant terrible seceder oathbreaker riffraff skelm sympathizer renegate sleveen dissembler ratbag troublemaker sympathiser cozener rorter grifter sadist demon ogre git scally monstrosity bogeyman nonconformist dissenter con man stoolie nark mole recusant grass telltale supergrass tattler talebearer canary informant nose deep throat narc renouncer deconvert withersake mutineer malefactor outcast dissident runaway offender lawbreaker felon turd convict supervillain sinner robber brigand gangster transgressor bandit mugger racketeer pirate terrorist escapee insurgent iconoclast refugee turnabout forsaker abandoner exile fugitive hoodlum poltroon derelict ronion bezonian pauper scullion horror pariah looser beggar jagoff cullion pilgarlic ingrate con crim hellion desperado cheater infractor monkey antihero nointer urchin gunman jailbird nasty gaolbird mischief traducer intriguer frenemy wolf impostor mean person cruel person limb of Satan black hat


Person who is annoying
bore pain nuisance pest trial drag pain in the bum pain in the neck pain in the backside pain in the rear bother headache hassle vexation nudnik blister annoyance irritant inconvenience plague trouble problem irritation skelf nark source of annoyance drip fair cow burden worry aggravation bane source of irritation bind nudnick menace botheration frustration exasperation irk thorn nyaff aggro rub bugbear ruffle peeve blighter gall insect nag pesterer nudge besetment creep thorn in your flesh hair shirt difficulty infliction louse offense offence obstacle frump botherment bum terror pester poor excuse nightmare source of aggravation bane of one's life curse gadfly persecutor gnawer infection annoyer bug cuss epidemic blight tease teaser gogga scourge pestilence tormentor virus crashing bore thorn in side contagion badgerer snooze yawn snoozer dullsville yawner droner tiresome thing boring situation bad situation tedious thing tiresome person hang-up tedious person torment tribulation affliction distress misfortune discomfort hardship grief misery disadvantage provocation disappointment calamity adversity visitation hindrance harassment disturbance fuss unpleasantness tragedy woe misadventure blow cross to bear anxiety cross bummer upset mishap setback reverse failure bad news catastrophe evil debacle thorn in one's side suffering drawback awkwardness concern uphill accident bad luck loss harm mischance infelicity stress unluck contretemps casualty cataclysm crunch dole ordeal source of vexation pip agitation sorrow unhappiness gripe disruption tough luck bad break hard luck rotten luck haplessness grievance bedevilment unwieldiness unfitness predicament untimeliness unsuitableness cumbersomeness thorn in one's flesh troublesomeness uneasiness stew mess embarrassment displeasure unluckiness dilemma downside letdown burr under someone's saddle teasing unfortunateness downer snag disaster torture unhandiness bothersomeness untowardness infuriation pet peeve troublemaker comedown persecution cancer canker bitter pill eyesore load pinprick disbenefit burr in someone's saddle stroke of bad luck thorn in someone's side thorn in someone's flesh struggle harrying thorn in the flesh importunity goad bugging horror ill luck chagrin issue source of difficulty discouragement trauma incommodiousness pestering bothering anger irksomeness source of trouble nemesis monstrosity travail sore point bête noire incommodity care heartbreak pique indignation wretchedness shame sadness anguish albatross sight pressure down ill fortune irascibility discontent strain bad experience blot on the landscape ghost rodent source of disruption bringdown deep trouble dire straits danger hot water self-punishment self-hatred self-flagellation debit strike liability minus negative handicap quagmire lesion wound fizzle cause of annoyance cause for concern mischief-maker trials and tribulations chip on your shoulder crossness test handful hurt excruciation agony straits rack cause of distress whammy knock ill soreness ire lack of comfort punishment penalty pain in the behind blast Cancer hydra old one-two nagging tall order hard work contamination reverse of fortune bad trot evil fortune evil chance mishappening gauntlet gantlet fire crucible problems pollution travails correction disquiet unease aversion dislike rigor rigour vicissitude complication hard times calvary destruction ruin complaint objection whinge corruption disease depression nuisance value thorn in your side protest whine quibble mildew fungus incommode tiresomeness inopportuneness severe test hard time trying time despair beef grumble dread infestation ruination pitfall pity shortcoming grouse holler kvetch yammer moan groan grouch resentment withering dump a thorn in someone's flesh a thorn in someone's side heartache fiasco death put out weakness fear lament carp bleat cavil outrage atrocity plight umbrage crime disgrace drama entanglement pickle jam imbroglio quandary scrape negative aspect stumbling block bête noir downfall dud anathema fix hate chore undoing sad event pet aversion obscenity encumbrance demand perturbation fatal attraction hideosity molestation charge intrusion onus barbarism violation state badgering presumption encroachment cheek liberty abomination provoking irking scarecrow frightful spectacle fright grotesque sight horrible sight ugliness ugly sight vexing coercion intimidation pressurization obtrusion constraint imposition obligation restraint imposure command pressurisation toil deadweight task millstone labor grindstone grind labour tax daily grind


A pharmaceutical or pharmacological preparation or product
pharmaceutical remedy medicine medication cure drug medicament specific physic medicinal treatment prescription tonic potion biologic antibiotic sedative depressant essence opiate pharmaceutic poison analgesic dope narcotic stimulant antidote panacea nostrum elixir cure-all pharmacon restorative therapy alleviation placebo dose vaccine medicant balm vaccination inoculation salve tablet antiseptic antitoxin serum painkiller medical drug prophylactic relief magic bullet preparation mixture anesthetic lotion tincture quack remedy patent medicine ointment anaesthetic capsule liniment injection modern medicine Western medicine corrective curative therapeutic counteragent antiserum rectifier fix aid counteractant catholicon countermeasure help elixir vitae healing agent course of treatment healing theriac solution care answer therapeutics sovereign remedy embrocation quick fix diacatholicon panpharmacon cream universal remedy preventive wonder drug cure for all ills surgery rehabilitation doctoring unguent hospitalization emollient operation regimen dressing diet rub hospitalisation heal-all universal cure perfect solution magic potion magic formula analysis rehab anodyne counteractive mitigation assuagement amelioration neutralizer treacle lubricant easing improvement antivenin palliative remedial treatment unction balsam rule convention custom rubric heritage tradition healing treatment mithridate antivenene resolution thing way out neutralizing agent counterstep negator nullifier tranquilizer morphine aspirin alleviative demulcent pomade method of healing edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation emolient counterirritant cerate substance poultice product pain reliever tranquillizer assistance proprietary redress reparation recovery counteracting agent restora-tive extract concentrate scheme formula plan application syrup distillation distillate sovereign cure pith principle quintessence big idea quack medicine home remedy draft philosopher's stone elixir of life draught pick-me-up ministrations nursing medicaments drugs medical attention medical care course of medication course of drugs


A solid or hollow spherical or egg-shaped object that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game


A small piece of glass, stone, or similar material that is typically round or spherical


Arousing or meriting strong disgust, aversion, or displeasure
obnoxious offensive nasty disgusting foul loathsome revolting objectionable repellent repulsive unpleasant disagreeable nauseating odious repugnant sickening abhorrent horrid abominable awful distasteful obscene vile dreadful hateful detestable insufferable nauseous dislikeable execrable frightful horrible terrible unpalatable unsavory unsavoury despicable gross hideous intolerable noxious contemptible noisome reprehensible unacceptable base beastly ghastly poisonous scabrous yucky appalling bogging censurable evil exceptionable fulsome gruesome horrendous putrid rancid repellant scandalous shocking disgustful dislikable hateable loathly skanky yucko annoying beyond the pale displeasing heel invidious mean ornery pesky pestiferous rotten stinking ugly unbearable off-putting God-awful off-color sick-making deplorable atrocious heinous bad lousy icky monstrous uninviting wretched wicked undesirable diabolical grotty unwelcome outrageous dire scurvy malodorous fetid dirty horrifying unpleasing upsetting unlovely abysmal foetid filthy mephitic rank grisly unspeakable vomitous rebarbative yukky bitter unappetizing disgraceful stomach-turning stomach-churning sordid stinky distressing sorry smelly vomit-inducing gut-churning harsh hellacious uncongenial sour alarming sleazy irritating grody damnable miserable niffy olid festy fearful frightening shameful low godawful foul-smelling evil-smelling dishonourable hurtful horrific hellish pongy whiffy on the nose unsatisfactory funky miasmal lamentable woeful paltry grubby low-down rude vulgar dishonorable creepy egregious unattractive forbidding from hell poor insupportable black pitiful shabby unfair immoral acrid villainous unappealing cringe-making out of order galling inhuman accursed scabby scummy ignoble pathetic pitiable indescribable cruddy macabre unutterable lame calamitous vicious pestilential spiteful disreputable cruel inexcusable off very unpleasant sinful brackish iniquitous opprobrious cursed squalid sick ignominious unsightly crummy grim inappropriate chronic very bad grimy wrong illegal cheap unwanted regrettable grungy poison sneaking ratty degrading terrifying infamous unholy degenerate dirty rotten hated sad exasperating reeking coarse emetic unlikable unprincipled unscrupulous dishonest embarrassing dodgy inadequate hopeless discourteous inferior grievous confounded irksome troublesome dark unseemly insulting polluted disquieting shady impertinent insolent pits abject uncool smudged bedraggled befouled smutty sullied bemired dusty unclean uncleanly draggled muddy stained mucky besmirched blackened unsportsmanlike dingy begrimed soiled worthless slimy unpardonable criminal painful rubbish unforgivable uncomfortable vexatious pants harmful malevolent dismal bum ungodly inadmissible injurious lurid nightmarish disturbing snide currish slighting gut-wrenching unfortunate out of line low-minded unkind ill-favored ill-favoured unwholesome malicious seedy rough discouraging unwarranted infuriating blasted disrespectful dubious uncharitable dismaying rascally nefarious abusive detested daunting crooked reeky cussed tasteless depraved execrated musty fusty catty loathed mean-spirited corrupt despised intimidating high biting cutting abominated substandard humiliating resentful derogatory debased fiendish disconcerting blameworthy tremendous unlawful useless revulsive flat diabolic afflictive discreditable stenchy strong laughable duff poxy frowzy frowsy frowsty formidable provocative impudent affronting ripe wounding reprobate dissolute tainted miasmic unworthy culpable hairy hostile provoking unsuitable unhappy deleterious pernicious mischievous bothersome agonizing improper adverse uncivil vexing unmannerly condemnable terrific grewsome nightmare yecchy scurrilous crude unethical unrighteous baneful perturbing severe harrowing unsettling indefensible punk weak impolite godforsaken gnarly difficult uncalled for flagitious agitating depressing disappointing no-good unnerving direful scary indecent overwhelming defective third-rate tenth-rate below the belt unlucky raunchy disastrous agonising maligning vilifying detractive detracting inexpressible a load of pants not cricket not up to snuff inclement unadorable uncaptivating maddening dispiriting disheartening demoralizing shonky reviled offending hatable flavorless insipid flavourless yicky savorless indecorous sickly unhealthy shuddersome diseased unfit pain drag shameless chunderous fierce ropy inexpedient unlovable deadly insalutary dangerous very disgusting sucky stale seamy repelling intense rocky woozy inconsistent incompatible contradictory opposed humming demoralising terribly bad abhorred mighty averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic brutal perverted surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy infernal acute trying unfriendly against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign pigpen morbid animal beast bestial unpopular crashing destructive notorious suspicious suspect untold undescribable maggot caitiff scungy graveolent pungent gamy turned mouldy putrescent dank moldy feculent serious barbarous murderous felonious illicit lawless in opposition troubling beneath contempt low-life below contempt beyond contempt freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged durned dang darn illegitimate churlish boorish uncouth discomforting worrisome undesired eye-watering debauched indictable scoundrelly transgressing unbelievable inconceivable errant devilish stressful traumatic torturous blimming rejected desperate backbiting untrue crying traducing gossiping unimaginable ruffianly blackguardly roguish bent underhand funny iffy sombre discomposing distressful solemn somber humourless humorless sober doleful mortifying personal ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural sepulchral funereal anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish acid sharp bland tart shifty impure highly improper erring ineffable thievish malfeasant warped excluded uninvited ill-smelling gloomy tormenting worrying heartbreaking fraught sedate troublous unendurable grave stupefying fearsome degraded abandoned green-eyed envious jealous red hot disparaging contemptuous remiss heartstopping dastardly tragical saddening afflicting tragic affecting awkward startling staggering stunning astonishing bewildering amazing unsought not wanted ill-advised too bad unwished for unwished-for strong-smelling reproachable indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond words too horrible for words preternatural beyond description undefinable indescribably evil surprising redoubtable knavish peccant maleficent anguished heartrending excruciating concerning sorrowful unjustifiable delinquent glaring jaundiced covetous blamable reprovable blameable hair-raising spine-chilling nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking amiss guilty demeritorious menacing threatening ominous at fault baleful portentous inauspicious slanderous libellous envying impossible calumnious libelous defamatory detractory tricky homely uncomely minatory subpar dissatisfactory suboptimal deficient unhandsome unbeautiful unpretty grotesque unpropitious eerie wanting impermissible mediocre imperfect amateurish insufficient unimpressive faulty unreasonable questionable meagre shoddy meager evil-looking spooky bodeful malignant doomy malign eldritch ill-omened ill-boding foreboding ill trashy wack cheapo irremediable garbage crumby tatty out rubbishy inacceptable bush reject sinistrous minatorial minacious not much for looks not much to look at short on looks not beautiful plain-featured ordinary hard on the eyes deformed plain doomful perverse sinister lowering unfavorable apocalyptic unfavourable suggestive of evil blackhearted malefic bush-league below average poor quality low-grade under par won't do low-quality below standard poor-quality below par half-baked of low quality not up to par not on second rate of poor quality not up to scratch over the fence less-than-stellar from hunger second-class not quite the done thing second-rate two-bit not up to standard bleak tough hard inhospitable comfortless sub-par unsound junk jarring pedestrian dreary austere junky onerous average taxing cheerless dull subnormal unexceptional flawed discordant inedible rugged good-for-nothing oppressive burdensome heavy leaving much to be desired middling poorer indifferent lemon downmarket spartan uneatable low-rent grating untoward desolate bargain-basement schlocky tawdry hack aggravating uninteresting dime-a-dozen not up to much déclassé the pits joyless unwelcoming searing inharmonious inopportune dour common schlock perilous unseasonable morose unapproachable low-end glum unaesthetic grinding sticky disadvantageous arduous thorny unsympathetic demanding rigorous intemperate drab prickly hardhanded delicate dissonant testing drear challenging inconvenient unsuited spoiled sullen untimely contaminated unprepossessing precarious depressive spoilt out of place sneaky unenviable not good enough stark problematic reptilian extreme unenticing discomfiting incongruous great savage tight huckery cacophonous frustrating wild sensitive flustering ferocious strident discommoding messy banal graceless jangling straitened uneasy poignant dry stiff critical hazardous knotty clashing inapt piteous raucous lacking negative unharmonious melancholy infelicitous chilling problematical ticklish punishing chancy unpromising exacting mournful forlorn impoverished indigent incommodious distressed ill-suited unbecoming undue glowering ill-fated perplexing discommodious troubled decayed unfit for human consumption parlous not much cop uncoveted tortuous unhospitable vapid fugly not pleasant untempting awful-looking frightful-looking chilly stern frosty cold cool gory thankless lewd tinny stringent ungracious cut-rate lackluster lacklustre unshapely underhanded thoughtless dissatisfying pressured barren crushing Spartan bare-bones sly devious poorly tacky not acceptable deceitful despisable impaired indigestible unconsumable controversial gruelling tiring bloodcurdling glary oily ingratiating unctuous rankling wearing meanspirited not cutting it unpleasant-tasting blinding dazzling not pretty thin damaged mephitical irritable melancholic unamusing teary tearful nagging jerry-built niggling tiresome prohibitive slipshod deceptive crass disdainable grueling weak sauce nettlesome no good smarmy oleaginous crafty untrustworthy sorrowing unbeauteous subfuscous trite ill-chosen ill-timed uncomplimentary underwhelming shaming cheapie hard-pressed shadowy tortured doubtful gray treacherous grey pressing exigent jeopardous full of hardship strained teasing stridulous ill suited stridulent insensitive harsh-sounding insalubrious not appealing disfigured for the birds no great shakes leaving a lot to be desired savourless uniform violent blustery stormy tempestuous squally not fit to eat anticlimactic plain-looking weird rueful misshapen tough as old boots a stinker of a a bummer of a plaguy compromising good-for-naught no-count meritless no-account unfulfilling unsatisfying derisory dreich lugubrious saturnine destitute unvaried unchanging unvarying monotonous raging agitated heaving choppy conflicting shrill contrasting unnourishing sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac falling short failing bathetic not all it's cracked up to be ineffective disillusioning unfitting inapposite confusing demeaning charged tense unmusical unmelodious Cimmerian poverty-stricken rasping scraping squeaky detrimental innutritious insanitary ineligible disagreeing regimented wishy-washy discountenancing touchy tuneless unbefitting ruinous unhygienic damaging unhealthful tickly nidorous stagnant decomposing moldering carious rotted curdled flyblown soured overripe addled mouldering decomposed putrefying rotting maggoty worm-eaten decaying unfresh wormy degenerated putrefied gangrenous stenchful mouldered fermented moldered putrefacient putrefactive cringey cringeworthy barro toe-curling dishonouring blush-making governmental bromidic utilitarian jejune prosaic institutional rudimentary elementary corporate functional humdrum bumpy dolorous uncharacteristic loud lethal venomous septic virulent unnutritious inept malapropos incorrect unapt uncomforting dishonoring equivocal puzzling distracting rattling itchy wearisome scratchy confronting bad-looking pathological toxic hard-favoured as ugly as sin hard-featured storm-tossed cramped confining causing discomfort ill-fitting not proper dissident irrelevant interfering disparate out of keeping disproportionate out of character unmatched discrepant senseless uncalled-for screeching off-key unvocal early premature horrisonant absonant standard issue not comfortable at variance lacking harmony at odds ruthless precocious unrelenting relentless merciless sore remorseless too early early on intrusive out-of-date before time too soon early bird bright and early advance anachronistic too late soon a bit previous overearly previous oversoon abortive hard-hearted

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