Đồng nghĩa của sedative

Alternative for sedative


Relaxed or leisurely
relaxed relaxing calming comforting soothing tranquil carefree comfortable leisurely restful lazy peaceful placid indulgent serene tranquillizing tranquilizing lulling pacifying quiet reassuring reposeful balmy benign light mild calm mellow tender halcyon undisturbed untroubled chilled temperate stress-free still agreeable relieving easing softening paradisiacal quieting narcotic pleasing mollifying dreamy tame idyllic stilly emollient lenitive pleasant lown arcadian hushed pastoral somnolent demulcent soporific warming consoling consolatory remedying bright clement sunny sunshiny warm summerish windless summerlike hot steady cloudless summery unclouded soft dry estival aestival stable good smooth without a cloud in the sky easy casual easygoing laid-back unhurried composed collected breezy nonchalant insouciant free and easy flexible unperturbed poised easy-going unworried free undemanding pacific sedate cool fun cozy in a relaxed manner taking your time cosy recreational effortless sleepy amusing languid frivolous entertaining inactive unexcited unanxious motionless contented retired non-job related non-work related free from interference free from disturbance free from interruption facile painless untroublesome cavalier self-possessed unruffled imperturbable together unflappable coolheaded recollected equable centered self-composed level possessed even-tempered limpid at peace equal unshaken unexcitable at ease nonplussed liberal lax loose blithe uninhibited fair dispassionate pellucid reconciled satisfied quiescent centred stoical phlegmatic unflustered content patient resting slack liberated unrestricted compromising unceremonious unrestrained cool, calm and collected conciliatory unconcerned forgiving informal cool as a cucumber as cool as a cucumber untaxing laid back happy-go-lucky hassle-free unrestrictive low-pressure permissive freewheeling laissez-faire non-restrictive


A binary compound of bromine and some other element or radical
bromide banality commonplace platitude chestnut cliché truism cliche groaner homily shibboleth trope compound saw stereotype trite hackneyed saying old saw trite remark motto adage buzzword triteness corn prosaism old chestnut familiar tune axiom proverb saying triviality banal saying overworked saying trite saying prosaicism stock phrase hackneyed phrase boiler plate old story rubber stamp inanity potboiler slogan line formula counterword tag threadbare phrase vapid expression stale saying generality maxim aphorism shallowness prose cliché joke anecdote triviality truism tired joke old favorite dullness insipidity verbiage vapidity motherhood statement bathos boilerplate trite phrase banal phrase overworked phrase common saying high camp precept dictum gnome apothegm epigram apophthegm byword word sententia moral phrase catchphrase truth rule epigraph expression principle watchword postulate law words of wisdom idea quotation theorem tenet fundamental proposition concept pearls of wisdom theme catch phrase essence quote cry repartee form general truth witticism motif folk wisdom device axioma notion leitmotif image pattern basis epithet accepted truth treatment motive emblem colloquialism brocard text mantra paroemia prescript catchline tagline enthymeme guideline tag-line battle cry bon mot golden rule sound bite pearl of wisdom rallying cry by-word extract excerpt old saying passage standard sentiment idiom daffodil allusion gobbet war cry lesson unifying idea recurrent image canon belief keystone message statement interjection model doctrine code declaration utterance assertion articulation remark meaning significance point turn of phrase catchword substance teaching tag line signature phrase idiomatic expression ground rule banner sermon import moralism thrust signification refrain guiding principle catchcry signal parole sign drift connotation implication sense inference universal truth subtext assumption theory essential verity philosophy foundation regulation ditty self-evident truth home truth cause intrinsic truth determinant pithy saying

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