Đồng nghĩa của nonplussed

Alternative for nonplussed

nonpluses, nonplusses, nonplused, nonplussed, nonplusing, nonplussing

Đồng nghĩa: amaze, baffle, beat, bewilder, dumbfound, flummox, get, gravel, mystify, perplex, pose, puzzle, stick, stupefy, vex,

Tính từ

So surprised and confused that one is unsure how to react
stumped baffled bemused bewildered confused mystified perplexed puzzled stupefied befuddled confounded dumbfounded fuddled muddled thrown dazed discomfited discomposed disconcerted dismayed disoriented embarrassed shaken stunned troubled unnerved astonished astounded at sea bamboozled clueless discombobulated fazed floored flummoxed hard-pressed surprised taken aback at a loss bushed discountenanced distracted foxed mazed shaken up thrown off balance wildered at sixes and sevens frustrated hard put vexed staggered flabbergasted speechless shocked addled dumbstruck amazed gobsmacked shell-shocked startled bowled over thunderstruck lost aghast overwhelmed agape open-mouthed bedeviled befogged awestruck nonplused bedevilled flustered beaten dopey awed addlepated dizzy wide-eyed knocked for six awestricken at a loss for words mixed-up all at sea stuck overcome fogged dopy uncertain uncomprehending rattled goggle-eyed disorientated dumfounded muzzy openmouthed zonked silly spacy slaphappy mixed up spacey muddleheaded raddled spaced blown away spaced-out punch-drunk lost for words upset benumbed wonderstruck marveling wondering marvelling pixillated pixilated blank punchy worried preoccupied absent-minded doubtful beat distressed ruffled incredulous breathless addle struck dumb vague zonked-out abashed filled with astonishment filled with amazement caught on the hop filled with wonder filled with awe caught on the wrong foot not with it shook up abstracted stymied agitated horrified engrossed perturbed disturbed tongue-tied dumb inattentive unsettled jolted agog absorbed staring dreamy gravelled faraway fuzzy foggy buffaloed graveled giddy distant in a dither numbed disorganized unglued in amazement spaced out put to it in shock in a muddle disorganised in a tizzy in a state of confusion at a complete loss unable to believe one's ears without ideas defeated paralyzed paralysed petrified overawed dazzled bugged gaga hazy had their heads messed with besotted groggy enthralled rendered speechless left speechless mortified spellbound unable to believe one's eyes confusticated got caused to be at a stand thrown off woozy awe-stricken staring in amazement made to scratch their head chagrined put out of countenance woolly frightened alarmed adhered rooted to the spot bollixed wooly numb awe-struck owly-eyed moon-eyed saucer-eyed off-balance off balance woolly-headed not knowing if you are coming or going taken by surprise shook at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer unable to believe your eyes crushed appalled licked knocked knocked out knocked sideways mind-blown without a clue in a fog annoyed flurried shattered unzipped astray off-course adrift off-track absent diverted distrait in botheration psyched-out caught off balance out of countenance shook-up messed-up absentminded pestered harassed tormented hassled going round in circles all over the place not knowing whether one is coming or going unsystematic scatterbrained musing unaware vacant forgetful unreliable undependable sidetracked unfocused miles away feather-headed empty-headed erratic birdbrained daydreaming scatty feather-brained oblivious in a flap driven to distraction dippy unthinking unheeding dappy heedless with one's head in the clouds pensive with a mind like a sieve out of it unsteady wobbly staggering faint light-headed shaky stupid reeling unhinged lightheaded addlebrained unbalanced clouded cloudy blurry slap-happy weak-kneed tipsy unstable out to lunch out-of-joint weak in the knees demented woolly-minded deranged drugged weak insensible vertiginous frozen senile whirling gone swimming blinded blind light fouled up addle-brained bleary confusional muddle-headed out of control impressed sailing trippy eccentric not adjusted off-beam distraught maladjusted intoxicated drowsy electrified senseless swimmy aswoon half-asleep foolish cold touched impish capricious whimsical pixyish daft puckish prankish stuporous bedazzled simple asea come apart unfeeling dozy nonsensical delirious balled up swaying slow sleepy tired insensitive unsound irrational drunken tottering crazy psychotic turbid teetering unresponsive deadened whacko dead torpid asleep with Alzheimer's disease immobilized anaesthetized in a stupor with rubbery legs glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy unscrewed wooden anesthetized immobilised with legs like jelly weak at the knees not knowing if one is coming or going

Tính từ

Unperturbed by an awkward situation
calm cool unconcerned undisturbed unflustered unmoved unperturbed unruffled untroubled unworried collected composed controlled serene tranquil undismayed unemotional unshaken level-headed placid poised self-assured self-possessed unflappable laid-back together unfazed unflinching at ease cool, calm and collected as cool as a cucumber imperturbable relaxed nonchalant equable peaceful sedate unexcitable unagitated coolheaded possessed recollected smooth level equal quiet self-composed limpid even-tempered phlegmatic equanimous dispassionate easygoing self-controlled chilled impassive stoical cool-headed unbothered easy insouciant steady blithe still easy-going temperate casual at peace devil-may-care detached unstirred stolid confident halcyon stilly assured hushed lown happy-go-lucky carefree mellow indifferent cold sober urbane unanxious stable unvexed stoic levelheaded unexcited without a care in the world cool as a cucumber distant supine unaffected untouched dignified self-confident breezy unfeeling aloof mild suave pacific stony uninterested oblivious patient tolerant emotionless hard-hearted apathetic elegant forbearing uninterrupted uncaring unbroken gentle logical callous debonair heedless unsympathetic blasé insensitive unflurried disimpassioned reserved keeping your cool philosophical good-tempered well balanced trouble-free cool as cucumber sure of oneself not surprised graceful restful remote happy deliberate benign clubby in control even peaceable reasonable measured agreeable complaisant euthymic bovine well-disposed nerveless good-natured docile irenic grounded unsurprised centered complacent calm and collected well-balanced unperturbable stabile unfluctuating orderly systematic methodical unimpressed serious quieted soothed calmed sensible clearheaded staid commonsensical repressed suppressed sure sanguine pellucid reconciled centred content resting fair satisfied quiescent comfortable unsentimental sure of yourself keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on unshakable dry-eyed unresponsive nonpassionate thick-skinned smug self-satisfied immovable stony-hearted unpassionate clinical moderate analytical scientific roll with punches hard as nails stiff upper lip businesslike resigned impervious immune tough abstract iceberg cold-fish cool cat laid back poker-faced cold-blooded couldn't care less non-emotional unmindful impassible resolute restrained rational long-suffering accommodating insensate impervious to heedless of stubborn unyielding oblivious to immune to fatalistic indulgent realistic practical unmindful of proof against deaf to accepting enlightened philosophic wise profound deep deep-thinking learned uncomplaining moral ethical lighthearted slaphappy gay careless lightsome uninvolved incurious pococurante feckless neutral inattentive deaf not bothered hardened lackadaisical blind forgetful negligent undaunted self-centred self-centered not giving a toss informal lax affable friendly leisurely undemanding unhurried understated downbeat free and easy chilled out low-pressure live-and-let-live low-key easy-peasy pleasant soft balmy soothing reposeful stress-free relaxing secure modest demure subdued motionless contented undemonstrative reticent tender retiring lenient arcadian gratified silent harmonious conciliatory cheerful idyllic self-restrained close-mouthed meek comforting formal self-contained mature dependable tame balanced taciturn sound shy soft-spoken prim reliable frigid close inhibited diffident bashful amiable pleased amenable light unassuming safe full of common sense sane warm pragmatic genial pleasing uncommunicative circumspect calming pastoral waveless flat judicious prudent blissful protected sensitive unapproachable secretive at home cozy clement submissive lazy withdrawn cautious passive mild-mannered standoffish comfy cushy misanthropic solitary backward uncompanionable conventional icy ceremonious noncommittal reclusive offish eremitic at rest deferential dormant snug homely liberal cosy understanding considerate passionless sedative low-pitched low easeful like a millpond delicate fulfilled glad compassionate good-humored good-humoured stagnant forgiving noiseless constant kind reassured permissive pacifying dull sympathetic civil delighted thankful cheery numb affectless somnolent windless stormless hard-headed sleepy heavenly sunny soft-hearted tender-hearted insensible bland settled spiritless zephyr-like bucolic heartless disinterested inexcitable serious-minded faint amicable reverent diplomatic unserious sheltered lamblike closemouthed laconic dumb compliant timid self-effacing longanimous pacificatory down-to-earth well adjusted well-adjusted stressless free from strife tension-free worry-free fine flexible regular paradisiacal unchanging unvarying unstressed static no-nonsense uniform broad-minded undistracted firm unalarmed glassy mirror-like stationary even-keeled comforted open-minded cordial generous consistent invariable not moved anxiety-free straight mirrorlike warm-hearted discreet deliberative farsighted enduring assertive unaltering unalterable without problems hushful low-keyed muffled in repose merciful persistent persevering not dismayed intimate impersonal pacifical breathless breezeless clear tranquilizing easy-oasy downwind leisured unsociable untiring mild-tempered all there lulling homy prelapsarian homey rested unforthcoming reassuring humble fun jejune obliging vapid subservient obeisant forbearant fortitudinous airy eathful with one's feet on the ground restored fresh private slow muted feeble unpretentious storm-free dead calm unfriendly constrained stand-offish responsible earnest unimpressionable light-hearted lowly gemütlich homelike proper media-shy guarded offhand outgiving indolent uncritical hang-loose uninhibited unswerving good calculable with the patience of Job cared for softened nonabrasive lacking concern buoyant uncurious jaunty perfunctory frivolous chill coldhearted obdurate marble hard-boiled uncompassionate inexpressive blah objective deadpan listless glacial appeasing peacemaking chilly tight-lipped shrinking introverted commodious unexacting assuaged joyous joyful tickled chuffed at one's ease home-like peace-loving seemly decorous having both feet on the ground upbeat inscrutable Olympian retired snobbish placatory yielding grave thoughtless tranquillizing stiff solemn stuffy unwarlike inactive propitiatory free from worry free from care appeased willing stick-in-the-mud boring starchy pacifist unimpressible insusceptible placating mollifying sombre stately somber acquiescent unobtrusive unambitious non-aggressive non-violent non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive conflict-free dovish tickled pink pleased as punch can't complain caressing unrevealing matter-of-fact dry indurated along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches pacifistic sluggish latent inert pabulum Milquetoast manageable nothing shielded screened leeward wishy-washy leeside zero cowed plain fearful cold sober cooperative dovelike anti-war conciliating disarming caring lethargic torpid nonbelligerent unwrinkled mediatory velvety silky mediating ordered neighborly neighbourly benevolent deactivated slumbering fallow in abeyance inoperative asleep immobile idle nonviolent softhearted willing to please unmoving lifeless warmhearted ideal idealized angelic gracious harmless unoffensive rustic picturesque hush curbed mute mousy inarticulate inconversable iced mom nonvocal checked indistinct mum incoherent whispered with both feet on the ground perfect charming wonderful non-confrontational rural utopian paradisal Elysian Utopian unspoiled dummied up closed up buttoned up clammed up Arcadian sylvan unspoilt not talkative scenic out of this world beautiful sublime out-of-this-world delightful glorious idealised

Tính từ

(attributive) Feeling or exuding self-assurance
confident assured positive assertive poised collected cool calm phlegmatic composed nonchalant unperturbed imperturbable unruffled impassive serene tranquil audacious certain gung ho gutsy relaxed sanguine settled unhesitating upbeat brave courageous dauntless fearless intrepid self-sufficient unflappable secure self-asserting together unfazed bold can-do sure of yourself surefooted sure-footed equanimous at ease believing in oneself cool-headed filled with aplomb laid-back level-headed self-assertive self-assured self-confident self-possessed self-reliant sure of oneself self-respecting complacent cocksure sure implicit doubtless brazen clear pushy overconfident high rosy puffed up pumped up cool, calm and collected bullish optimistic cheerful buoyant hopeful expectant enthusiastic content satisfied disposed to look on the bright side swaggy anticipative smug trusting anticipating trustful self-satisfied encouraged unflagging anticipant hoping comfortable reassured inspirited expecting emboldened proud full of hope forceful firm decisive cheery bright pleased aggressive strong-willed insistent keeping the faith happy ridibund lively animated undoubtful spirited decided in-your-face domineering demanding pleased with oneself forward feisty emphatic looking forward to pleased with yourself dogmatic commanding fierce militant determined go-getting assaultive dominant ambitious authoritative high-pressure enterprising like the cat that swallowed the canary in good heart of good cheer overbearing carnivorous pushful absolute not backward in coming forward

Tính từ

Deeply hurt, saddened, or worried
distraught hysterical distressed frantic raving agitated desperate distracted overwrought anxious mad wild crazed devastated fraught frenzied beside oneself delirious distrait hysteric overcome shattered upset worked-up worried addled bothered concerned confused crazy deranged discomposed disturbed flustered harassed muddled nuts pained panic-stricken perturbed rattled swivel-eyed thrown tormented troubled unglued unscrewed unzipped verklempt wrought-up beside yourself shook up very upset worked up in a panic in a state out of your mind out of one's mind at the end of your tether like a chicken with its head cut off excited uptight tense wired nervous in a tizzy antsy jumpy hyper uneasy nervy berserk frenetic hectic furious jittery dismayed apprehensive rabid disconcerted violent feverish unnerved insane emotional overexcited fidgety keyed up saddened het up twitchy unsettled hung up corybantic edgy disquieted frightened aflutter shaken alarmed ruffled wound up uncontrolled ill at ease manic maniacal in a stew stressed hot and bothered shocked unhappy sad hurt wigged out grieved overwhelmed panicky annoyed intense unquiet gutted fearful dithery vexed hot under the collar irked stressy cut up angry atwitter out of control raging in a frenzy flipped out unbalanced restless weirded out adrenalized on edge strung out disappointed irrational scared traumatized discountenanced panic-struck hyperactive discombobulated neurotic fevered hassled traumatised fierce ferocious unhinged irritated choked bummed out insecure inconvenienced queasy queazy demented worried sick affected turbulent weird zonkers in a flap goosey freaked out spazzed out hinky having kittens at wits' end in a cold sweat carried away high-strung flurried overactive heated afflicted spooked angsty bugged terrified miffed crushed all torn up angered bundle of nerves basket case stunned provoked berko blue overstrung highly strung strung up afraid high energetic tumultuous obsessive heartbroken in a twitter in a tizz confusing broken up convulsive on tenterhooks anguished chaotic beset riled tortured plagued in a flat spin clutched put out worried stiff in pieces fast and furious not knowing what to do with oneself panicked madding undone mentally unsettled overemotional histrionic shaky dispirited miserable emotive peeved dragged wretched wrecked ripped exercised shook consumed strung-up hag-ridden falling apart confined having cabin fever unconsolable up the wall disconsolate inconsolable shot down emotionally charged horrified flushed startled skittish struck overawed incredulous fanatical aquiver daunted unreluctant flighty exciting furibund phrenetic at one's wits' end out of one's wit overpowered hyped-up febrile afire atingle hyperexcited stir-crazy asea in a bad way uncontrollable offended fretted exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated mortified pestered perplexed harried harrowed tearing one's hair out broken-hearted dazed confounded in a lather lost it low unrestrained wounded zipped up hot juiced up unrestrainable destroyed shell-shocked emotionally defeated in disorder amazed come apart psyched out maniac compulsive fretting fretful at sixes and sevens knocked for six knocked sideways overanxious trembling quaking irrepressible fiery impetuous impassioned maddened vehement driven to distraction incensed fuming possessed passionate rampant blazing tempestuous spasmodic seething under stress last-minute fixated unstable oversensitive phobic toey unhealthy abnormal paranoid angstful uncomfortable spooky squirrelly solicitous windy at your wits' end in a fit maladjusted in a sweat a wreck ecstatic out of one's wits a bundle of nerves in a twit in a dither inhibited erratic nervous wreck disoriented aberrant deviant disordered obsessed all of a dither in a state of agitation bricking oneself on pins and needles all of a lather thrilled elated with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof shaking in one's shoes with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth transported euphoric overjoyed rapturous jubilant exultant in seventh heaven Corybantic sent on cloud nine drunk delighted enthused on cloud seven in raptures over the moon walking on air jumping for joy intoxicated wild with excitement blissed out in transports of delight in a frenzy of delight on a high tooshie excitable freaked-out wound-up under a strain touchy keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent throwing a wobbly steamed up hot under collar all shook up stormy explosive rough forceful boisterous animated fervid riotous aroused volcanic lively exhilarated cyclonic paroxysmal savage stoked joyous hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out enraptured blood-and-guts uninhibited gleeful intemperate happy unbridled unchecked vicious blustery bang-bang fervent joyful destructive aggressive abandoned bitter unruly rapt enthusiastic strong perfervid extreme cock-a-hoop ardent flying ungovernable volatile unconstrained squally fearsome gusty keen harsh howling roaring flaming beside oneself with happiness delirious with happiness rugged potent blustering spirited storming petrified rampaging aghast terror-stricken full-on ebullient impatient babbling overwhelming gay frozen funky blissful rumbustious elevated passional entranced brutal rhapsodic avid gone powerful scared stiff proud unreasonable wrapped incoherent scared to death bloodthirsty rhapsodical enrapt giddy heady foul immoderate uncurbed flipped enchanted unmanageable floating dirty inclement acute threatening nasty hotheaded fired up thundery headstrong inflamed blistering uproarious forcible devastating hellacious choppy heavy dreadful almighty excessive turned on torrid menacing flying high intensive concentrated like one possessed exquisite ghastly terrible frightful hard knock-down drag-out stormful full-blooded on top of the world heavy-duty fanciful overcharged independent undisciplined ungoverned unsuppressed unbounded overpowering running amok inspired irresistible cheered roused demonic rejoicing triumphant unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable full-hearted rioting postal exulting fazed unrepressed puffed up unpredictable bursting indignant wrathful irate acrimonious ireful blind timorous intimidated suspicious cowardly timid discouraged abashed cowed faint-hearted blanched disheartened in high spirits exalted turned-on stirred up flapping crowing revelling moved disorderly swaggering boastful crank glorying prideful gloating gusting at the boiling point hopped up set up looking good in heaven rowdy great rainy blowy in a spin all of a flutter filthy on the rampage victorious content triumphalist flipping reveling merry wowed hallucinating light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded bewildered hallucinatory deviate resounding inordinate profound excruciating consuming rampageous intensified raw bleak in awe run scared eager severe deep sharp unfettered biting emphatic vigorous agonizing urgent strenuous peppery painful enraged ruinous noisy blown away storm-wracked murky raining cats and dogs frigid riproaring cold damp coming down coercive gale force agonising dynamic outrageous full of force vociferous lawless have cold feet agog flurrying off one's head clamorous obstreperous pumped raring desirous vivacious out of one's head out of one's skull thunderous bumpy flustering intolerant uncompromising extremist bigoted irregular in turmoil rowdydowdy rambunctious raucous termagant thirsty athirst typhonic swirling over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard buzzing brisk bustling geeked hungry juiced voracious biased prejudiced one-sided zealous partisan illiberal gung-ho rip-roaring nutsy madhouse burning vibrant wooly zoolike jungle hassle crowded bullying potty daft untrammeled untrammelled murderous infuriated narrow-minded very busy woolly very active terror-struck beatific cruel ruthless very excited hepped up jumping up and down hopped-up gung ho on fire sudden nutty dedicated overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell militant virulent ill callous terrorizing pugnacious ravished horror-struck pitiless barbarous thuggish sadistic merciless barbaric in transports horror-stricken like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose heartless homicidal inhuman cataclysmal cataclysmic orgasmic assertive abrupt charged fast athrill upbeat dreamy in exaltation out sunny demoniac terrorising radge frightened to death frit beside oneself with joy hot-tempered hot-headed tickled pink very happy floating on air cut-throat tickled to death pleased as punch active immediate meteoric dashing electric in a funk in a fluster in a blue funk scared out of your wits frightened out of your wits

Động từ

To have thrown into a state of distress marked by confusion
confused flustered perturbed disconcerted dismayed distressed disturbed agitated bothered confounded discomfited disquieted fazed frustrated rattled discommoded discomposed discountenanced exasperated upset afflicted aggravated chagrined demoralized discomforted perplexed psyched troubled unhinged unnerved unsettled abashed demoralised flurried mortified put off put out stirred up threw off balance worked up worried embarrassed put someone off their stroke ruffled bewildered distracted discombobulated alarmed got to psyched out daunted put out of countenance put into a flap put someone off their stride flummoxed shaken shook thrown off balance discouraged threw thrown frightened baffled scared made uneasy surprised appalled taken aback took aback vexed vext puzzled spooked put down setted someone back on their heels disheartened dispirited unmanned humiliated shamed gotten to cowed startled unbalanced concerned jolted panicked exercised frazzled fussed distempered hagrid ailed alarumed derailed chilled addled made nervous shaken up shook up disarranged mystified muddled weirded out freaked out intimidated dejected horrified disoriented crushed shocked disappointed subdued undermined depressed made uncomfortable made anxious undone undid terrified weakened destabilized sapped dumbfounded harassed annoyed deflated terrorized caught off balance enfeebled disordered cast down gravelled graveled enervated needled jumbled disorganized fuddled put someone to shame let down put to shame rattled one's cage pulled the rug out from under put the wind up someone caused someone to lose their composure caused to be at a stand put on edge put someone off knocked for six upset apple cart set back put off his or her stride knocked sideways put the wind up destabilised terrorised made someone scratch their head fouled up pulled the rug from under hagridden hagrode threw off thrown off thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz deterred overwhelmed awed overawed hassled saddened excited hurried het heated humbled browbeat bullied dashed disarmed bamboozled befuddled affected bustled displeased abased affronted devitalized disillusioned paralysed stunned stupefied disorientated downed deranged displaced demented disrupted sickened rummaged turned disarrayed disenchanted hindered disgruntled pothered disempowered bugged balked affrighted disgraced snarled brought low sent up degraded dizzied bowled over ridiculed loused up crippled stopped someone in their tracks dampened demeaned paralyzed belittled astonished disparaged made waves messed up worsted screwed up blinded crazed made someone eat humble pie debilitated unglued unzipped filled with consternation knocked the stuffing out of mixed up baulked damped irked flipped caught somebody off balance made self-conscious buffaloed mucked up caught somebody unawares sent into a spin nettled floored browbeaten took the wind out of someone's sails taken the wind out of someone's sails snafued gave someone a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy given someone a turn uncalmed gave a turn given a turn rid rode ridden taken by surprise took by surprise thrown into confusion threw into confusion thrown into disorder thrown into uproar threw into disorder threw into uproar blown out took steam out blew up taken steam out blown up taken apart blew out took apart took the wind out taken down got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out taken down a peg took down took down a peg thrown into tizzy threw into tizzy pestered irritated fretted plagued beset hurt provoked tormented bedevilled bedeviled pained repelled offended tried tortured oppressed harried aggrieved chafed gnawed at nauseated petrified revolted grieved frighted disgusted burdened stressed racked preoccupied cursed despaired strained wound wounded angered peeved agonized beleaguered miffed bulldozed scarified astounded stiffed made fretful nagged persecuted indisposed scared off hurt somebody's feelings pushed buttons tantalised scared to death made a scene put the fear of God into lied heavy on made teeth chatter agonised ticked off egged on turned on got at chilled to the bone cut up scared away tantalized caused anxiety to made blood run cold picked on given a hard time gave a hard time incited inflamed haunted repulsed taxed stimulated occupied roused inconvenienced besieged galled badgered teased anguished hounded incommoded grossed out caused disquiet to fermented aroused scared stiff scared witless importuned weighed down injured tested narked made one's flesh creep made wretched turned your stomach unquieted strapped dogged moved gotten at suffered keyed up given someone grief made sick flipped out felt pain layed up made restless pushed scared the pants off hectored made flip teared made someone jump out of their skin hacked off made one's blood run cold weighed on burned up fired up rocked the boat bummed out made one's hair stand on end filled with fear ventilated made your gorge rise wound up sweated out made miserable relucted curdled the blood martyred made your blood run cold curdles the blood burnt up aroused anxiety in caused anguish to examined got the wind up turned off incapacitated scared someone out of their wits scared the bejesus out of made your hair stand on end harrowed struck terror into stricken terror into goaded gave someone grief felt unwell pricked made someone feel nauseous bugged up made it tough for dunned cramped caused suffering to worked someone up chilled someone to the marrow scared someone half to death desolated turned one's stomach scared the daylights out of got across made one sick made someone want to throw up scared the living daylights out of laid up been were was torn tore gotten across gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick got someone gotten someone eaten away at ate away at threw into panic thrown into panic eaten at ate at nit-picked broke broken brake done a number on did a number on thrown into a fright threw into a panic gave one the creeps given someone goose pimples thrown into a panic threw into a blue funk given someone the heebie-jeebies threw into a fright given one the creeps gave someone goose pimples gave someone the heebie-jeebies frozen your blood thrown into a blue funk froze your blood

Động từ

Past tense for to perplex or bewilder someone
confounded bewildered confused perplexed puzzled dumbfounded stunned mystified floored astonished flummoxed astounded bemused staggered dazed befuddled stumped muddled buffaloed unnerved dismayed boggled messed with one's head beat stupefied baffled disconcerted flabbergasted amazed foxed surprised gravelled graveled startled discombobulated mazed bamboozled shocked fuddled posed addled befogged fazed wildered vexed vext bowled over got overwhelmed disoriented threw thrown knocked for six rocked fogged obfuscated muddied dumfounded made someone scratch their head stopped someone in their tracks left open-mouthed knocked sideways taken aback took aback surprized beaten distracted left aghast discomposed caused to be at a stand setted someone thinking gotten gat rattled shaken shook struck dumb stricken dumb disorientated thunderstruck thunderstricken knocked out caught off balance mixed up shaken up shook up jolted taken by surprise took by surprise flustered blew away blown away benumbed knocked the stuffing out of brought up short stymied upset rendered speechless blew one's mind blown one's mind knocked for a loop put one away devastated overpowered unsettled disturbed paralysed frustrated paralyzed boggled the mind shattered gone to one's head went to one's head foiled discomfited overcome impressed alarmed eluded defeated electrified consternated dazzled sticked stuck snowed petrified setted thinking made punchy inebriated bothered intoxicated threw off thrown off put at a loss put off put away balled up knocked over with feather boggled the mind of hit like a ton of bricks thrown off balance threw off balance stuck it to snookered conquered outwitted overcame chagrined touched moved struck affected bedevilled bedeviled disquieted deranged stopped overawed gobsmacked screwed up profundicated stirred destroyed complicated stumbled mulled obscured wondered delighted numbed jarred awed snew snown dislocated abashed embarrassed knocked the stuffing out of someone dizzied disordered blurred confusticated ruffled knocked over sprung on caused wonder got to psyched out taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away daydreamed setted one thinking mooned daydreamt sprung something on thrown a curve threw a curve boggled someone's mind made speechless brought someone up short took your breath away taken your breath away gathered wool caused to lose your bearings got at broke broken brake stricken gotten to sprang on taken someone aback took someone aback threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy thrown for loop gotten at threw for loop thrown for a loop threw for a loop took breath away given a shock gave a shock taken breath away struck with awe sprang something on stricken with awe took one's breath away taken one's breath away taken the wind out of your sails took the wind out of your sails appalled bedazzled fascinated hypnotized spellbound hypnotised enthralled excited frightened horrified distressed agitated scared terrified perturbed daunted outraged left speechless swept someone off their feet captivated enchanted setted someone back on their heels disgusted sickened scandalized hit blinded intimidated insulted affrighted swept off your feet scandalised depressed disheartened put out of action carried away provoked grossed out put the wind up someone put the wind up hit like ton of bricks mesmerized gripped arrested taken somebody's breath away took somebody's breath away poleaxed swept away bedazed cowed offended revolted nauseated besotted worried mesmerised concerned traumatized filled with wonder filled with amazement panicked repelled troubled displeased brought around terrorized knocked senseless grandstanded hotdogged showboated knocked one's socks off angered antagonized galvanized caught up traumatised antagonised spooked galvanised exercised scarified unhinged frazzled fussed distempered discomforted hagrid ailed flurried alarumed derailed frighted killed raised someone's eyebrows worked up weirded out piqued afflicted gave a turn annoyed freaked out stirred up scared the bejesus out of interfered completely surprised galled chilled intruded given a turn aroused gave someone a turn pained made someone's hair stand on end tired scared to death irked roused terrorised given someone a turn scared the living daylights out of knocked socks off grieved scared silly scared stiff badgered made jump made uneasy irritated besotten hitten blew one away blown one away gave offence to given offence to undone hagridden undid hagrode thrown a curveball threw a curveball shaken out of your complacency shook out of your complacency gotten in the way burnt up burned up got in the way knock down with a feather

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