Đồng nghĩa của importuned

Alternative for importuned

importunes, importuned, importuning

Đồng nghĩa: insist,

Động từ

To have made a request, or demand, of someone
asked requested demanded required appealed bade bid implored ordered petitioned proposed urged begged pleaded pled requisitioned stipulated beseeched besought challenged directed entreated exhorted pestered solicited sought commanded craved enjoined expected insisted prayed sued supplicated told appealed to applied to called for called on insisted on pleaded with put in for counted on filed for looked for impetrated conjured besieged pleaded to obsecrated adjured pressed invoked obtested prayed to called hit up asked for desired quested called upon lobbied exacted applied appealed for hit on asked earnestly sued for claimed bespoke pressed for encouraged petitioned for pushed coaxed invited braced summoned nagged put in requested earnestly put in an application asked urgently pushed for whistled for put in an order pleaded for inquired invocated put in a plea prayed for enquired bespake bespoken applied for dictated referred clamoured campaigned cajoled charged goaded clamored bayed prompted pursued cried wished prigged suggested postulated propositioned submitted wheedled blandished plagued badgered queried questioned pressured persuaded bummed cadged called to sponged crawled drummed up compelled worried stipulated for arrogated spoke for forced placed an order badgered for hustled begged for copped a plea gone on bended knee to prodded made an urgent request clamoured for requested urgently referenced clamored for laid claim to nagged for called forth nudged squared things advanced contested inquired about asked brusquely recited bayed for held out for asked authoritatively made a claim made an earnest request cried for made up for spoken for went on bended knee to made a plea to advocated abjured canvassed sent for made a plea drummed craved of obliged interceded bugged asked forcefully filed addressed wooed coerced passed the hat worked on bid for held out said egged on raised pestered for resorted to bade for spoke spake spoken gone on bended knee went on bended knee prest obtained instructed attracted gathered got beckoned collected rounded up secured necessitated engaged mandated decreed appointed bought insisted upon tried to obtain put your foot down warned put in an order for put in a claim for put dibs on gotten gat pleased promoted mobilized booked hailed elected provoked induced reserved acquired discovered constrained prearranged extracted extorted incited canvased aspired barked spieled paged ordained made beared imposed needed prescribed commissioned tasked boughten bossed around hired lobbied for investigated made an entreaty inspired touted dug up submitted an application forced upon addrest obligated fetched ruled enquired after made application subpoenaed ordered beforehand mobilised implored for panhandled for placed an order for brought on authorized called the shots contracted for summonsed explored succeeded in finding sayed brought to pass sent off for laid down the law caused drummed up support campaigned for made a pitch for asked people to give accepted donations fundraised sent away for imposed on authorised taken took book extraught bore borne gone in went in asserted oneself wrote off for written off for went after gone after gave the order to gave orders given the order to given orders to given orders gave orders to given the command to gave the command to gave directions given directions

Động từ

Past tense for to harass (someone) persistently for, or to do, something
harassed plagued bothered harried pestered hassled hounded tormented badgered bugged beset nagged annoyed beleaguered dunned mithered went on at gone on at harped on at egged on worried disturbed teased troubled bedevilled bedeviled needled goaded nudged persecuted chivvied hectored bent someone's ear baited heckled irritated kept after pressed besieged vexed provoked dogged worked on tantalized tantalised picked on upset bullied urged got at aggravated rode ridden irked barraged plied fretted afflicted tortured distressed oppressed kept on at deviled devilled fussed got to picked at gave a hard time gnawed at put down put on given a hard time lied heavy on pressurized petitioned solicited ribbed pressurised kidded mocked chaffed taunted ridiculed derided joshed disquieted unsettled ragged joked jived razzed harrowed racked rallied satirized roasted gotten at perturbed molested bantered twitted concerned agitated discomposed gibed guyed funned insisted on ate eaten quizzed flustered stressed alarmed chivied scolded fazed taxed excruciated anguished agonized cursed chiacked hazed reminded insisted rattled dismayed strained scared flurried slanged upbraided henpecked berated shucked frazzled aggrieved discomforted despaired ailed burdened smoked haunted rotted intruded upon sledged unhinged frightened distempered distracted gnawed squawked whined kvetched caterwauled yawped wailed inveighed grumbled moaned growled yammered yowled murmured grizzled grumped crabbed muttered bellyached carped complained hollered keened beefed griped squealed criticized pecked at maundered grouched yauped repined whinged screamed bleated groused kicked croaked whimpered spoofed weighed down tested tried depressed discombobulated hagrid derailed chafed slammed buttonholed preyed on agonised sounded snapped messed with satirised laughed at carped at scoffed at exercised made anxious teared alarumed jeered at gotten to made fun of jibed at poked fun at wound up moaned on at led on flouted at weirded out sent up grumbled at pulled one's leg freaked out goofed on found fault with breathed down someone's neck weighed heavily on made jokes about busted someone's balls nagged at prodded slung off at egged criticised moaned at made sport of made a monkey of messed around got in your hair found fault poked mullock at kept complaining to pulled someone's leg caused suffering to had on poked borak at flirted with caused anxiety to sweated out busted chops ragged on slang threw thrown grope given the business gave the business gnawn hagridden hagrode took it out on taken it out on undone torn tore undid given someone grief gave someone grief took the piss out of taken the mickey taken the piss out of swung at swang at took the mickey drove crazy driven crazy drove round the bend driven up the wall got on one's nerves drove you up the wall got on your nerves drove up the wall driven round the bend gotten on your nerves driven you up the wall gotten on one's nerves rid vext exasperated riled put out galled ruffled peeved narked nettled hurt angered piqued displeased infuriated miffed ticked off hacked off pained rasped offended rubbed up the wrong way got rankled grated incensed perplexed enraged spited maddened frosted pursued hacked you off disconcerted got across grieved curst itched put your back up humped outraged niggled discommoded frustrated exacerbated antagonized graveled gravelled burned up burnt up unnerved inflamed gnew prest roiled gotten gat interrupted antagonised bummed out got on your wick made someone see red saddened got your goat disgusted made somebody's hackles rise wound wounded browbeat made angry intimidated gripen grated on inconvenienced rubbed the wrong way embarrassed gotten across incommoded affronted discomfited pricked gotten under your skin got under your skin teed off made waves victimized got your dander up made uneasy hurt somebody's feelings ruffled one's feathers cut to the quick gotten your back up got your back up assailed victimised insulted confused made cross discountenanced stung pothered burned burnt mortified turned off bewildered sickened disheartened madded enflamed ired made your blood boil spooked given someone the hump gave someone the hump confounded rankled with stirred up steamed up raised your hackles leaned on disrupted browbeaten dragooned harped on affected driven round the twist drove round the twist terrorized domineered startled attacked crucified blighted gripped bored terrorised beat disgruntled martyred put the screws on put the squeeze on chid chided injured put pressure on festered told off sweat stewed pushed fired up imposed on nauseated crazed put through wringer psyched indisposed hit where one lives cheesed off driven to distraction drove to distraction gave a bad time given a bad time rattled one's cage drove mad driven mad appalled cast down flipped out caused anguish to made it hot for someone made things hot for someone put a damper on put into a funk made fretful eaten at ate at made miserable made wretched preyed on your mind rattled someone's cage tried your patience cut up made a scene put off put someone's nose out of joint broke broken brake kept at chuntered repeated dwelled on kept on pressured smothered belaboured bulldozed drove bananas driven bananas brainwashed fooled around given someone the pip gave someone the pip prompted suffocated got up someone's nose started on gotten up someone's nose chevied scorned belabored bombarded curdled titillated enticed jeered roused harped upon dwelt upon dwelled upon spurred rousted infested barracked booed stressed out crossed hindered impeded railroaded disparaged smitten smote smit smited bullyragged macerated forayed despoiled noodged overwhelmed shouted down struck caviled cavilled entangled hampered chagrined visited bounced obtruded encroached intruded terrified kidded around interfered with mistreated accosted yapped at scratched around dissatisfied aggressed buffeted buffetted abraded reproached reviled shocked searched high heaven punished wrung boned hustled allured tempted beguiled intrigued excited lured fascinated bit dejected tired bore caused trouble to hissed exiled expelled wronged hunted questioned examined tweaked intruded on barged in on strong-armed crowded fast-talked devastated horrified tyrannized jerked around heated up het up dissed baffled thwarted charmed jumped on one's case disappointed snapt brought pressure to bear on shaken shook horned in on sweated feared petted tiffed huffed asked for it started in on slighted repelled repulsed disobliged jarred tyrannised enslaved dominated dispirited singled out shouted at puzzled brought down soured wearied embittered debilitated cramped turned incapacitated flipped floored disordered run up the wrong way butted in on messed strapped desolated grinded ground mixed up got the knife into sticked the knife into bummed lambasted caused anguish mourned caused sorrow caused offense bled caused suffering panicked butted in made game of dampened spirits crushed caused annoyance to caused resentment to rubbed salt in wound leaded someone a merry dance played cat and mouse caused disquiet to disarranged muddled hacked wigged keyed up layed up turned on laid up discouraged made blue dragged down got someone gotten someone made uncomfortable made discontented caused discomfort to aroused hostility in got your hackles up pushed someon's buttons made restless psyched out resented shouted catcalls at pushed the buttons of weighed on eaten away at rubbed you up the wrong way become bored shattered made livid aroused anxiety in tried the patience of kept someone hanging on made an enemy of somebody sent into a rage made it tough for made you see red made someone fed up chastened sticked in one's craw had had enough gotten your hackles up resent made unhappy got in the hair of unquieted made your mouth water pushed one's buttons setted one's teeth on edge pushed buttons rocked the boat made somebody's blood boil possessed umbraged ate away at caused concern to got across someone got on the nerves of jarred on lost patience kept hanging grated at obsessed thumbed nose at thrown off balance tyrannized over fiddled with toyed with hung over threw off balance caused anxiety gone on went on wringed wrang beaten stricken took taken given someone hell gave someone hell bitten overrode overridden broke in broken in ran up the wrong way fell upon fallen upon fallen on fell on nit-picked given the needle gave the needle broke one's heart broken one's heart broken the heart of broke the heart of became bored gave offence to given offence to gotten on the wrong side of got on the wrong side of thrown off threw off shook up shaken up ate up eaten up worn on wore on done a number on did a number on worn wore driven you crazy drove you crazy drove you to distraction drove out of mind driven you round the twist driven out of mind drove you off your head driven you out of your mind drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you off your head driven you round the bend drove you out of your mind driven you to distraction

Động từ

Past tense for to make or offer inappropriate proposals or services

Động từ

Past tense for to persuade someone to do something
coaxed persuaded cajoled inveigled wheedled enticed influenced tempted lured induced beguiled seduced urged allured charmed blarneyed blandished flattered wooed encouraged got gotten decoyed maneuvered manoeuvred palavered pressed conned hooked wangled wormed bartered jawboned pestered plagued soothed teased sweet-talked prevailed on soft-soaped won over talked into prevailed upon argued into got round buttered up worked on arm-twisted came on come on talked someone into something roped in twisted one's arm honeyed attracted convinced entrapped baited led on swayed betrayed solicited fascinated captivated spread it on sucked in brought round ensnared tantalized drawn drew smooth-talked deceived bewitched tantalised enchanted wiled snared pulled turned on bantered snowed oiled soaped stroked converted sweetened up invited deluded misled trapped tricked tolled steered led astray hit on set at ease put off guard swept off feet talked round motivated talked impelled courted incited inclined prodded made argued pressurized reasoned pressured coerced brought around caused stimulated bootlicked softened massaged pushed brownnosed duped jollied crowded snew snown pressurised finagled kowtowed moved sold entangled softened up mollified appeased laid it on brought pressure to bear on netted enmeshed worked over built up gotten around got around caught captured placated enraptured beckoned witched killed magnetized made up to handed a line sucked up to played up to conciliated pacified propitiated sweetened led leaded appealed to intrigued dragged trained roped rubbed the right way gentled assuaged laid it on thick bedevilled bedeviled immeshed meshed entoiled bagged magnetised embroiled tangled ensnarled implicated flattered into humoured landed whetted the appetite of disarmed shilled mousetrapped touted led up garden path setted a trap for ensorcelled involved laid for caught up reeled in won the affection of betrapped unarmed humored dangled a carrot in front of boxed in benetted egged on distracted got next to gotten next to drawn in drew in gave the come-on to given the come-on to batted eyes at

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