Đồng nghĩa của billed


Having a beak or bill of a specified kind


Past tense for to call or describe someone or something in a particular way
called designated denoted dubbed labelled labeled portrayed styled branded esteemed introduced pronounced stamped tagged described marked nicknamed reckoned described as promoted as hyped as publicized as talked up as named termed entitled christened denominated nominated classified baptized titled classed cleped characterized characterised baptised set down as defined considered clept clepen stipulated indicated specified categorized knighted individualized authorized deputised authorised individualised deputized categorised bestowed conferred judged to be classed as referred to as counted as viewed as looked upon as looked on as considered to be referred to thought of as regarded as hailed as defined as characterized as categorized as held as conferred knighthood upon rated as gave a name given a name typecast identified addressed pigeonholed typecasted identified as benamed compartmentalized typified cast stereotyped ticketed immersed hailed aspersed blest blessed compartmentalised subtitled put tag on put down as gave the title of given the title of depicted conventionalized phrased benempt standardized painted represented charactered ordained decreed sanctified sprinkled dedicated catalogued fixed cataloged normalized sketched personalised pegged personalized individuated regarded constituted declared flagged given a name to gave a name to methodized institutionalised ghettoized sorted systematised institutionalized ghettoised graded normalised standardised codified ranked systematized rated answered to the name of named something given the name of gave the name of given a handle gave a handle took to be taken to be gone by the name of went by the name of


Past tense for to record the cost of something as an amount payable by someone, an account, or a credit card

Trái nghĩa của billed

billed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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