Đồng nghĩa của filled out


To have become larger in size or degree
increased rose grew improved lifted soared built climbed surged expanded magnified rocketed bourgeoned burgeoned escalated accelerated accumulated appreciated arose ascended doubled got higher moved up pushed up rose up waked up went up went uphill woke up flourished peaked uprose accrued ballooned became greater bulked crescendoed crested got bigger got larger mounted up mushroomed piled up puffed up rolled up skyrocketed spiraled spiralled straught stretched scaled up averaged up bulked up continued prolongated lift become greater become larger risen grown clomb clumb gone uphill gotten higher risen up woken up gone up arisen uprisen gotten bigger became larger mounted multiplied shot up swelled built up spread snowballed proliferated increased rapidly swoll swollen upped boomed gained developt developed waxed enlarged augmented thrust advanced intensified aggrandized compounded amassed grown rapidly grew rapidly inflated hit the roof incremented prospered enhanced boosted scaled upthrusted towered amplified leaped up went through the ceiling gone through the ceiling thrived heightened went through the roof gone through the roof pumped up aspired shot cumulated lifted off thrusted upreared hiked up blasted off risen rapidly rose rapidly run riot progressed elevated extended raised gone sky-high went sky-high sprouted redoubled bloomed launched exploded upturned took off taken off dramatically increased become more numerous stepped up drastically increased jacked up greatly increased climbed sharply jumped up left the ground luxuriated spread uncontrolled pumped sprung up sprang up thriven throve floated succeeded flown flew strengthened matured propagated zoomed shotten leaped leapt jumped hiked tripled flowered sprung sailed intensated aggravated spread out put on a spurt taken to the air ratcheted up levitated put up blew up ran riot soared up burst moved upward made its way up come on took to the air spread like wildfire blown up moved upwards burst forth increased dramatically become airborne spread quickly topped flew up rose steeply flown up appeared became more numerous risen steeply winged evolved furthered reinforced deepened upscaled blossomed exacerbated surged up broadened roused protracted gathered developed rapidly upsurged glided got up glid inclined collected sprang spurted vaulted escaladed worked up made one's way up billowed speeded up vaulted up spiraled upwards reached up been successful flowed cranked up picked up beefed up bumped up detonated flew upwards spiralled upwards swept upward upgraded gained altitude developed quickly piled sped up circled increased suddenly ramped up supersized emerged were successful was successful increased in value bobbed up came on became airborne climbed up made headway winged its way flown upwards made progress increased exponentially come up stacked up come along raced lengthened shifted up catapulted grown profusely grew profusely gotten up added to aped up came up took flight taken flight went up in price gone up in price gone off went off bursten brast done well rose in value risen in value did well came along gotten on well got on well bore fruit gone great guns went great guns borne fruit gone upwards gotten off the ground flew off flown off went upwards got off the ground


(of dough) Past tense for to swell by the action of yeast
rose risen swelled swoll swollen expanded enlarged inflated bloated bulged grew grown puffed out swelled up swollen up ballooned distended fattened fermented plumped puffed up grew larger grown larger welled up spread extended widened augmented increased broadened mushroomed stretched straught thickened heightened dilated snowballed increased in size lengthened amplified built up made bigger spread out made larger developt developed burgeoned intensified bourgeoned padded bulked multiplied escalated magnified built deepened waxed enhanced upsurged become larger boosted improved gotten bigger got bigger enriched tumefied intumesced supplemented filled become wider got larger made wider become broader eked out become bigger made broader beefed up proliferated mounted accumulated appreciated climbed accelerated gained boomed added to blown up blew up rolled up become large got to started to be became larger reinforced strengthened elongated supersized added compounded become distended protuberated fortified breadthened jumboized supplied buttressed topped subsidized built on become bloated become thicker subsidised slapped on made thicker increased in weight stretched out jazzed up mounted up bulged out protracted tacked on hiked heated up become longer souped up opened out padded out became bigger pyramided stepped up het up bulked up became broader fattened up bolstered prolonged made longer become deeper opened up became wider rounded out filled up topped up made greater pumped up rounded off piled up made deeper fleshed out clumb clomb grew full grown full became large gotten to stuffed added fuel to fire became bloated became distended gotten taller got taller drew out drawn out became longer became thicker grew bigger became deeper grown bigger


Past tense for swell or protrude to an incongruous extent
bulged swelled swoll swollen bagged projected protruded ballooned bellied expanded jutted distended dilated stuck out beetled billowed bloated bunched enlarged inflated overhung poked pooched pouched pouted puffed up stood out started ballooned out ballooned up domed intumesced puffed out swelled out swollen out tumefied bilged blobbed extruded jutted out protuberated sagged bugged out popped out projected outward filled bulged out spread extended mushroomed billowed out bellied out become larger puffed blew up blown up risen rose bagged out rolled surged pitched bounced plumped fattened tost tossed became larger engorged rolled upward become bloated rounded out swelled up welled up pumped up become swollen become inflated become distended grown grew risen up rose up blown out blew out became bloated swollen up became inflated became distended became swollen poked out obtruded popped loomed extended beyond hung out impended hung over thrusted out lengthened beetled over pointed come through pushed out loomed out cast a shadow stuck up pooched out butted out pouched out caught the wind come out protended outthrusted showed pushed emerged bulked cantilevered sticked out over extended over projected over protruded over jutted over peeked prolonged lapped over portended stood out over overtopped commanded endangered jutted out over elongated loomed over held out bulged over showed up came through impended over bulged out over cantilevered out poked out over stretched out dangled over flapped over drooped over cantilevered out over stuck out like a sore thumb towered above came out shown ridden over rode over went beyond gone beyond risen above swung over swang over rose above

Trái nghĩa của filled out

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