Đồng nghĩa của protuberated


Past tense for to bulge outward, producing a rounded protuberance
protruded jutted projected poked extruded pouched swelled swollen ballooned distended bagged beetled bellied billowed blobbed bilged bloated dilated enlarged expanded overhung stuck out bugged out popped out stood out puffed out bulged extended pouted jutted out poked out bulged out obtruded pooched started bunched loomed extended beyond impended popped swelled out hung out pointed hung over lengthened beetled over loomed out cast a shadow stuck up pooched out butted out pouched out swollen out cantilevered peeked emerged bulked thrusted out prolonged lapped over sticked out over extended over projected over protruded over jutted over elongated puffed up inflated portended stood out over overtopped commanded endangered jutted out over loomed over bulged over stuck sticked ballooned out ballooned up filled out domed intumesced tumefied showed up sagged projected outward come through stretched out dangled over flapped over impended over drooped over cantilevered out over stuck out like a sore thumb bulged out over cantilevered out poked out over pushed out towered above ridden over rode over came through went beyond gone beyond risen above swung over swang over rose above filled mushroomed hanged hung spread drooped billowed out flopped flapped plumped fattened protended outthrusted swelled up bellied out become larger welled up rose risen hung loosely come out caught the wind dropped swagged lolled grown grew showed pushed fermented puffed bagged out blown up blew up rolled surged lopped pitched bounced swollen up dipped tumbled tost tossed became larger engorged held out curved down leaned hung down dangled leant rolled upward become bloated become swollen rounded out become inflated become distended came out shown grew larger grown larger risen up rose up fell unevenly fallen unevenly blown out blew out became bloated became swollen became inflated became distended

Trái nghĩa của protuberated

protuberated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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