Đồng nghĩa của protuberate


To make larger in physical size, or increase the capacity of
enlarge expand extend inflate swell dilate distend balloon widen bloat broaden bulge stretch fatten lengthen tumefy intumesce elongate thicken pad bulk jumboize puff up blow up fill out make larger make bigger become bigger become wider increase in size make wider become broader grow larger make broader become deeper become longer become thicker make deeper make longer make thicker grow bigger increase augment puff out amplify develop fill grow boost spread heighten add to build up compound billow escalate multiply supersize pump up mushroom magnify belly open become larger raise accelerate aggrandize stoke hype up protrude rise burgeon bourgeon project snowball swell up jut bag poke pouch beetle overhang stick out bilge swell out stand out supplement spread out puff prolong protract diversify wax get bigger beef up bunch start pout pooch stretch out unfold bulk up extrude bulge out branch out blob make greater round out fatten up bug out pop out overstate exaggerate aerate enhance distort plump ferment blow out well up fill up pump proliferate become bloated magnify importance climb appreciate mount gain accumulate boom top up pull out outspread open up roll up increase in scope scale up balloon out dome balloon up ream get wider put on weight gain weight get plump jut out be prominent sag stuff become more numerous open out be full to bursting project outward be swollen broaden one's horizons extend one's operations become distended span hike upsurge bolster pyramid flesh out get larger cover range unroll continue open wide soup up tack on slap on reach branch be unbroken burst forth belly out billow out be inflated obtrude poke out pop loom extend beyond hang impend thrust out be imminent push out hang out droop flop flap outthrust protend point hang over beetle over come through butt out shoot out loom out stick up hang loosely pooch out pouch out come out emerge catch the wind show up bag out show push roll surge stick hold out cantilever bounce pitch toss ride over lap over go beyond engorge rise up peek be conspicuous roll upward become swollen become inflated lop jut over protrude over stick out over extend over project over stick out like a sore thumb drop portend stand out over overtop endanger bulge over jut out over loom over command loll swag bulge out over impend over cantilever out poke out over tower above flap over droop over be suspended rise above swing over dangle over cast a shadow cantilever out over dip tumble dangle hang down lean curve down fall unevenly

Trái nghĩa của protuberate

protuberate Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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