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Alternative for outspread

outspread /'aut'spred/
  • tính từ
    • căng rộng ra, trải rộng ra, xoè rộng ra
    • phổ biến rộng rãi (tin tức...)
    • danh từ
      • sự căng rộng ra, sự trải rộng ra, sự xoè rộng ra
      • sự lan tràn, sự bành trướng, sự phổ biến rộng rãi
      • dải (đất...)
      • động từ outspread
        • căng rộng ra, trải rộng ra, xoè rộng ra
        • lan tràn, bành trướng, phổ biến rộng rãi


      Having a great width
      wide broad extensive spacious open vast ample extended expansive great immense uncrowded voluminous sizable generous enormous roomy spread out large huge sizeable widespread sweeping expanded big rolling capacious outstretched rambling boundless commodious comfortable immeasurable thick fat latitudinous beamy far reaching wide physically substantial cavernous spacey airy abundant infinite deep wide open bountiful plentiful liberal yawning comprehensive full palatial gaping endless chasmal limitless overflowing plenteous rich bounteous lavish countless rife teeming bumper innumerable abounding copious opulent plenty aplenty profuse myriad heavy considerable superabundant prolific galore cornucopian flush inexhaustible lank a gogo thick on the ground panoramic slouchy loose-fitting high-ceilinged dilatable distensible expandable luxuriant rank sufficient splayed abysmal no end of mucho convenient loose in abundance unenclosed exposed wide-ranging hollow thorough sepulchral undeveloped unsheltered unfenced inclusive all-embracing unfathomable dark high wide-open uncluttered bare far-reaching gloomy echoing reverberant sunken concave resonant dismal expanding stretching inflatable rangy swelling elastic far-flung dilating unbuilt-up unspoilt alveolate deep-set chambered socketed cavelike curved inward interdisciplinary extendable enlargeable distending multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary stretchy scopious unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed dilatant spread-out scopic removed not built-up unrestricted munificent decent enough and to spare no end more than enough


      To an overwhelming, or broad extent
      wide overwhelming broad sweeping widespread immense universal full latitudinous overarching outstretched comprehensive all-encompassing far-reaching extensive expansive deep rangy far-flung wide-ranging extended thorough expanded enlarged inclusive widened large-scale scopious scopic spread rife prevalent epidemic pervasive wholesale worldwide pervading global rampant ubiquitous prevailing pandemic exhaustive permeating predominant blanket complete international overall omnipresent inescapable total boundless diffuse general common popular preponderate unlimited thoroughgoing absolute unrestricted catholic out-and-out all-inclusive on a large scale all-out all-round wall-to-wall all-embracing all-around across-the-board across the board all over the place encyclopedic in-depth compendious umbrella whole encyclopaedic radical entire panoramic embracive all-in significant eclectic interdisciplinary multidisciplinary broad-ranging cross-disciplinary cyclopedic omnibus broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged without exception copious thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective overstated bird's-eye generalised exaggerated overdrawn indiscriminate aggregate integrated catchall wholistic maximal replete in toto ball-of-wax catch-all all together with everything included all-together broad-brush one-size-fits-all generic rounded gross unmitigated big picture full-blown full-on holistic panoptic everything all encompassing broad in content including all members including all categories important long-range long-term momentous profound ambitious major life-changing consequential influential far-ranging weighty of moment of significance of great import of consequence full-scale detailed coast-to-coast nationwide countrywide clean grand encircling containing comprising intact infinite integral discursive plenary perfect ample synoptic compleat in depth the works of great scope the whole shebang the big picture lock stock and barrel


      To increase in size, amount or degree
      extend expand enlarge increase magnify accelerate aggrandize amplify augment boost compound escalate hype multiply open pad raise swell dilate heighten stoke supersize up beef up add to build up pump up make bigger make greater make larger intensify enhance broaden develop grow inflate spread widen reinforce strengthen snowball mushroom step up mount balloon improve proliferate rise burgeon wax climb bourgeon build elevate accumulate lengthen stretch advance fill out supplement aggravate exacerbate jack up consolidate hike up deepen distend appreciate redouble thicken lift boom gain worsen roll up increment hike make worse bump up blow up accentuate upgrade fatten amp up embellish increase in size inflame sprawl crank up expand on elaborate further spread out exaggerate build on embroider flesh out maximize puff up maximise shoot up bolster refine enlarge on make better bloat elaborate on fortify emphasize soar protract surge top up get bigger pyramid go up become larger fill exalt ameliorate emphasise add puff out intensate progress double expatiate on sharpen add detail to add flesh to bulge enrich prolong perfect pump polish encourage become bigger spiral parlay rocket mount up mark up rouse grow larger soup up become wider make longer put flesh on the bones of straggle ascend triple bulk uprise tumefy elongate arise intumesce better amass scale up tack on slap on unfold fuel skyrocket foster expatiate upsurge get larger spread untidily sweeten make wider leap increase in scope put flesh on pile up branch out stress become more numerous open up jump open out pick up add fuel to turn up expand upon tone up buttress push up speed up run up jump up put up pull out crank something up optimize highlight diversify become distended accrue promote manifold aggregate gather annex get taller increase in weight flesh something out stroke reenforce upraise deteriorate scale bulk up increase exponentially teem swarm underline surge up get higher follow up upscale collect ratchet up pullulate jack uplift pile cultivate nurture stimulate tend stuff bold optimise annexe enforce send up creep radiate overflow complicate fan the flames of advertise revitalize advertize confound confuse ream get wider get stronger grow in stock up bulge out become bloated concentrate explode leap up ramp up grow full get to become large hot up become worse overstate broaden one's horizons extend one's operations piggyback goose up fetch up send through the roof start to be be enlarged be stepped up be extended be magnified be increased be amplified rally revitalise go from bad to worse evolve detail go through the roof billow stack up add fuel to the flames tillow increase rapidly increase dramatically increase suddenly round out add fuel to the fire shore up buck up boost up propagate rub salt in the wound keep burning mend rekindle feed stir poke dramatize overplay make intricate make complex add insult to injury improve on fatten up make louder garnish pervade diffuse overdo overestimate tag on quicken gain strength open wide hyperbolize overemphasize give details lighten spike darken brighten whet point accent touch up cram dramatise surcharge overemphasise sweep circulate upthrust jut amplify upon stoke up pile on heat up set off add fuel heap on drive up stretch one's wings swell up make a big thing out of spread one's wings blow out of all proportion stretch the truth blow up out of all proportion spread across uprear aspire reach pour it on put fuel on spill over spread through upturn spread like wildfire stab dart thrust roll out spread like lightning be dispersed be scattered spread irregularly harden toughen steel stretch out reach out grow greater protuberate hearten stiffen renew vitalize support invigorate restore jumboize establish confirm cement substantiate inure nourish rejuvenate indurate harshen justify season sustain give strength to give a boost to corroborate sinew set up tone envigorate buoy up brace up empower add fuel to fire make firm give new energy to regenerate gee up make healthy make stronger become broader make broader become thicker make thicker become deeper become longer make deeper grow bigger

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