Đồng nghĩa của all in

Tính từ

Providing all amenities, benefits or perquisites in a single package
global inclusive total overall all-inclusive comprehensive complete full exhaustive thorough encyclopedic universal compendious embracive in-depth cyclopedic all-in all-embracing omnibus encyclopaedic cover-all broad-gauge panoramic broad-gauged extensive broad sweeping all-encompassing wide-ranging blanket general whole across-the-board detailed far-reaching thoroughgoing catholic wall-to-wall grand overarching umbrella widespread entire all-out across the board all-around wide expansive in depth careful unlimited interdisciplinary cross-disciplinary multidisciplinary absolute all-round unrestricted full-scale intensive meticulous profound out-and-out broad-ranging clean painstaking intact perfect radical discursive integral plenary ample full-blown large-scale broad-brush compleat panoptic bird's-eye deep elaborate unbounded panned considered diligent scrupulous unabridged rigorous aggregate integrated searching wholistic maximal replete catchall sedulous rounded vast in toto ball-of-wax catch-all all together without exception with everything included all-together efficient definitive minute common big picture full-on holistic copious abundant plentiful adequate plenteous systematic leaving no stone unturned blow-by-blow itemized long choate uncut most largest itemised worldwide omnipresent ubiquitous whole-hog full-dress from A to Z no stone unturned the word international broad-based pervasive collective prevalent pandemic pervading generic thorough-going encyclopaedical encyclopedical permeating cosmopolitan ecumenical wholesale inescapable rampant eclectic unanimous multinational mundane regular worldly astronomical diffuse accepted one-size-fits-all all-over coast-to-coast nationwide countrywide encircling containing comprising of great scope infinite lock stock and barrel the whole shebang synoptic the works the big picture encompassing outright extended utter rangy indiscriminate unqualified far-flung gross undivided unbroken categorical unmitigated particular consummate unconditional pure specific major popular undiminished predominant particularized mass downright serious exact definite circumstantial arrant sheer concentrated categoric large fair straight-out dreadful rife broad-spectrum extreme combined varied unimpaired unblemished severe particularised significant scopic prevailing real violent right rank proper unadulterated faultless stark assiduous unalloyed plumb flat simple planetary liberal customary company-wide usual cosmic bodacious blooming precise overwhelming wide-reaching full-length in one piece composite flat-out explicit boundless ruling cotton-picking positive scopious all conscientious outspread royal finished seamless far-ranging sound unified immense stone diverse dead intense uncondensed deadly very standard undisputed crashing diversified blank conclusive epidemic national unreduced supreme expanded untouched maximum unabbreviated methodical vigorous undamaged main principal majority deep-dyed full-fledged fierce unflawed mixed accurate public elaborated determined full-out received resolute great seriatim unmarred drastic big sizable all-purpose unrestrained unmarked everywhere nonspecific desperate stringent all-pervading uninterrupted draconian forceful heavy veritable generalised generalized protracted uncompromising whole enchilada whole nine yards considerable excessive limitless state mainstream all over the place surpassing ordinary established inviolate influential stock solid conventional through and through full-bore in circulation dyed-in-the-wool in vogue right-down soup to nuts clocklike tough all the way plenty slam-bang enlarged balanced resounding unambiguous emphatic final broadly-based rich profuse lavish systemwide everything widened full-spectrum plenipotentiary one-to-one life-size true thoroughpaced sufficient master non-specific non-sectarian non-denominational unifying open vague spread uneaten continuous bodywide impeccable unshortened unspoiled overdrawn unselective exaggerated overstated earnest unconfined intercontinental huge satisfying personal immediate unmistaken broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted prize basic nonexclusive latitudinous endless technical preponderate lengthy world key central primary intricate experienced broad in content including all members including all categories important ultimate unequivocal consolidated in detail flexible undogmatic well-rounded totalitarian unreserved massive humongous bulk quantitative whole-length full-blooded hook line and sinker added outstretched exclusive momentous all-comprehensive meaningful substantial unspecified hazy nebulous obscure relentless on a large scale advanced ultra iconoclastic hefty general-purpose open-minded world-wide unspecialized multiculti unprejudiced airtight revolutionary dedicated expert focused functional all-in-one quorate firsthand penetrating direct completed accumulated non-selective organic indivisible celestial empyrean terrestrial stellar unexclusive statewide indeterminate receptive charitable in quantity in bulk bulletproof taken as a whole inveterate blatant life-changing ambitious unexpurgated one-piece essential elemental fully constituted overt brazen systemic in the mass inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating swelling specialized focussed specialised weighty consequential purposeful regional special intimate wall to wall barefaced naked flagrant ubiquitary concerted spacious extendable stretchy voluminous enlargeable distending root-and-branch obvious glaring undiluted shameless top-to-bottom corporate collected immoderate harsh marked of moment of significance heterogeneous current all-encompassing all-embracing first-hand strenuous demanding all-absorbing intensified roomy dilatant spread-out capacious expansile unsuppressed sprawling unrepressed average shared orthodox interstate studious of consequence of great import specially designed communal joint wonted close cumulative assembled unscathed many-sided assorted developed set in every respect through-and-through routine flawless uninjured unharmed all over the country from Land's End to John O'Groats unstinted true-blue existing explosive heavy-duty vehement excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure terrible frightful hellacious blistering furious keen acute ferocious almighty fearful miscellaneous multifarious enumerated finicky scatheless unviolated undefiled vulgar habitual typical natural societal commonplace far-stretched far-spread whole schmear before tax without end whole ball of wax in sum wide-extending far-going widely distributed before deductions whole shebang wide-stretching far-extending optimum unremitting fashionable heaped amassed piled summative authoritative point-by-point virgin unhurt piebald raggle-taggle ragtag magpie manifold non-exclusive motley patchwork multifaceted kitchen-sink promiscuous selective in force middle-of-the-road widely held persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up commonest unmutilated together unsevered unspoilt at length dilettantish recognized going predominating acknowledged all-pervasive very common all-present ever-present present everywhere unsullied pristine operative dominant preponderating multiform mingled indiscrete imperforate familiar preponderant by the numbers in style regnant fundamental in fashion recognised steady normal scholarly well researched all in one piece well reasoned well informed well argued most usual most frequent

Tính từ

Having no power or energy left
exhausted tired weary bushed whacked worn out tired out dead beat spent fatigued drained beat wearied worn worn-out dead knackered pooped limp bleary tuckered out wiped out played out prostrate done washed-out aweary beaten burned-out tapped out jaded logy burnt-out done in loggy dog-tired shattered worn to a frazzle enervated ready to drop debilitated sapped dead tired fagged out frazzled wasted done for bone-weary effete run-down prostrated shot zonked weakened had it weak kaput knocked out clapped out jiggered jet-lagged out on one's feet outta gas sleepy bone-tired fagged fordone fried crippled shagged out worn-down on your last legs bushwhacked whipped stonkered wabbit washed out disabled toilworn rooted zonked out rundown burned out asleep on one's feet weariful fit to drop puffing puffed breathless panting gasping puffed out out of breath puffing and blowing gasping for breath whacked out running on empty overtired done up depleted burnt out far-gone drowsy creamcrackered dead on one's feet enfeebled strained haggard tuckered flagging low drooping languid flat listless out of gas used up drawn careworn gaunt hollow-cheeked hollow-eyed wan pinched pasty-faced ashen pale peaky blanched consumed asleep collapsing droopy overworked hacked dragging wiped-out extremely tired languorous run down etiolated wiped on last leg dog tired very tired groggy run ragged played-out gone done with lacklustre tired-out lackluster over-tired sick taxed somnolent worn down bored like death warmed up unwell stressed out in poor health without energy lethargic infirm languishing lackadaisical feeble dog-weary lassitudinous dead-tired bedraggled dead-beat dropping blasé faint empty overused narcoleptic overtaxed finished petered out low-energy bleary-eyed broken-down blown used done-in sluggish asthenic frail slight soft down-and-out unhealthy bare wimpish unsubstantial softened delicate tender wimpy emptied decrepit incapacitated destitute bankrupt raddled out dissipated below par unsteady stressed tense devoid at an end sickly ailing fraught sallow vacant expended void through lost vitiated anemic shaky anaemic destroyed washed-up under the weather out of condition hindered encumbered hampered wrinkled grim fretted all-in expired sleep deprived peaked torpid ill indisposed deathly undermined apathetic withered unnerved disbursed thrown away down the drain lacking in energy devitalized weak-kneed spineless bad rotten lousy duff dud deteriorated paralyzed rusty paralysed exasperated lumbering heavy impoverished squandered powerless down bedridden dry indolent inactive wooden inert run out declining off-color laid low laid-up gone to seed out of shape on the ropes bereft sick as a dog out of sorts a wreck out of commission out-of-action uptight weakly strengthless small scrawny helpless fragile adrenalized dilapidated tattered unkempt all gone emasculated disheveled dishevelled coarsened debauched lacking denuded deprived barren spindly weedy ruined taut without sans wanting doomed the worse for wear with sunken cheeks worse for wear under par in need wrecked debile defeated sunk devastated broken undone toast deficient in thwarted liquidated kaputt over with dead and buried over the hill washed up gone to the wall past it wound up

Tính từ

Feeling sleepy or lethargic
drowsy lethargic sluggish sleepy torpid listless languid tired languorous somnolent heavy dozy dopey slumberous lifeless snoozy comatose yawning fatigued nodding yawny slumbrous weary exhausted groggy drugged dozing dazed dopy knackered lazy restful heavy-eyed half asleep out of it dog-tired ready for bed dead beat done in half-asleep hardly able to keep one's eyes open inactive inert slothful slow idle apathetic enervated indolent dull passive lackadaisical dilatory slow-moving laggard draggy supine phlegmatic leaden unenergetic quiescent indifferent dormant laid-back dreamy hebetudinous stagnant moony lymphatic tardy slumbersome easy blah ponderous plodding lagging dawdling measured creeping slow-going leisurely crawling slack debilitated deliberate impassive snaillike lacking in energy delaying moderate loitering tortoiselike postponing procrastinating stupefied slow-paced oscitant sluggardly shiftless asthenic unhurried neurasthenic logy dead sleepyhead spiritless stupid stuporous having spring fever without energy gradual weak slow-footed numb benumbed unenthusiastic unresponsive narcotic relaxed lacklustre nebbish lackluster limp static fainéant insensible neb faineant spent asleep on one's feet soporific slumbery flat bleary-eyed asleep lax uninterested quiet depressed bovine motionless half-awake half awake insensitive languishing nodding off unproductive burned out sedentary somnific flagging sleepyheaded stiff down lumpish mooney sullen off sluggard drippy otiose pococurante Laodicean paralyzed sodden latent paralysed hibernating sleeping unconcerned droopy blahs pining energyless laid back inconscious cold out gentle steady sedate vegged out out cold tortoise-like unrushed laboured comfortable undemanding dead to the world out to lunch pokey dragging dallying leaden-footed snail-paced poking poky snail-like dillydallying laggy lollygagging late behindhand labored imperceptible remiss drained stretchy unmoving stolid wimpy shot wearied sapped lumbering dead tired worn out weakened wooden beat shattered pooped tired out kaput casual disinterested feeble easygoing do-nothing careless passionless half-hearted lukewarm slapdash inattentive peaceful nonchalant loafing insouciant easy-going faint sickly infirm uncaring still leisured unhasty lingering negligent incurious effete bloodless unfeeling unemotional slow and steady work-shy being lazy relaxing taking your time calm patient bone idle effortless spineless yielding vigorless vigourless vegetating acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant backward time-wasting unpunctual heedless chilled soporous soporose putting off tarrying unoccupied moratory problem neglectful unexciting uncurious abstracted unanimated offhand perfunctory seated desk desk-bound sitting aimless complacent wishy-washy bland vapid lacking energy slap-happy sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted daydreaming unmoved unkind coldhearted anaesthetic anesthetic emotionless easy going stationary cool stoical stoic spring fever uninvolved detached non-committal bored dispassionate settled deskbound undemonstrative unambitious impassible affectless cold-blooded unmotivated what the hell dispirited callous untouched could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less

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