Đồng nghĩa của current

Alternative for current


Đồng nghĩa: flow, happening, present, prevalent, stream,

Tính từ

Most recent or up-to-date
contemporary modern present present-day ongoing topical happening now up-to-date recent contemporaneous latest modernistic in the news new alive burning cutting-edge leading-edge live mod new age newfangled ultramodern red-hot space-age state-of-the-art up to date de nos jours up to the minute up-to-the-minute in the mainstream on front burner common knowledge hot designer relevant new-fashioned important just out pressing vital neoteric today contempo the latest instant popular pertinent novel fresh prevalent controversial active late newborn futuristic latter extant voguish existent abreast up of late hot off the fire hot off the press in fashion in vogue with it au courant a la mode hot off press young concurrent coincident automated synchronous coexistent simultaneous coexisting latter-day fashionable coincidental radical coetaneous surrealistic coeval hi-tech ultra modern coterminous newsworthy advanced coextensive nowaday synchronic avant-garde occurring recently mystic astrological occult balanced holistic planetary supernaturalist alternative spiritual appearing recently high-tech high-style timely dominant widespread running later trendy buzzworthy prevailing earnest circulating common nominal thematic subjective interesting debatable unsettled crystal healing Age of Aquarius far ahead far along well ahead well along critical urgent effective imperative crucial of current interest essential acute dire exigent significant compelling clamant importunate emergent pivotal major imperious necessitous crying clamorous climacteric lively of interest more recent

Tính từ

In common or general use
prevalent prevailing common popular accepted circulating widespread accustomed customary general rife conventional dominant established normal predominant preponderant recognised recognized regnant standard stock superior ubiquitous universal afoot rampant usual about going bruited about doing the rounds going around in circulation in general use in the air making the rounds talked of on everyone's lips ordinary typical regular traditional orthodox set familiar fashionable everyday mainstream expected acknowledged received commonplace average routine wonted pervasive ruling habitual frequent settled fixed regulation run-of-the-mill well-known endemic principal majority staple canonical time-honoured in vogue existing prescriptive vanilla classical household standard-issue time-honored extensive present main in force well worn shared central conformist overall chief supreme representative in style formal natural numerous in fashion typic widely held confirmed predictable archetypal public quotidian garden-variety unremarkable unexceptional prosaic basic workaday characteristic pivotal understood by the numbers cut-and-dried preeminent chronic cut-and-dry daily bog-standard proverbial long-established plain garden variety favoured lamestream in effect in thing latest extant modern contemporary ascendant core the order of the day around reigning favored middle-of-the-road primary great archetypical true in existence happening going on abroad boilerplate day-to-day one-size-fits-all valid ritual approved agreed prepotent ongoing tralatitious major sanctioned acceptable authorized stereotypical in established usage endorsed admitted generic constant commonest prime dominating vulgar foremost classic legendary famed notorious famous in use predominating touted prescribed mutual influential preponderating operative number-one focal pre-eminent tried and true tried and tested agreed upon preferred unopposed passed arrived at legit okayed authorised wont sop stipulated sweeping fundamental steady comprehensive catholic all-embracing worldwide ecumenical hackneyed common or garden stereotyped congruous adopted intermutual embraced united commutual well established traditionalist like across the board self-evident unquestioned axiomatic renowned standard operating procedure same old in the groove playing it safe according to Hoyle in a rut plastic matter-of-course grind white-bread simple so-so overused trite banal pandemic epidemic formulaic unoriginal derivative overworked platitudinous tired reputed infamous abundant global plentiful everywhere omnipresent corny hacky insidious pervading raging permeating inescapable penetrating immanent dull well known ready-made permeative permeant present everywhere suffusive readily available worn out old hat widely available worn-out profuse many thronged multitudinous humdrum mundane undistinguished pedestrian uneventful boring mediocre characterless a dime a dozen uninteresting old rooted plain vanilla unmemorable uninspired unexciting monotonous colourless indifferent nothing to write home about colorless persistent enduring nondescript fair deep-rooted garden middling no great shakes uninspiring ornery inveterate lasting proven recurring perennial ingrained long-lived OK lackluster lacklustre proper dreary tedious stale official bland age-old modest continual repeated unnoteworthy recurrent continuing second-rate tame inbred par for the course long-standing standardized historic tolerable passable not up to much homespun deep-seated drab ancient standardised medium unimaginative ineradicable unmitigated abiding inborn incurable ritualistic idiosyncratic nothing special repetitious obstinate stubborn lifelong unpretentious unvaried repetitive forgettable unabating domestic lowly terrestrial folk jejune ancestral ceaseless periodic inferior mean run-of-the-mine run-of-mine half-pie correct persisting tenacious continuous ever-present unyielding dime-a-dozen bog standard methodical certain distinctive appropriate insipid wearisome not much cop vintage obligatory protracted unimpressive quintessential sound mechanical inconspicuous tiresome right model adequate compulsory ho-hum insignificant permanent unvarying blah mandatory clichéd obvious moderate prototypical decent native homely broad humble slow doctrinal signature widely used nitty-gritty automatic total nowhere long-lasting ideal banausic determined fair-to-middling heavy second-class intermediate vested okay authoritative ten a penny fairish entrenched not so hot scheduled periodical straightforward definite nothing to get excited about defined family symptomatic favourite favorite taken for granted comfortable required old-world old-time well-established consistent stable distinguishing perfect traditionary chosen absolute iterated cyclic reiterative median consummate necessary exemplary traditionalistic old-fashioned collective inherent paradigmatic in character textbook definitive nothing undoubted systematic prolonged seasoned essential serious square practical casual informal habituated incessant undisputed immemorial perpetual plebeian prosy ponderous stodgy suburban emblematic de rigueur only to be expected stuffy numbing innate inconsequential arid leaden jading flat amateurish amateur satisfactory lingering dragging prototypal dusty monochromatic stupid dry mind-numbing run of the mill two a penny bush-league not bad true to form O.K. timeworn fair to middling sustained true to type middle of the road all right diurnal fitting explicit precise respected discreet orderly diagnostic venerable seasonal long-drawn-out OB express exact gut default unspectacular known acquired honored what one would expect familial in-between usual thing long-winded dead ho hum big yawn time-worn overdone well-worn derived annoying irritating decided acquainted next presentational trivial domiciliary uncontested statutory legal lawful canonic given used mimetic honoured samey unsophisticated staid arranged specified immortal ageless cornball dime-store vexatious boresome mimic recognizable predetermined remaining ceremonial serviceable reiterated played out starch homey home lacking variety lacking variation timeless imitative appointed no-frills anonymous workday unadventurous good local recognisable unimportant prearranged apish allowed certified permitted supported legalized affirmed ratified backed validated OK'd superabundant inevitable familiar tune boiler plate severe whitebread jake drawn-out spun-out haunting useless highbrow irrelevant paltry inconsiderable ultimate unmistakable symbolic hard-core deep bred-in-the-bone deep-set intrenched unavoidable unforgettable memorable undying deathless mass wide slavish unending acute dangerous anaemic pointless immaterial piddling worthless random cyclical continued individual legalised planned of choice in the habit of common variety matter-of-fact practised long-term addicting disciplined perfunctory practiced iterative foreseeable indicative anticipated foreseen reliable whatever meaningless symphonic concert heavyweight not very good epigonous epigonic empty gray grey congenital irredeemable anemic recommended assigned cheap and commonplace likely unsurprising assured overarching national blanket communal joint outright reoccurring dire alarming extreme grave peculiar canned individualistic cliched out-and-out complete utter wearying drudging tiring weary at his best at its best at her best conservative dyed-in-the-wool made official vouched for sworn radicated adamant non-specific indurated emulative in keeping of little importance of no consequence of no importance of little consequence not worth mentioning of no great concern of no account businesslike rolling repeating successive blending into the background unpreventable ineluctable societal wholesale nationwide special respective particular personal own distinct never-ending thoroughgoing royal real arrant positive thorough to be expected bromidic toneless lifeless treadmill dim monotone plodding methodic rigid considerable broad-brush broad-spectrum across-the-board all-round all-around imitable copybook oft repeated ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down buttoned-down mossbacked old-line standpat die-hard paleoconservative hidebound old-school brassbound archconservative … all over on the cards midway middle full specific generous tidy significant appreciable marked noticeable goodly sizable worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish medial mid dinki-di kosher lusterless actual practicable yawn clean pabulum diddly zero irksome prose halfway intermediary respectable reasonable straight pious legitimate religious punctilious rightful unmistaken neutral midsized midmost midsize mediate identifying robot-like bien pensant par unlimited celestial all all-over unrestricted stellar cosmic multinational planetary cosmopolitan diffuse all-inclusive empyrean worldly whole astronomical in line straight arrow medium-sized middle-sized officially recognized old-style matter-of- fact unnoticeable discriminating identifiable secure unshakable according to the book ample sufficient goodish intensive done no big deal up to standard good enough pretty good comme il faut socially obligatory a must conforming to accepted standards called for au fait most usual most frequent most important most common most typical

Tính từ

Characteristic of or influenced by modern trends or styles
fashionable in trendy latest modern popular up-to-date a la mode chic contemporary designer faddish hot modish new-fashioned popularised popularized progressive recent sexy stylish trendsetting voguish in vogue culty in fashion newfangled red-hot du jour up-to-the-minute new mod now present-day happening all the rage up to the minute state-of-the-art fresh with it hip cool smart modernistic in style ultramodern fly faddy natty swank au courant in-thing favored space-age chichi new age advanced up to date favoured swanky snazzy dashing big avant-garde newest prevailing last word latest thing upscale kicky tony with-it well-liked latter-day usual rakish genteel sharp a go-go swinging vogue snappy swish spiffy exclusive customary swell supercool sassy cutting-edge favorite cutting edge prevalent favourite bang up to date posh ultra-modern modern-day kicking leading-edge neoteric trig in thing leading edge high-tech pop large crowd-pleasing novel nifty groovy innovative classy funky present schmick brand-new present-time elegant on fleek all the go modernized flash modernised revolutionary forward-looking innovatory updated nouvelle hi-tech sophisticated just out à la mode dapper dressy today futuristic styleworthy twenty-first-century sought-after immediate late in favour 21st-century in demand leading de rigueur radical topical def hep downtown turned-on swagger in favor ground-breaking groundbreaking pioneering newly discovered recently developed never-before-seen brand new just released well-heeled expensive today's gimmicky youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest hippest extant concurrent coincident concomitant contempo high-class high-toned glamorous timely last-word the new massive unique ongoing desired down celebrated good breakthrough just issued quite recent big thing ritzy nontraditional attractive hot off the press de nos jours twenty- first century trim flattering high-fashion understated tasteful debonair wanted preferred legendary desirable liked well-known complex landmark forward future le dernier cri fad chi-chi craze go-ahead hot off press latest fad dernier cri new look latest fashion latest wrinkle in the mainstream commercially successful successful widespread stylin' contemporaneous plugged-in well-groomed well turned-out well put together well-dressed dap clean in with it ahead of its time twenty-first century on the cutting edge in the latest style immediately prior just completed just done immediately prior to just finished cosmopolitan gnarly trailblazing avant forefront highly developed SOTA spruce neat beautiful polished dressed to kill fine graceful as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox slick jaunty sleek well turned out refined well-presented handsome plush suave fancy well dressed urbane charming uptown showy crisp presentable cultivated grand cultured sumptuous exquisite flashy well-turned-out lovely ornate fashionably dressed besuited clever dainty ingenious ostentatious prim jazzy stunning dress upmarket elaborate appealing luxurious smooth artistic groomed pretty restrained well-designed opulent delicate discerning sporty courtly well groomed comely majestic smartly dressed gay becoming stately aesthetic knowledgeable tidy cute well-tailored classic knowing in good taste gorgeous clean-cut esthetic dressed to the nines dressed to the teeth well-bred undercool wicked handy well-made fashion-conscious couturial impressive on trend soigne streamlined excellent distinctive first-class deluxe swishy comfortable offbeat swaggy flippant shiny exciting aerodynamic flowing bling with style fancy-pants pretentious steezy fetching bang up-to-date breezy raffish uncluttered simple crucial well-off gracious pizazzy splashy pizzazzy enhancing spick and span dolled up soigné spiffed-up spivvy dandy spiffing class flamboyant colorful bright loud spruced up saucy confident dressed up to the nines agreeable colourful bandbox nobby spry spiff snug doggy nimble brisk dignified pleasant dressed up looking sharp neat and tidy casual distinguished foxy inviting alluring awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy versed informed apprehensive aware turned out in high feather dressed to nines select noble decorous choice switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to well-chosen devil-may-care rare ornamented affected overdone august superior recherche aristocratic stylized in the know immaculate decent spotless hospitable worldly worldly-wise suitable orderly adorable good-looking welcoming enlightened experienced svelte civilized jet-set intelligent citified blasé erudite mondaine civilised mature worldly wise been around media-savvy world-weary discriminating harmonious fastidious pleasing fit sensitive fitting quiet rich unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical precise subdued aesthetically pleasing most recent

Tính từ

Actually being or existing
real actual existent concrete factual true tangible palpable corporeal genuine material physical intrinsic legitimate non-fictional non-fictitious veridical bodily effective historical indubitable living substantial substantive unimaginary unimagined valid corporal de facto embodied evident existing firm incarnate irrefutable live perceptible positive present rightful sensible solid sound dinkum authentic objective certain bona fide absolute verifiable unquestionable very indisputable veritable definite realistic carnal categorical sure-enough undeniable confirmed legit hard clear fleshly verified visible accurate earthly honest tactile touchable undoubted phenomenal manifest certified demonstrable somatic kosher credible mortal incontrovertible documented animal unmistakable literal fact-based human conclusive attested temporal worldly unequivocal for real precise reliable unambiguous secular faithful proper cogent truthful correct nonfictional documentary natural well-founded clear-cut matter-of-fact logical convincing authoritative honest-to-goodness incontestable definitive circumstantial good proven mundane noticeable plain compelling sheer detectable unembellished established substantiated exact non-spiritual sublunary appreciable terrestrial unvarnished measurable obvious unexaggerated earthborn terrene earthbound quantifiable anatomical unadulterated patent confirmable sure decisive plausible certifiable fleshy fair authenticated persuasive unerring gross on the level unqualified sure enough word for word nonfiction out-and-out empirical provable tactual biographical down-to-earth pure sensual honest-to-god discernible distinct express especial quantitative empiric of this world striking observable intelligible profound deep intense twenty-four-carat nonspiritual lay inescapable demonstrated perceivable existential observational experiential experimental organic normal unspiritual biological simple explicit real live honest-to-God straight official assured materialistic ponderable strict unfailing infallible guaranteed corroborated well defined inevitable honest to God bare foolproof irrevocable chronicled considerable well documented gospel stark straightforward undistorted veracious fixed recognized surefire doubtless resolute for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up sure-thing really-truly well-grounded decided significant narrow archival secure determinate fundamental essential lifelike unadorned detailed reasonable transparent recognised inerrant questionless safe failsafe recorded verbatim apparent unembroidered written usual verbal ordinary scrupulous critical methodical justifiable admissible just strong forceful demonstrative veristic verisimilar unconditional unbiased unprejudiced scientific fail-safe in the bag sure-fire can't-miss as sure as eggs is eggs set in stone supportable coherent tenable sincere sustainable acceptable reasoned defensible sober unarguable dependable not figurative historic commemorated classical historial antique important trusty appropriate grounded justified pragmatic lucid warranted believable congruent warrantable viable workable true-to-life weighty irrefragable true-life card-carrying emphatic unassailable understandable rational accepted resounding telling it like it is straight from horse's mouth as it really happened serious pukka in truth acknowledged beyond doubt beyond question well grounded beyond dispute one hundred per cent

Tính từ

Aware of what is going on
au courant acquainted conversant familiar abreast of up with abreast apprised of at home informed in touch knowledgeable knowledgeable about up up to date up-to-date versed well-informed au fait aware of down enlightened about plugged into well informed about aware clued up about clued up on cognizant enlightened genned up about hip to in the know about no stranger to up-to-the-minute well up on well versed in wise to au parfum switched on to up on up to speed in the know conscious plugged in savvy switched-on versant clued-up tuned in expert experienced skilled knowing apprised sussed mindful clued up genned up with it in the loop cognizant of in on educated understanding sensible well-read competent proficient sentient alive witting apprehensive familiar with well informed in the picture at home with schooled learned well-versed posted alive to plugged-in acquainted with well versed ware grounded genned up on kept posted on to au courant with used to versed in au fait with sensible of alert to intelligent erudite sophisticated across alert instructed seasoned watchful attentive percipient perceptive practiced accustomed apprized well briefed filled in awake to awake introduced sure clued in on at ease with on the beam on the ball practised well up in skilled in sensitive to proficient in experienced in regardful of observing observant recognizant of conversant with ware of hep to down with vigilant keen well-educated skillful skilful well-grounded well-briefed well instructed in having your finger on the pulse trained up to snuff confident on top of things capable in control confident with competent at appreciative with a knowledge of prescient well-rounded with-it switched on with an understanding of omniscient tuned-in leet privy sensible to up to date with judicious advised cognizant in familiarised familiarized noting remarking responsive to discerning perceiving mindful of recognising able to recognize seized of wide-awake apperceptive certain recognizing clued-up on noticing percipient of assured plugged in to clued in clever brilliant bright smart sharp brainy great into informed about hep cool comprehending hip slick careful dynamite well versed top-shelf hot stellar top-notch thoughtful wary respectful practised in up to speed on up to date on perfect in heedful chary regardful primed conscious of on the job on one's toes chary of conscientious cautious wary of solicitous be up on know ins and outs with eyes peeled careful of watchful of cagey know all the answers observative heedful of illuminated literate briefed cultured well educated abreast of the facts sage sagacious well-acquainted appraised cluey clued recognizant scholarly lettered intellectual shrewd astute academic cultivated bookish literary highbrow canny acute studious civilized worldly cunning urbane unprovincial calculating qualified pedantic wise esoteric recondite insightful wily widely read donnish well read cerebral sapient perspicacious genius quick solid philosophical abstruse philosophic accomplished deep civilised sound polymath solemn scientific grave studied pansophic professorial sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise having been around quick-witted

Danh từ

The general mood, character or attitude of something or someone
tone style character feel quality air mood note spirit attitude effect vein drift grain manner temper approach tenor aspect complexion fashion flavor flavour frame mode nature trend ambiance atmosphere clay colours colors constitution genius gist humor humour personality tendency condition habit self strain feeling aura ambience climate vibrations vibe impression disposition smell suggestion odor odour stamp halo property temperament essence karma patina aroma nimbus semblance sense look tinge overtone element way cast color undertone colour appearance hint emanation environment touch individuality makeup make-up bearing identity subcurrent background soul vibes inclination demeanour persona characteristic demeanor bent kind type outlook frame of mind traits undercurrent mould guise meaning streak timbre mien affectation mold individualism surroundings echo sort psyche attributes mind substance presence kidney method attribute energy significance peculiarity colouring context key shade state of mind turn milieu ambient procedure suspicion tincture trace technique countenance comportment deportment feature heart ilk address coloring trait form mentality qualities mark features ethos setting distinction behaviour hallmark state leaning situation behavior course mettle particularity being emotions posture selfhood feather fingerprint backdrop affection process degree specialty singularity speciality stripe essential quality conduct implication actions system nuance whiff strand ring scene hue variety geste gest taste emotional state expression shape glow persuasion indication quintessence belief mannerism practice genre locution front mental state spirits feelings intention description component facet purport methodology self-identity purpose intent phraseology cheer set idiosyncrasy quirk earmark calibre custom trademark diagnostic criterion faculty specific attribution point morale stuff core caliber differentia marker virtue characteristics badge oddity penchant turn of mind sum and substance modus operandi cast of mind thing typical feature vagary class movement scent force facade tint pattern circumstances conditions importance reminiscence reverberation connotation intimation association exterior façade intonation inflection brand space ch'i chi ki modality tang wave zeitgeist seeming fibre dimension embodiment mise en scene breed druthers habit of mind orientation symptom proclivity selfness selfdom insinuation smack innuendo image manifestation outline inflexion representation scale essential foible fiber like person's character thumbprint bag endowment lineament originality mind-set carriage theme secondary meaning inference hidden meaning murmur mental condition inner nature mindset perspective standing burden gradation subtlety resonance refinement nicety thread import standard lifeblood ethic principle poise pose port stand display way of being path message aim direction thrust temporary psychological state ego person oneself action decorum acts deeds manners habits I fundamental nature dominating characteristic prevailing tendency evolution body course of thought pith run meat view opinion plan means intellect motivating force animating principle graduation variation shading modulation activities delivery morals dealings sentiment quiddity essentiality routine proprium personal inner man egocentrism identical substantive narcissism myself own individual individualization soupçon shadow dash ethics convention etiquette judgment thoughts basic characteristics wise status mechanism channels book rule modus psychology inner person inner woman inner self innermost feelings viewpoint judgement make mannerisms seemliness talk code savoir-faire tenue speech propriety tact detail constituent inherent attributes inherent qualities inherent characteristics heart of hearts conviction notion ability side ingredient factor nuts and bolts fine distinction subtle difference subtle distinction essential qualities inherent features basic attributes basic features essential attributes basic qualities essential features essential characteristics uniqueness properties distinctiveness angle slant way of thinking liking verdict regard determination eye impulse point of view observation way of life social graces what's done bottom line nature of beast name of game name of tune complex mystique estimation sign power differential highlight mores marked traits crasis order formula recipe strategy tactics usage tack ipseity eccentricity oneness singleness symbol position value structure stature capacity standpoint separateness figure build stance face thinking existence design token worth merit philosophy integrity difference identification arrangement headset savor eminence savour discreteness unlikeness rarity unity singularness dissimilarity independence seity predilection sure sign particular telltale sign interpretation thought part differentness respect perception outward form hand sentiments sensibility talent capability emblem mental outlook mental attitude crux composition excellence name coherence attitudes kernel expertise proficiency competence superiority repute evidence organization nucleus strength qualification formation framework configuration moral fibre indicator gifts habilitation worthiness strengths moral fiber physique trick looks notability reaction tradition ritual construction pre-eminence policy twist organisation level convictions vantage point ideas praxis consciousness outside prejudice essential nature architecture consuetude school of thought way of looking at things bias outward aspect mind set where one is at say so like it is light edge egoism selfishness personality type influence lot conformation subjectiveness internal predisposition proof grace charm distinctive quality reference mark star curiosity parameter abnormality clue distinctive feature predication perspicacity incarnation denominator birthmark likeness reputation prestige unconventionality visage weight management affirmation item self-conception self-view prospect way of it way one is individual trait reasoning article material status symbol tendencies handling imprint contortion question idea true intention real meaning true meaning nature of the beast phase way someone's mind works web scheme contexture fabric foundation weave matter personal trait connection mug susceptibility integrant gag gimmick portion section piece bit presentation grade measure rank classification benchmark beliefs principles garb dress subjectivity standards morality place station isolation screen obverse issue switch seclusion warp and woof segregation conception concept asterisk mental processes privacy wont way of looking at it sequestration looks alone face value first impressions the exterior rationale norms solitude contours solitariness aloneness thought processes self-image outer shell insulation symmetry contour profile secludedness values ideology tenet culture separation self-worth sense of self world view lines cut delineation behaviorism mental attitudes therapy medicine behaviourism psych outward appearance mitre miter pitch subconscious model moral code use anima format geometry silhouette public image habitude practise pneuma where head is at what makes someone tick mental make-up personality study chassis circumscription simulacrum moral belief true being life proneness aptness propensity anatomy set-up vital force ka atman life force inner ego wairua denotation bosom second nature groove parts content contents components constituents elan vital inner child animus innermost self spirituality awareness root end allusion tikanga modus vivendi disconnectedness performance basis observance formality blood gut heartstrings quick bones belly inside fundamentals base sum ceremony proprieties norm marrow reality backbone nub actuality centerpiece ordinance rubric heritage prescription seat of affections seat of the affections innermost being seat of one's feelings inner space breast way of bearing oneself way of holding oneself way of conducting oneself way of behaving way of carrying oneself way of acting way of standing entity keynote centre precedent institution customariness kaupapa folkways unwritten rule rite way of doing things conventionalism canon dictates vogue precept established way shibboleth unwritten law sacred cow virtuality net essentia pivot center germ centrepiece timber bottom esse central part basic quality essential part basic characteristic intrinsic nature nitty-gritty fundamental quality bull's-eye main idea chief constituent meat and potatoes be-all and end-all

Danh từ

An underlying feeling or influence, especially one that is contrary to the prevailing atmosphere and is not expressed openly
undercurrent undertone hint suggestion atmosphere feeling aura flavour murmur overtone tenor tinge connotation intimation nuance trace implication sense suspicion trend vibes vibrations drift echo tendency touch whisper coloring colouring subcurrent vein crosscurrent direction eddy flavor flow inclination indication insinuation propensity pull riptide stream tide hidden feeling air spirit association smack tone inference mood impression hidden meaning vibe vortex meaning feel undertow significance whirlpool character quality environment secondary meaning ambience ambiance reference subtext semblance color element colour emanation whiff shade essence buzz aspect background context climate run property look swirl note maelstrom temper wind leaning Charybdis gulf ambient swing smell odour odor whirl stir innuendo intension undermeaning energy setting scene backdrop key surroundings inkling glimmer breath ki ch'i appearance chi halo vagary timbre aroma hum rumor rumour mumble train of thought mental association mental connection low tone point course idea import movement moral purport theme thrust substance gist lesson subject content precept turn ebb intendment acceptation signification significancy message drag spate wave flux race rush understanding subject matter taste tideway river jet waterspout ebb and flow tidal motion steady flow karma patina nimbus complexion milieu style disposition attitude nature situation manner effect stamp humour humor condition bearing soul affectation mode glow circumstances conditions heart mien ethos countenance mind presence environs attribute temperament mentality strand tincture streak outlook frame vibration quintessence framework expression way ethic characteristic fashion ring demeanour guise feature cheer feather prevailing tendency cast grain circumstance dominating characteristic deportment constitution motivating force animating principle personality trait demeanor frame of mind strain state of mind state of affairs way of life aureole corona irradiation scent force space degree intonation inflection facade zeitgeist bent inflexion representation scale façade exterior approach mise en scene front colors clay genius tang outline image manifestation habit colours self vista features figure regard connection mannerism history beliefs principles address comportment medium surrounds contexture relation clime mettle make-up mould time experience affair scenario standards ethics morality perception piece garb form part influences factors surrounding state posture thing makeup mold individualism individuality type peculiarity orientation rationale norms morals code consciousness sensation sentiment way of being equation habit of mind cast of mind traits psychology attitudes tenet philosophy culture habits mindset psyche values ideology position set-up lead-up habitat circs intention morale core purpose moral code awareness presentiment recognition standard principle belief lifeblood frame of reference intent moral belief state of affair consensus imagination premonition fundamental nature

Danh từ

Movement to and fro or around something, especially that of fluid in a closed system
circulation flow motion movement passage circling course rotation circuit circumvolution flowing gyration gyre revolution round turn twirl wheel whirl circle roll spin pirouette swirl cycle turning reel orbit wind stream drift gush sweep surge winding tide spate lap trickle twist loop flux swivel pivot welling rush circumrotation convolution curve arc arch twisting curvature bow transfer fluidity spinning roller whirling swivelling twirling wheeling pirouetting revolving swirling revolve eddy twizzle birl circumference swiveling whirlpool circumnavigation tour ring spiral compass circumscription band shift crook bend angle swing inflection turnabout curving hoop inflexion hook yaw sphere ball circlet globe disc orb roundel eye zodiac cirque ringlet annulus bead curvation disk outpouring flood outflow issue spurt run deluge jet squirt progression percolation drip emanation ooze leak progress river discharge effusion continuance continuation continuity tideway spout oozing dribble undertow seepage leakage torrent efflux cascade emission wave outburst hemorrhage haemorrhage drainage bleeding escape exudation secretion advance drain storm effluence passing transit upsurge outpour process burst flurry effluent moving onrush charge draught effluvium fountain spill draft swell outbreak excretion flow of blood outflowing onslaught rash outrush explosion gust eruption blaze blood loss outflux blast march flush exodus procession inundation spritz exhalation leaking trend direction avalanche series seeping epidemic advancement emergence tendency issuance loss flash breeze dart chain heave sequence string crossing succession spray debouchment upwelling dash leaching leaning puff depletion traverse extravasation gale headway going spell barrage influx undercurrent trickling diffusion uprush inrush emptying billow push waste filtration volley relocation battery shower voidance drop effluxion sweating trail release blow emerging issuing ejaculation egress springing ebb transition travelling duration spring journey period span term groundswell rise transferral zephyr time waft breath gushing traversal tenor flare-up uprising upswing traveling spasm paroxysm seeping away interval train furtherance expression life path patch bout migration transference stretch bleed escalation rapid loss prolongation fit hæmatorrhœa hæmorrhœa bubble ebb and flow nosebleed welling up current of air hail quiver tail infiltration transudation shedding flowing out slip pull radiation onset stampede blitz way dripping travel exudate pouring streak air mobility riptide vortex commotion increase sewage tingle locomotion move transporting squeeze shot outfall stint airflow production pass proceeding line array traversing streaming pollutant season while ambulation splash transmittance transmittal transmission traject trajection origination arising derivation breath of wind whiff persistence field transportation session snap undulation suppuration giving off sending out moving on exuding pollution lapping race drag conveyance beginning origin tour of duty bit frenzy spree runoff breakout ebullition overflow voiding ejection disemboguing transferal transplanting flare blowup bursting start agony detonation building up build-up wash swishing murmur surging gravitation liquid waste plague rush of air vent elimination recrudescence boutade inflammation sally shifting bilge water cluster access blow-up sudden appearance vomiting welter stab length journeying displacement repositioning airstream rise and fall lapse flight withdrawal voyaging extent lifetime thermal fullness backdraught backdraft updraft updraught elapsing timeline perpetuation full length life span slipstream steady flow time span length of time time frame

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