Đồng nghĩa của lovely

Alternative for lovely

lovelies, lovelier, loveliest

Đồng nghĩa: appealing, attractive, beautiful, charming, delightful, enchanting, exquisite, fetching, pretty,

Tính từ

(của một người) Rất đẹp hoặc hấp dẫn
beautiful pretty attractive handsome good-looking charming sweet appealing enchanting exquisite adorable comely engaging gorgeous beauteous bonny knockout ravishing stunning alluring bewitching cute fair personable fit glamorous seductive sightly tasty winning winsome admirable adorbs captivating fetching aesthetic dainty esthetic foxy graceful likely lovesome pulchritudinous seemly smashing taking bonnie delicate drop-dead drop-dead gorgeous delightful pleasing irresistible elegant striking good beguiling goodly divine well-favored prepossessing desirable enticing entrancing fascinating fine easy on the eye charismatic lovable heavenly fanciable tantalizing magnetic hot eye-catching nice-looking pleasant tantalising endearing enthralling dazzling luring wonderful inviting arresting likable tempting likeable nice sexy disarming agreeable angelic darling precious luscious dear intriguing glamourous nubile stylish delectable dreamy spunky radiant beddable sultry as pretty as a picture mesmeric spellbinding well favoured sublime loveable splendid arousing mesmerizing lush bootylicious sensual easy on the eyes shapely out of this world fabulous magical dishy cutesy sexual mesmerising sensuous come-hither well-favoured on fleek sexually attractive bodacious tasteful erotic magnificent elfin refined superb interesting fine-looking marvellous amiable innocent babelicious marvelous hunky cherubic grand becoming resplendent ideal classy dreamlike well-formed fashionable decorative come-to-bed hypnotizing idyllic provocative beckoning cuddly scrumptious buxom blooming sensational hypnotic wholesome hypnotising ingratiating insinuating statuesque glorious aesthetically pleasing breathtaking siren excellent symmetrical cherubical charmed terrific very beautiful chocolate-box fairy-tale ornamental artistic compelling simpatico sympathique enchanted picturesque congenial cunning beaut genial sympatisch exciting affable intoxicating sirenic trim enhancing teasing subtle neat chic enamoring titillating fairylike absorbing beatific choice childlike smooth smart aesthetically appealing flamboyant rapturous dinky kawaii ethereal photogenic presentable fragile flashy a ten twee clean-cut dapper well favored pretty-pretty astonishing extraordinary fetcjomg entertaining diverting persuasive seraphic dreamboat eyeful bijou goodlooking youthful young flattering devastating picture-perfect riveting fancy studly amazing incredible fab fantastic top orphic jaw-dropping infatuating engrossing beautifying toothsome romantic Orphean fairytale-like magnetising electrifying magnetizing eligible young-looking seducing warm-hearted cherished affectionate perky cherishable friendly a sight for sore eyes physically attractive nurturable prizable appreciatable as nice as pie ambrosial pure dollish voluptuous curvaceous glitzy in good taste suave saintly virtuous glam telegenic well-chosen flowing virile ritzy well dressed willowy camera-friendly prettyish showstopping sheen debonair exemplary heady strong athletic spruce robust sharp noble impressive trendy opulent righteous prestigious nifty entranced bewitched immaculate exceptional supreme perfect well-proportioned well-dressed good looking mind-blowing very nice conjuring fiendish great slight petite slim splendorous looking like a million drawing attention doll face balletic lithe creative airy rare select nuanced too good to be true flawless glossy splashy zingy slick showy moving cultivated emotional imaginative expressive as pure as the driven snow soft lacy thin superior well-made deft frail light tender recherche feeble diaphanous flowy cultured dramatic musical harmonious pictorial rhythmical stimulating

Tính từ

Rất dễ chịu hoặc thú vị
delightful wonderful fine marvellous marvelous pleasant splendid superb terrific divine fab fabulous heavenly nice pleasing agreeable amiable captivating delectable enchanting enjoyable excellent glorious gratifying great stellar sublime amazing delicious fantastic magical noble sterling superior superlative awesome choice good goodly grand rare scrumptious sensational swell very agreeable very nice very pleasant well-favored par excellence neat beautiful cool peachy fantabulous cracking dandy topping radical top corking groovy mean capital quality nifty prime phat unsurpassed dope keen first-class classic topflight supernal slick hot wizard first-rate immense righteous dynamite crackerjack prizewinning jim-dandy boss tip-top gilt-edged bumper bully high-class banner primo bonny boffo frontline gangbusters top-notch bang-up famous gangbuster out-of-sight blue-ribbon A-OK prize blue-chip top-shelf top-of-the-line gilt-edge first-string hype bonnie brag five-star down brave peachy keen numero uno number one gone four-star magnificent out of this world brilliant super outstanding exceptional smashing brill wicked ace tremendous dreamy supercalifragilisticexpialidocious exquisite champion magic supreme top-hole pleasurable spiffing rad beaut satisfying ripping charming gorgeous bonzer perfect select too much bosting very good delightsome admirable congenial welcome jolly mega bodacious amazeballs stunning blessed impressive beezer pretty schmick blest on fleek sound phenomenal felicitous attractive grateful matchless dulcet peerless mind-blowing remarkable extraordinary world-class entertaining crucial elegant striking incredible def sweet best fabby darling spanking spectacular savory savoury sik worthy far out engaging winning marvy sovereign luscious lank kif exo tasty amusing fun palatable alluring deluxe premier likable bad elite adorable splendiferous incomparable applaudable belting pearler crack pre-eminent stupendous barrie accomplished chillin' comely rapturous of high quality desirable high-grade topnotch tiptop likeable dazzling eminent thrilling distinguished formidable premium breathtaking preeminent flawless tasteful A-1 commendable of the first water too good to be true transcendent unrivaled fair appealing highest ravishing joyous of the highest quality of the highest standard unrivalled high-quality fascinating unreal cheery sophisticated refined valuable rewarding chic favorable class plush exclusive diverting consummate top-drawer A1 unparalleled fancy handsome notable vintage favourable hunky-dory blissful greatest exemplary entrancing lofty exciting top-class finest stylish cultivated exhilarating unique majestic enviable fashionable ideal of the first order grade A smart graceful happy prodigious polished refreshing cultured dominant acceptable genial illustrious luxurious special frabjous splendorous cheerful suave fine and dandy classy invaluable dainty fetching singular awesomesauce leading praiseworthy fly laudable noted high meritorious priceless estimable top-level bosker optimum top-grade copacetic optimal good-looking way-out radiant model arresting top-quality top-tier bewitching skilful skillful cordial seductive very best out of sight highest quality of the highest order memorable masterly beauteous knockout drop-dead wondrous beguiling enticing to die for pulchritudinous dignified discerning outrageous cute adorbs delicate colossal sunny aesthetic opulent sumptuous paradisal paradisaic precious urbane courtly standout unequalled glad dashing foxy stately advanced crowning comforting euphoric comfortable unexcelled inviting cream star surpassing recherche esthetic ambrosial yummy lush ducky renowned lead intoxicating not bad well-designed debonair unmatched swanky flagship gnarly really good inspired faultless unbeatable quintessential recreative relishable uppermost tops untouchable solid lekker mooi effusive extreme excessive heartwarming inflated unequaled exaggerated worthiest irie exalted the dog's bollocks august couthy solid gold award-winning without equal of a high standard beyond compare the best in a class all by itself top of the line top of the range super-duper above and beyond of highest order reliable certified idyllic unforgettable titillating sharp quick virtuoso masterful key hypnotic splendacious mint fantastical legit astonishing poised agile deft clever bestselling celebrated astounding miraculous extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant sexy superhuman spiritual paradisic saintly posh ritzy ladylike gentlemanly top-of-the-range convivial balmy eye-popping jaw-dropping handy natty convenient adroit apt ingenious spruce far-out unorthodox deep wild mighty babelicious bootylicious pleasureful to one's liking replayable creditable top quality high quality jovial moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable upmarket upscale sensual juicy rocking extremely attractive hand-picked elect really nice peak zero cool paragon selected distinctive choicest first noteworthy prize-winning above average with good taste ka pai favored 10 popular preferred preferential ineffable out-of-this-world best ever like wow cat's meow elevated second to none not too shabby sup rior all very well well and good fit proud handpicked plum favorite grade-A slap-up classical superfine very pleasurable with it pretty cool awe-inspiring the very best state-of-the-art a standout top-flight to your liking favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked unusual positive satisfactory very attractive greatly to one's liking carefully chosen first-line merry 24-karat mild tempting lovesome flashy affable glamorous photogenic presentable hunky clear cheering heartening gladdening festive charismatic endearing resplendent dollish glossy honourable snazzy flamboyant taking statuesque showstopping OK honorable cunning reputable splashy eye-catching zingy soothing glamourous hospitable showy sightly in order dishy prettyish relief unspoilt prepossessing gay gladsome celebratory lovable polite absorbing civilized paradisiacal super-eminent passable shipshape telegenic super-excellent paradisaical calming elating copasetic paradisiac ecstatic joyful bright luring irresistible worldly winsome witty heart-warming light-hearted magnetizing magnetic civilised magnetising electrifying well bred worldly-wise artistic larger than life modish decorous ornate ostentatious ornamented genteel affected overdone aristocratic stylized well-dressed a la mode well-bred pick fat prominent imposing important foremost expert chief paramount signal adept major inimitable unprecedented gifted regal able principal predominant powerful commanding skilled royal towering better especial talented exceeding monumental lordly ultimate imperial extraordinaire educated influential intellectual proficient higher master particular experienced central massive competent high-ranking prestigious magnific heroic big honoured privileged mind-boggling honored dexterous practised marked grandiose main versed epic anomalous primary practiced baronial unexampled seminal rich respected gallant complete essential unsurpassable extravagant veteran esteemed well-known heroical professed venerable authoritative compleat greater dextrous upper-class Homeric highly regarded high profile high-level high-powered out of the ordinary luxury bigger advantageous abnormal peculiar intelligent odd proper huge enormous respectable prevailing vast cardinal high-minded head atypical aberrated freak unwonted aberrant uncustomary kingly finished integral significant famed recognized preternatural monstrous learned larger nonpareil arch- serious trusted expensive iconic uplifting high-up senior top-ranking puissant resonant well known high-end grander unimaginable top drawer recognised top-end more formal topmost brainy largest genius gracious gigantic lavish astute staggering palatial civil conspicuous unaccountable inexplicable consequential transcendental trained strange entire up to snuff considerable whole intact giant mountainous princely capable creative acute irreproachable couth pivotal mammoth preponderant red-carpet titanic VIP artful workmanlike bravura knowledgeable scholarly imperious heavy core fundamental eventful patrician hulking portentous gentle precocious arch revered Brobdingnagian whopping penetrating inventive profound erudite cerebral perspicacious titled airy well-connected notorious prized courteous valued improved win-win fabled archetypal eye-opening highborn costly dear pricey acclaimed banging excelling rational fast alert knowing of influence historical alpha all-important potent magisterial unmatchable world class industry leading unconventional highbred wellborn pompous Einstein sharp-witted spendy big-ticket well born eggheaded silk-stocking supersmart very intelligent ultraexpensive well versed something else whip nimble hyperintelligent quick-witted major league whiz kid supermundane blue-blooded whip-smart big-time ultrasmart upper-crust pricy high-born big league far-reaching high-ticket impeccable piked professional best in class unblemished definitive outshining loftier unimpeachable tough world efficient seasoned controlling blameless critical high-test eclectic oratorical upper cogent successful of note deciding virtuosic unimpaired uninjured unharmed unhurt unbroken undamaged pro tophole apex coruscating A-list utopian marquee supereminent hotshot golden demon deadly vital beyond words beyond description five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality pretentious number-one biggest better than usual first class enhanced of the best quality streets ahead better than average well trained strong a million dollars like a million dollars awful providential a dab hand at habile glittering magnolious tip top without parallel without match beyond comparison without peer only one in a million unusually good extremely good eximious in a league of their own A-number-1 mostest hundred-proof worthwhile a cut above the rest best possible elder supernatural tall meritable dream intrinsic requisite novel typical prototypical bulkier longer weightier deserving one-in-a-million enthralling material focal well-born extra special freakish the utmost wonderworking numinous supranatural stupefying unheard of hunky dory worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas up to standard up to scratch up to par cordon bleu unearthly in a class of its own hors concours one-off irreplaceable indispensable high-priority major-league of high standing heavy-duty earnest big time big-league necessary needed skookum theatrical soaring gentlemanlike blue upper crust Brahmin silver-spoon born with a silver spoon in one's mouth knightly queenly ennobled aristocratical unmarred of mark of great consequence well thought of in the public eye public steep awe-striking heart-stopping exacting momentous historic unparagoned sui generis one of a kind mysterious no-expense-spared A-grade whimsical solemn staid paranormal fortunate lucky pure astral self-important overblown immodest highest-ranking spesh unheard-of purpose-built new without precedent unrepeatable utmost fresh one and only once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated separate unordinary in a class by itself newfangled reserved ceremonious partisan covetable unthinkable dominating sky-high sky-scraping multistorey traditional magnanimous correct decent conventional sedate upright weird metaphysical irregular mystical otherworldly uncanny supernormal unworldly other-worldly preferable immoderate exorbitant unconscionable overextravagant undue insane plethoric baroque unmerciful altitudinous inordinate overmuch overdue overweening stiff intolerable devilish partial ripe mature overbearing primal first rate admired of the first rank prior legendary triumphal idealistic redoubtable highly rated highbrow portly composed unnatural grandiloquent higher up high up plushy swank cooler ginormous sombre somber distingué highfalutin' starchy grave right accepted untypical ghostly occult deviant unrepresentative deviative bizarre desired sought-after red-letter swish tony in uptown trendy dicty mod self-respecting just so very fine spiring aerial unmeasurable towery skyscraping of moment in vogue high-toned precise biased discriminatory pukka comme il faut well-respected well-placed exciting envy much to be desired worth having ascendant close progressive rigorous accurate late evolved developed sensitive forward pinpoint spot-on mathematical discriminating fastidious punctilious well-mannered noble-born luminous of noble birth of gentle birth restrained spiffy high-brow well mannered infinite unlimited beyond grasp intuitive inspiring absolute inspirational eternal original primordial unequalable obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined boundless innate abstract theoretical large leviathan substantial oceanic gigantesque largish walloping humungous ambitious astronomic humongous voluminous vasty sizable outsized supersize jumbo sizeable monster whacking biggish elephantine supersized gargantuan astronomical boxcar pharaonic cosmical tidy cyclopean haughty oversized cosmic bulky planetary husky oversize outsize hefty herculean galactic king size Himalayan king-sized king-size more desirable most successful most important most desirable

Tính từ

Có thái độ dễ gần và dễ chịu, đặc biệt là trong các tình huống xã hội
pleasant friendly affable amiable nice amicable cheerful civil considerate sweet cheery congenial gentle sensible warm amenable cordial genial helpful kind urbane affectionate decent hospitable obliging peaceful unreserved chirpy delightful engaging mellow neighbourly soft agreeable bonhomous kindly sociable benevolent easygoing likable likeable lovable warmhearted approachable benign jovial personable tolerant calm civilised civilized gracious perky polite temperate charming convivial courteous neighborly social easy-going good-humored good-humoured good-natured good-tempered mild-mannered warm-hearted well disposed well-disposed winning caring sympathetic compassionate kind-hearted understanding unassuming tender unpresumptuous bighearted good-hearted big-hearted even-tempered softhearted kindhearted goodhearted soft-hearted prepossessing winsome tenderhearted large-hearted tender-hearted accommodating sweet-natured harmless good wonderful pleasing modest well meaning humble well intentioned swell ingratiating respectful self-effacing thoughtful appealing enchanting captivating sweet-tempered taking unselfish mild mushy sensitive loving simpatico reasonable companionable as nice as pie patient generous barley-sugar easy complaisant welcoming comradely gregarious happy chummy outgoing matey buddy-buddy relaxed easy to get along with balmy moderate clement cozy clubby cosy conversable hearty comfortable open informal cooperative comfy bland equable indulgent casual mannerly hail-fellow-well-met intimate lenient chivalrous charitable pally extroverted peaceable cool gallant snug familiar clubbable harmonious smooth tranquil well mannered palsy-walsy gentlemanly tactful placid suave couthy polished favorable diplomatic pacific favourable palsy extrovert company-loving homelike well-bred supportive accessible homely communicative nonchalant soothing well-mannered attractive cushy receptive debonair genteel collegial easy to get on with carefree courtly deferential serene fine cultivated light sunny restful hail-fellow conciliatory happy-go-lucky refined delicate ladylike homestyle laid-back magnanimous comforting extraverted bright entertaining forbearing free and easy selfless meek amical merciful natural uninhibited well bred undemanding fond relaxing docile liberal solicitous responsive summery humane tame homey beneficent subdued cultured available decorous chilled eager to please attentive clubable unctuous nonabrasive eager to help formal unstuffy forgiving angelic down-home fatherly fair compatible unoffensive maternal buoyant breezy motherly politic close altruistic hilarious kindred brotherly all heart like-minded soft-spoken jolly enjoyable refreshing merry sophisticated amusing diverting measured confident jocund unflappable down-to-earth canny quiet willing self-possessed enthusiastic heartfelt feeling cheering earnest wholehearted sincere communal dignified inviting unhurried blithe accommodative lamblike demure reverent great-hearted non-hostile oily eager elegant secure open-minded compliant untroubled retiring easeful expansive snuggly svelte poised smiling regular paternal non-confrontational discreet all right laid back home-like moral flat snug as a bug in a rug giving noble at ease regardful well behaved well-behaved well spoken well brought up downright neighborly benignant well-spoken clear charismatic relishable preferable assent bubbly unemotional approving festive uplifting unconstrained loyal confiding faithful jocose attached vibrant funny comical jocular on good terms facile humoring festal lively fun-loving conversible gay vivacious mirthful flexible boon insouciant domestic healthful shared public unceremonious couth good-looking unaffected imperturbable unconcerned unruffled unworried permissive glowing confidential jammy untaxing homespun homy downhome wellmannered fun expressive affectious sultry humouring forthcoming stately smooth-tongued worldly worldly-wise presentable safe broad-minded easy-peasy unexcitable acquiescent copacetic sheltered door's always open glad-handering easy-oasy shy dove-like bluff smooth-talking softie marshmallow handsome red-carpet fraternal caressing scented fragrant perfumed good company plum lush sedate adaptable pliable submissive jejune vapid dull subservient spiritless obeisant forbearant backslapping in favour dovelike fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable obsequious concerned good-mannered punctilious well brought-up condescending together unfazed glib silver-tongued nice-looking pretty bonny willing to please favourably disposed sisterly leisurely careful stress-free cautious reposeful tight genuine chipper upbeat high enlivening joyous upper up glad summerlike tropical moist well-suited well suited sympathique zephyr-like community informative popular common pleasurable collective organized group general handy accepting long-suffering of good cheer tractable deliberate leisured congruous consonant consistent distingué impeccable fulsome slick sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat plush deep amorous empathetic buddy buddy eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful bleeding-heart big public-spirited openhearted wholesome unstinting benefic pitying greathearted open-handed lavish princely humanitarian bounteous bountiful philanthropical fatherlike heart in right place philanthropic openhanded munificent freehanded sunny side up dashing lax unoppressive unburdensome in accord in favor in agreement convenient satisfying self-assured regular fellow right neighborly user friendly on tap on deck willing to help honest useful ethical respectable upright organised societal honourable virtuous trustworthy honorable made well trim dapper stylish smart spruce worthy incorrupt dependable good egg faint spiffy swanky fly swish snappy sharp just principled upstanding righteous trig well groomed well dressed right straight true detached on fleek well-groomed well turned out jaunty sprightly folksy clean-living stand-up on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded emollient lenitive demulcent mollifying mindful proper dainty pabulum ho-hum exquisite medium nothing low-grade lukewarm assuasive wimpy blah nothing much vanilla tempered weak choice tepid nonirritating

Tính từ

Phong cách, hiện đại hoặc hấp dẫn về ngoại hình
snazzy glamorous debonair gorgeous jaunty rakish spruce stunning modish swinging trim attractive chic cool dapper dashing elegant fashionable flashy fly groovy jazzy kicking kicky natty nifty pizazzy pizzazzy sassy sharp smart snappy spiffy splashy stylish tony trendy beautiful bright chichi classy colourful colorful dressy flamboyant gay loud now ostentatious ritzy slick sophisticated swagger swank trig upscale uptown voguish with it on fleek in vogue dressed to kill as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox schmick hip neat well dressed well-groomed well turned out swish well-dressed sporty swell besuited fashionably dressed suave happening supercool in dainty well groomed swanky smartly dressed prim clean raffish showy presentable ornate groomed crisp ultra-modern fancy exclusive fresh posh spiff au courant sleek polished tidy well-turned-out a la mode well-presented clean-cut soigné dressed to the nines well turned-out casual informal perky formal elaborate pert smooth flash stylin' dress excellent distinctive first-class nice as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox saucy high-fashion understated tasteful flattering in style glittering glittery flaunting brazen gaudy glitzy clever modern contemporary designer snug spry bandbox nobby doggy nimble brisk ingenious crucial dressed up looking sharp dressed to the teeth spick and span well-tailored charming spiffed-up fine dolled up up-to-the-minute neat and tidy in high feather turned out spruced up up to date dressed to nines up to the minute with style bang up to date in good taste orderly shipshape uncluttered kempt tidied antiseptic smug in good order in order organized picked up immaculate straight shipshape and Bristol fashion organised in apple-pie order well-ordered spick-and-span well ordered methodical in good shape well kept systematic fastidious as neat as a new pin spotless tricksy well-kept well organized apple-pie order neat as a pin businesslike regular exact arranged confident proper correct finical finicky taut ordered well-regulated chipper well-turned out sorted out straightened out to rights as fresh as paint impeccable tight efficient meticulous compact breezy together well-pressed symmetrical sorted cleanly well arranged well looked-after well maintained becoming well regulated well disciplined well-organized Bristol fashion in tip-top condition dressed up to the nines in good condition devil-may-care put to rights tidily dressed of smart appearance fit to be seen urbane refined courteous cultured civil self-possessed gracious self-assured chivalrous gentlemanly genteel courtly gallant dignified well mannered well bred svelte gentle affable well-bred mannerly cultivated cheerful happy nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly pleasant systematized methodic systematised arranged well well-designed

Tính từ

Cực kỳ tinh tế và nhẹ nhàng theo cách dường như không có của thế giới này
ethereal light airy delicate dainty exquisite fine gossamer gossamery insubstantial subtle tenuous beautiful elegant fragile graceful aerial diaphanous fairy fluffy rarefied refined thin impalpable intangible shadowy eerie filmy frail gaseous ghostly otherworldly unworldly vaporous vapory waiflike wraithlike flimsy feathery wispy floaty gauzy lightweight sheer transparent threadlike silky weightless gauzelike floating fine-spun slender slight loose translucent porous chiffony tissuelike see-through fine-grained floatable atmospheric powdered quality powdery small granular pulverized dusty little minute incorporeal unsubstantial rare intricate cottony downy ultra-fine cobwebby slim lacy pulverulent pulverous pulverised nuanced shimmering soft choice recherche wafer-thin gossamer-like fine-drawn imaginary ephemeral evanescent visionary immaterial illusory frothy fanciful nice spongy detailed bubbly foamy frivolous volatile gentle papery halituous flyaway attenuated flossy buoyant pillowy puffy wisplike nebulous feather-like gossamer-thin narrow twiggy reedy in-flight airborne midair featherweight neat pretty flying trim petite unheavy portable compact charming tasteful featherlight easy to carry weighing very little light as a feather easy to lift underweight featherlike not heavy transportable imponderous select dinky birdlike lofty aeriform pneumatic above ground aeronautical skimpy pellucid chiffon tiffany very thin subtile permeable deficient limpid lucid fair well-made deft cute tender precious sweet attractive pleasing comely bonny feeble darling superior delightful silken fancy luxurious opulent grand transpicuous translucid plush classy stylish lavish finespun cultivated sumptuous sleazy handsome artistic ornate cultured smart polished deluxe lush elaborate sophisticated luxuriant rich discerning recherché fastidious courtly high-class chic majestic urbane stately aesthetic pure swanky first-class smooth precise swank posh clear esthetic splendiferous summery frangible superfine cobweblike glossy iridescent gauze-like exotic filigree far-fetched esoteric arcane fibrous cobweb frilly open flowing cut-rate slapdash superficial tacky meager unsound rinkydink infirm defective meagre decrepit meshy meticulous paperlike involved papyraceous discriminating lacelike lace-like patterned netlike net net-like harmonious chartaceous exact hairsplitting methodical exclusive palatial expensive house of cards restrained splendid costly fit becoming sensitive fitting paper balletic lithe special magnificent luxury well-executed well-crafted paper-thin ultra-thin upmarket plushy Lucullan spiffy quiet snazzy in good taste chaste unaffected gratifying classical unobtrusive subdued uptown luxe loaded palace gorgeous Lucullian swish ritzy fancy-pants pricey Babylonian flowy palatian well appointed luscious super aesthetically pleasing fashionable extravagant classic modish dignified distinguished dashing suave noble decorous ostentatious ornamented genteel affected debonair august schmick aristocratic overdone stylized well-designed well-dressed a la mode well-bred

Danh từ

Người nào đó hấp dẫn về mặt thị giác, điển hình là phụ nữ
beauty goddess belle looker stunner Venus charmer knockout cracker enchantress eyeful peach vision dazzler mantrap picture ravisher seductress sensation smasher babe bombshell cookie cooky cutey cutie dish dolly fox honey queen wow beaut humdinger Adonis Apollo dolly bird dreamboat enchanter ornament good-looker beauty queen good looker beautiful woman head turner heart-throb English rose femme fatale glamour puss good-looking person bit of all right dream sight for sore eyes ten hottie doll showstopper glamour-puss pin-up siren bobby-dazzler eye-catcher joy to behold dollface angel tomato cupcake centerfold centrefold cutie-pie raving beauty cover girl sex kitten bathing beauty dream girl good-looking woman hot dish hot number sex bunny broad bunny chick sexpot attractive woman bit of alright glamour girl spectacle sight show beautiful sight pearler debutante coquette glamor girl sex pot sweetheart ripsnorter crackajack doozy dandy lollapalooza corker jim-dandy daisy sockdolager crackerjack pippin standout snorter pip doozie sockdologer hummer lulu ripper dilly nifty gem smash hot stuff the bee's knees cat's meow big success something else ace hit winner marvel triumph something delight joy pearl smash hit wonder vision of loveliness pleasure to behold phenomenon killer bimbo stonker exception innovation surprise jaw-dropper nice one champion pistol champ whopper bit of crumpet cat's whiskers the business cat's pyjamas cat's pajamas the bomb the fox's socks dog's bollocks model treasure pleasure thrill delectation ecstasy perfect picture Miss America Miss Universe feast for the eyes blockbuster star portent astonishment curiosity wonderment miracle prodigy genius whiz one for the books the eighth wonder of the world

Danh từ

Người hoặc vật được coi là hình mẫu của sự xuất sắc
paragon exemplar ideal model nonpareil apotheosis archetype epitome jewel nonesuch paradigm prototype quintessence standard embodiment masterpiece norm personification acme angel best classic criterion cynosure eidolon flower gem good example idea pattern perfect example tops treasure beauty champ champion crackerjack cream essence love original peach perfection pick sublimation trump ultimate beau ideal patron saint shining example something else one in a million perfect example of its kind example prize type elite finest exemplification representation jewel in the crown pride illustration symbol pearl blueprint choice byword showpiece prime height outstanding example specimen star stereotype crème de la crème cream of the crop avatar piece de resistance soul top mirror instance template ne plus ultra incarnation last word precedent wonder saint glory manifestation yardstick elect benchmark icon masterwork sample gauge definitive example darling chef-d'oeuvre gage copy textbook example dream typical example magnum opus leading light image tour de force chef d'oeuvre royalty choicest fat illuminati crown jewel aristocracy beau idéal pick of the bunch stroke of genius the bee's knees upper crust work of art A-list pride and joy guide design godsend typification classic example humdinger find triumph catch plum expression prodigy actualization taonga case representative coup instantiation ikon picture mould role model rarity objectification masterstroke hit touchstone exhibit showcase monument genius charm knockout representative case great work mold portrayal trophy pink core nobility gentry standard of perfection greatest thing since sliced bread corps d'elite best thing since sliced bread one of a kind top drawer upper class appreciation oner zenith idol framework emblem classic case ensample peak of perfection hero landmark source of envy envy object of envy most select crown established work acme of perfection perfect specimen idealism basis version archetypal setup style valuable object objet of virtu objet d'art essentiality spirit favourite lifeblood heart guideline formula lodestar substance favorite first stuff canon flagship dear marvel game plan scale authority principal beatified soul tutelary saint canonized mortal guardian angel specification lead boast record testament witness chef-d'œuvre good person brick kind person the best paragon of virtue saint and martyr occasion occurrence primary chief finest example honour honor credit finest specimen representative example display best example best specimen choicest specimen choicest example remembrance reminder token demonstration exposition exponent exhibition head collector's item a star point of reference parallel case specialty phenomenon speciality phoenix case history sampling detail variety situation evidence portrait proof item case in point typical case counterpart clone double torchbearer pioneer trailblazer focus centerpiece attraction pièce de résistance bellwether forerunner twin semblance replica commemoration memorial quality priesthood someone worth their weight in gold something worth their weight in gold ringer characterization facsimile duplicate doppelganger likeness match duplication centrepiece first class select few memento incorporation look-alike carbon copy re-creation mirror image alter ego spitting image dead ringer living image living example realization sensation chef d'œuvre marvellous feat master work reification collection concretization symbolization externalization embodier integration personifier abstract organization combination inclusion concentration comprehension consolidation codification systematization prosopopoeia organisation encompassment form conformation cast systematisation formation matter realisation externalisation embracement bringing together structure

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