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Alternative for lightweight

  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) hạng cân nhẹ

Tính từ

Of thin material
flimsy thin delicate fine sheer diaphanous gossamer insubstantial airy floaty gauzy summery filmy see-through translucent transparent unsubstantial light gossamery cobwebby gauzelike chiffony ultra-fine fragile gossamer-thin gossamer-like feathery ethereal threadlike transpicuous wispy silken pellucid frail loose translucid porous chiffon tiffany wafer-thin papery fine-spun silky clear limpid slight gauze-like powdered quality powdery slender small granular impalpable pulverized exquisite dusty little minute permeable lucid pulverulent pulverous pulverised fine-grained fine-drawn crystalline soft cobweb fibrous cobweblike pure crystal clear glassy finespun frangible lacy skimpy crystal lucent liquid shimmering flyaway very thin refined subtile deficient subtle paperlike vitreous crystal-clear plain hyaline cellophane papyraceous chartaceous paper frothy sleazy ultra-thin paper-thin superficial tacky meager unsound cut-rate rinkydink infirm defective meagre decrepit slapdash house of cards dainty vaporous elegant graceful unblurred glass-like tenuous obvious fluffy luminous clear-cut rarefied incorporeal aerial intangible rare beautiful nuanced lovely vapory choice recherche smooth intricate imaginary glossy iridescent floating wisplike nebulous nice visionary illusory immaterial detailed cottony tissuelike gentle fanciful weightless feather-like semitransparent uncloudy tralucent cloudless volatile frivolous colourless semi-transparent understandable comprehensible intelligible neat pretty unambiguous semiopaque colorless perspicuous perceptible trim petite fairy coherent vivid luculent explicit bright direct sharp simple distinct slim charming tasteful straightforward shadowy dinky select definite clear as day otherworldly ghostly waiflike unworldly wraithlike gaseous eerie pearly opalescent bleary dim misty aery membranous milky hazy blurred opaque cloudy cute sweet attractive comely bonny darling superior delightful fair well-made deft tender precious pleasing feeble

Tính từ

Lacking seriousness, depth, or influence
trivial insignificant shallow slight trifling unimportant inconsequential insubstantial paltry petty frivolous frothy undemanding worthless superficial unintellectual flimsy immaterial minor negligible nickel-and-dime valueless failing featherweight foolish imponderous incompetent of no account of no consequence of no merit of no value silly incidental nugatory inconsiderable irrelevant small fiddling piddling niggling minute little small-fry piffling of little account Mickey Mouse meaningless footling inappreciable light of little importance of little consequence of no importance pointless peripheral picayune measly nominal inessential non-essential of no moment empty-headed empty puerile not worth mentioning flighty small-bore not worth speaking of pimping piddly casual no-account de minimis unthinking marginal unnecessary simplistic vain featherbrained glib not worth bothering about unsubstantial minimal lesser neither here nor there time-wasting idle peanut inane chicken facile meagre meager ignorable scanty senseless sketchy dinky skin-deep half-baked one-dimensional feather-brained impractical trite boring uninteresting nonessential nondescript secondary infinitesimal purportless extraneous minuscule of minor importance of little import lower-level jejune flat depthless flippant fatuous unhelpful purposeless slapdash simple schematic basic passing ignorant surface hollow oversimplified uncritical cursory without depth inadequate small-time runt exiguous inappropriate wimpy puny shoestring insufficient shrimp skimpy unconsidered smattery simple-minded cosmetic lacking in depth generic unscholarly farcical unintelligent no biggie of no significance all the same small potatoes big zero two bit entry level giddy dizzy lightheaded goofy futile scatterbrained birdbrained yeasty ditsy light-minded ditzy light-headed harebrained wishy-washy frilly lacking substance lighthearted unessential hardly worth mentioning penny-ante twopenny-halfpenny surface-level artificial perfunctory oversimple desultory token pettifogging hasty hurried naive thoughtless pat brief summary rapid bubblegum tiny quick dime-store short derisory pitiful pathetic mingy poxy black and white inferior contemptible lower junior subordinate scratch base cheap inconsequent two-bit childish condensed potty vague faint external unimaginative overly simplified beggarly outward formulaic graphic formularized shabby unconsiderable apparent on the surface glancing on the outside careless slick offhand inattentive half-hearted mechanical uninterested flip lazy precipitous pell-mell routine helter-skelter flying rash overhasty fleeting drive-by rushed gadarene precipitate headlong automatic fast haphazard swift random speedy sloppy hit or miss miserable loitering idling vapid insipid banal no big deal no big thing

Tính từ

Small, thin and weak in build or structure
twiggy skinny puny scrawny slender slim rangy reedy slight spindly stalky stick weedy angular attenuate attenuated beanpole beanstalk bony cadaverous delicate emaciated ethereal featherweight fleshless fragile gangling gangly gaunt haggard lank lanky lean meagre meager rarefied rawboned rickety scraggy shrivelled shriveled skeletal slinky small spare starved threadlike twiglike undernourished underweight wan wasted narrow pinched wizened all skin and bones thin as a rail thin frail slightly built feeble undersized underdeveloped weak tall raw-boned skin-and-bones size-zero gawky light pint-sized shadow pole stilt peaked subtle little underfed small-boned anorexic macilent spindle-shanked lithe willowy svelte looking like a bag of bones stringy hollow-cheeked boney fatless skin and bones drawn sylphlike withered shrunken spindling stick-like gracile anorectic starveling thin as a rake as thin as a rake lissom hollow-eyed half-starved leggy wiry very thin famished trim skin and bone as thin as a reed hungry lantern-jawed graceful atrophied snake-hipped long-legged ultrathin skin-and-bone fine scraggly without an ounce of fat like a bag of bones wraithlike long-limbed spidery worn to a shadow stilted extenuated sharp awkward consumptive phthisical skeletonlike stark elongated sinewy hairline paper-thin needlelike slim-jim clean-limbed waifish thin as rail sticklike lithesome wispy lissome aciculate acicular long like a rail malnourished loose-jointed like a skeleton like a matchstick bare tenuous rattleboned broomstick over-thin no fat raddled peaky skeleton looking like death warmed up Lilliputian meek undersize homuncular stunted diminutive tiny shrimpy stubby pint-size dwarf peewee fun size dwarfish shrimp squat elfin pygmy runtish bantam midget mere short a slip of a … petite

Danh từ

One of little consequence or ability

Danh từ

A person who lacks intelligence
schmo idiot imbecile dolt simpleton twit moron oaf dunce halfwit jackass dimwit dope lamebrain nincompoop nitwit buffoon ignoramus sap bonehead fathead loon birdbrain ninny numskull turkey blockhead boob clod cretin nerd clown goose bore dunderhead illiterate jerk schlemiel silly simple stooge softhead twerp mooncalf tomfool dumb ox fool berk doofus charlie dipstick nit dingbat yo-yo dork git numbskull prat simp booby ninnyhammer ding-dong featherhead cuckoo dullard half-wit dummy chump clot wally pillock goon knucklehead mug dumbhead donkey putz airhead divvy pinhead chucklehead thickhead dum-dum noodle goof chowderhead noddy clunk charley lunatic ding-a-ling dip cluck clodpole loggerhead innocent plonker dumbo bozo numpty dumb-bell schmuck pea-brain lamer goofball nutcase nut wazzock lummox drongo bogan stupid galah knobhead sucker wing nut lump plank yahoo prick dumbbell meathead muttonhead pudding-head wooden-head geek dodo gonzo nerk muppet coot nimrod zombie goat gobdaw sumph schlepper dweeb nyaff balloon klutz goofus galoot schlub gowk thicko eejit gink meatball weeny wiener mutt poop palooka squarehead dill spud dingleberry clodpoll stupe bubblehead alec poon nong boofhead woodenhead deadhead mome dummkopf shlub natural saphead lunkhead scatterbrain dorba mompara spoony cuddie hammerhead schnook stock hardhead ratbag cuddy gander golem know-nothing easy mark victim fair game dim bulb bird-brain featherbrain rattlebrain flibbertigibbet ditz schlep weenie clodpate mampara duffer drip silly billy dumb cluck stupid person goof ball twonk lame-brain brute rascal foolish person lout bungler clodhopper kook Neanderthal lug hulk gawk lubber blunderer tosser loser dildo goop boor zany butthead milksop loony yobbo screwball baboon ape dumdum muggins yob bear gorilla tit pain in the backside pain in the rear pain in the neck pain in the bum churl lowbrow chav oik harebrain ox witling pea brain botcher bumbler amateur incompetent tosspot bodger bimbo retardate wag droll dag buffo yokel ignorant juggins dotard prig numptie retard addlepate beefhead bust jughead slow learner bumpkin joculator antic hick mental defective born fool stumblebum barbarian cloth-head Simple Simon hobbledehoy bosthoon monkey beast scozza bruiser skate cougan joker joke clumsy idiot Merry Andrew clownlike person merry-andrew fluffhead airbrain space case silly person silly goose weakling nutter eccentric fruitcake maniac crank crackpot head case crazy oddball wacko madman weirdo madwoman crackbrain headbanger nutjob schizo oddity character crack quiz sicko bug sickie nutso psychopath flake meshuggener whacko psycho radge original codger weirdie wackadoodle wack basket case wackadoo bedlamite zealot dement odd bod bigot non compos mentis

Danh từ

A person of lower rank, status, or ability
inferior subordinate junior underling deputy disciple lackey little guy minion peon understrapper menial squirt upstart second fiddle second string second stringer small potato third string adherent attendant auxiliary follower hanger-on hireling satellite second banana subaltern subject sycophant vassal assistant flunkey servant serf gofer flunky slave adjutant aide henchman second sidekick helper apprentice dogsbody skivvy scrub right-hand woman right-hand man man Friday girl Friday retainer factotum stooge servitor scullion beginner novice trainee mate dependant second in command number two myrmidon camp follower domestic drudge labourer secondary person steward domestic servant daily slavey varlet galley slave wage slave laborer maid of all work hewers of wood and drawers of water partner associate lieutenant collaborator understudy backup adjunct wingman accomplice backer subsidiary aid delegate aider protege accessory proxy helpmate substitute secretary henchwoman temp colleague coadjutor sub depute vice help gopher abetter coadjutant representative ally abettor friend dependent cooperator confederate supporter appointee companion patron poodle helpmeet second-in-command temporary worker hired hand running dog stand-in P.A. fellow worker aide-de-camp fill-in body man right-hand person surrogate relief hired help PA personal assistant cohort pawn instrument tool puppet creature yes-man acolyte gal Friday spaniel toady sucker agent parasite paraprofessional employee crony liege liegeman ambassador flatterer fawner legate succorer envoy valet doormat dupe reliever coworker manservant footman lickspittle minister bootlicker brown-noser suck-up reserve heavy bodyguard minder protagonist crutch adjuvant shadow protector playmate consort pal amigo pupil comrade buddy chum accompaniment adviser confidante direct report yes-person teammate workmate cat's paw attaché successor designate aider and abetter main man hatchet man hatchet woman co-worker supply commissioner spokesperson procurator attorney assignee rep factor commissary supervisee nuncio vicegerent locum representant councillor dogcatcher regent replacement locum tenens councilor patsy fool pushover pigeon victim sap chump assembly member bondsman thrall relative the second in command fall guy easy mark staff member worker child minor conniver conspirator plant co-conspirator ringer coconspirator partner in crime stall insider fellow conspirator shill rellie diplomat vavasour villein helot man emissary official plenipotentiary managee ward charge consul bondman beneficiary esne bondservant peasant tenant executive administrator progeny offspring fosterling office-holder dignitary officeholder liaison premier family member cabinet member prime minister

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