Đồng nghĩa của slim

Alternative for slim

slims, slimmed, slimming, slimmer, slimmest

Đồng nghĩa: lean, slender, slight, svelte, thin,

Trái nghĩa: stout,


Composed of a notably small degree of body fat
slender lean svelte thin skinny slight trim rangy spare sylphlike willowy lissom lithe attenuated boney bony fatless lanky attenuate graceful gracile spindly wiry slightly built as thin as a reed clean-limbed snake-hipped size-zero scrawny gaunt angular skeletal gangling scraggy gangly emaciated rawboned lank pinched narrow twiggy reedy undernourished raw-boned weedy skin-and-bones underweight puny delicate fine beanpole haggard fragile gawky wasted cadaverous stringy stick beanstalk meager meagre macilent spindle-shanked paper-thin tall small lightweight stalky slinky twiglike starved featherweight rarefied fleshless wizened ethereal anorexic underfed light ultrathin frail thin as a rake hairline spindling rickety shriveled threadlike wan shrivelled hollow-cheeked anorectic starveling sleek slim-jim elongated all skin and bones thin as a rail fit long-limbed weak undersized wispy wafer-thin leggy little limber lissome needlelike long-legged stick-like extenuated scraggly skin and bones as thin as a rake skin and bone pint-sized small-boned looking like a bag of bones feeble underdeveloped sinewy flexible long papery streamlined tapered half-starved no fat tapering gossamer lithesome aciculate acicular stark skin-and-bone stilted loose-limbed malnourished agile shapely very thin like a bag of bones without an ounce of fat shadow stilt peaked subtle pole like a rail airy tenuous loose-jointed thread-like refined extended thinned lengthened slimmed stretched out thinned down spun out drawn out diminutive pocket pygmy petite Lilliputian dwarfish bantam wee dinky smallish shrimpy undersize toylike subnormal elfin dainty skeleton broomstick pocket-size pocket-sized pint-size half-pint fun size lightly-built not heavy waifish sticklike like a matchstick like a skeleton withered awkward shrunken drawn famished lumbering hungry lantern-jawed atrophied consumptive skeletonlike uncoordinated ungainly inelegant hollow-eyed ungraceful graceless loosely built loosely jointed wraithlike sharp over-thin spidery raddled muscular phthisical peaky worn to a shadow thin as rail looking like death warmed up unco stringbean ghastly ghostly lymphatic etiolated sallow dead shadowy bare rattleboned corpse-like bag of bones


Significantly below an amount or level that is adequate
scant scarce exiguous meager meagre scanty skimpy slender sparse light poor skimp spare sparing stingy hand-to-mouth insufficient inadequate paltry limited deficient insubstantial small slight measly negligible short thin wanting bare restricted little modest scrimpy miserable puny pathetic trifling inconsiderable lacking tight inappreciable minimum rare tenuous failing flimsy shy barren scrimp piddling tiny in short supply few and far between thin on the ground weak few pitiful shabby beggarly miserly unfinished unproductive subtle mere sketchy unfruitful infertile minimal narrow diminutive too few too little not enough insignificant at a premium too little too late hard to come by scattered unsufficient petty confined on the small side nominal marginal sporadic thinning mingy too small economical disappointing infrequent reduced close frugal scrubby thinly distributed dispersed occasional uncommon infinitesimal barely sufficient lean inconsequential fractional imperceptible fragmentary absolute lamentable trivial lowly ordinary contemptible subnormal base no more than missing low only a just a no better than bereft destitute short-handed short on low on hard to find not to be had like gold dust not to be had for love nor money scarcer than hen's teeth mean derisory bitty stunted stinted incomplete revealing brief defective imperfect low-cut faulty indecent minute incommensurate diminished patchy unsatisfactory devoid see-through shoddy unfrequent partial piffling finite depleted picayune niggling dry inferior flawed absent rudimentary drained piddly shortened impaired scrappy substandard unsound found wanting nonexistent dwindling second-rate needing bankrupt deprived unpolished seldom semioccasional less needed non-existent middling omitted seldom met with not present straggling unusual not up to scratch low in numbers seldom seen out of the ordinary not to be found leaving much to be desired lousy shorthanded pitiable erotic laughable feeble lame parsimonious junk arousing sexy titillating suggestive nugatory token unqualified mediocre with an insufficiency jejune basal cut truncated threatened not making it not hacking it coming up short minus unfitted incapable unample incompetent next to none next to no undermanned bush-league circumscribed defined definite determinate measured basic run-down at a low level with too little … wanting in with too few … lacking in short of out of set ineffectual widely spaced in the minority seldom found footling unsatisfying unacceptable nowhere to be found removed not included left out left behind pimping chicken peanut not good enough worthless unrefined not up to standard bodger not acceptable empty cooked gone away unfulfilled half-baked superficial without not up to par burned out below par in default cut off not up to expectations out of gas not much cop microscopic diddly duff unsuitable unworthy no-account de minimis denuded void unassembled unequal underprovided undersupplied injured amiss damaged marred Mickey Mouse two-bit rinky-dink undeveloped undone abridged fragmented bereft of deficient in second string second fiddle outta gas third string half-pie unaccomplished qualified unexecuted bare of empty of devoid of free from denuded of vacant of destitute of not make it not cut out for unthinkable unlikely unimaginable unique singular subtile outstanding towering inconceivable strange remarkable preeminent unheard of attenuate exceptional attenuated isolated magnificent recherche standout rarefied unwonted extraordinary inchoate rude not total broken expurgated underdone unconsummated rough immature unwhole curtailed crude piecemeal not whole part not entire garbled incoherent unavailable not there under construction


Dishonest, insincere, and full of deceit
deceitful dishonest treacherous duplicitous false tricky devious deceptive sly untrustworthy crafty cunning crooked unscrupulous guileful fraudulent underhand shifty shady wily scheming unprincipled artful sneaky insincere perfidious underhanded designing faithless slippery lying foxy cheating slick hypocritical disingenuous calculating subtle bent sharp untruthful deceiving conniving dissembling mendacious Machiavellian insidious counterfeit furtive astute knavish stealthy roguish clandestine defrauding indirect fallacious Punic truthless astucious double-dealing two-faced Janus-faced false-hearted double-faced hollow-hearted shrewd dodgy cute clever cagey beguiling cagy canny carny shonky fly manipulative vulpine smooth snide ingenious sharp-witted dishonourable dirty intelligent knowing smart conspiratorial dishonorable unfair disreputable skillful skilful unethical immoral deep evasive streetwise pawky rogue fast secret two-timing sneaking fishy covert oblique intriguing adroit resourceful imaginative savvy fiendish dubious illegal criminal unlawful unsportsmanlike unjust unsporting plotting surreptitious snidey below the belt mean double-crossing secretive backstairs misleading contriving hidden dexterous bluffing elusive traitorous greasy keen inventive politic hugger-mugger hole-and-corner delusive dextrous under the table street smart street-smart crazy like a fox colluding nefarious low tricksy deft bogus sham cloak-and-dagger back-alley veiled shrouded corrupt murky low-down wry delusory witted collusive conspiring caballing experienced swindling erring errant obliquitous gimmicky dirty-dealing brilliant acute illusory captious nifty alert crazy like fox playing politics put on playing games masterly adept spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine rascal catchy off fake unreliable mock phoney phony imposturous pretended rascally not straightforward faking one out proficient amoral arch malfeasant sly like a fox hoodwinking sinister recreant backbiting unctuous villainous cautious heads-up sagacious gingerly chary considerate wary premeditating circumspect discreet safe careful guarded undercover private underground stealth privy sneak black skulking slinking cloaked cowardly yellow behind-the-scenes hush-hush base questionable unfaithful untrue disloyal wicked venal feigned bad suspect suspicious undependable foul wrong nasty artificial fly-by-night unsavoury sordid scandalous reprobate rapacious unconscionable iffy illicit contemptible despicable corruptible evil ignoble backhanded seedy unsavory thieving scoundrelly degenerate shameless discreditable larcenous sticky-fingered cutthroat light-fingered shameful unpleasant phony-baloney phoney-baloney pilfering bribable vile fickle inconstant conscienceless grafting mealymouthed mealy jive double buyable lawless kleptomaniacal rotten Pecksniffian lip inequitable irresponsible unprofessional mercenary sleazy improper left-handed depraved specious iniquitous back-stabbing inglorious scurvy not to be trusted predatory pretend vicious dissimulating unsound thievish fabricated dark concocted invalid corrupted not dependable perjured sinful spoliative plunderous piratic shabby trustless fibbing invented dastardly ignominious disgraceful sketchy malicious unsafe unworthy cheap incorrect forged distorted abject wrongful deluding slimy exploitative unfounded not cricket mean-spirited economical with the truth unregenerate stealing mysterious purchasable apocryphal imaginary nimble-fingered funny fair-weather hollow untrusty notorious fictitious irregular unloyal made up doubtful ruthless distasteful mischievous cooked-up not candid not frank seamy not to be depended on unwarranted vulgar impish unwholesome unveracious arrant felonious inaccurate erroneous pseudo ambidextrous illegitimate cynical prevaricating equivocating imitation dissolute suborned ill-gotten inexact beggarly detestable wretched licentious snaky reprehensible casuistic canting grubby flawed adulterous worthless dangerous petty deplorable scummy sorry treasonable falsified affected warped low-minded mistaken out of order simulated unstable changeable renegade treasonous glib apostate contrived faked coloured counterfactual against the rules colored cod of dubious character on the take trumped up potentially illegal betraying trumped-up snake in the grass contraband shadowy suspected disbelieved equivocal kleptic theftuous furacious uncandid corruptable wrongdoing unfrank unpredictable incorrigible unconscientious Byzantine stinky bootleg sleazoid sleazo queer macabre dicey mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned profligate wanton salty ornery hostile not entirely truthful terminologically inexact tortuous overdone exaggerated indefensible raffish intentionally misleading selfish degrading self-seeking degraded cowboy unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for deviant bamboozling against the law obnoxious offensive devilish under the counter buccaneering put-on lacking sincerity paltering fugitive unhonest wayward repellent repulsive objectionable rough disagreeable rudderless self-righteous sanctimonious unnecessary backstabbing left- handed fink pretentious pseud pixieish scampish pixie leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish observant heedful opportunist assumed sub-rosa concealed untrusted opportunistic pillaging plundering not trustworthy pretending misrepresenting inventing misstating falsifying not on out of turn unsteady insecure hard to pin down uncertain mutable variable falsehearted malevolent forsworn mythomaniac perilous ensnaring wormlike with tongue in cheek good-for-nothing expedient frolicsome infamous prostituted faux grotty subversive seditious double dealing pinching shoplifting pocket-picking boorish uncouth revolting rude churlish coarse gross not to be relied upon rebellious lubricious avaricious grasping doubting committing perjury a bit much louche adopted wolfish mutinous like a snake in the grass unrighteous unseemly unqualified inauthentic improvised framed devised cooked up noisome repugnant filching flighty shocking simoniac simoniacal padded decadent breakaway negligent profiteering dud jivey hypocritic oily pharisaical unnatural feigning non-existent made-up flimflam scam unbelieving biased prejudiced on the QT under wraps on the quiet open to bribery squalid ungentlemanly extortionate open pharisaic Pharisaic Tartuffian Pharisaical dummy unauthentic over the fence a bit thick unconverted sceptical skeptical wavering capricious changeful fluctuating fabulous out misguided discriminatory abhorrent paltry outrageous opprobrious disorderly piratical mythical in error mythological actorly quack under-the-table execrable unsportsmanly disgusting indecent crass tawdry abominable graceless of bad reputation shy unrespectable shoddy partisan low-life no-good odious unfactual nonfactual fictional baseless lame currish scungy lousy smooth-spoken smooth-tongued beastly ratty scabby discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted pitiable lowly lewd derogatory libidinous so-called not genuine make-believe fast and loose off-color dual gone to the dogs weighted intolerant slanted preferential no good in bad in low esteem in the doghouse undue loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary faulty blameworthy culpable cruel grievous unrightful inexcusable injurious unreal imprecise one-sided non-objective uncalled-for misrepresentative sophistical factitious ersatz


Slim and fit
in trim fit aerobicized fighting fit in good health in shape in fine fettle in good condition as fit as a fiddle athletic healthy strong strapping robust well hale sturdy sound hardy muscular wholesome in good trim toned up well-conditioned whole shredded trim fine right as rain in top form muscled toned lusty tough fit as a fiddle vigorous in tip-top condition hearty hale and hearty in good shape as strong as an ox abled ripped as right as rain rugged stalwart powerful as fit as a flea buff able-bodied in the pink active energetic bouncing husky stout blooming brawny flourishing firm burly bursting with health thriving alive and kicking in rude health physically fit fresh lively jacked beefy unimpaired solid full of life well built normal sinewy virile up to snuff hard all right able in excellent shape substantial fit as a flea sporty Herculean red-blooded good stark thewy in good physical shape hefty vital staunch OK forceful restored mighty muscly sound in body and limb hunky right healthful thickset in good kilter chipper powerfully built dynamic well-built in fine feather strong as an ox peppy flush iron gingery resilient solidly built hardened durable up to par hard-bitten full of vim physical potent agile nimble lithe in good physical condition bushy-tailed bright-eyed solid as a rock in good form undamaged capable spirited invigorated uninjured hunky-dory very well sprightly glowing toughened indefatigable resistant powerhouse well made perky two-fisted inured as strong as a horse seasoned sane cast-iron strenuous vibrant feisty stiff safe full of beans bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hard as nails young broad-shouldered better healthier very healthy herculean recovered refreshed disease-free rehabilitated ok mesomorphic well-proportioned A1 lean healed in perfect health bounding manly cured mended together luxuriantly health-conscious rested proper okay masculine bursting with good health nondisabled as strong as a lion energised manful strengthened fitter full-bodied well-developed built stable stocky in peak condition untroubled fine and dandy up to scratch relieved meaty secure chunky not disabled vitalized energized well-made unharmed intact soothed enthusiastic bulky hulking stouthearted decisive strong-arm rude comfortable fast bombproof unflagging enduring acclimatised acclimatized tenacious built to last outdoorsy outdoor as right as a trivet roaring rough sports-loving flawless wide-ranging undecayed well constructed well-constructed perfect rigorous unhurt unblemished safe and sound rosy-cheeked rigid inflexible animated as strong as a ox sparkling high-spirited vivacious hanging together holding together unbreakable leathery hard-wearing the picture of health indestructible effervescent zippy jaunty spry playful strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse intense zestful tireless go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking forcible cohesive dense steeled molded conditioned tight moulded resolute wick spunky tough as nails heavy-duty withstanding long-lasting made to last persuasive good at sports take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective dogged determined raring to go aggressive gritty ball of fire unyielding full of energy obdurate stubborn obstinate doughty cynical as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard-nosed self-assertive self-confident high-powered


Become or make smaller in size or amount
shrink lessen decrease diminish dwindle contract decline narrow shorten wither condense deflate grow reduce shrivel abate de-escalate drop off ease ebb fall grow smaller lower moderate pall recede relent remit subside taper wane wrinkle become smaller downsize fall off get smaller disappear drain away drop fail fall away let up minimise minimize phase down ratchet down taper off telescope waste weaken dry up fall short waste away die away die down die out fade sink slacken curtail peter out cut tail off slump cut down attenuate cut back plummet go down ease off trim grow less quell compress collapse curb pare down flag decay plunge deteriorate droop downscale abbreviate abridge lighten depreciate evaporate slash degenerate deplete prune atrophy drain soften constrict mitigate alleviate truncate relax clip wind down crash descend wilt scale down nosedive come to an end crumble fade away shrivel up restrain dock precis regress dip decrement desiccate crop wear away slack off tumble drop away retrench limit temper dent summarize abstract dehydrate devaluate roll back languish calm down slacken off slow down ease up parch synopsize wear down knock down take a nosedive rachet down quieten syncopate elide die off cut short dry dive restrict check minify summarise settle melt away close slow trail boil down slim down go downhill become less nose-dive tone down narrow down run low get less digest erode cave in calm wizen chop epitomize sap blur thin quiet break down edit vanish assuage fold terminate epitomise undermine subdue trail off make cutbacks in put in a nutshell lose edge sear scorch tighten rot capsulize concentrate implode constringe fall in scrimp withdraw compact dissolve dilute become emaciated perish blast encapsulate blunt retrograde retire exsiccate depress impair cease grow weak allay dampen slope desist disintegrate quieten down dry out take in lop buckle stop get shorter salami-slice end downturn debilitate become shrunken snip emaciate crater enervate go halt soothe enfeeble melt give way extenuate dull pare blue pencil slack take the bite out take the sting out fizzle out rebate cool off put in nutshell cut back on take the edge off come to a stop become weaker fold up become lower dial down go through the floor make reductions in fall down hit the floor phase out step down settle down modify tail away peter gather alter ebb away degrade zip puncture become dry whittle let down lull release finish relieve deaden incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards disengage modulate mollify consolidate conflate grow shorter moulder ration palliate mute damp muffle thin out slake still retreat collapse inward miniaturise miniaturize rescind trail away shape elongate bate get lower go downwards flow away cushion disempower close out squeeze slip make less turn down shave capsule précis abort sketch outline molder be abandoned tighten up control inhibit cramp retrocede flatten retrench on anhydrate divest fade out make smaller level off thin down sum up couch stifle fall back pull out return back away drop back decelerate unlax coast cool draw in make weaker break off rein in die away or out die away or down dim stop short drop down be forgotten be neglected be disregarded move away go back retrogress take out cut off get to the meat cut out die lag sag round down whittle down bring down take down trim back trim down mark down damp down give worsen devolve empty void rein back hold back pass chill out cool it relapse crumple back retract depart move back adulterate rarefy disable cripple dissipate vitiate offset come down give an abstract of give a summary of totter skid devalue lose lapse yield amputate soft-pedal drag backslide cheapen get to meat put the brakes on put a restriction on put a limit on back off move further off let the air out blight age become limp give a precis of give a digest of give a synopsis of give an outline of flop cease to be exit pass away become obsolete founder lose ground bow out grow faint go away draw away draw back flow back devitalize become marcescent wear off become extinct be no more slack up become enfeebled become debilitated evanesce give in become weak water down lose value become stale exhaust make shorter go into a tailspin decrease in value decline in price be on the way out hit the dirt tip over be precipitated take a header cease to exist disappear from the face of the earth consume go out excerpt bob take up draw to a close corrode tire gnaw etiolate keep down run down keep to a minimum frazzle burn keep at a minimum turn up eat away sap the strength of wear out welter stale fossilize mummy mummify cut to the bone make a long story short pucker up fossilise rationalize deduct economize rationalise economise curl up budget cut tune down roll down scale back trim away slide get worse hit the skids go down the toilet go to pot go to the dogs go down the tubes come to nothing run out falter grow dim go backwards become worse disperse go to rack and ruin stagnate fall through be in decline fall apart break up go to the pack clear give out succumb faint expire fizzle disimprove dilapidate grow worse come to a halt go bad fall to pieces revert go to pieces flatline blow over spoil grow weaker debase miscarry dematerialize fly flee elapse evanish discontinue conclude run dry determine quit grow feeble dispel go from bad to worse lose quality take a turn for the worse wind up be the worse for wear dead-end leave off move backward wink out wither away lose strength lose intensity pine weary sicken clear up reverse give up come to grief putrefy weather damage lose courage drift become unproductive grow barren grow sterile run its course become less intense be gone make something worse decompose go down the tube lose its effect lose its effectiveness suffer become dilapidated run to seed pejorate go to seed misfire be on your last legs fall apart at the seams go into decline be used up cease to yield fall into disrepair diffuse scatter disassemble be handicapped appear in a poor light be impaired be at disadvantage be damaged be shown to disadvantage grind to a halt hush deliquesce reach depths hit rock bottom come apart at the seams become unimportant be destroyed unmake come to a halt end come to a an end infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost numb drift back recidivate slip back sink back pass off poop out fag out tucker out become less loud mar break injure alloy axe break into pieces become shadowy die on vine become indistinct become vague become confused vanish into thin air make faint become blurred ax amortise downgrade cast down lose it qualify amortize miss the mark end in defeat be a fiasco end gradually end in disappointment be worse for wear go dead pack in impoverish tremble limp throw back lose headway turn the clock back turn back demise decease croak part bomb bust lose spirit be deficient exterminate ruin abolish go awry go amiss be wanting be insufficient kick in conk out pass on kick off peg out step out pop off check out be ruined be lacking be found lacking strike out be inadequate not come to ripeness

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