Đồng nghĩa của totter

Alternative for totter

totters, tottered, tottering

Đồng nghĩa: coggle, dodder, paddle, seesaw, teeter, toddle, waddle,


To decrease in number, amount, intensity, or quality
fall decline decrease diminish dwindle lessen plunge sink drop plummet slump shrink crash depreciate descend dip regress subside taper wane abate ebb flag lower relapse tumble devalue dive droop ease lapse lose nosedive recede reduce relent remit skid backslide buckle cheapen crater drag moderate pall slope trail de-escalate drop off fall away fall off flop go down let up nose-dive bow out drain away grow less taper off die away die down die out phase down ratchet down cave in lose value become lower break down decline in price decrease in value fold up go into a tailspin go through the floor hit the dirt take a header take a nosedive tip over be precipitated hit the floor weaken slacken fade tail off peter out collapse attenuate contract ease off crumble deteriorate settle sag drop away degenerate grow smaller alleviate relax slide slacken off soften slip decrement become smaller pitch quieten fall sharply downsize come to an end drop rapidly quell decay come down mitigate drop down close fade away tilt go downhill wind down tip ease up rachet down downscale wither fall steeply devaluate temper shrivel fail become less bank slow settle down get smaller waste away lean crumple slack off get less topple incline calm cant bend depress retrogress list atrophy die off downturn angle worsen retrograde disappear deplete cease terminate drain subdue blur melt away calm down skew trail off fall down get lower slow down take a dive topple over cool off slant revert slouch lighten flump heel downgrade make less vanish quieten down quiet allay disintegrate give way still dissolve stop desist slope down rot rise dent turn down evaporate assuage erode slant down cut stoop shelve lull minimize bevel mollify minify retreat deflate recidivate devolve minimise mark down plonk oneself plonk yourself plop oneself waste soft-pedal melt check slip back slack roll back drift back go backwards recline fall short cool run low come to a stop write down take the sting out become weaker fall back knock down dry up wear away wear down slope downwards tone down chill out flow away turn back shut spiral finish incline downwards tilt downwards release shorten narrow dim disengage relieve precipitate dump decrease rapidly grow condense modulate go downwards curb cascade retire withdraw languish slake dampen slim wrinkle thin out wilt restrain extenuate abbreviate retrench angle off descend rapidly rescind trail away shape elongate bate be reduced telescope grow faint fade out make smaller fizzle out die away or out die away or down evanesce give in become weak lose edge narrow down break halt decelerate end dull unlax coast curtail be on the way out become softer become quieter phase out slant downwards thin down discount slash lower oneself plump oneself plump yourself plank oneself cool it level off write off lower in price devalorize lower in value suffer be overtaken slide back be overcome go back to get quieter get softer draw to a close amputate impair thin crop clip abridge pare down tend deviate close out cut back slack up verge hunch curve veer fold go out cave take the bite out soothe diverge loll return flow out flow back succumb turn train aim lay level yaw point sit heavily hush pacify compose be at an angle retrocede sink back give out fall apart palliate placate lullaby descent ascend get worse silence tranquilize deaden repress salve becalm quash stifle ramp climb come apart go to pot go back lose ground throw back lose headway turn the clock back go to the dogs move back splay rake rock to sleep take it easy tranquillize stroke appease comfort qualify reassure balm quiet down take the edge lay back put a lid on


To deplete, or be depleted, in physical strength or energy
weaken wane abate diminish dwindle lessen decrease fail wilt fade flag languish subside decline deteriorate droop ebb decay degenerate emaciate go lag lower sag shrivel sink tire wither ease up falter let up melt away peter out trail off cripple crumble debase depress faint fizzle out give way grow dim grow faint halt impoverish limp lose minimise minimize relapse relax tail off taper off tremble vitiate waste away break up fall off grow weaker lose spirit slow down thin out wear off moderate recede ease drop fall shrink die down slacken drop off fall away die out die away reduce relent de-escalate pall taper remit phase down ratchet down drain away worsen go downhill slump disappear waste ease off contract attenuate grow less atrophy fade away regress vanish slip evaporate come to an end rot collapse retrogress get worse degrade retrograde disintegrate depreciate die go down downsize wind down lapse soften dissolve quell alleviate melt devolve slacken off slide deplete temper spoil mitigate break down wear away plummet sicken dry up slack off drain stop evanesce grow smaller cease terminate downscale become smaller go to pot slow drop away grow weak descend trail perish go to the dogs rachet down curtail disperse calm down quieten die off backslide nosedive dent impair close hang dim get smaller settle knock down tone down hit the skids go down the toilet lose strength pine calm disimprove pass dematerialize dissipate dull run low subdue go bad slake fall apart go into a decline clear end become emaciated become worse give out fall short shorten fall down grow worse go to pieces slack go from bad to worse evanish become debilitated deflate run out become weaker pine away become less slash swag loll fade out quiet bomb putrefy bust lighten flop devaluate debilitate relieve vaporize moulder narrow down cut down wear down desiccate allay assuage erode damage discontinue mollify molder quieten down become fatigued succumb dispel dampen desist finish cut wizen concentrate parch grow tired plunge give in dilapidate recidivate go backwards condense narrow become weak constrict still decelerate fly flee conk out bate shrivel up fag out fold get less go wrong blur minify go away come to nothing vaporise cool off die on vine abridge thin fall to pieces become limp have a relapse suffer a relapse go down the tubes take a nosedive come to a stop pare down take a turn for the worse come to a halt cut back settle down make less turn down level off flounder go pear-shaped check curb rebate decompose modify restrain lose edge tail away lose intensity ebb away go off peak lull decimate corrupt undermine weary retire withdraw gutter become dilapidated decrement become shrunken peter modulate grow release grow weary lose energy mummify flow away rescind trail away shape elongate slim wrinkle become enfeebled lose its effect lose its effectiveness become less intense disengage corrode drift tumble move backward lose courage be neglected dry telescope soothe decompensate phase out thin down extenuate abbreviate retrench compress make something worse cave in cease to be pass away cease to exist be no more truncate close out elapse stagnate etiolate palliate appease come down determine expire quit conclude unlax coast cool dilute compact amputate crop clip soft-pedal hush deliquesce grow feeble rarefy bend dangle go through the floor hit the floor make smaller cut down on slim down make fewer cut back on dehydrate dehumidify squeeze tighten stray become unimportant constringe capsule capsulize chill out cool it blast blight age take the bite out take the sting out roll back slack up bow pass off poop out vanish into thin air tucker out become less loud take in lose ground scrimp become marcescent revert stoop hang down break off wind up dead-end leave off wink out go dead pack in get ill again get worse again go down the primrose path leave the straight and narrow fall from grace go astray fall ill catch something become ill become stale drape volatilize be on the way out sling slouch suspend lop lean lose quality tucker become flaccid long hunger be taken ill be taken sick hanker yearn be in decline be on your last legs fall apart at the seams go into decline draw to a close teeter ail brood despond slip back tire out let down wear out boil away become moribund yawn be slipping away wither away suffer slide back fall back be approaching death be in extremis be giving up the ghost be about to die have one foot in the grave be breathing one's last be on one's deathbed be at death's door be on one's last legs knock out get tired drift back go soft be overtaken be overcome become tired turn back go back to lose one's strength fizzle miscarry founder break malfunction crash stall idle be deficient compromise go awry go amiss be wanting pause be insufficient endamage fall through be ruined strike out yield interrupt be lacking stop working be damaged be faulty be defective act up be inadequate give up play up shut off be found lacking be unusable cease to function fall over cut short bite the dust cease to work not come to ripeness go kaput pack up go haywire seize up go phut develop a fault cut off cut out be on the blink give up the ghost go on the blink


To move or act at a slow speed
delay linger loiter dally dawdle hesitate lag stall tarry dither idle vacillate wait while away time dillydally procrastinate stonewall straggle temporise temporize amble diddle drag pause plod stagger crawl creep filibuster lollygag mope poke putter lallygag dilly-dally buy time hold back kill time mark time shilly-shally stay put take your time wait around waste time be slow drag your feet fall behind hang about hang around hang fire hang on hum and haw lag behind take one's time drag one's feet play for time potter about potter around potter round be indecisive horse around not keep pace put off doing something goof off play a waiting game use delaying tactics let the grass grow under one's feet put off hang back falter waver stop halt rest defer haver stay trail sit tight fluctuate hold off think twice postpone equivocate hover oscillate hedge hold on gain time fritter away swither remain be undecided bide pussyfoot around hang saunter prevaricate hang out teeter get no place fast blow hot and cold tergiversate kick the can down the road wobble scruple wabble obstruct shuffle slouch deliberate trifle drop behind move slowly go slowly lodge fool around beat about the bush cease abide sit on the fence discontinue hang round yo-yo stick around be irresolute trudge loll limp loaf inch be uncertain drift flag adjourn drop balk slacken shillyshally tail tool get cold feet potter retard lose time baulk trail behind desist balance be unsure pass the time dwell warm a chair take a breather let up take a break stop briefly hem and haw reside await hold the phone take ten call time have a breather take five sit around squat be dilatory go at a snail's pace put on hold perch bunk roost nest hold over sweat it out hold your horses hold your fire bide one's time stay behind keep on hold the fort be left see-saw refuse avoid rebuff evade resist be evasive stroll meander be ambivalent palter traik fiddle about fritter away time take one's own sweet time while away the time burn daylight piddle toddle diddle-daddle adopt Fabian tactics slack drag your heels boondoggle be in two minds faff about prolong protract be tardy be long prevent block fritter time away goof around stop over avoid committing oneself mosey skulk mooch shirk goldbrick cool use dilatory tactics scrounge around bum around shlep along kick around kick about fool with trifle with while away hinder ramble slough lurk traipse shamble wander dabble stand distract divert stall for time use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision stick settle fool about play games with put something on the back burner sit on one's butt defer action let slide take a raincheck fall back decrease fail diminish pass time endure remain behind put down roots outstay continue establish yourself stay out establish oneself drag behind wane ebb postpone action employ delaying tactics suspend action drag one's heels tumble tremble hobble jelly slow lounge surcease refrain take too long be leisurely proceed in a leisurely fashion not hurry bring up the rear refrain from lurch roll quaver sway bobble reel be behind fall off inch along drop back slow up avoid the issue beat around the bush put something off take no action lose strength nose avoid doing something snail sojourn ooze change one's mind break keep from doing something hold one's horses draggle creak along bivouac live inhabit cling interrupt limp along creep along hang heavy wear on advance slowly break off stay over make camp stay on slow down appear to pass slowly go on and on go on too long pull up sideline shake suspend take a breath reflect become tedious look forward lie in wait be patient lie low keep shirt on hold one's breath save it sweat it hang onto your hat cool it hold everything wait in the wings sit up for twiddle one's thumbs stand by wait on kick your heels cool your heels stay up for bide your time alternate come to standstill catch one's breath break it up demur seesaw pussyfoot stumble stop what you're doing doubt boggle flounder ponder mammer debate weigh be doubtful be hesitant shy away be reluctant be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence

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