Đồng nghĩa của crumple

Alternative for crumple

crumples, crumpled, crumpling

Đồng nghĩa: crease, crinkle, ripple, wrinkle,


(of a person's face) To suddenly sag and show an expression of desolation


To fail, especially in spectacular fashion
fail founder flop yield give fall flat buckle fall collapse flunk backfire bomb flounder miscarry crater fizzle misfire miss tank abort flatline slip underperform blunder fluff fold underachieve be unsuccessful fall short go belly-up be defeated be in vain fall through fizzle out flame out miss the mark not succeed run aground screw up be frustrated be ruined bite the dust break down come unstuck go down lack success nose-dive not pass muster strike out wash out be demoted be found deficient be found wanting come to naught come to nothing fall by the wayside go astray go downhill hit the skids miss the boat not pass suffer defeat be found lacking be rejected come to grief fall flat on your face go by the board go pear-shaped go up in smoke hit rock bottom meet with disaster not come up to the mark not make the grade turn out badly come a cropper lay an egg not come up to scratch cave in go awry go down like a lead balloon blow up in someone's face tumble fall down slump drop topple crash crumble sink go belly up topple over break close go stumble plummet plunge go wrong go bump go to the wall slide go under come down keel over implode wreck submerse wallow go out bust be lost faint pauper impoverish pauperize descend sag go to bottom subside duck stop halt stall die cut out give out conk out cease to function stop working run down stop functioning fade out lose power seize up go phut go kaput fade away pack up give up the ghost peter out trip stagger pitch face-plant nosedive dive go for six lower oneself trip over pitch forward take a dive fall end over end skid take a spill go head over heels go headlong hit the dirt cowp fall headlong tumble over measure one's length pratfall fall over trip up prostrate oneself go end over end tip over take a header fall head over heels fall in a heap end decline default finish retire languish terminate perish go broke cease trading go bankrupt be shut close down be closed down be closed be liquidated lose one's shirt be cleaned out drop a bundle be in the hands of the receivers be shut down come to a halt grind to a halt belly up fold up cease production close one's doors give up be wound up be in arrears go into chapter 11 go out of business go into receivership go into liquidation become insolvent go bust shrivel up lose big shut down be taken to the cleaners go amiss sink without trace rebound boomerang recoil be abortive deteriorate dwindle diminish wane fall away go to pieces die away foul up slip up come apart at the seams meet with failure go over like a lead balloon backslide gang agley flag explode hit bottom lose status play into lose out lose control miss fire go on the rocks go down swinging back wrong horse poop out fizz out come to a sticky end come to a bad end not come off fail to go off bungle fade dissatisfy ebb disappoint recede dip melt away come to an end fall short of fall short of expectations bring to naught not show abate degenerate decrease weaken wither be deficient die down die out be insufficient not come to ripeness drop off be lacking be inadequate be wanting


Destroy or severely damage by tearing or crushing
mangle maim mutilate crush deform rend disfigure hack wreck butcher cut lacerate damage destroy injure mar maul ruin tear total chop cripple distort spoil trash mangulate batter break bruise carve contort cut about deface flay hash impair mash separate slash slay slice slit smash tear apart twist wound chop up hurt harm blemish vitiate flaw disable scratch shatter incapacitate claw tarnish endamage vandalize compromise defile demolish rip gash savage mess up crab vandalise lame warp torture blight cross up ravage annihilate misshape scar devastate buckle cleave split bloody weaken wrench sabotage shred undermine abuse foul up incise make a mess of louse up sever handicap taint sully pulverize desecrate raze waste dilapidate squinch malform crack screw tear to pieces pulverise scrape graze do in molest gnarl attack scathe stab bend uglify ribbon rive dismember stain cut up hamstring decimate disfeature cut to pieces wrack cream pierce dismantle blot beat wrest maltreat hock brutalize despoil disintegrate smash up brutalise divide whack work over punish whip sap score cut open bite kill misstate hew massacre knot skew torment pound wince tatter shear hack up crash scourge gut truncate poison pinion burn desolate undo prejudice say wrong rupture mispronounce vaporize make unattractive pummel lash nuke debilitate smirch knock extinguish disqualify corrupt screw up sunder torpedo belt disrupt make ugly pollute corrode flog punch bang up vaporise fracture fragment overwhelm defeat shake up do mischief to smite frazzle pummelled fray put out of action pommel bend out of shape wipe out rub out rough up wreak havoc on play merry hell with leave in ruins unstrengthen tear down take out write off break up dash to pieces stumble through reduce to rubble pull pull down attenuate crack up wrack up disarm rip up traumatize shiver pretzel hobble traumatise annoy wring prang obliterate bow touch darken tag chew up be a blot on the landscape make misshapen distort the shape of saw jigsaw burst nick besmirch detract from upset shock disfashion scythe jump mayhem hog-tie gimp castrate mince dice handle roughly dump on cause detriment to muck up ding queer detract tweak put a damper on rip apart dissever torpefy cut to ribbons dig rake knife gouge be torn amputate come apart rip to pieces rip in two tear asunder rip asunder disturb tear in two sideline palsy dislimb make lame stifle jag scrabble be rent cube fell axe persecute puncture lance serrate grimace scrap open itch mistreat ill-treat lop tear limb from limb knacker crool afflict crucify martyr scrabble at dig into evulse rift pull apart grab pluck run extract snatch yank seize invalid indispose hospitalize hospitalise pique aggrieve foul grieve pain wax distress sting ax cut into pieces hackle clip murder give someone the works inflict suffering on martyrize impale grill inflict pain on put on the rack draw blood bust sink scotch ruinate scupper flatten blow dash put out cause pain to cause injury to harry blast botch nix ravish muller cruel overturn euchre reduce bodge level dish overthrow banjax skin infect rot dent scorch dirty discolour gnaw wrong rust discolor execute deplete slap spank slug pinch flail bleach contaminate fade shake liquidate exterminate wear away cause injury tamper with knock down reduce to nothing bring to ruin bring down blow a hole in bring to naught bring to nothing wreak havoc upon lay waste clean out lay in ruins do for leave desolate put the kibosh on dispatch mow down eliminate do damage to play havoc with shipwreck worry drive a nail into the coffin of kill off assassinate efface send to the gas chambers finish blow away put to death slaughter vanquish stick bump off put to the sword cut down go for tear at halt paralyse run onto the rocks damage beyond repair put out of commission pile up tear up take apart stop jam pull at gnaw at paralyze deactivate prostrate inactivate disenable clamp wheel-clamp thrash hit buffet bash knock out immobilize unfit tie prevent from moving exhaust bring to a standstill throw monkey wrench in render inoperative make inoperative prevent from working action kibosh render inactive unbrace immobilise muzzle shoot down bring to a halt enfeeble arrest render incapable hogtie enervate invalidate strike wallop assault belabour deck clobber lick thump pelt bang smack drub clout bat baste whop cudgel do club lace lambast lather whup curry beat up tonk hide tromp bludgeon plug bop hammer slog switch thwack whap slate lambaste birch belabor biff whale tan paddle thresh sock fib rain blows on knock about beat the living daylights out of lace into punch out lay one on knock around contuse lay into do over dash against aim blows at knock into the middle of next week bung up give someone a good hiding put an end to subvert quash put paid to debase thwart pillage befoul soil eradicate depredate spoliate sack blow up plunder raze to the ground bulldoze foil end overcome devour topple hinder stymie frustrate diminish threaten blacken quell degrade explode destabilize ransack unbuild consume abolish spot destabilise raid smear loot squash maraud muddy impoverish remove impede bring to an end suppress tar put a stop to overpower bomb subdue destruct discredit zap rape throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of grime begrime smudge erase terminate prevent blow to bits blow to pieces stamp out mark rob expunge nullify wipe off the map lay waste to finish off extirpate denigrate put the lid on dynamite break down do away with rifle depress pervert rout conquer hamper trounce lower abate bankrupt blow sky-high debauch reave neutralize take down reduce to ruins snuff out blot out unsettle adulterate negate make impure jeopardize cancel strip wipe off the face of the earth bring someone to their knees blow out of the water annul lessen neutralise disprove pop squelch worst undercut deteriorate oppress interfere with take best jeopardise disgrace muck distain bemire gaum mire daub wreak havoc trample overrun subjugate be detrimental to humble prevail over devalue dissolve outmaneuver outmanoeuvre influence wipe from the face of the earth throw down cheapen floor vilify cancel out slam swamp render ineffective get rid of put down blow out shoot full of holes affect drag through the mud roll back erode cramp obstruct block havoc eat away put at risk emasculate depopulate bust up refute use up violate humiliate fleece delete scuttle disassemble demoralize wither deflate incinerate disestablish drain tumble deprave worsen dishonour balls up capsize root out harass downgrade blunt black out spread to strike down defame shame demoralise knock to pieces sweep away stuff tank master depreciate falsify do harm to dishonor reverse clean up make a hash of prove wrong cease decrease blotch disempower stigmatize devaluate bring about the downfall of belittle wipe off map paste skunk steamroll be prejudicial to unmake doctor marmalize overbear overmatch cane trim upend whitewash get surmount rain on someone's parade spike water down make useless shellac edge outplay triumph over drop whomp forage deprive stigmatise reflect badly on bring into disrepute give the lie to entrap outjump outflank ambush route outrun outhit flax own nip in the bud win against drive a coach and horses through give someone a drubbing take to cleaners take it all make mincemeat of edge out KO poke full of holes get around get the better of give someone a hiding pip at the post run roughshod over pwn run rings round plow under turn inside out bear down walk all over take down a peg drag through the mire run rings around nose out win a victory over do down make unclean wipe the floor with take to the cleaners pick apart bring shame on lead astray avenge empty make desolate obscure speckle devitalize make of no use or value pauperize cool chasten chastise mess endanger manipulate inconvenience excise wreak havoc with rattle wipe cloud whittle imperil detonate wipe off burn away scrub out be the ruination of wolf lay low disappoint decay spill scatter interrupt cast a pall over cast a shadow over check supplant bring to nought restrict make destitute bleed dry derail cow set a bad example maraud over take the edge off take the shine off burn out throw a monkey wrench into glitch up gobble up limit put the skids under prohibit dethrone oust depose unseat spend take care of dispirit strike out blow down cast down take the enjoyment out of take the pleasure out of spray paint brand take away dampen be disadvantageous to shrivel put in toilet counteract be the ruin of seal the doom of dislocate cost commit genocide cut a swath through scratch out demote engulf play mischief with create chaos be deleterious to hash up inhibit smother curb restrain minimize minimise demean implode rip down disrate have craze overreach outsmart crimp outfox offset absorb envelop expend lose strength mildew splinter crack down on cause the loss of cause the sacrifice of result in harm to strike at the foundations rebel supersede crud up invert knock off balance bollix tame chip away color colour sour work against make waves be the end of queer someone's pitch radioactivate abort result in damage to lead to the end of sweep aside trouble contradict dispossess repress impact disease move enthuse overshadow maculate intrude on discourage silence whelm overmaster play out draw down fragmentize scrunch smash to smithereens crunch splinterize fragmentalize smatter snap denude perturb confute taint with mildew disillusion quelch strangle ice harsh break into pieces counter steal from go through freeboot reive force down snow under grind down bear down on slap down clamp down on cause instability scuzz up prevail occur torch run through spread among cast gloom over prick make foul crush to smithereens blow apart controvert rebut disconfirm debunk belie manhandle appropriate embezzle trespass arrogate confiscate invade impinge cut short down dismiss mark down negative go against impact on impinge upon benothing cast a gloom upon bring a note of sadness to mishandle whittle away thin dilute strike at confound plague curse knock props from under take wind out of sails blow sky high knock bottom out sandbag mine soften tunnel wear challenge embarrass write down combust scald suspend take hold of bully prove false dispose of knock off cremate carbonise carbonize dig out hollow out have an effect on have an impact on exert influence on disband discontinue victimize bump revert devalorize abase undervalue demerit set back declass bench bastardize mix slander clip one's wings chip away at queer the pitch of put away make a nonsense of put in a bad light bring shame to adjourn knock the bottom out of destroy by fire burn up reduce to ashes burn to the ground burn down burn to a crisp extend sophisticate take off carry off take someone's life traduce roughhouse disannul rescind void vacate prorogue avoid null repeal abrogate conclude malign drive to the wall move in for the kill dope kick around treat roughly give the coup de grâce be violent toward administer the coup de grâce treat badly victimise mess over censure slur rubbish give a bad name to make lose face wind up disunite have a negative effect on have a negative impact on knock for six reproach badmouth decry disparage calumniate mix with denature bastardise infiltrate phony up commingle irrigate doctor up plant transfuse amalgamate thin out blend intermix alloy shave cook mingle split up close close down loose collapse shoot fade out discharge disorganize resolve into postpone render void wind down asperse besmear scandalize assail libel beset burden terrorize excoriate bedevil pan muckrake vilipend bring shame upon rip up and down blackguard do a number on give a black eye disrespect speak ill of bring discredit to scandalise sling mud at do a hatchet job on breathe on poor-mouth give a bad name blister slag off deride tar and feather drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud cast a slur on spread scandal about bad-mouth fling mud at sling mud derogate run smear campaign knock the stuffing out of terrorise cause suffering to


To cause disarray or disorganization in the order of
muss disarrange dishevel rumple tousle ruffle tumble disorder mess up confuse derange disarray discompose disjoint dislocate disorganize disrupt disturb hash jumble muddle scramble shuffle upset clutter mix up rummage tangle wrinkle make a mess of make untidy put out of place unsettle throw into disorder spoil scatter muss up turn upside down throw into confusion confound mess mix jumble up throw into disarray foul up make a shambles of convulse complicate entangle snarl get into a tangle agitate displace shake untidy interfere riffle rearrange strew misplace muddy muck change discombobulate toss embroil discreate bungle botch litter reorder break up muddle up perturb bring into disorder ravel interfere with get out of order snarl up turn topsy-turvy psych out louse up play havoc with muck up put out of order mistake destroy distemper tamper distort meddle derail make disorderly bring into disarray rifle wreck roughen throw into a state of disorganization misarrange put in disarray throw into chaos mislay demobilize disband disperse make hay of overturn foul snafu muff fumble blunder crease run one's fingers through demobilise crinkle throw off stir up unbalance break down intermix shift perplex reorganize turn reverse tilt slosh slop subvert turn inside-out mingle reorganise transpose shift about bestrew change the order break the deck rough rattle throw trash stop bollix shower dirty besmirch make rough make uneven spread cause turmoil in cause confusion in intrude on cut short screw up be strewn about clutter up rattle one's cage muddy the waters throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of upset the applecart be scattered about drop litter be disarranged unnerve dismay disconcert bother worry trouble fluster faze discomfit bewilder nonplus undo flurry discountenance distract embarrass shake up get to destabilize make a mess alarm disquiet daunt concern distress discommode exercise abash hagride alarum frazzle unhinge discomfort ail fuss destabilise make anxious make uneasy put off take aback throw off balance frustrate needle bug weird out freak out demoralize demoralise put someone off their stroke make waves misalign dealign ruin randomize recombine gum up randomise throw out make a hash of vex disalign make dirty pother make fretful annoy gnaw at pester irritate make a scene knock off balance baffle encumber cover fill disorient surprise startle catch off balance flummox mortify hinder gravel balk puzzle cause mess take by surprise baulk put out of countenance cause to be at a stand make someone scratch their head set someone back on their heels stop someone in their tracks put someone off their stride dishearten discourage dispirit unman deject depress undermine weaken sap jolt crush enfeeble complex sophisticate complexify sicken down dement spook fuddle devitalize chill subdue cow enervate involve make difficult cast down disempower knock the stuffing out of send up deflate blow out damp disparage blow up unzip knock for six bring low dampen unglue take apart debilitate knock sideways take steam out cripple pull the rug from under pull the rug out from under throw into uproar clog interrelate fold convolute interweave make intricate obfuscate open can of worms add fuel to fire make difficulties obscure make complicated multiply thwart mire elaborate intricate impede set hurdles make more difficult combine handicap make complex bedevil twist interfuse infold render unintelligible snag

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