Đồng nghĩa của sag

Alternative for sag

sags, sagged, sagging

Đồng nghĩa: dangle, droop, hang, sink, slump,


The act of lowering in amount
depression decline decrease drop fall decrement diminishment reduction slide slump abatement dent diminution falloff loss shrinkage slowdown collapse depletion stagnation standstill inactivity lessening paralysis shakeout trough drop-off step down bottom-out bottom out downturn plunge lowering downswing depreciation nosedive tumble lapse devaluation dip descent downtrend downslide slip falling off plummet crash falling-off recession meltdown reverse steep fall rut bottom blight letdown failure downer dumps low nose-dive funk cut cutback the skids bad period bad times blue devils blue funk rainy days down dive curtailment precipitation downtick deterioration downfall landslide fall-off dwindling ebb contraction impoverishment deduction weakening diminishing wane degradation minimizing slackening discount minimising downgrade cutting degeneration drain declining waning fading erosion shrinking minimization attenuation subtraction let-up dropping off dilution dying down ruination failing receding markdown decay deprivation alleviation retrenchment privation disappearance forfeiture squandering subsidence dissipation shortfall de-escalation compression striction constriction decrescence condensation exhaustion expenditure consumption letting up expending using up use deficiency waste impairment sapping draining milking emptying want retardation bleeding subsiding easing pruning trimming slimming slowing chopping limiting debasement attrition axing running down relaxation sinking moderation subdual subjugation pullback slimming down slash dying away fade cessation ebbing easing off desisting dropping away dying out relenting scaling down declension cooling off saving tailing off petering out degeneracy declination devolution tapering off declivity decadence downhill trend nose dive


A sunken place or hollow on a surface
depression cavity pit concavity hollow indentation dent dip hole sink crater dint excavation valley bowl recess sinkhole basin impression trough indenture pothole dimple fossa lacuna sinkage indent pocket scoop vacuity vacuum void cave cavern shakehole swallet swallow hole kettle hole dish cup den nook niche cranny channel chamber bottom notch curve groove cleft gulf socket trench ditch dugout cut furrow gap fissure chasm abyss opening tunnel gutter crack gouge rut gorge gully shaft space ravine well aperture burrow slit score grotto gash orifice shelter crevice pockmark lair rift canyon grot delve antre rabbet canal subterrane underground chamber lodge interstice dike house cutting seam hiatus mark borehole track chip scratch incision slot pan mineshaft fluting crease corrugation foxhole scallop divot vacancy ding rupture fosse fracture rent scrape separation gallery chink breach drain break nest blank warren blankness gulch split sett division foss sheugh conduit nothingness subterranean area watercourse emptiness rock shelter moat interspace empty space black hole blank space kink nick antrum pouch alcove punchbowl large cave bunker cellar vale irregularity dust bowl bed tomb grave check sinus geode caries vug flume mine crenel con-cavity embrasure line caldera runnel bay pool lagoon culvert wheel track dig quarry retreat solfatara maar duct vent divide wheel mark earth diggings lie covert discontinuity mouth perforation set fold rivel undulation ridge plica crow's-foot rimple ruck haunt interval waterway entrenchment earthwork grike scission archaeological site defile clove shell hole couch hovel hideaway rebate depletedness exhaustion desertedness waste sparseness destitution inanition resting place flute free space drey tube main arroyo sap drill hideout pucker crimp nullity lack oblivion nihility want abysm voidness deep hollowness ocean depth open space bottomless pit bottomless depth


To lose strength or vitality
fade flag languish weaken fail slip wilt wither decay droop emaciate falter go lag sink fall shrivel wane tire waste away collapse slump decline deteriorate drop crumble dwindle ebb diminish disintegrate crumple succumb go downhill cave in degenerate waste subside lessen fall in give way peter out fall down perish weary rot grow weak debilitate faint regress break descend retrograde slide fold die decrease devolve melt away hang loll swag tucker knock out break down fag out conk out fall to pieces poop out go down give disappear exhaust sicken drain settle atrophy abate disimprove depreciate enervate prostrate overtire spoil poop retrogress evaporate pine tumble worsen recede melt bush buckle topple wear crash wizen die away grow less jade shatter dry up wear out die out fall apart fade away disable go to pieces deplete go into a decline bedraggle fizzle give out die on vine fall off tucker out be on your last legs fall apart at the seams burn out wear down stave crush erode taper off backslide pall lower stave in stumble flop die down die off sink back crater duck dry tumble down drop down be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be breathing one's last be approaching death become fatigued lose strength grow tired grow weary lose energy mummify fall flat shrink frazzle whack lose courage desiccate collapse inwards crash in sink inwards come down about one's ears wash out overtax tax knacker harass kill do in outwear bust dim vanish constrict deflate blast blight shrivel up age contract become limp dissolve tire out make sleepy make weary become marcescent shag out take wear on drain of energy fatigue take it out of wear to a frazzle do up become stale evanesce disperse stagnate dematerialize fly flee vitiate degrade debase etiolate lapse bore hush moderate quiet deliquesce grow feeble trail evanish thin grow dim attenuate rarefy taper grow faint clear dilapidate impair putrefy become debilitated become unimportant go backwards founder yield implode pass off fade out vanish into thin air slack off become less loud trail off tail off become worse get worse wear away grow worse go bad come apart lose quality go to pot break up topple over break apart give in come down go out go into decline go down the toilet hit the skids be in decline moulder long hunger hanker yearn teeter ail brood despond molder wither away fizzle out go soft


To decrease in severity or intensity
slacken abate diminish lessen temper decrease ease flag moderate recede reduce relax relent subside wane dwindle ebb mitigate remit slake slack soften weaken ease off ease up get less slacken off taper off become less intense die down drop off fall off slack off let up slow down decline lower taper fade shrink fall away fall peter out drop de-escalate pall die away die out ratchet down phase down tail off drain away sink contract slump attenuate alleviate quell grow less come to an end degenerate lighten deteriorate fade away drop away decay wind down wither droop quieten curb crumble cease calm down restrain plummet check drain tone down depreciate stop modify deplete devaluate downscale slow run low wear away melt away grow smaller go downhill quiet become smaller settle rachet down lull curtail die off terminate evaporate fail shrivel dissolve dull qualify subdue still desist dry up wear down wilt downsize plunge bate slip close dilute blur extenuate waste away minify become weaker decrement settle down dent cool off calm slash waste quieten down cut down allay assuage relieve limit vanish lose edge narrow down mollify disappear atrophy finish minimize blunt end cut lapse collapse melt retrograde disintegrate erode nosedive control degrade come to a stop trail soft-pedal cut back go down languish clip release impair trail off depress level off slide roll back modulate fade out minimise take the bite out knock down take the sting out take the edge off fizzle out make less become less make smaller rebate tail away restrict dampen disengage thin out revise peter retire withdraw loosen elongate rescind trail away shape abbreviate retrench flow away pare down turn down halt decelerate unlax coast cool die pass dissipate scale down worsen restraint play down thin down phase out blow over run out dim chill out cool it go through the floor hit the floor debilitate dial down spoil retrogress sink into oblivion disappear slowly pass away be forgotten axe pare regress couch bring down come down trim run down ax make cutbacks in trim down mark down cast down tighten amortise take down trim back downgrade amortize step down devolve soothe amputate thin crop abridge grow faint make less strict let up on make less formal ease up on rot give way evanesce give in become weak palliate slack up get worse go down the toilet disimprove be neglected hit the skids break down grow worse go bad go down the tubes backslide fall apart become worse be on the way out deaden smooth get smaller fall short adjourn break damp help quench pacify ameliorate draw to a close placate address sweeten improve break off do less rest descend relax your efforts take a breather pour oil on hold back take a break pause take a breath fall down go go to pot lag emaciate wear off perish dip go to the dogs come to nothing take a nosedive retreat go away grow dim disperse tumble crash go backwards give out fold falter retrocede stagnate fall through dive deflate be in decline shrivel up go to rack and ruin nose-dive relapse flop succumb fizzle wizen clear fall back skid go back move back go to the pack come to a halt draw back lose ground revert go to pieces flatline depart return miscarry narrow faint dematerialize fly flee exit slope condense grow weaker shorten tire downturn be abandoned crater run dry constrict grow feeble age be disregarded dilapidate dispel cave in corrode flow back clear up go from bad to worse be no more lose quality fall to pieces go into a tailspin take a turn for the worse take a header break up be the worse for wear move backward cease to exist become lower ebb away wither away lose strength lose intensity pine weary sicken moulder reverse give up vitiate incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards grow mummify debase grow weak become emaciated slim wrinkle come to grief mute muffle weather damage lose courage go out pull out back away drop back become unproductive grow barren grow sterile putrefy compress dry molder drift telescope be gone get lower go downwards become debilitated cushion gutter make something worse move away decompose go down the tube lose its effect lose its effectiveness suffer abort misfire compact lift back retract be used up cease to yield squeeze diffuse scatter disassemble back off move further off be handicapped appear in a poor light be impaired be at disadvantage be damaged be shown to disadvantage desiccate totter devalue lose be on your last legs fall apart at the seams go into decline grind to a halt constringe capsule capsulize drop down die away or out die away or down run its course drag cheapen buckle close out scrimp draw away blast blight become limp cease to be become obsolete be destroyed unmake etiolate end gradually come to a halt end come to a an end bow out take in infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost numb become extinct become stale become marcescent hush deliquesce rarefy evanish adulterate mar undermine injure alloy drift back recidivate slip back sink back break into pieces lose value disappear from the face of the earth become unimportant become shadowy become indistinct become vague become confused make faint become blurred fold up hit the dirt tip over be precipitated decrease in value decline in price lose it miss the mark end in defeat be a fiasco end in disappointment be worse for wear pass off poop out fag out tucker out become less loud founder expire die on vine vanish into thin air throw back lose headway turn the clock back turn back bomb bust demise decease croak part be deficient go awry go amiss be wanting exterminate ruin abolish be insufficient be ruined be lacking be found lacking strike out be inadequate not come to ripeness kick in conk out pass on kick off peg out step out pop off check out


To alter something from its true state, typically to deceive
distort misrepresent pervert twist falsify slant garble bias misstate colour misinterpret misreport prejudice alter bend change color cook disguise doctor fudge manipulate misrelate skew spin warp angle belie collapse con crush curve deceive decline deteriorate deviate fake gnarl knot lie melt misconstrue mislead scam slump snow whitewash wind writhe tamper with tinker with interfere with phony up put a spin on quote out of context take out of context trump up make out like put on rig fiddle massage influence fix corrupt fiddle with modify poison adulterate misquote juggle transform contort confuse debase embroider vitiate forge embellish exaggerate profane prostitute overstate amend muddle weight mistranslate degrade misrender mangle taint sway contaminate spoil defile affect subvert bastardize magnify prepossess bastardise misuse abuse meddle with give a false account of mess about with obscure misemploy conceal deprave fabricate misapply cloak mask embitter salt promote equivocate palter prevaricate stretch dilute demoralize strain abase cheapen demean convert overdraw foul pollute miscolor steer lessen debauch canker maneuver manoeuvre predispose orient engineer pad finagle airbrush trick exploit turn jaundice demoralise give a false idea of cook the books make partial gloss over mold shape mould patch tamper counterfeit jumble put the wrong slant on invent confound cook up tilt tip slope misshape weigh blur slur give a false impression of misattribute quote impact train concentrate focus aim direct point mutilate mix up flimflam diddle contravene four-flush traverse gloss deacon fib present condition quote incorrectly overdo dramatize enhance varnish twist around misarticulate hyperbolize revamp edit revise rework dress up fake it frame up turn out turn outwards trim rearrange shuffle cover romanticise dramatise romanticize throw faze upset parody veil occult suppress blanket shroud hide screen enshroud curtain put words in someone's mouth put on an act travesty change round make changes to make adjustments to make alterations to elaborate on divert throw off balance gerrymander swindle perform magic blot out paper over give a bias to give a slant to give a particular slant to cheese blarney beard pirate dress puff arrange devalue disgrace shame deflect misappropriate lace infect sully make biased induce persuade incline make partisan impress dispose exert an influence on have an effect on weaken putrefy disillusion suffuse touch arrange fraudulently mistreat cut spike ruin alloy desecrate animalize outrage veer water brainwash seduce blow smoke pass off cover up build up brutalize bestialize depreciate metamorphose mishandle flavour flavor imbue injure mar aggravate disaffect dissipate embezzle mismanage waste squander steal defalcate mongrelize brutalise switch mock up doctor up splay drag down adapt sour impair envenom hack make bad use of mutate machinate make impure enliven finesse cheat circumvent outmanoeuvre transmute deform recast make resentful make bitter bilk dupe jockey mastermind bamboozle tinge wangle outmaneuver defraud find a loophole in fudge with exploit a loophole in snooker game morph spice up


Swell or protrude to an incongruous extent
bulge swell bag project protrude balloon belly expand jut distend dilate stick out beetle billow bloat bunch enlarge inflate overhang poke pooch pouch pout puff up stand out start balloon out balloon up dome fill out intumesce puff out swell out tumefy be prominent bilge blob extrude jut out protuberate be swollen bug out pop out project outward be full to bursting extend bulge out obtrude poke out mushroom blow up fill lengthen fatten pop stretch loom widen rise extend beyond hang grow bulk impend swell up thrust out be imminent become larger push out hang out increase increase in size droop puff billow out flop thicken flap augment broaden plump amplify outthrust protend point hang over elongate belly out be inflated prolong blow out pad burgeon bourgeon beetle over make bigger snowball grow larger come through well up butt out shoot out loom out stick up make larger become distended become bigger hang loosely pooch out pouch out become bloated come out spread emerge catch the wind ferment show up bag out show push roll surge stick hold out cantilever bounce pitch pump up distort toss ride over lap over go beyond engorge rise up heighten peek be conspicuous stretch out roll upward round out become swollen become inflated develop boost magnify supersize escalate compound hike bolster pyramid upsurge protract get bigger soup up beef up tack on lop bulk up slap on jut over protrude over stick out over extend over project over stick out like a sore thumb drop portend stand out over overtop endanger bulge over jut out over loom over command loll swag bulge out over impend over cantilever out poke out over tower above flap over droop over be suspended rise above swing over dangle over cast a shadow cantilever out over dip tumble dangle hang down lean curve down fall unevenly jumboize become wider make wider make broader become broader become thicker make thicker become deeper grow bigger become longer make longer make deeper draw out spread out continue draw drag out pull out pull let out spin out open strain outstretch pad out build up prolongate multiply unfasten string out wax unfold open up flesh out reach get wider open out eke out fatten up wire-draw increase fourfold pull out of shape keep going carry on extend the duration of quadruple times mount undo unpin splay deepen inject spur on stimulate add to release tauten tighten flare let down ream stuff span wrench put on weight gain weight get plump proceed cover range unroll keep alive get larger open wide branch reflate be unbroken branch out burst forth perpetuate sustain put on hold put off delay hold up defer stall keep up cool hold off drag on postpone keep something going procrastinate go on with

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