Đồng nghĩa của melt

Alternative for melt

melts, melted, melting

Đồng nghĩa: change, dissolve, liquefy, soften,

Trái nghĩa: freeze, solidify,


Leave or disappear unobtrusively
vanish disappear evaporate dissolve evanesce fade disperse dissipate dematerialize flee fly sink pass fade away go away peter out vanish into thin air melt away vaporize weaken wane ebb clear dwindle vaporise dispel wither evanish wilt go waste away disintegrate fail parch concentrate flag perish decline languish droop sag die out fizzle out decay emaciate lag pass away die dry up cease to exist lessen come to an end recede break down grow less drop out of sight erode desiccate dehydrate dehumidify crumble volatilize be engulfed ablate decompose diminish subside scatter diffuse disassemble end gradually run dry fall away boil away dilapidate be destroyed unmake break into pieces lose courage wizen mummify faint waste cave in give out drop succumb collapse withdraw end be invisible exit become invisible leave depart wear off cease to be be lost to view recede from view be no more go missing be wiped out disappear from sight be lost be lost to sight be exterminated dim fall shrivel die away etiolate taper grow faint hush moderate fold abate quiet tire deliquesce grow feeble trail thin grow dim attenuate rarefy become unimportant slack off become less loud pass off fade out poop out die on vine fag out tucker out trail off tail off decrease shrink taper off contract stop let up cease pall run out come to nothing fall off check lower ease slump quell degenerate reduce slacken expire wear away deteriorate drop off narrow down die down be dispelled clear out drain rebate come to a halt become smaller grow smaller break up curb settle trail away finish lighten terminate curtail elapse depreciate die off halt calm down run low restrain devaluate lose edge soften slow down wear down discontinue lapse conclude close quit determine relent remit become obsolete become extinct melt into thin air become less de-escalate ratchet down drain away phase down break off dead-end blow over get smaller leave off wink out pass into oblivion disappear from the face of the earth run its course wind up draw to a close falter slash ebb away lose intensity lose strength plummet plunge cut down modify tail away decrement rise lift be gone blur transpire thin out disband banish squander be over slip away fly by grow sterile become unproductive grow barren allay drive away lose its effectiveness lose its effect cease to yield be used up peter spread come to a halt end come to a an end constrict compress condense go south be done for wither away cease to be known leave no trace come to naught compact squeeze shorten tighten constringe deflate capsule capsulize vanish from sight take in lose ground scrimp pass from sight fall through atrophy cease to be visible vanish off the face of the earth wind down give way give in become weak go downhill be on the way out ease off fall short


Make or become more tender or loving
soften touch disarm mollify relax affect move forgive relent yield become lenient give in show mercy capitulate acquiesce backpedal unbend accede give way weaken budge surrender submit concede blink bow forbear quit succumb do a U-turn come round back down have mercy sympathise give quarter become merciful show pity fold slow sympathize comply knuckle under have pity be merciful concede something allow something agree to something admit something let go let happen die away cool it cave in lay back mellow out say uncle do an about-turn come around cry uncle give up lighten up give some slack change one's mind go along with go easy on let it happen ease up on take a softer line change your mind throw in the towel admit defeat defer cede concede defeat fall throw in the sponge raise the white flag climb down buckle under show the white flag be beaten agree accept defeat lay down arms be overcome wave the white flag lay down your arms bend assent relinquish crumble accept abandon go down go under be overwhelmed toss it in pack it in put up white flag give up the struggle consent grant suffer defeat be defeated retract collapse cave kowtow resign bow out deliver indulge lose buckle knuckle break be conquered abdicate yield to give way to lay down fall victim hand over pull out throw in your hand eat crow roll over give yourself up surrender to comply with lay down one's arms cooperate with acquiesce in give in to come to terms concur with resign yourself retreat compromise change give oneself up adapt entrust consign leave forego throw up one's hands chuck it in play dead throw up the sponge eat humble pie fall in line adhere waver hesitate vacillate conform eat one's words proffer stop drop despair desist tender cease waive present forswear ease off ease up be overcome by be overwhelmed by heed observe truckle leave off hand in bail out cut out chicken out be conquered by be beaten by show white flag give oneself over fold up cry quits turn over turn in call it quits act in accordance with be servile be the loser come off second-best be bested by fail be trounced be vanquished lose out keel be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee resign oneself humble oneself give ground be converted come to grief default get the worst take a licking have the worst come up short be worsted fall short renege bow to something bow to someone give away the store backtrack suffer be humbled come a cropper drop a bundle be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo crash out be outdistanced take a beating agree with be persuaded cop out go back on default on do an about-face back out have second thoughts break your promise fail to honour break one's word allow approve endorse be converted to be persuaded by be won over recognize permit okay undertake engage comprobate roll over and play dead concede to come round to give carte blanche give blessing cave in to give something the nod consent to say yes acquiesce to enter into recognise be game for agree to give the green light back down to defer to assent to relent to give the go-ahead astipulate play ball be won over by


To fuse or melt two things into one, especially in order to extract metal from ore


To unite closely
weld bond connect fuse join link unite bind blend solder cement meld stick amalgamate attach combine knit seal splice braze consolidate glue gum paste unify fix repair merge incorporate marry coalesce intermix interfuse compound mix associate agglutinate lump together put together conjugate interlace coadunate stick together wed weave assimilate mingle homogenize intermingle mesh band emulsify mass commingle harmonize lump comingle conflate pool converge embody accommodate affiliate commix absorb subsume composite add alloy immix yoke interweave conglomerate immingle compact synthesize jumble harmonise interpenetrate concentrate integrate homogenise interblend synthesise concatenate link up conjoin throw in together coordinate come together become one get together interface symphonize fold in melt into join together run into desegregate fasten couple affix secure adhere tie cohere chain clamp pin hitch interconnect annex append interlink bring together screw bolt annexe lash tape rivet hook bracket catenate hold hook up bridge hitch on tag on slap on pair truss strap rope tether peg clip cleave make fast tie up subjoin clasp ally nail tack on lock buckle fetter moor anchor tack cling grip batten pinion snag lodge match stick fast hold fast hook on plug into meld with stick on be fixed tie in with be glued be stuck be pasted patch mend sellotape freeze harness plaster bend network mortar prefix bootstrap to whisk stir latch onto hitch up fasten together attach securely interlock premix concrete blunge admix interflow fold bleed fit piece together entwine team stay hew string remain assemble leash juxtapose dovetail mate hold on like bulldog stay put stick like glue hold on to freeze to cling like ivy stick like a barnacle hold on suffuse click consociate span tag mix up hold together stick to cojoin relate network with tie in join up with knit together make one knot close button catch mortise


To remove contaminants or impurities from
clarify purify filter refine distil distill fine cleanse render clean clear garble rarefy depurate process treat make clear melt down remove impurities from get rid of impurities from decontaminate sanitize sanitise disinfect wash strain sift sterilize rectify sublimate concentrate elutriate sterilise sieve filtrate make pure deterge condense extract bathe lustrate get rid of impurities boil down reduce become clear riddle solidify screen purge winnow antisepticize osmose penetrate metastasize permeate make sanitary bath sanctify soak through redeem deliver free unburden relieve trim press cut evaporate volatilize cook infuse express precipitate vaporise steam vaporize scrub launder rinse scour expurgate press out squeeze out cut down depurgate GI restore turn out rinse out clean up make clean get to the meat cut to the bone fumigate freshen deodorize boil liquate autoclave pasteurize depollute detoxify aerify exculpate remit deodorise edulcorate aerate oxygenate chasten pasteurise absolve expiate atone exonerate rarify separate make sterile desexualize ventilate change incapacitate refresh griddle fan sweeten neuter castrate fix emasculate geld thicken alter compress unsex bolt air spay clean thoroughly cool air out heat reclaim detoxicate desalt operate on cauterize percolate perfume fresh sublime fractionate bleach cauterise strengthen leach disinfest antiseptize neutralize sanitate neutralise make germ-free desalinate circulate clean out delouse smoke make safe vaporize and condense evaporate and condense pan part smoke out obtain expose take out draw out separate out let breathe freshen up open air-condition give air to


To alter something from its true state, typically to deceive
distort misrepresent pervert twist falsify slant garble bias misstate colour misinterpret misreport prejudice alter bend change color cook disguise doctor fudge manipulate misrelate skew spin warp angle belie collapse con crush curve deceive decline deteriorate deviate fake gnarl knot lie misconstrue mislead sag scam slump snow whitewash wind writhe tamper with tinker with interfere with phony up put a spin on quote out of context take out of context trump up make out like put one on influence corrupt poison adulterate misquote confuse debase embroider vitiate embellish exaggerate profane prostitute overstate fabricate muddle weight mistranslate modify degrade misrender massage mangle taint sway contaminate spoil contort defile subvert bastardize magnify prepossess bastardise misuse abuse give a false account of obscure misemploy conceal transform deprave affect misapply cloak mask embitter salt promote equivocate palter prevaricate stretch dilute fix fiddle demoralize strain abase cheapen demean convert overdraw foul pollute miscolor steer lessen debauch canker predispose orient pad airbrush fiddle with turn jaundice demoralise give a false idea of make partial gloss over juggle mold shape mould jumble patch forge put the wrong slant on confound tilt tip slope misshape weigh counterfeit blur slur give a false impression of misattribute quote cook up train concentrate focus aim direct point mutilate mix up present invent quote incorrectly overdo dramatize enhance varnish twist around misarticulate take in hoodwink delude misinform lead on bamboozle hyperbolize impact turn out turn outwards condition cover contravene four-flush rig traverse gloss deacon fib romanticise dramatise romanticize parody veil put words in somebody's mouth occult suppress blanket shroud hide screen enshroud curtain travesty dress up fake it frame up elaborate on divert throw off balance throw faze upset blot out paper over give a bias to give a slant to give a particular slant to cheese blarney beard pirate dress puff devalue disgrace shame deflect misappropriate lace infect sully make biased induce persuade incline make partisan impress dispose put on an act weaken putrefy disillusion suffuse touch mistreat cut spike ruin alloy desecrate animalize outrage veer water brainwash seduce blow smoke pass off cover up build up brutalize bestialize depreciate metamorphose exploit mishandle exert an influence on have an effect on flavour flavor imbue injure mar aggravate give the wrong impression disaffect dissipate embezzle mismanage waste squander steal defalcate mongrelize brutalise switch doctor up splay drag down adapt sour impair envenom make bad use of mutate make impure enliven transmute deform recast make resentful make bitter tinge morph spice up


To set on fire, or to be set on fire
burn ignite smolder blaze carbonise carbonize combust enflame enkindle incinerate kindle light roast scorch smoulder toast flame torch conflagrate fire flare inflame smoke bake broil consume cook cremate gut heat parch rekindle set alight set burning set fire to touch off wither be in flames set light to burn down burn up destroy by fire put a match to set on fire burn away reduce to ashes be on fire burn to a crisp go up in flames go up in smoke set a match to be ablaze be afire be aflame be alight be ardent burn to the ground go up sear swelter grill barbecue fry boil shrivel desiccate blister dry char dehydrate blacken singe seethe scald stale simmer brand stew mark dry up catch fire burst into flames flare up glow set ablaze explode start fire up catch light spark catch destroy go off set aflame spark off start up ruin put match to devastate fan the flames of demolish burn violently ravage raze blow up wreck flame up take fire get going wipe out immolate set afire blaze up incremate ire erupt rage firebomb lick brown oxidize oxidise burst into flame detonate stir awaken strike put to the torch start a fire get started fume begin to burn light up consume by fire become ignited start burning burn without flames radiate heat be set off catch on fire set fire burst out burn unsteadily caramelize caramelise annihilate induce strike up affect stir up trigger cultivate initiate incite generate bring about work up turn on switch on put on extinguish lay waste flatten despoil level damage burn out dilapidate decimate lay waste to leave in ruins

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