Đồng nghĩa của rectify

Alternative for rectify

rectifies, rectified, rectifying

Đồng nghĩa: adjust, amend, correct, fix, regulate, remedy,


To put right
correct amend reform remedy fix right improve repair adjust square revise cure emend redress ameliorate better debug harmonise harmonize heal make right mend put right red-pencil resolve retrieve set right deal with make good settle sort out doctor launder put to rights recalibrate scrub patch up clean up dial back fix up go over pick up shape up straighten out straighten up clean up act make up for pay one's dues set the record straight turn things around restore solve revamp change regulate refine alter modify rework iron out upgrade reconstruct set to rights edit help make better clear up enhance redraft adapt renew remodel reconcile rebuild overhaul renovate rehabilitate straighten polish touch up rewrite recast put in order recondition find a solution to retouch turn around rearrange work out tune reword make over update balance find an answer to perfect patch service compensate for set straight meliorate reconstitute calibrate raise tweak smooth over make amends for fine-tune refurbish rescript boost unravel elevate convert reorganize recompense redeem rejuvenate reshape readjust redevelop compose counteract reorganise tailor mitigate compensate enrich refit regenerate revitalize lift clarify advance atone for rephrase develop revitalise copy-edit make reparation for hone find the solution to get to the bottom of offset disentangle do up neutralize untangle emendate annul ease customize negate negative transform revolutionize remake vary redo fiddle with remediate sort reorient expiate restyle refashion restitute modernize remould redesign reorientate customise modernise rejig permute fashion revivify revolutionise remold cancel neutralise progress balance out even out make amends make restitution for thrash out hammer out increase rehash make alterations to make adjustments to make redress for make up augment sharpen redact answer censor reclaim relieve fathom crack turn the corner alleviate mellow attune smarten up change for the better counterpoise unscramble atone benefit uplift countervail reinstate review troubleshoot rebrand redraw promote counterbalance appease recover shape permutate reinforce reestablish coordinate set arrange remaster countercheck order pay for take care of strengthen nullify cancel out tidy up figure out resurrect replace see to rehab assuage furbish reenforce make restitution make reparation align work on reorder morph tighten revive suss out equilibrize counterweigh maintain work through set up amplify reshuffle retool mold translate reanimate do penance for tune up turn over new leaf modulate bring into line bring back temper affect diversify rejigger reconfigure make recompense for reach an agreement about put an end to fortify mould make innovations moderate beef up warp re-establish bring up to date freshen up make good for commute re-create tamper with put on the right track realign manipulate put something to rights reacclimate methodize rise heighten square away subedit conciliate regularize cultivate purify recuperate avenge qualify expurgate bowdlerize unsnarl reward bowdlerise make perfect make strides perk up take off regularise aid go straight do justice make recompense reinstall alternate remix shuffle become different tamper make different bring to an end diagnose delouse facilitate bolster bring around reinvigorate fettle attend to explain brush up build on do over pay dues equalize retread get working face-lift forgive absolve excuse purge optimise optimize end square up transcend excel improve on redecorate become better make improvements to step up get with it undo save fine vitalize stimulate sustain transmute metamorphose transfigure remove eliminate clean up one's act put back together restore to working order synchronize appreciate smarten further spruce up bring something up to code brighten up re-equip make fit for use bring into the twenty-first century make as good as new gauge measure standardize requite sew up frustrate vindicate remove errors tip the scales equiponderate equalise outweigh set off counterweight mutate recompense for even up throw light on forward square things do penance work the bugs out of level out restore the balance doctor up rescue refresh salvage spruce transmogrify evolve do away with be the answer to be the solution to allay contain relax control quell extinguish synchronise programme collimate program transubstantiate diverge transpose alchemize vamp up standardise gage decipher check get into shape breathe new life into give a new look to metamorphosize shift palliate mollify extenuate calm cool accommodate conform break turn the tables turn denature stir up change completely sing different tune switch over switch interchange shift gears cook transfer turn upside down soften condense decode fit normalize condition jigger put organize unriddle invalidate smooth normalise twiddle quadrate focus grade organise suit assemble cut brainstorm divine lick unlock annotate shorten abridge puzzle out realise realize get tailor-make approve think out dope out find the answer to riddle out put in working order make conform clean up your act pull your socks up get your act together turn over a new leaf get it together prepare analyse trim draft finish splice publish assign strike out boil down prepare for publication draught analyze check over report delete fly speck compile write over discard blue-pencil style excise feature butcher massage prescribe proofread get right make out determine a solution to pan out make a dent decide on find the key to get around find out get to the bottom hit upon obviate contravene halt counter reduce go against stabilize cross respond lessen stabilise counterwork buck restructure bring up to code acclimatize acclimate acclimatise accustom familiarize habituate level familiarise get used to acculturate orient harden assimilate position integrate tidy season line up systematize range array fit in dispose inure flatten acquaint proportion become accustomed to systematise plan move form manage match marshal smooth down reset make level even uncrease paste down lay out make ready marshall design orientate make inflect pattern place grow used to prime smooth out come to terms with come to accept get into the habit group classify personalize learn to live with neaten codify justify get to know file reschedule make consistent configure toughen discipline redeploy draw up rationalize acculture initiate introduce redistribute naturalize pitch personalise comply domesticate displace redispose naturalise become accustomed climatize change around be conventional follow tradition follow convention become resigned get accustomed follow custom get used rationalise shake up get someone accustomed become seasoned accord follow the crowd process familiarize oneself with become naturalized get someone used familiarize someone with make used swap locate treat run with the pack time swim with the stream relocate change round allineate catalogue equate tabulate make straight categorize keep in step play oneself in learn about blend in distribute reverse catalog rank sequence index systemize make tidy fine tune make changes to transition regiment triage make even put straight establish set out categorise parallel compare up make flush intonate juggle play around with jiggle around bend individualize individualise ready deconflict autotune string dial write software uprate load software load instructions plot size reposition regroup spring-clean govern become correspond become inured key exchange make appropriate to make fitting to make appropriate for make fitting for make an alteration make an adjustment restart tone give facelift resign oneself budge true up put in position put in place metastasize metamorphize grow jack up class give a face-lift get working again placate negotiate mediate restore peace make friends bury the hatchet get in order gear predispose determine face turn one around transplant dislocate pull push undergo a change acquaint yourself catch on accustom yourself acclimatize yourself become au fait line get one's bearings find one's feet steel streamline lower curb restrain custom-build dovetail custom-make indurate bear upon impinge upon have an impact on invert alphabetize conduct set in order formalize formalise put away space move around train situate find one's way around groom make agree undergo a sea change polish up make improvements scrutinize reexamine go through scrutinise scan look over bone up pass transit transmutate find your feet school trade desensitize schedule influence beautify desensitise grow accustomed to become used to make to measure make to order cut to fit recreate change the tone of write instructions case-harden reassemble tone down play down swap round turn about switch round fluctuate swing disguise vacillate veer distort flip-flop substitute blend follow make smarter tart up make neater gussy up posh up doll up jazz up make parallel put in columns arrange in line put in rows break in reconciliate list structure be in tune with be in harmony with be in accord with prioritize constitute pair off tie come out even come out collate oppose mesh visit haunt teach frequent retract initialize initialise make a change resign collocate pigeonhole book sculpt cast frame model maneuver handle administer act with effect manoeuvre concoct act on work perform on band mix acquiesce consolidate formulate correlate inventory slot in fix a time for timetable pencil in prearrange diary slate orchestrate educate endure tolerate addict confirm devote meld prioritise whip into shape lick into shape construct combine knock into shape sculpture create stand submit make equal equal familiarize yourself become similar become like go along to get along be guided by follow beaten path roll with punches gather muster familiarize with resort to hang at lay center centre row back become acquainted with hew carve whittle even off uncurl seat yield follow the rules observe the rules obey the rules do a U-turn on democratise democratize make uniform emulate handicap level up commeasure socialize socialise communize make the same level off rival flip-flop on eat one's words yo-yo on change gears on about-face do an about-turn on make familiar with take to make used to unkink block forge repay shepherd keep to the rules stick to the rules adhere to the rules do what one is told abide by the rules comply with the rules toe the line spread out unbend uncoil synthesize pat roughhew crystallise fabricate bring into harmony adjust to the correct pitch return go with the flow play by the rules syncretize mint knead crystallize chisel reimburse unfold untwist block out bring together throw together make harmonious make congruent synthesise make compatible play it by the book act in accordance with the rules correct mid-course phony up cause to sit easily with remit make repayment cause to sit happily with pay back relinquish cause to be in agreement honor a claim refund give back put vertical put perpendicular put upright make plumb


Remove contaminants from
distill distil purify refine separate concentrate clarify filter clear cleanse condense sift strain clean fine garble rarefy decontaminate disinfect boil down sanitize sanitise sublimate get rid of impurities reduce compress thicken process treat express trim cut to the bone get to the meat press extract squeeze out precipitate cut vaporise evaporate steam press out volatilize cook infuse cut down vaporize fumigate sieve sterilize freshen deodorize boil liquate autoclave make pure pasteurize depollute detoxify filtrate pasteurise deterge elutriate aerify wash depurate exculpate remit deodorise absolve edulcorate aerate expiate atone oxygenate exonerate chasten rarify sterilise antisepticize screen riddle make sterile desexualize ventilate change incapacitate winnow refresh griddle fan sweeten neuter castrate fix emasculate geld alter unsex bolt air bathe spay render clean thoroughly make clear clean up make clean make sanitary cool air out melt down heat reclaim detoxicate desalt operate on cauterize purge percolate solidify bath perfume fresh sublime fractionate become clear bleach cauterise strengthen leach disinfest antiseptize neutralize sanitate neutralise make germ-free melt desalinate circulate clean out delouse smoke osmose penetrate metastasize permeate make safe vaporize and condense evaporate and condense pan part soak through smoke out obtain remove impurities from scrub launder rinse expose get rid of impurities from scour take out draw out separate out let breathe freshen up open air-condition give air to expurgate lustrate depurgate GI restore turn out rinse out

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