Đồng nghĩa của bolt

Alternative for bolt

bolts, bolted, bolting

Đồng nghĩa: break away, fastener, flee, lock,


A flash of light produced by short-duration, high-voltage discharge of electricity within a cloud, between clouds, or between a cloud and the earth


To move or proceed rapidly
race run dash shoot career fly hasten speed sprint dart hurtle rush scurry tear whisk zoom bundle hare hurry scuttle zip belt bound bustle pelt scoot barrel bomb scamper blaze hie hustle motor blast blow bowl breeze buzz cannonball careen chase course drive highball jet nip rocket rustle step travel trot whirl flit hotfoot hump hurl jump ram rip flash hotfoot it leg it crack on charge streak gallop whizz whip boogie post scramble bucket go like a bat out of hell go hell for leather clip sweep burn rubber stampede scutter scud go like lightning get a move on hightail zap fleet wheech barrel along shift go like the clappers get the lead out wing whoosh spring step on it make haste cut along swoop whiz scorch dive hightail it haste lay rubber leap jog skip go like the wind spank along get cracking beetle lunge bowl along trip plunge steam put on some speed go fast rattle along pound lope flee make tracks move shake a leg skedaddle speed up roll quicken accelerate hurry up push canter spurt put one's foot down skitter move quickly go hop break sail expedite burn start skirr fling skim fast-track tear along double jogtrot dogtrot vroom dance flutter go quickly prance amble make time startle boil bounce surge beat it gambol hop it frisk pace rage dispatch lose no time buck duck go like a bomb get your skates on really move whip along storm plough caper dodge cannon proceed be quick tool beeline spur fuss romp whistle bullet ride yeet smoke press on plow cavort lash bob move fast launch oneself press throw oneself go headlong get moving stir launch bestir hurdle go like a bullet dust stir one's stumps belt along step on gas bomb along move along tiptoe graze hippety-hop cover ground make off patter pounce leave scat vamoose split run like the wind take flight crack skite retreat catapult roll along outstrip waltz march go briskly step lively scatter run off bug out run away push on swoosh clear out go away festinate kite progress roar steamroller railroad blitz curvet tear out make yourself scarce lollop flow stream gush run fast rush headlong pitch heave float thrust pass whish burst sally put foot express flourish cascade pass by move forward move rapidly go by go at top speed walk move like greased lightning stride go like lighting rack brandish gather momentum pour dig in get a wiggle on go rapidly drive fast run very fast frolic vault gear up bowl over go all out turn on steam slip away be off like a shot busily book it chuck it down get traverse hop along step along make short work of put on a burst of speed run like mad flood sloosh tumble tear up the miles go like greased lightning go at breakneck speed plunge ahead be on the go rush around be busy busy yourself pass quickly show quickly pump whip around drift climb shuffle crawl waste no time not lose a minute take wing move apace rush off speed away light out glide sidestep hippety hop rebound make a run for it rush at make it snappy get on it swerve body-swerve glance ricochet carom zigzag jink slalom juke weave veer shirk turn aside flitter flicker flick flirt hover hum bumble burr drone recoil whir kick resile head jerk wind gust surge through whirr rattle flap play undulate swirl wave saltate stomp whine revolve purr vibrate ascend arise ruffle dip stalk resound snap rise buzz around run round in circles tear around stamp flounce boomerang go up jump up stride angrily be deflected


To leave, flee or escape from a place
leave flee escape abscond retreat fly run split break decamp scarper scram skip disappear hightail skedaddle spring ditch dump bail out run away run off take off beat a retreat beat it clear out cut and run fly the coop hightail it make off make tracks run for it run out on bug out cop out cut loose cut out drop out kiss goodbye leave high and dry opt out take flight walk out on do a bunk leave flat leave in the lurch make a dash for it step on it beat a hasty retreat do a runner leave holding the bag make a break for it make a run for it make oneself scarce run like scared rabbit take a powder take it on the lam take to one's heels vamoose depart clear off leg it head for the hills light out show a clean pair of heels peel out hook it turn tail make a quick exit do a disappearing act skidoo withdraw quit get away retire go get out vanish scoot go through shoot through exit go away skip off push off shove off absent oneself slip away steal away pull out levant make yourself scarce get set out desert break out do a moonlight flit do a fade make a getaway take French leave move sneak away take a hike break free set off flit hit the road go off begone be gone go on the lam vacate get free break loose get off recoil head off walk out scamper bug off buzz off run along evacuate lam part bail get going fall back break out of make your getaway make duck out step along take to your heels back out pack off pike off pack up pike out blow dash scat book go AWOL dart slope off do a vanishing act hustle hurry start out draw back pull back head make your escape absent yourself hotfoot it push on dig out sally forth back off make a escape bog off make one's getaway make a break hit the trail avoid shun shrink evade get lost repair elude remove break camp hotfoot make an exit hasten elope up sticks bound abandon do a Skase sneak off abstract oneself betake oneself career burst out peel off move along back away give ground move back take leave rack off be off move off take yourself off sling your hook check out take your leave move out go like lightning dog it bust strike out have it away absquatulate rush slip get under way pass emerge double clear scurry race make one's escape shoo make quick exit hamba voetsak wriggle out make getaway pull stakes avaunt advance work out of play hooky get away with go scot-free move away take on the lam drop back give way say one's goodbyes make a start naff off on your bike sod off haul off hop the twig pack one's bags get along take a long walk on a short pier sling one's hook set forth push along get stuffed be on one's way be on your way nick off bust out draw away pop off hop it be off with you walk off go jump in the lake go and jump in the lake take wing get moving hop the stick take to flight leave in a hurry amble canter gallop course barrel hie bustle do a moonlight scatter make away recede fade away spread depart suddenly free oneself skiddoo tear off regress dodge circumvent duck have it away on one's toes fold disengage hide yeet go out go to hell hasten away get on your bike distance oneself run from speed expedite zip spur whiz walk be lost give the slip go back jump ship jump defect go south make a quick getaway skip out depart secretly make scarce go secretly slip out resile shrink back run scared turn around go absent without leave go missing go west make haste hurry up move fast kick rocks make time sprint scramble step on the gas shy away step back shrink away turn away shake a leg make a U-turn desert under fire abdicate cut shoot scuttle aim beeline steer bear veer migrate emigrate sally git turn on a dime get a move on absent start proceed troop break away from go your way go and chase yourself get out of my sight go forth pack your bags blast off move on say goodbye march out hit the bricks slip through your fingers make good one's escape get out of someone's clutches burst out of flee from abscond from escape from break loose from sunder out come out make one's escape from embark make a move start off take one's leave begin sail set sail adjourn step out kite alight remove oneself forsake separate travel go from head out go away from seclude oneself say one's farewells issue be gone from move out of withdraw from retire from betake yourself depart from ride off leave port stir exit from set in motion put in motion uproot commence egress shirk make like a tree and get out of here make like a tree and leave sign out pull up stakes take one's farewells march put up bail stand surety obtain somebody's release post security range cruise maroon slink off slink creep sneak skulk run out strand take a walk wend mosey make for make one's way extricate oneself go to one's room shut oneself away in leave for budge from make a move from go out of move from shift from storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go storm out flounce out flow off-load ship shove leap move about retreat from draw shut oneself away take oneself bow out go offstage flake off do vanishing act bid farewell make one's departure exeunt say adieu break up say farewell break off conk out split up quit the scene dedomicile ease out go one's ways part company ship out make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways go forward set about get on the road begin one's journey set forward creep off disengage from relinquish do a bunk from pull out of disappear from slope off from take yourself off from step down take your leave of fly from take one's leave of decamp from run away from walk away break away bolt from take oneself off from set out from absent oneself from come away raise sail put out leave harbour put to sea put out to sea hoist sail motor make headway weigh anchor cast off hoist the blue peter leave dock


To consume food hungrily or in a gluttonous manner
gobble wolf devour gulp guzzle scoff scarf cram down gorge ingurgitate inhale demolish glut gollop gorb gorge on gormandise gormandize murder raven shift slop stuff eat greedily eat hungrily snarf consume englut slosh scarf down scoff down polish off put away scarf up shovel down snarf down tuck into gorge oneself on pack away snarf up swallow whole pig oneself on stuff one's face with eat swallow gulp down gobble up wolf down eat up stuff down sink pig out on nosh ingest get outside of swill gobble down finish off hoover stuff oneself with tuck away cram down dispatch pig out bolt down partake of dispose of swig imbibe munch chow down finish chomp quaff take in gluttonize Hoover overeat make short work of drink feast on feed engorge sip sup belt chugalug dispose drop feed on eat like a horse neck chew champ toss off tuck in put down swallow hurriedly toss down gourmandize pack get stuck into take binge satiate slurp choke hoist absorb cram in overindulge stuff yourself with slug down knock back make a pig of oneself pound down belt down choke down get one's laughing gear round fill devour greedily gorge oneself with gorge oneself binge-eat pig oneself hork chow jam cloy jade congest stuff your face suck up sate put eat voraciously blimp out tope eat quickly eat heartily surfeit carouse guzzle down eat to excess nibble manducate partake snack graze on stuff one's face mow down lap up meal on drink up snack on assimilate delight in drink in digest have ruminate masticate bite destroy toss get down engulf cram oneself with gourmandize on attack feast upon dig in feed one's face gasp chug peck at pork out on take over swallow up swill down slug pour wash down drain one's glass dine banquet feast regale gnaw taste lunch fare victual grind refresh breakfast crunch junket chumble chaw have dinner graze munch on chomp on have supper dine on wine and dine wash up clean out pig lap indulge kill beat chow on stuff oneself to the gills scarf out dive in stuff oneself pork out load up on chew noisily indulge in shovel it in stuff yourself eat one's fill of fare sumptuously make a pig of oneself on binge on eat sumptuously eat to your heart's content overindulge in eat your fill consume food supper take nourishment drink milk partake of food have a meal devour food bevvy bib bevy break bread fall to eat out do lunch subsist have breakfast have tea lunch on have lunch breakfast on tuck on pick at eat between meals fare on subsist on exist on prey on rely on for nourishment take as nourishment live on sustain oneself of triturate tear gnaw on crunch on crush rip rend scrunch gum chavel squash bite on chew up

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