Đồng nghĩa của drop out


Back down
chicken out bottle out lose your nerve avoid back down back out back pedal beg off blow it off bottle it bow out cancel cop out funk out get cold feet give up give way go back on have no stomach for make concessions pull out recant renege resign scratch shy from surrender think better of something throw in the towel turn yellow weasel out welsh wiggle out wimp out withdraw worm out wuss out yield get out abandon duck out renege on backpedal repudiate fink out back off retreat from withdraw from fail to honour change your mind default on chicken out of get cold feet about call off cry off pull out of retract take back repeal backtrack back out of revoke renounce rescind recall abjure unsay forswear reverse foreswear abnegate do an about-face backtrack on scrap submit retreat give in climb down disavow disown deny default crap out admit defeat cave in break disclaim do a U-turn eat your words countermand eliminate break a promise do an about-turn row back on eat one's words annul break your word withcall go back pike on cop-out change do a volte-face about-face rethink call it a day stop lay down arms capitulate apologise nig change mind rule out reel in recede have change of heart apologize retrograde retrocede draw back change one's tune exclude fall back suspend take in forget it do an about-turn on do a U-turn on call scrub abort drop have second thoughts come around break your promise come round break one's word relent excuse oneself break promise cop out of rat on welsh on dial back contradict apostatize call back relinquish abrogate void nullify worm out of forsake go back on one's word welch concede back down on fail to honor go back on your word recoil demur acquiesce reconsider accede balk admit concede defeat baulk hold back accept defeat pull back give ground pull take off take out retire strike stand down extract bow out of remove draw out admit you were wrong eat humble pie have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement


To leave, flee or escape from a place
bail out abandon desert escape evacuate flee quit retreat withdraw duck out run away leave scarper decamp strand ditch cop out bug out take off cut loose cut out kiss goodbye leave in the lurch take a powder run out on fly the coop take a walk forsake clear out dump walk out on maroon leave high and dry peel off pack your bags sally forth exit clear off push on bug off pack off walk out get dig out run out bail vamoose begone vacate depart blow check out push off step along shove off buzz off pike off part book get off move out go off go away move pack up pike out go pull out go out run along give up the ship cast off flake out walk away turn your back on jilt let go of opt out of orphan break up with wash your hands of let someone stew in their own juice leg it pull out of break with chicken out withdraw from leave stranded turn back on back out of hang out to dry leave hanging give someone the big E storm out abdicate bin off give someone the push walk away from bow out screw cast aside leave behind dispose of throw over abscond fly run split skip scram break hightail skedaddle disappear opt out make oneself scarce run off make a dash for it make tracks take it on the lam run like scared rabbit cut and run beat a hasty retreat beat a retreat make off do a bunk take to one's heels spring bolt step on it hightail it do a runner make a break for it leave holding the bag make a run for it beat it run for it take flight leave flat retire take a hike scoot hit the road get going set out set off absent oneself be off get away make an exit head off hook it light out get out take leave up sticks depart from exit from abstract oneself remove escape from start out pull stakes make yourself scarce get lost go away from abscond from do a disappearing act migrate emigrate move out of sling your hook bog off turn tail run away from peel out flit voetsak scat say one's goodbyes be on one's way hamba retire from disappear from decamp from hop it be gone from say goodbye take oneself off from rack off absent oneself from fly from betake oneself make a quick exit get under way skip off head for the hills go AWOL pack one's bags sling one's hook show a clean pair of heels hit the trail back out embark repair slope off break camp lam make a move go from clear avaunt defect vanish recoil flee from bolt from step out remove oneself fall back walk off travel take your leave of skip out move away back off move off take wing take French leave back away take yourself off absent yourself move back shoo move abroad alight relinquish kite issue head transmigrate make walk empty strike out git skidoo evade sally be on your way start get out of levant separate draw back shrink pull back break out of break out go forth slip out break away set out from do a fade naff off part with say one's farewells sod off slip away move along clear out from make a getaway run off from part company go jump in the lake give ground go your way take off from move out from head out from drop back haul off hop the twig get along make a break push along get stuffed nick off pop off get out of my sight go and jump in the lake get moving hop the stick take to flight leave in a hurry take to your heels skiddoo exeunt hotfoot it void go offstage go to hell scamper recede duck avoid egress dodge shirk shun adjourn flake off skidaddle retreat from displace stand surety post security have it away make away march do vanishing act bid farewell range cruise advance absent proceed troop go through shoot through get on your bike wend mosey fold give way elude disengage go back regress betake yourself blast off set forth march out move on hit the bricks free oneself extricate oneself make one's departure put up bail obtain somebody's release say adieu flow off-load ship shove leap bustle hurry make one's way go absent without leave go missing sneak off go west break up say farewell relocate make for distance oneself flit from leave hastily defect from leave abruptly shift drift wander conk out dedomicile move about run for the hills storm off leave suddenly go off in a huff make a sudden departure get up and go flounce out make a start on your bike take a long walk on a short pier draw away go and chase yourself be off with you bail out from clear from pull out from make vacant make empty eject from resettle break off split up quit the scene ease out go one's ways ship out make one's farewells go their separate ways go separate ways immigrate trek resile secede become independent gain autonomy divide off shy away step back turn away disaffiliate shrink away move overseas jump ship leave your country start a new life go south go on the lam do a vanishing act do a Skase make scarce steal away make a quick getaway sneak away dog it do a moonlight flit break free depart secretly make oneself scarce from take a hike from scram from say goodbye to walk out of give the slip to take leave from head off from remove oneself from break away from run along from cut and run from slip out from vamoose from set off from clear off from check out from elope cut stir head out ride off disengage from give the slip slope off from take yourself off from step down come away do a bunk from


To declare to be untrue
disavow deny disown repudiate contradict disclaim reject abjure forswear gainsay rebut disaffirm disallow disconfirm negate negative refute renounce retract eschew disacknowledge impugn recant refuse renege renig welsh give up wash your hands of weasel out of worm out of go back on one's word abandon oppose forsake relinquish discard disprove dispute controvert contravene contest counter abnegate discredit revoke rebuff challenge turn your back on cast off drop disagree with invalidate abdicate forgo dismiss reverse spurn call into question cast aside quash confute cut off shoot down surrender turn down explode shun desert decline ditch debunk sacrifice kick question cancel resist refuse to acknowledge traverse cross dispense with declare untrue renege on veto divorce oneself from disapprove swear off have nothing more to do with shoot down in flames shoot full of holes prove to be false show to be false yield betray query brush aside ban abstain argue disbelieve forbid disinherit apostatize break disprofess disdain set aside dissent from doubt zing block refrain tergiversate contend crush desist from debate squelch withsay throw out refrain from disagree pass up throw over exclude taboo end relations with turn back on refuse to accept argue against have done with abstain from break with shut out say no to refuse to recognize have no more truck with blow sky high declare to be untrue steer clear of pass on put down cancel out keep back tear down pack in take issue with show up take a stand against fly in the face of give thumbs down to annul give the lie to belie withhold send packing argue with naysay withstand combat fight neglect leave cut off without a penny jilt prohibit jettison withdraw confront dare withspeak counteract buck undermine differ give someone the big E give someone the air bin off give someone the push give the elbow bar debar embargo scorn waive junk scrub axe scrap proscribe stop overrule blackball excommunicate discount cede forbear ax stop using overturn countermand thumbs down call in question say the opposite of have bone to pick take on skip unfollow squash resign stop having do away with examine address moot cold-shoulder throw preclude kill censor outlaw cop out go back on resign from defect from pull out opt out violate oath rat on jump ship altercate answer canvass bandy cast out refuse to abide by declare null and void give the thumbs down to canvas wrangle pettifog pick a bone dissent against quibble over pick an argument with prove to be wrong hammer away at argue the pros and cons of show to be wrong bandy words concerning prove wrong contend over quibble about prove false wonder about put up argument differ with argue about protest against have an argument about object to agitate against blow out of the water sit out withhold from pass by give something a miss part with leave out say goodbye to keep from cut out do without leave alone go without backpedal nullify zap smear attack blast slam traduce knock oppugn impeach assail criticize tar trash take back silence convict evert expose parry top burn overthrow curb begrudge restrain prevent avoid criticise nix pass reprobate rescind deselect elude burn down dispose of reply to take exception to call on enjoin from turn thumbs down stand in the way not buy hold back dishonor demur rat turn default balk at banish flush oust dishonour cast defect tergiverse shed lay aside dump shirk run down come down on swipe at skin alive cast doubt upon throw doubt on cast aspersions upon stick it to cut to shreds throw the book at pin on thumb nose at escape dodge duck evade shy finesse scape shake be against not accept fight shy of stay clear of not touch have nothing to do with let well enough alone get around have no truck with shy away from shuffle out of keep clear of jack in give a wide berth to


To fail, especially in spectacular fashion
flunk fail flop founder miss bust bomb collapse crater fold plow plough tank underperform underachieve fall short flame out screw up strike out wash out be unsuccessful be found lacking do badly not make the grade not pass not come up to scratch not come up to the mark fall by the wayside come a cropper go bust come to nothing flatline fall flat flounder fizzle out miss the mark misfire fizzle miscarry go belly-up break down come unstuck fall fluff abort fall through not succeed run aground lack success bite the dust come to grief come to naught go down like a lead balloon yield give crumple crash backfire nose-dive cave in be frustrated be in vain meet with disaster be found wanting be found deficient break blunder close buckle disappoint flummox be ruined go to the wall be defeated go down not pass muster suffer defeat go astray turn out badly go awry bungle dissatisfy bellyflop lose money not work be a disappointment be a disaster end come apart fall short of bring to naught not show fall short of expectations fall down terminate flag languish go to pieces come to a halt foul up trip up go wrong slip up come apart at the seams slip stop halt go downhill be demoted miss the boat hit the skids fall flat on your face lay an egg go pear-shaped be rejected hit rock bottom blow up in someone's face go up in smoke go by the board pauper impoverish pauperize stall die cease to function run down conk out stop functioning cut out stop working fade out lose power seize up give out go phut go kaput fade away pack up give up the ghost peter out go bump go belly up lose fail miserably sink without trace go out of business blow it bomb out


An unconventional person, typically choosing not to conform to prevailing social norms

Trái nghĩa của drop out

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