Đồng nghĩa của renege on


Formally put an end to
abrogate revoke repudiate countermand override abolish annul cancel end invalidate negate nullify overrule overturn quash repeal rescind retract reverse void withdraw recall veto discontinue dissolve scrap suspend vacate avoid break off recant remove renounce stop vitiate abate ax axe backtrack on chop declare null and void disaffirm disannul ditch dump null obviate set aside abjure annihilate call back deracinate disclaim do away with go back on nix obliterate reject renege scrub subvert supersede take back terminate torpedo undo waive get rid of roll back strike down do in finish off knock out put an end to wipe out give something the chop knock something on the head disavow forswear unsay relinquish abnegate forsake deny disown abandon backtrack foreswear back down kick give up betray drop dispense with back out of back off eat one's words withcall forgo break backpedal shun dishonour spurn gainsay apostatize dishonor eschew abdicate reconsider refrain dial back cop out turn your back on have done with do an about-turn default on row back do an about-face welsh change one's tune back out do a U-turn on do a U-turn eat your words change one's mind have second thoughts pack in jack in rat on change your mind do an about-turn on disregard ignore disobey refuse to fulfil renig climb down weasel out contradict worm out of go back on one's word rethink discard think better of turn the tables amend shift one's ground about-face sing a different song flip-flop change opinion decide against back-pedal on change alter double back throw off jettison surrender yield wash your hands of desist from junk stop having stop using cop out of break your promise fail to honour break one's word elude back out on change your mind about disprofess shirk sacrifice escape dodge disdain duck abstain refrain from evade have no more truck with resign from tergiversate desert defect from pull out opt out violate oath jump ship shy finesse scape shake stay clear of fight shy of not touch have nothing to do with steer clear of let well enough alone weasel out of get around have no truck with abstain from shy away from shuffle out of keep clear of give a wide berth to swear off apologise nig eliminate reel in have change of heart retrograde exclude fall back retreat take in call off rule out recede apologize retrocede draw back row back on forget it refuse forbear cast aside dismiss cease desist quit decline disallow cast off leave off finish withhold resist restrain go without rebut keep abort inhibit hold back check curb stop oneself dismantle lift do without divorce oneself from disacknowledge refuse to acknowledge cry off keep from withhold from cut off have nothing more to do with erase rebuff call halt refute disconfirm negative blackball forego omit make void counterorder render invalid cut leave alone expunge discharge jilt wash hands of resist the temptation to censor pass up kill wash one's hands of turn one's back on sit out lay off cut out pass on put down shut out take out rub out give the elbow give someone the big E give someone the air end relations with bin off give someone the push give over turn away from disqualify disinherit concede dissociate from call in steer clear neglect leave come off pass arrest interrupt refuse to recognize cut off without a penny send packing throw over be temperate avoid doing not do efface impugn take the pledge go on the wagon take the cure cede delete purge conclude can ban edit black drop out skip prohibit forbid go back on word elide dele resign ink out cross out declare invalid blank out cancel out blue pencil black out strike out x out put a line through stamp out render null and void blot out block out root out blue-pencil stroke out sweep away edit out X out snuff out white out kick the habit quit cold prevent oneself from let up not give in to cease to indulge in stop oneself from pack up knock off restrain oneself from lay off of prevent yourself from keep off forbear from kick over call it quits bar debar embargo divorce banish oust contravene block proscribe default write off toss aside shrug off retreat from welsh on withdraw from go back bridle belay squash pull out of throw say no to zing throw out taboo preclude outlaw part with leave out say goodbye to pass by give something a miss turn back on refuse to accept break your word break a promise break one's promise keep back give the thumbs down to turn down decline to restrain oneself restrain yourself go easy repossess reclaim eat crow eat humble pie snub ostracize blacklist scorn repulse repel blank excommunicate discount disfellowship despise burn unfollow ostracise unfriend give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by scoff at cast out send to Coventry hand someone the frozen mitt not buy break with cold-shoulder freeze out cut dead kick in the teeth leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder


(of a rule, law or agreement) To fail to keep or abide by
break violate breach contravene infringe defy disregard flout disobey infract transgress fracture ignore offend traduce transgress against fail to observe commit a breach of fail to comply with go counter to fall foul of fly in the face of be in breach of violate law go against overstep trespass rebel against kick against set at naught contradict oppose encroach refuse to obey cock a snook at exceed counteract go beyond intrude meddle resist repudiate encroach upon depart take no notice of deviate from depart from disagree with challenge mock scout bypass veto neglect thumb one's nose at set one's face against crash entrench obtrude lift pirate borrow presume steal impose ride roughshod over set aside take no account of leave out pay no attention to thwart cross deviate hinder refute disaffirm gainsay conflict with interfere with abjure negate spurn interpose exclude impugn traverse combat reject fight offend against interfere fall outside of not conform to bend the rules withstand err sacrilege outrage sin contaminate not comply with trample on tamper with pay no heed to misbehave intrench invade wander fall stray poach lapse displease interlope poke intrude on penetrate kibitz rebel encroach on entrench on impinge on insurrect revolution mutiny decline revolutionize object dare strike shirk riot desert baulk evade balk revolutionise recalcitrate differ disagree revolt do wrong by chisel in stick nose in butt in nose in enter without permission horn in crash the gates mix in muscle in not mind be remiss break rules not listen not heed run riot dig your heels in break the rules rise in arms refuse to comply fly in face of take law into own hands

Trái nghĩa của renege on

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