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Alternative for disconfirm

  • ngoại động từ
    • phản đối


To declare to be untrue
deny contradict repudiate refute disclaim reject disavow disaffirm disown gainsay negate disallow negative rebut disprove oppose controvert discredit dispute counter disagree with disacknowledge explode renounce contest challenge retract confute contravene impugn declare untrue shoot down invalidate call into question rebuff disbelieve debunk forswear dissent from abjure reverse brush aside traverse cross withsay disagree recant shoot full of holes wash your hands of shoot down in flames dismiss prove to be false show to be false give the lie to belie annul argue with naysay withstand resist combat fight argue eschew fly in the face of refuse renig welsh renege cancel dare question confront withspeak counteract buck undermine differ give up weasel out of go back on your word drop out worm out of abandon thumbs down say the opposite of call in question refuse to accept cancel out have bone to pick take on cast off disinherit ditch abnegate drop forsake cast aside discard cut off end relations with send packing refuse to recognize divorce oneself from turn your back on cut off without a penny have nothing more to do with refuse to acknowledge backpedal nullify quash take back curb ban block begrudge spurn restrain exclude forgo taboo doubt sacrifice revoke forbid prevent stand in the way take exception to call on not buy say no to enjoin from hold back keep back turn thumbs down take issue with defy object to stand up to argue against quarrel with take a stand against put up a fight against speak against set your face against be against face contend with battle repel oppugn dislike be anti disapprove of go against struggle against strive against stand up and be counted against be in defiance of frown at contend rival make a stand against compete against tangle with compete with spare no effort put up an argument campaign against oppose action betray demur against think wrong have a problem with not support demur about not believe in frown on shake one's head backstab vie against two-time sell out double-cross stab in the back take wind out of sails counterattack bar check attack hinder fight against thwart obstruct be hostile to take gainstay protest assail assault disapprove dissent neutralise debate bombard withstay encounter expose neutralize taunt speak out against be in opposition to turn the tables not countenance search out face down take issue take a stand run counter to


To demonstrate or expose to the falsehood of something
disprove refute discredit rebut debunk confute confound belie falsify shoot down controvert contradict negate invalidate negative deny shoot full of holes explode prove false counter give the lie to shoot down in flames blow out of the water challenge blow sky-high break quash drive a coach and horses through gainsay expose prove wrong dispute show to be false demolish overthrow prove to be false repudiate blow sky high oppose contest question bust debate contravene make a nonsense of call into question argue overturn disaffirm silence be at odds with knock the bottom out of tear down destroy oppugn reject cross defeat disavow query disclaim answer crush contend squelch find unfounded prove to be wrong show to be wrong argue against declare to be untrue show up take a stand against give thumbs down to set aside prove unsound overwhelm ruin annihilate deceive disagree go against vanquish subvert deflate puncture retort shut up bring to naught put down knocks props out from under respond discount backtalk deflect show in its true light render null and void thumbs down have bone to pick impugn put under suspicion pooh-pooh moot raise doubts about examine poke full of holes address shake one's faith in cast doubt on traverse weaken altercate bandy canvass canvas wrangle discuss throw out poke holes in pick a bone dissent against quibble over disagree with pick an argument with wonder about put up argument hammer away at differ with argue the pros and cons of argue about take issue with protest against have an argument about bandy words concerning pettifog object to contend over quibble about agitate against blow up knock props out shoot holes in knock bottom out of fly in the face of disallow disown cancel top convict abnegate evert burn parry reply to burn down cancel out dispose of


Show that (a belief or hypothesis) is not or may not be true

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