Đồng nghĩa của refute

Alternative for refute

refutes, refuted, refuting

Đồng nghĩa: argue, contradict, dispute,


To declare to be untrue
deny reject repudiate contradict gainsay disaffirm disallow disavow disclaim disconfirm disown negate negative rebut abnegate break burn cancel contend contest contravene convict counter crush debate dispute evert expose oppose overthrow parry quash silence squelch top argue against burn down cancel out dispose of reply to show up tear down blow sky high declare to be untrue give thumbs down to take a stand against disprove controvert challenge disagree with confute argue impugn question disacknowledge discredit renounce cross dissent from shoot down call into question shoot full of holes object to debunk take issue with answer retract query declare untrue traverse disagree abjure resist combat fight shoot down in flames protest against rebuff disbelieve abandon reverse explode brush aside revoke invalidate forswear withsay defy doubt confront counteract recant address exclude spurn argue with undermine thumbs down oppugn impeach argue about take exception to call in question fly in the face of quibble over have bone to pick demur against disapprove of demur about go against dismiss annul retort respond backtalk deflect counterclaim naysay withstand call in dare withspeak buck differ defend against plead against retaliate against render null and void denounce defend oneself against say the opposite of take on eschew call out refuse renig welsh renege refuse to accept examine moot enquire stand up to altercate canvass bandy give up weasel out of go back on word drop out wash hands of worm out of canvas wrangle fight against come to blows with be a dissenter from face down battle rebel against test face off tackle feud with inquire litigate rally against remonstrate throw down accost investigate interrogate rival pettifog disinherit cast off prove wrong contend over prove false ditch drop forsake cast aside violate pick a bone dissent against hammer away at quibble about put up argument differ with agitate against discard cut off infringe pick an argument with prove to be wrong argue the pros and cons of show to be wrong show to be false prove to be false bandy words concerning wonder about have an argument about blow out of the water end relations with send packing breach turn your back on cut off without a penny wash your hands of refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize divorce oneself from have nothing more to do with transgress disobey fracture offend traduce thwart flout infract hinder dislike overstep interfere with disregard interpose encroach intrude trespass conflict with transgress against offend against interfere speak against frown at frown on think wrong have a problem with be against not support be in defiance of be anti not believe in shake one's head backpedal nullify fail to comply with fail to observe take back curb ban begrudge restrain forgo taboo prevent block sacrifice forbid call on enjoin from keep back not buy hold back say no to turn thumbs down stand in the way


To criticize or oppose fiercely and publicly
attack criticise criticize abuse censure condemn berate blast castigate chastise impugn rebuke assail bash denigrate flame reprimand admonish cane denounce monster reprobate slate blister bollock pan revile savage chide knock potshot slam vituperate hammer reproach rollick rubbish sledge vilify malign pillory pummelled pummel reprehend roast slash belabour belabor crucify derogate diss lambaste reprove bag carpet deprecate disparage harangue lambast blame excoriate fustigate objurgate scathe trash argue with assault verbally bawl out chew out cut up disagree with dress down fulminate against jump on lay into pile in pull apart put down ream out remonstrate with sail into shoot down slag off start in start on take on tear into vituperate against find fault with give someone hell pick holes in pick to pieces take to pieces take to task bite someone's head off go for the jugular haul over the coals have a go at jump on one's case rap over the knuckles snap someone's head off give someone a bad press give someone a bollocking give someone a roasting give someone a rocket give someone a rollicking jump down one's throat tear off a strip tear a strip off bad-mouth run down flay skewer upbraid rail against rate inveigh against asperse pull to pieces cast aspersions on slur scold arraign lace into throw brickbats at fault pour scorn on maul besmirch dis decry hit out at give a bad press to carp at belittle insult defame take apart cavil at slag pitch into slander traduce animadvert on do a hatchet job on lash rant at dispraise calumniate give some stick to nitpick about vilipend slight denunciate disapprove of stigmatize lecture tongue-lash rail at smear read the riot act tear to pieces stigmatise scorch discredit rap come down on criticize severely give flak to libel call down score jaw rail contemn depreciate drag through the mud find lacking tell off speak ill of baste blacken the name of keelhaul throw mud at execrate give something a battering deride tear to shreds scourge minimize discount dump on trash-talk minimise cry down rag find fault anathematize rip into nitpick over diminish do down scoff at brand carp rake over the coals ridicule curse speak badly of declaim skin complain about trim bag on impeach judge dismiss fulminate poor-mouth light into give someone a dressing-down write off play down kiss off talk down nit-pick spread lies about lash into speak evil of take issue with cut down sully the reputation of tear apart deplore proscribe give a bad name scorn accuse thunder indict punish rip inveigh drub slap object to animadvert scarify whip hit nag at rant incriminate prosecute tick off frame pass strictures upon get at name give a talking-to detract from complain tear down give something a bad press yell at lash out at take down pick at let have it skin alive do a number on go on about hold accountable kick up a stink about reject bring into disrepute oppose dispute rage blacken the reputation of give someone bondi contradict conduct a smear campaign against blacken the character of argue against nag gainsay blacken persecute lampoon get angry with sling mud at ream gripe about discourse orate chasten discipline cavil question perorate slang beat wig row injure disapprove pick on ostracise ostracize underestimate shellac animadvert upon exprobate cite be hostile to take exception to undervalue inculpate challenge underrate grouch about quibble about carp about moan about grouse about whine about nitpick speak out zap mudsling detract zing downgrade give a rocket mouth off backbite implicate protest charge criminate tie into bellyache about whinge about beef about deflate rave spout fume vociferate make a stand expostulate about beat up on declaim against sound off about pull up throw shade disgrace jeer at rip up slap on the wrist charge with allege attribute finger let someone have it criticize strongly point finger at hang something on give someone a telling-off express disapproval of give someone an earful cast a slur on rag on mouth off about slap down swear at give someone a caning give someone a wigging give someone a mouthful give someone a row put someone on the hot seat give a black eye make a fuss about give someone what for crawl all over kick up a fuss about pin on put someone on the griddle serve summons burn someone's ears pin someone's ears back point the finger give someone a rating bring charges let fly round on be critical of criticize harshly be spiteful towards be unkind about be malicious about lash out speak of with disfavour take hit out rave at badmouth despise bring under fire heap criticize unfairly downplay cudgel call over the coals strike smother have a pop at destroy give a tongue-lashing rebuff remonstrate debase show someone up review unfavorably mistreat dig demonize cuss caluminate voodoo jinx read out look askance get after pick apart rebut be against be anti satirize scandalise scandalize degrade clobber devaluate cheapen lessen compromise humiliate fluff slog slug scratch lacerate lance cut incise pass judgment visit demonise jump down someone's throat taunt satirise lay down the law pronounce adjudge offend bad mouth weigh into trivialize blacken someone's reputation expose to ridicule controvert have your knife in disdain treat lightly mock hold up to shame put a whammy on give black eye send up put away cut to bits pooh-pooh make light of oppress give bad press blow whistle on thumbs down on pin it on mete out punishment to be hard on teach someone a lesson blow up make an example of sneer at ride hose miscall send up the river lay at one's door minify sell short misprize throw shade at be in opposition to quarrel with run something down show up correct humble trivialise take down a peg look down on discountenance clamor against hold cheap spurn lower devalue opprobriate snipe at let fly at lam into set upon assault penalize flog thrash be rude to call names blow off shout at cuss out cut to the quick hold forth against penalise rile growl call someone names protest strongly talk something down mark down take away thunder against rage against take swipe at throw stones at make a protest rant about protest strongly at remonstrate about storm protest against bluster huff call to account object hold someone responsible hold someone to blame make a stand against complain to raise objections to objurate kick make a protest against complain vociferously about disagree violently with oppose strongly put up a fight against kick against complain bitterly about take a stand against speak out against kick up take great exception to bark at send someone away with a flea in their ear put on the mat blow up at give someone some stick rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals lay out lean on menace intimidate take a stand summons query vociferate about indict for arraign for rant and rave bully victimize tyrannize torment contravene oppugn disaffirm break contest traverse cross disavow deny negate doubt negative tar resist tax with bring to trial for lay blame on lay charges against take to court for apprehend betray recriminate for prefer charges against impeach for make accusations about recriminate summon prosecute for sue lodge complaint blow the whistle lay at door impute incriminate for file charges against arrest put on trial for tax censure with file claim involve address talk speak descant expatiate exhort earbash pontificate to sermonize to spout to tyrannise discriminate against victimise soapbox declaim to stump accost apostrophize spiel sermonize preach to hold forth to sermonise buttonhole call into question swipe at cast doubt upon throw doubt on cut to shreds throw the book at cast aspersions upon stick it to thumb nose at entrap spout at spiel to deliver a tirade to speechify to preachify to point the finger at convict sound off to get on a soapbox talk to hold forth give a lecture to be on at be down on punish repeatedly and unfairly set up grass on inform against fit up pin the blame on give away lay the blame on stick the blame on drop somebody in it rat on have a down on have it in for frown on disfavor frown upon dislike take a dim view of disfavour abhor gripe moan grumble grouse beef detest kvetch sound off grouch whine disesteem whinge fuss bleat bellyache abominate crab expostulate look askance at grizzle deliver judgment adjudicate wail grump keen caterwaul scream repine loathe kick up a fuss quibble yammer squawk whimper murmur croak yawp maunder holler mutter squeal demur find unacceptable yowl yaup except give opinion discommend shun tsk-tsk check laugh at mislike monish take exception mind lesson sneer not think much of hate tut over tut about tut-tut over tut-tut about slap someone's wrist not take kindly to call on the carpet niggle remonstrate against think wrong marginalize discourage argue chunter split hairs mither hypercriticize create laugh off lodge a protest against express disagreement with regard with disgust rake dissent take issue marginalise disrelish jawbone kvetch about treat with contempt affront trounce hold responsible dishonor dishonour resent go after eschew antipathize regret rap someone over the knuckles not appreciate point a finger at make faces at lose interest in have no stomach for be allergic to not care for jump all over have no taste for be averse to grossed out on climb all over be turned off to have hard feelings bear malice toward not endure shudder at frown at mumble give a rough time comminate excommunicate confront come down hard on exprobrate rap someone's knuckles fry be scandalized by be offended by be shocked by harass peck bother withstand combat squabble bicker rain object strongly to fight explode pick holes put hooks in carp on have words with have no use for avoid not feel like express strong disapproval of lay on give comeuppance go on burst out crush call to task give the devil niggle about pettifog be on at someone chew someone out bring to account give one hell squash understate squelch demean take someone to task slap someone on the wrist present mortify shame snub downcry comment negatively view with dislike show disapproval of indicate disapproval of view with disfavour take somebody to task go on at take to the woodshed get on speak to give a hard time burn one's ears keep nothing back erupt with anger bring charges against poor mouth pooh pooh sour grapes scapegoat single out label be picky be hypercritical lay think badly of express disapprobation of express disapprobation lay at your door imprecate not support have a low opinion of raise objections cut down to size take a swipe at shoot full of holes accurse lose one's temper with give vent to one's emotions give free rein to one's emotions express objections mark not believe in hold someone answerable veto express disagreement lodge a protest express objections to express disapproval feel revulsion to feel aversion to feel disgust for be in opposition express a poor opinion of be hostile towards characterize designate classify class stamp tag have a problem make a fuss hold in disdain regard with contempt raise an grumble about draw the line have a problem with characterise mark out shock outrage disgust cry baulk draw the line at balk disagree pass on horrify appal beg to differ look down upon look down at not stand for hold no brief for not go for count me out lower the boom send someone away with a flea in his give a piece of one's mind give the dickens be displeased raise objection kick up a stink yelp yap bawl saddle cast a slur upon sicken nauseate repel revolt make an objection make a stink tangle with go-one-on-one mix it up with look down one's nose at turn one's nose up at displease appall hold liable have at work over crack down on don't like find distasteful be unable to stomach recoil from have no liking for shrink from not be able to bear find repellent hold in disfavour be repelled by be unable to tolerate find intolerable be unable to abide be unable to stand be unable to bear regard with distaste have an aversion to have no taste give offence to blackguard blackball cause a few raised eyebrows amongst embarrass raise eyebrows amongst cause raised eyebrows dismay belie assign fault to place the blame on accuse of assign guilt to assign liability to complain vehemently about debunk disprove consider guilty of laugh jeer find guilty of pass the buck lay a guilt trip on lay a bad trip on uncover catch invalidate unmask snigger scoff jive gibe expose nail turn up one's nose hold up to ridicule fleer sniff at jest burlesque flout swipe dump hold in contempt sneeze at gird give Bronx cheer turn your nose up at grin crack rally make cutting remarks about caricature say contemptuously gibe at quip at travesty be contemptuous of rank out twit turn up your nose curl one's lip at leer cast doubt on set straight raise doubts about throw light on


To express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something
complain gripe grumble beef bellyache bleat carp grouse moan object protest whine whinge grieve grouch grump bemoan bewail deplore fuss grizzle groan growl lament nag remonstrate reproach charge denounce holler nitpick caterwaul cavil chirp chunter crab create criticise criticize croak demur dissent fret inveigh keen kvetch maunder mither murmur mutter oppose repine scream squawk squeal wail whimper yammer yaup yawp yowl accuse ascribe attack contravene crib defy deprecate differ disagree disapprove expostulate gainsay impute indict kick knock lay natter snivel twine kick up a fuss find fault nit-pick sound off find fault with carry on kick up a stink object to rail at run down inveigh against make a fuss speak out against take exception to plain over go on about pick holes in lodge a complaint make a complaint put the boot in look askance be on at someone cry go on sob mourn howl quibble condemn scold take exception bawl niggle weep pule raise objections except yelp censure sigh express disapproval grieve over screech upbraid berate whisper blubber roar challenge ululate take issue decry sigh over mumble complain about mewl sorrow split hairs argue make a stand rage take a stand squall shriek dispute rail put up a fight rant yap fulminate yell regret blast rue express disagreement take issue with take on raise objections to sorrow for make a scene make a song and dance cry out repent thunder bother kick up a fuss about kick up a stink about grieve for wail for sing the blues cry over weep over express regret about pester disparage disturb objurgate hypercriticize witter reprove greet go on at pick on quibble about admonish blub shout resist fight bay balk raise Cain combat lodge a protest pick holes revile castigate vituperate baulk kvetch about express disapproval of pick at hurt abuse storm moan about take a stand against beef about make a fuss about bellow tongue-lash make a stink vociferate make an objection make a protest to express sorrow express sorrow about fume sorrow over kick against wail over shed tears over keen over gurn plead kick up a rumpus anathematize execrate curse sulk grunt blow off sorrow about niggle about pettifog sniffle flyspeck make a mountain out of a molehill rumble pan peck be picky be hypercritical rag dwell on repeat keep on miaow stickle scruple snarl gabble sputter slur drone muddle swallow burble boohoo quarrel bicker boggle sough reason dissuade waul cry softly shed tears reprimand be sorry eat one's heart out hate declaim crying noise make screeching jowl rampage talk under your breath impugn lash lambaste cut up drip take apart reprehend express doubts roast recriminate trash vilify cry loudly rave harp upon dwell upon protest to complain to express doubt raise doubts cry the blues raise a ruckus blame scorch denigrate break down let go explode kick up a storm whoop let it out burst into tears beat one's breast about argue with cry over spilt milk speak up moan over beat one's breast cry over spilled milk weep for halloo hollo call harass grouch about rip into lay into lay out call out bristle rant and rave badger harry harp on have at work over crack down on go after sound off about let have it cheer hoot call at the top of your voice yip hound bellyache about jump down one's throat take to task complain vehemently about chivvy hassle henpeck thunder against fulminate against rage against bully persecute worry express objections protest against plague peck at ride dog needle keep on at vex anguish suffer bleed agonize expostulate about protest strongly at criticize severely declaim against remonstrate about mind express objections to heavy carp at keep after be in opposition argue against lodge a protest against express disagreement with remonstrate against bawl out rate make a stand against jaw objurate make a protest against complain vociferously about disagree violently with oppose strongly put up a fight against chew out complain bitterly about whip kick up take great exception to egg urge moan at importune tease heckle bait harp on at grumble at goad distress eat nudge prod provoke hector have a problem be in opposition to disapprove of spurn quarrel with moan on at keep complaining to grumble about have a problem with grouse about cavil at draw the line bend someone's ear be on your back take it out on breathe down someone's neck get on someone's back give a hard time work on discommend discountenance cross disavow rant about gripe about disesteem draw the line at frown on beg to differ rail against be displeased raise objection express woe for wear black agonise ache miss languish yearn pine wring hands long for wring one's hands over be sad express sorrow for take it hard be brokenhearted wail about tangle with revolt rebel go-one-on-one mix it up with express opposition speak out make a protest say no voice disapproval be against take up the cudgels thumbs down say no to back-talk be displeased by


To put an end to, especially formally
cancel annul rescind nullify repeal invalidate void abolish abrogate quash revoke countermand abort negate null retract vacate disannul discharge dissolve overrule overthrow remit break override recall recant withdraw abate eliminate extinguish obviate redline repudiate retire avoid belay countercheck counterpoise discard ignore redress suppress take back turf declare invalid render null and void roll back declare null and void do away with render invalid strike down render inert put an end to rule out set aside go back on one's word wipe slate clean reverse overturn undo veto terminate disallow stop scrap drop remove scrub vitiate nix dismantle end dismiss reject kill wipe out call off annihilate obliterate lift discontinue abandon axe neutralize disclaim ax suspend neutralise rule against renege deny renounce abjure ditch delete dump erase backpedal expunge cancel out make void prohibit offset get rid of disaffirm bar exclude counteract disown call back counter cry off oppose call put a stop to block throw out cut X-out black out stamp out forbid inhibit preclude rub out contravene halt forestall omit bring to an end undermine knock something on the head prevent eradicate ban disestablish proscribe dispense with debar backtrack on efface zap defeat chop counterbalance disqualify frustrate disregard waive forswear check blot out disavow give up cast aside hinder rebut give something the chop cut out censor back out of blue pencil impede obstruct stymie make null and void put the kibosh on shut out leave out take out ruin refuse cross out alter upset destroy retreat divorce cease blackball trash thwart subvert outvote outlaw make ineffective renege on deracinate foil supersede discount finish embargo go back on take off squash counterorder baffle renig torpedo weasel out gainsay abnegate circumvent root out sweep away snuff out put down turn down close down taboo impugn squelch phase out dash wash out traverse cross disprove negative restrict scotch derail shut down contradict hamper snooker fetter stifle disconfirm forfend edit put the lid on dispute hobble cripple hamstring beat crush render void confront give the thumbs down to scupper stump hold up dispose of strike out crimp edit out cramp arrest buck relax raise declare break off watergate devalue weaken withcall back-pedal on knock out finish off do in unsay cork up hush up bottle up KO blow get off the hook countervail bin pack in dominate flout defy predominate prevail go against unfit impair circumduct bleep put damper on disobey dishonour inter bring to a close lay in the grave bury put to rest hold a funeral inhume entomb put six feet under scratch compensate limit nig confine ride roughshod over trample underfoot bilk backwater forget call in opt out stand down throw over back out worm out shoot down do a U-turn on get shut of call a halt to repel shut the door on trample upon dishonor blow sky-high render meaningless forget it snip change overset refuse to fulfil purge wangle out down prostrate knock on the head desist get shot of trim black spool back back up wind back pull the plug crawl out of call all bets off ding stonewall belie elide dele knock off antagonize antagonise pull back take away draw back bring to naught ink out blank out x out put a line through block out blue-pencil stroke out X out white out forbear knock down bring down pull the plug on break with controvert exterminate backtrack disband junk relinquish forgo turn thumbs down deface weed out extirpate shed interdict adjourn jettison except work against conclude prorogue pass over brush aside fly in the face of confute excise avert desist from break up wind up disunite invert upend liquidate clean up thumbs down question say the opposite of withsay withspeak refuse to accept have bone to pick call in question dare lay to rest differ take on abstain from shake off do without give something a miss render needless enjoin deter bate wreck split up close disorganize loose wrack decimate postpone unmake collapse destruct sever shoot wind down shatter demolish make illegal criminalize rebuff stave off put paid to count out ward off not consider close out freeze out close one's doors to forget about restrain fade out resolve into put kibosh on forsake withhold freeze spike deprive rewind throw say no to zing disacknowledge declare taboo criminalise desert abdicate put the chill on lock up give the red light to say no declare illegal pass on keep back spoil disappoint write off toss aside banish oust shrug off baulk balk burn down silence blow sky high declare to be untrue contend expose parry argue against reply to tear down top contest show up burn convict debate evert take a stand against give thumbs down to discomfit checkmate crool foul up banjax cramp one's style hang up dash one's hope outwit overcome lick screw up upset the applecart conquer put a brake on stand in the way of nip in the bud do for give the run around


Show or prove to be right, reasonable, or justified
vindicate substantiate support authenticate corroborate establish justify ratify verify confirm defend warrant bear out demonstrate prove argue attest back certify evidence extenuate uphold validate advocate assert endorse excuse maintain claim confute contend disculpate disprove guard protect rationalise rationalize rehabilitate second shield whitewash bear witness to offer grounds for give credence to lend weight to plead for do justice to back up sustain approve vouch for legitimize legitimise attest to testify to sanction affirm give proof of show to be true explain authorize explain away condone document give substance to authorise avouch stand by accredit permit argue for show guarantee legitimatize palliate aver declare legitimatise bolster vouch buttress avow witness champion legalize account for check out exonerate license exculpate give weight to licence profess reason legalise state deodorize plead rubber-stamp give reasons for deodorise make a case for gloze over stand up for stick up for merit manifest qualify testify show beyond doubt allege legitimate promote encourage reenforce reinforce clear legislate swear constitute check make excuses for espouse urge prescribe protest countenance shore up pronounce lawful strengthen okay check up speak for call for approve of give an explanation for provide evidence of be a reason for be a justification for gloss over give the stamp of approval to show to be reasonable give grounds for press for give force to make allowances be a defence of put forward give evidence give the green light to insist on side with swear to bear something out ground assure underscore pardon notify ascertain be proof of absolve enforce prove to be genuine reassure gloze exempt indicate elucidate display fight for swear by underwrite acquit make sure of circumstantiate settle underpin exhibit represent evince denote be grounds for allow objectify realise actualize realize test debunk complete reify try mitigate stress agree demonstrate the truth of suss out hold up double-check pin down make certain of recognize formalize sanctify pretext press seal be good reason for entitle one to invoke try on try out give nod check on declare true double check acknowledge cover appease alibi adjure asseverate sign off on present asservate countersign announce push for insist upon adduce recognise formalise decriminalize provide a justification for provide an explanation for bear witness throw one's weight behind depose to use as an excuse cop a plea plea bargain cite answer charges use as excuse respond make allowances for come up with an explanation for answer for enact regulate normalize ordain decree formulate codify launder be supportive of decriminalise normalise be answerable for show just cause for provide a rationale for prove to be reasonable speak in favor of make good on give a justification for show cause demand deserve hold up one's end hold to give one's support to stick by come to the defence of give one's backing to require entitle earn clean up declare legal rate entail necessitate recommend favour advise favor be worth be deserving of be entitled to be worthy of consent to give ground for qualify for commend suggest propose hold insist indorse patronize push advance tout plug further purport patronise run interference for give a leg up stump for boost brace up be in corner hold a brief for be in favor of plump for go for give a lift subscribe to plunk for lobby for go with campaign on behalf of spread around ride shotgun build up go to bat for bless say so root for campaign for get on bandwagon hold with sponsor pronounce zap jump on have at mix charge come at blast lock horns with debate sock it to one lace into set to stick it to rip gang up on light into dispute put up argument report let have it tell fly in face of go at enjoin dictate have bone to pick cross say mix it up take on lay into say in defense cover for prove a case apologize for give the rationale behind speak on behalf of speak in support of give an apologia for proclaim agree to vow promise accept pledge sign depose predicate reveal lay down make evident determine ensure guaranty expose make out notarize pass OK undertake clinch accede admit illustrate give the go-ahead secure bespeak confess insure express cinch opine swear up and down be evidence of give testimony show clearly give an undertaking register reassert reaffirm take an oath green light bind grant challenge assent to submit give the green light sew up acquiesce say yes to give the go-ahead to give the nod to imply be responsible for put forth set the seal on propound adopt move own repeat offer ice get behind state on oath betoken showcase convey expound initial nail down show once and for all point out give the nod give assurances note cross heart lock up stand behind give a pledge give an assurance see swear on bible make plain make known put into effect bring forward submit proof open up give substance to the fact that witness to witness to the fact that get off chest own up submit evidence establish evidence produce evidence demonstrate the truth give one's word produce proof go along with make a case close wind up put the seal on cap give one's consent reflect indemnify finalize approbate homologate O.K. wager assent subscribe provide stipulate stake pretend insinuate accuse intimate hint impute project point effect be a monument to give assurance of show the truth of expostulate be a sign of clarify lay bare lay out set set out arrange lay recount recite delegate posit question postulate finalise give proof provide evidence find flag up discover commit contract give green light remonstrate sign and seal rubber stamp be liable for go bail for assert under oath stand bail for swear an oath swear to the fact make safe fix result develop convince signify put on ice appeal signal rumour put about that emphasize rumor emphasise lock on have a lock on have a case add up carry password mark watchword signature depone prevail upon commission make soapbox stump spout spiel croon constate sing stand for be a witness make a deposition say under oath engage voice talk big act as if get on soapbox blow hot air come out utter vote in make into law legislate for vote for disclose concede make sure render inform allegate give one's approval to satisfy oneself see to it give something the OK give something the thumbs up do not forget to take care be sure to give something the green light make certain give something the go-ahead be in no doubt constitute proof of constitute evidence of spell out make clear speak out ostend get across clear up avert cosign appreciate yield cognize know perceive let on take on board cooperate with fess up come out of closet 'fess up bow to concur with accede to come clean acquiesce in be aware of own up to be conscious of be wise to defer to bear testimony act as a witness give an affidavit sign for make legal make binding make stick set seal on give stamp of approval make valid make legally binding set one's seal to John Hancock

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