Đồng nghĩa của retort

Alternative for retort

retorts, retorted, retorting

Đồng nghĩa: answer, reply, respond, retaliate,


A sharp, angry, or witty reply
answer reply response return comeback rejoinder counter riposte acknowledgment acknowledgement repartee replication retaliation sally antiphon cooler crack gag jape jest joke lip quip reprisal respond revenge squelch topper wisecrack witticism back answer back talk parting shot snappy comeback reaction feedback clapback echo knee-jerk reaction counterattack take sass vibes kickback reciprocation witty remark hit reverberation double-take retroaction thrust maneuver manoeuvre account backfire counterblast pushback answer back dig drollery come back with snappy retort explanation sardonic remark smart remark smart crack report one-liner remark statement observation comment rebuttal zinger pithy remark elucidation guff interpretation disclosure clever remark witty comeback rhetorical question opinion assessment evaluation confutation view counterstatement critique counterclaim counterargument counteraccusation defence countercharge defense analysis review R.S.V.P. reception input commentary information criticism advice vibe pointer refutation recommendation suggestion help animadversion tip sentiment direction impression judgment appraisal discussion editor's note annotation advisement proposition disproof negation judgement invalidation rebutter contradiction disconfirmation countering surrejoinder disproving denial disproval surrebutter counteraction backlash fallout repercussion counter-argument recoil balance resistance neutralizer corrective retribution backwash reflex revulsion rebound boomerang reflection adverse reaction knee-jerk response adverse response hostile response


Rude answer
sass cheek impertinence impudence insolence sauce mouth backchat lip guff answer back talk nasty reply cheekiness comeback sauciness rejoinder uptake sassiness disrespect rudeness return attitude insult riposte short answer back answer rude answer effrontery audacity presumptuousness boldness presumption nerve brazenness gall pertness brass neck brashness chutzpah temerity face brass neck shamelessness cockiness nerviness malapertness impoliteness audaciousness crust snash brassiness chutzpa bad manners forwardness unmannerliness incivility disrespectfulness contumely procacity front hide arrogance assumption discourtesy freshness assurance smart mouth backtalk confidence discourteousness irreverence flippancy ungraciousness talking back answering back defiance familiarity impertinency inconsiderateness diss dis inconsideration bumptiousness insubordination overfamiliarity offensiveness hardihood hardiness stuff moxie guts egotism immodesty rude retorts self-assurance self-confidence insouciance forehead wisecrack ill manners outdaciousness daring ill breeding mouthiness smart talk jaw verbal impudence derision rebuttal haughtiness conceit overbearance self-importance pomposity crust cynicism jauntiness vigor spirit gutsiness breeziness chirpiness overconfidence impudency perkiness pushiness ardour vigour ardor spunk a smart mouth come-back sharpness tactlessness churlishness bluntness boorishness brusqueness abusiveness crassness curtness uncouthness lack of manners ill-breeding larrup barbarity lack of tact unkindness offhandedness disdain misbehaviour asperity unladylike behaviour acrimony irritability intrusiveness ungentlemanly behaviour harshness officiousness misbehavior lack of diplomacy abuse contempt ill-manneredness insults lack of civility bad-mouthing contemptuousness uncivility


Small container for liquid
flask bottle container vessel hip flask alembic ampulla bag beaker canteen carafe caster chalice crock cruet crystal decanter demijohn ewer fiasco flacon flagon flasket glass goblet gourd horn jar jug noggin phial Thermos tumbler urn vacuum flask vial Thermos flask pitcher can pot receptacle ampoule drum canister vase stein repository barrel mug vat test tube creamer tin jorum tub magnum cup tankard toby jug carboy holder thermos bowl basin case box reservatory tank bin dish glass container cylinder cask amphora casket chest bucket kettle beer mug stoup ampule seidel ampul soldier vacutainer wine bottle dead soldier vacuum bottle greybeard bidon skin vatje growler hooker bota butt milk jug cream jug carrier pan cruse utensil water bottle cartridge casing tun burette unit packet crate sack caisson hamper cover cast jeroboam strongbox bunker shape folder punnet hod pod churn hutch humidor pouch firkin store silo cistern caddy purse die carton depot chamber pit scuttle package cradle poke frame capsule storage sac reliquary pail coffer crucible pottery form cauldron hopper pocket jam jar earthenware container trunk locker pack envelope reservoir basket covering sheath keg cassette shell cabinet wrapping jacket parcel magazine wrapper tray boiler casserole cannister hogshead husk encasement hull pipe sheathing housing armor cupboard kist vault cocoon kilderkin puncheon depository safe rundlet runlet rack billy baking dish cocotte bundle armour sleeve wallet crib wardrobe billycan cooking pot ark plate treasury etui enclosure pottle ossuary storage tank underground tank saucepan porringer tomb storehouse skillet warehouse rose bowl pannier coffin pond cardboard box saucer file trough chiffonier storage chamber integument jerry can coffret water tank creel closet crater storage bin keeve kier kid press storeroom archive cooking utensil manger chafing dish commode bank cache tin can stall exterior outside repertory reticule pin pyxis bassinet tierce fish kettle treasure house storage place feeding trough picnic basket fodder rack hot water tank bud vase shrine samovar coalbin earthenware pot earthenware tupperware sump ramequin handbag pool piggin coal bunker tabernacle vesicle blank tube corrugated box pall bier sarcophagus dustbin carousel apparatus in-tray out-tray device pillbox steeper portmanteau krater dresser feeder set packing kit exoskeleton carapace barrelet lug brazier lid guard tea caddy scoop collector shovel cannikin canakin drawer chassis crating scabbard compact escritoire baggage sheaf packing case cage platter salver jardiniere plant pot padded envelope planter mailing tube olla jerrycan oilcan wastepaper basket garbage can circular file melting pot barrique solera load bale luggage suitcase biddle tea chest ramekin wrappers bureau exchequer wickerwork basket cylindrical container water butt laundry basket rain barrel storage box sachet small sporran strongroom crypt feeding-box charnel house catacomb grave foot locker pinto wooden container pop top Jiffy bag padded bag lock-up garner collection museum gallery godown arsenal packaging reactor jewel box ashet charger trencher paten wood overcoat pine box funerary box well cisterna sink safety deposit safe deposit safe-deposit box plant stand window box money bag soft container wok bain-marie trug teakettle steamer caldron teapot china oven dish ceramic soup plate serving dish dustpan frying pan karahi poacher stewpot stockpot wickerwork box dixie potjie surahi lota pipkin gallipot flowerpot mailer keister kete pressure cooker pannikin sheet roaster punchbowl veneer surface coat face exteriority shopping bag string bag bushel nacelle Dutch oven mazer mortar tureen boat external surface wrap outward aspect outer surface coating façade superficies outer covering outside surface facade front carrier bag flax kit cubicle buffet console sideboard pantry cuddy double boiler bunk pudding bowl mixing bowl sugar bowl fruit bowl finger bowl soup bowl cubbyhole recess woven container linen basket shopping basket wicker basket paper bag pudding basin deep dish concave container shuck storage cupboard clothes room walk-in storage room chest of drawers cold storage ambry trundle bed plastic bag mine fund storing place oracle emporium treasure trove stockroom storage area store room


An excuse or pretext
alibi reason excuse justification plea defence explanation pretext apology defense vindication line story account affirmation allegation answer assertion assurance avowal case cop-out cover declaration defending evidence profession proof reply stall statement airtight case fish story song and dance extenuation rationalization argument endorsement explication advocacy whitewash support copout exoneration palliation exculpation mitigation approval apologia excusing response explaining promotion rationalisation apologising jive apologizing cleanup apologetics testimony return grounds rationale basis cause reasoning claim contention why and wherefore motive warrant accounting rebuttal thesis counterstatement mitigating circumstances counterclaim replication ratification evidence expedient premise foundation motivation refutation cover story occasion rebutter surrejoinder confutation logic surrebutter acquittal counterattack authority polemic appeal validation revenge exposition proclamation postulation counteraccusation counterargument countercharge wherefore absolution expostulation rejoinder pretence reasons evasion front pleading coverup routine disguise subterfuge fabrication pretense line of reasoning cover-up get-out ostensible reason confirmation counter substantiation call provocation comeback apologism apologetic compurgation meaning argumentation licence sense issue questioning action suit right out sanction authorization confession demonstration dialectic base footing dossier data authorisation fish tale the why and wherefore brief presumption supporting evidence extenuating circumstances go-ahead discharge clearing pardon dismissal summary of the facts petition presentation whitewashing palliative expounding just cause whatfor amnesty exculpating disproof negation invalidation raison d'être counter-statement disconfirmation countering contradiction disproving clearance whole idea disproval denial insistence goal purpose pronouncement intention aim asseveration protestation attestation incentive impetus objective ground point inducement submission maintenance end target design announcement averment opinion avouchment counter-argument object antecedent causation causality subject why predication swearing stressing positive statement stamp of approval asservation okay report say so mouthful two cents' worth instigation source genesis origin driver underpinning inspiration causal agent driving force whys and wherefores principal element chief ingredient


To speak in opposition to
counter rebut answer argue dispute refute respond backtalk confute controvert cross gainsay question contradict debate deflect challenge contest disconfirm disprove negative thumbs down have bone to pick shoot full of holes blow sky high render null and void deny negate oppose discredit repudiate shoot down debunk disaffirm reject disclaim disavow explode invalidate disown disallow quash contravene disagree with confound prove wrong prove false shoot down in flames falsify belie break impugn overthrow declare untrue dissent from contend blow sky-high fly in the face of give the lie to drive a coach and horses through blow out of the water destroy demolish query confront traverse oppugn withsay address cancel undermine parry disagree make a nonsense of crush silence argue against squelch resist combat fight object to cancel out call in question call into question tear down prove to be wrong show to be wrong show to be false prove to be false show up take exception to declare to be untrue take issue with protest against take a stand against give thumbs down to overwhelm ruin forswear annihilate go against discuss argue with naysay withstand brush aside burn down convict evert expose dispose of reply to top abnegate burn counterclaim defy denounce defend against plead against retaliate against retract backpedal nullify call out rebuff defend oneself against take back enquire stand up to curb ban begrudge restrain exclude forgo taboo doubt revoke prevent disbelieve recant block spurn sacrifice forbid disacknowledge demur against fight against disapprove of demur about come to blows with be a dissenter from face down battle rebel against test face off tackle feud with impeach inquire litigate rally against remonstrate throw down accost investigate interrogate rival call on say no to enjoin from keep back turn thumbs down stand in the way not buy hold back examine moot altercate canvass bandy dare reverse withspeak counteract buck differ canvas wrangle pettifog say the opposite of take on contend over argue about refuse to accept pick a bone dissent against quibble over hammer away at quibble about put up argument differ with agitate against pick an argument with argue the pros and cons of bandy words concerning wonder about have an argument about overturn defeat renounce abjure abandon dismiss annul call in eschew refuse renig welsh renege give up weasel out of go back on word drop out wash hands of worm out of disinherit cast off ditch drop forsake cast aside violate discard cut off infringe end relations with send packing breach turn your back on cut off without a penny wash your hands of refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize divorce oneself from have nothing more to do with transgress disobey fracture offend traduce thwart flout infract hinder dislike overstep interfere with disregard interpose encroach intrude trespass conflict with transgress against offend against interfere speak against frown at frown on think wrong have a problem with be against not support be in defiance of be anti not believe in shake one's head fail to comply with fail to observe

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