Đồng nghĩa của retribution

Alternative for retribution


Đồng nghĩa: payback, requital, vengeance,


Punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance
reprisal retaliation revenge vengeance justice nemesis payback punishment reckoning recompense redress repayment requital satisfaction compensation damages penalty remedy reparation restitution wages amends atonement avengement avenging comeback comeuppance counterblow judgment judgement measure revanche reward retributive justice poetic justice due reward just reward just deserts measure for measure tit for tat eye for an eye an eye for an eye an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth counterattack reciprocation getting even counteraction a Roland for an Oliver counteroffensive counterstroke countermove reimbursement remuneration counterstrike ultion lex talionis indemnity indemnification return recrimination settlement a tooth for a tooth payment counterpunch blow for blow reaction response quittance recoupment vindication quid pro quo reply counterassault reprisals attack settling of scores settling of score evening of score paying back act of vengeance a taste of your own medicine tooth for a tooth money afterstroke retaliatory blow return blow sharing exchange complementation warrantability just punishment punitive action virtue rewarded interchange correspondence giving in return barter trade recaliation blood money as good as one gets gain yield accruement accrual proceeds take benefits income interest profit gate fightback riposte a game at which two can play fate avengment wreak vindictiveness counterplay counterinsurgency counter-attack doom penance propitiation redemption wrath emolument expiation vengefulness Doomsday apology solatium dues rebate day of retribution last judgment judgment day making good defence defense squaring things day of judgment a taste of one's own medicine rally neutralization neutralisation what is coming to someone discount give-back allowance refund consolation discharge kickback give-up money back acquittance rectification cure aid help ease relief correction assistance amendment rehabilitation reformation conciliation offsetting reestablishment renewal change remodeling reworking revision repair remodelling balancing remission


A punishment imposed for breaking a law, rule, or contract
punishment penalty correction discipline chastisement comeuppance justice penance sanction sentence reprimand castigation deserts infliction medicine penalization price rap requital torture vengeance wrath amends chastening consequences damages judgment judgement pain amercement confiscation deprivation dues fine forfeit forfeiture gallows hammer jankers mortification mulct nemesis ostracism punition reparation rod sequestration stick suffering unhappiness victimisation victimization punitive measures disciplinary action just deserts punitive action coercive measure punitive measure hell to pay firm hand recompense condemnation revenge disciplining conviction censure decree reward what is coming to one retaliation compensation due just punishment deserved fate what's coming to you what you deserve handicap fall consequence fate destiny due reward return destruction ruling determination verdict redress doom what one is asking for talion desert rule returns retributive justice lumps decision pronouncement rewards blast criticism put down ban embargo scolding bawling-out telling-off reproof excoriation rebuke ticking-off restriction boycott damnation wage prohibition deterrent exclusion chastising punishing penalizing dressing down chewing out tariff barrier penalising imprisonment fining action injunction writ measure command atonement coercive measures expiation absolution attrition compunction purgation propitiation self-abasement self-mortification self-punishment self-flagellation reproach upbraiding admonition dressing-down lecture admonishment lambasting chiding remonstration tongue-lashing wigging talking-to reproval roasting rollicking berating carpeting rocket ticking off earful bollocking rating tirade obloquy diatribe reprehension rap over the knuckles row caning objurgation harangue remonstrance serve slap on the wrist denunciation blame stricture disapproval riot act commination telling off slating caution sideswipe warning going-over hard time talking to vituperation attack counsel abuse ragging disapprobation scorn contempt objection blowing-up deprecation rap on the knuckles going over piece of one's mind reprobation verbal blasting aversive aversive stimulus reformation speech harsh criticism recrimination philippic disquisition exhortation declamation monologue reform blowing up bashing advice slap on the wrists spiel caveat rebuff verbal thrashing revilement heat expostulation fault-finding dissatisfaction upbraid scold displeasure flak shame piece of your mind disrepute discredit preachment moralism preaching monolog sermon negative reinforcement odium admonishments antagonism opprobrium animosity hostility flea in the ear flea in one's ear slur slight stain chewing-out blemish raps knocks brickbats enmity accusation slap in the face kick in the teeth being put in one's place tick off haul over the coals tell off fire ill will tongue lashing penalties sanctions sentences use of punishment a firm hand getting yours grooming bawling out what for calling down oral punishment slap on wrist flea in your ear


A disaster or difficulty regarded as a divine punishment
visitation catastrophe blight calamity disaster ordeal affliction bane punishment scourge cataclysm curse pestilence plague tragedy trial infliction penalty vengeance adversity distress pain trouble evil disease menace pest cancer canker nuisance misfortune contagion torment suffering misery indisposition ailment malady illness disorder complaint woe contamination pollution corruption depression mildew hardship fungus tribulation infestation wretchedness sight withering eyesore dump blot on the landscape aggravation annoyance botheration hydra problem vexation exasperation thorn in side bother blast besetment irritant Cancer pandemic epidemic infection burden nemesis terror torture sickness bitter pill cross to bear tormentor correction bubonic plague lues outbreak endemic virus Black Death rash contagious disease thorn in your side thorn in your flesh headache irritation hassle inconvenience bore bugbear pain in the bum pain in the neck drag pain in the backside pain in the rear peeve bind source of annoyance source of irritation worry nudnik nark skelf nyaff difficulty rub fair cow irk ruffle thorn tease provocation gall frustration aggro hair shirt nightmare grief cross source of vexation blister poison agony anguish sorrow travail nag discomfort rot bane of one's life ruin horror bête noire downfall pinprick undoing stress blow hurt excruciation rack straits goad setback displeasure creep chagrin pill bummer source of aggravation bad news burr under someone's saddle hindrance destruction pet peeve care source of disruption despair ruination death lesion wound cause for concern malignancy corrosion waterloo ills hell burr in someone's saddle infirmity crux condition weakness plight trauma bête noir pesterer drip botherment bum pester louse offense offence obstacle frump nudge insect smutch persecution poor excuse harassment Waterloo mischief-maker troublemaker soreness agitation fatal attraction Gehenna nagging thorn in one's side gripe thorn in one's flesh sore point atrocity outrage pain in the behind thorn in the flesh hell on earth trials and tribulations crime disgrace misadventure failure mishap accident albatross reverse complication anathema thorn in someone's side big trouble thorn in someone's flesh stroke of bad luck severe test hard time reversal of fortune ill fortune trying time obscenity monstrosity shame barbarism violation a thorn in someone's flesh a thorn in someone's side abomination rage anger wrath fury ire pique resentment testiness spleen tetchiness crossness passion stroppiness disgust crabbiness disgruntlement discontent indignation pip bile ill humour exacerbation choler enragement madness upset strain nudnick teaser gadfly annoyer persecutor gnawer concern anxiety worriment palaver rigmarole pressure uphill molestation perplexity job flurry bellyache thorny problem

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