Đồng nghĩa của resentment

Alternative for resentment


Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly
bitterness indignation pique irritation animosity displeasure grudge malice rancour acrimony anger discontentment disgruntlement dissatisfaction huff hurt ire antagonism antipathy discontent fury hate hatred hostility ill will jaundice rage resentfulness umbrage wrath down dudgeon enmity envy grievance jealousy miff offence offense peeve score bad feelings gall hard feelings ill feelings vexation acerbity animus annoyance bad blood bile choler cynicism dislike exacerbation exasperation fog ill feeling malignity outrage passion perturbation rancor rise spite vehemence bad feeling chip on your shoulder spleen malevolence aversion venom detestation spitefulness peevishness virulence chagrin temper abhorrence crossness irritability irascibility petulance unfriendliness disgust loathing aggravation sourness furor opposition odium nastiness vindictiveness testiness frustration tetchiness furore repugnance tantrum sullenness cattiness disrelish distaste maliciousness revulsion stew dander vitriol disapproval impatience ill humour bother repulsion slow burn viciousness tiff disaffection horror bad temper malignancy disapprobation scorn pugnacity madness fretfulness asperity tartness poison irateness touchiness cantankerousness ill temper hatefulness lividity wrathfulness lividness surliness objection angriness contempt snit crabbiness rankling disfavour upset disfavor malignance revenge meanness infuriation abomination aggression conniption estrangement tizzy birse despite outburst storm wax waspishness war vengefulness grief bellicoseness ill-humor execration friction mood fit grouchiness pettishness unhappiness heat warpath pugnaciousness disappointment dismay distress grumpiness inimicality snappishness truculency provocation bad mood acidity botheration bugbear disquiet virulency mad trouble pain huffiness pip aggro disinclination maleficence militancy churlishness mislike temperament tear excitability sensitivity disliking irascibleness hotheadedness discontentedness affront crankiness low boiling point bad humor no love lost querulousness hissy fit hassle pet injury biliousness injustice complaint discomposure letdown acridity gripe depression discomfort nuisance acridness irritant mordancy grievances short fuse militance flare-up frost acidness repellency corrosiveness repellence high dudgeon weariness indisposition shock repugnancy embitterment moodiness humiliation hot temper air rage bellicosity restlessness rancorousness shame dyspepsia regret unkindness alienation combativeness dissension discord dread feud fear rivalry contention belligerency contentiousness needle mortification discouragement wounded feelings mordacity violence agitation distemper soreness truculence oppugnancy disagreement grudges anathema uneasiness vengeance belligerence stroppiness fit of pique acrimoniousness embitteredness bete noire nasty look black beast cat fit blow up ill humor gloominess snappiness moroseness boiling point sulkiness slight ruthlessness causticity sulk conflict obsession irk retaliation ill-will grouch snub cruelty anxiety shortness terror resistance explosion bane disillusionment dispiritedness discomfiture revengefulness disdain mania disesteem ignominy malaise prejudice coldness crotchetiness black eye strop melancholy blowup blame glumness blowout grump perversity bad will lamentation extreme dislike perverseness ferocity paddy bate violation opprobrium worry irritableness disregard sorrow complex hang-up neurosis thing malcontent desolation malcontentment sadness paddywhack foulie evilness despitefulness disparagement contrariety wickedness evil intentions avoidance fright irrationality paranoia mean-spiritedness contradistinction righteous anger short temper phobia chip on one's shoulder bone to pick fieriness harsh feeling hateful feeling extreme anger unpleasantness menace fractiousness scene disheartenment balefulness perniciousness danger savagery lather scurf inimicalness fume hot-headedness embarrassment disaccord oppugnation vendetta ill-disposedness distrust blackness bitter feeling pouts hump sulks nausea edginess harshness road rage unrest unease uncharitableness variance hard feeling discountenance needling harassment provocaion plague enragement besetment invidiousness pet peeve competition stress averseness hardness of heart ruckus sore hurt pride grumps mard dejection disenchantment devilry backbiting devilment milt lien caprice whim disturbance smarting pungency enemyship enemyhood foeship uncordiality daggers bee in one's bonnet wounded pride hurt feelings antithesis clashing difference incongruity despondency uncertain temper more heat than light conniption fit bad vibes bad chemistry blood feud personality conflict mutual hostility mercilessness bad-mouthing derogation affected scorn being rubbed up the wrong way dirt evil malintent implacability mischievousness fit of bad humour rebuff refusal revolt denial strong aversion intense dislike disconsolation despair ill-humour grudgingness vituperation exception nettling provoking irking implacableness evil intent disillusion disconsolateness incensement disloyalty baulk balk crushing blow yuck factor sense of injury anguish misery gloom torment unfulfilment downheartedness fierceness blood lust histrionics furiousness fire woe restiveness sour grapes heavy-heartedness Weltschmerz disrepute obloquy discredit infamy disgrace mutiny souring sedition insurgence rebellion insubordination insurrection dissidence low spirits heaviness of heart oppression heartburn boredom hopelessness ennui strong dislike apathy breach dispute dishonor reproach reprobation condemnation notoriety censure dishonour stigma slap in the face blitzkrieg left-handed compliment onslaught onset slam dig put down harm blitz mugging indignity zinger assailment battery attack dirty dig push assault hit irrational fear reckoning blur onus spot stain rebuke brand slur unpopularity blot dispprobation delirium frenzy distraction rampage state raving uproar feverishness fever flap hysteria deliriousness wrong spectre fixation abnormal fear preoccupation obsessive fear bogey specter nightmare fit of anger skid towering rage fit of rage fit of fury whinge ill repute trenchancy sarcasm apoplexy spasm paroxysm hemorrhage bluster ferment wingding frenzy of anger fit of temper hysterics convulsion squall frenzy of rage fireworks eruption excitement haemorrhage denigration ridicule disrespect scornfulness derision deprecation despisal protest inconvenience whine quibble obstruction defiance awe aversion to fit of ill temper paroxysm of rage fit of bad temper paroxysm of anger astringency turf war beef grumble headache ruffled feathers crabbedness bar sinister loss of face rudeness grouse holler kvetch yammer moan groan problem fuss counteraction obstructiveness bone of contention axe to grind crow to pluck nasty behavior lament carp bleat cavil criticism non-compliance dissent thing about overwhelming anxiety about trial demurral warfare prevention defence duel negativism action con contest contraposition strife combat grapple skirmish fray defense engagement brush antinomy counterattack confronting struggle opposure encounter civil disobedience pet aversion thorn in one's flesh thorn in one's side bane of one's life


Conflict or animosity caused by a clash of wills, temperaments, or opinions
friction conflict discord disagreement disharmony dissension opposition strife disunity hostility rivalry wrangling animosity bickering dispute dissent variance antagonism arguing argument clashing contention disputation quarreling quarrelling antipathy disaccord discontent discordance enmity feuding fighting squabbling acrimony bitterness discordancy dissention dissidence dissonance disunion division grievances grudges infighting inharmony schism war warfare bad blood bad feeling falling-out incompatibility jar counteraction faction factionalism flak hassle hatred ill feeling ill will quarrel row ruckus rumpus set-to tension trouble sour note bone to pick unrest divisiveness difference dissonancy inharmoniousness clash controversy debate disaffection dissensus contestation nonconcurrence wrangle backbiting scene difficulty fuss rebellion altercation firestorm internal strife difference of opinion conflict of opinion bad vibes power struggle rupture spat feud squabble split alienation estrangement misunderstanding war of words battle royal confrontation cacophony detachment tiff separation breach divorce bicker lack of harmony falling out shouting match dissentience tumult argumentation jarring affray fight discussion sedition rift divergency disconnection divergence disjuncture disjunction barney severance resistance insurrection protest clinker disapproval contest sparring run-in argy-bargy parting velitation nonconformism contretemps brawl words misbelief vendetta rhubarb scrap lack of agreement afters slanging match cross fire scandal ugliness upset disturbance bother turbulence fracas exchange tussle tangle animus twelve-tone scale atonality serialism disparity unharmoniousness polemics unorthodoxy dispeace independence polemic upheaval storm partition breakup mutiny lack of concord divided loyalties battle struggle hullabaloo dialectic mooting forensic clashes combat quarrelsomeness sectarianism angry exchange passage of arms unpleasantness controverting isolation objection agitation defiance imbroglio kickup demur remonstrance nonagreement insubordination nonconformity palace politics palace intrigue rammy donnybrook refuting rebutting static blowup striving emulation ding-dong argle-bargle turf war refusal denial chasm gulf break bone twelve-note scale break-up tug of war bust-up scission bone of contention drifting apart withdrawal secession parting of the ways din jangle racket harshness jangling clamour noise clamor


The state or feeling of being jealous
jealousy distrust suspicion doubt mistrust possessiveness suspiciousness anxiety insecurity spite dubiety ill-will overprotectiveness wariness mistrustfulness apprehension about rivals jealousness envy covetousness enviousness hostility solicitousness protectiveness misgiving uncertainty qualm reservation chariness scepticism dubitation incertitude misdoubt question query skepticism distrustfulness hesitation leeriness thought apprehension incredulity lack of faith nonbelief wonder question mark bad vibes cynicism sneaking suspicion lack of confidence disbelief dubiosity guesswork doubtfulness hesitancy dubiousness unbelief questioning unease indecision scruple misgivings uneasiness qualms confusion concern disquiet lack of conviction lack of trust misbelief worry fear diffidence reluctance reservations hesitance disquietude incredulousness trepidation niggle caginess pessimism compunction objection unsureness presentiment perplexity discredit bewilderment vacillation irresolution caution questionableness questionability second thoughts shock agnosticism demur negativity ambiguity faithlessness perturbation stupefaction foreboding suspicions quandary wavering lack of certainty repudiation spurning lack of belief lack of credence unbelievingness rejection unfaith umbrage nervousness second thought pangs doubts regrets reconsideration circumspection consternation ambivalence instability demand problem interrogatory probe untrust astonishment amazement trust issues dilemma trouble defeatism Pyrrhonism tentativeness unwillingness demurrer puzzlement atheism scepsis minimifidianism demurral difficulty inhibition irresoluteness queries questions indecisiveness irreligion godlessness heathenism faltering timidity equivocation reserve premonition prenotion presage regret nihilism apostasy heresy non-belief a pinch of salt freethinking remorse disinclination surprise bafflement disapproval antagonism deprecation negativism adversity unconstructiveness negativeness unhelpfulness non-conviction paganism twinge repentance remonstrance agitation contrition forebodingness pang apprehensiveness conscience shame scoffing world-weariness sardonicism misanthropy sarcasm disillusion disenchantment scorn negative thinking contempt disparagement bitterness misandry acrimony habitual skepticism

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