Đồng nghĩa của circumspection

Alternative for circumspection

circumspection /'sə:kəmspektnis/ (circumspection) /,sə:kəm'spekʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự thận trọng


Attention to all the facts and circumstances of a case
care caution chariness prudence wariness alertness carefulness discretion guardedness heedfulness attentiveness caginess cautiousness gingerliness heed judiciousness precaution vigilance watchfulness canniness foresight foresightedness forethought forethoughtfulness keeping your head down attention mindfulness awareness diligence deliberation consideration providence concentration farsightedness judgment judgement prescience watch planning alert discrimination conscientiousness vision scrupulousness concern provision thought sagacity forehandedness discreetness perspicacity qui vive red alert fastidiousness regard meticulousness readiness presence of mind observance discernment preparedness wisdom premeditation sense calculation thoughtfulness anticipation particularity tact management vigil lookout exactness intuition considerateness gumption prevision penetration forward planning economy restraint shrewdness good sense common sense meticulosity belt and braces imaginativeness suspicion contrivance wakefulness keenness surveillance hesitance hesitancy closeness acuity careful observation hesitation timidity timidness timorousness brainstorm brainchild design intention exertion enthusiasm effort interest direction reasoning forecast conservation coolness austerity practicality conservatism pragmatism thrift thriftiness special attention pain good management guidance diplomacy quickness liveliness agility careful budgeting briskness nimbleness perceptiveness spiritedness promptitude activeness sprightliness tactfulness delicacy nous sensitivity acumen policy sensibleness subtlety wit levelheadedness risk avoidance Fabian policy pains foreknowledge maturity solicitude responsibility observation warning moderation horse sense kid gloves divination insight premonition prospect clairvoyance perception long-sightedness prenotion precognition preconception hindsight prophecy safeguard protection preventive security defence provident foresightfulness palladium defense insurance deterrent backstop preventive measure fail-safe preventative measure safety measure prediction ESP feeling sixth sense second sight expectation telepathy foreseeing third eye extrasensory perception hunch presentiment contemplation prior knowledge feyness lucidity expectance expectancy imagination forewarning innovation creativity inspiration inventiveness omen psyche intelligence prognostication inner sense the force extra sensory perception fortune-telling vaticination prophesy percipience augury creative power sharpness cleverness frugality looking forward haruspication psychism pythonism psychic powers adumbration understanding astuteness saving instinct intuitiveness breadth of view omniscience presage husbandry vibes abstemiousness economizing sparingness gut feeling keen intuition temperance sophrosyne economising foretaste apprehension realization outlook preparation foreboding feeling in one's bones prolepsis inkling realisation


The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions
canniness astuteness sharpness shrewdness intelligence acumen wit prudence wisdom sagacity keenness judiciousness acuteness wariness perspicaciousness sageness caginess knowingness foxiness cageyness hardheadedness worldliness clear-sightedness insight understanding discernment perception penetration perceptiveness sapience reason judgment perspicacity knowledge discrimination erudition comprehension savvy enlightenment foresight gumption brains practicality experience sagaciousness sanity judgement good judgment clear thinking savoir faire horse sense perceptivity sophistication acuity perspicuity percipience learning thoughtfulness balance poise caution pansophy discretion sense nous smarts logic sensibleness heedfulness tact vigilance pragmatism watchfulness reasoning providence consideration tactfulness forethought cleverness rationality wits ingenuity soundness levelheadedness commonsense profundity information good sense presence of mind common sense solidity stability good judgement sound judgment awareness intellectuality intellection thought intellect cognition coherence apprehension capacity grasp quickness mentality intuition lucidness ratiocination lucidity incisiveness genius rationalness marbles soundness of mind powers of discernment clear mind cognitive faculties logical thought good reasoning sound mind scientific thinking cunningness depth profoundness deepness reach immensity deep insight insightfulness cavernousness fathomlessness smartness rationale saneness maturity arguteness policy heed worldly wisdom scholarship education culture cultivation expertise learnedness familiarity appreciation cognizance grip acquaintance mastery know-how proficiency skill refinement expertness conception intimacy schooling edification subtlety doctrine ability lore realization consciousness authority conversance command acquaintanceship realisation acquirements attainments taste adeptness accomplishment sensitivity recognition illumination beliefs traditions academic attainment folklore selectivity mythology letters training apperception sayings legends mindfulness science legend tradition ingeniousness sensibility capability distinction assimilation legendry observance myth observation book learning knack folk-wisdom superstitions tuition finesse teachings prowess traditional wisdom ken oral tradition familiarity with acquaintance with dexterity knowledgeability separation fastidiousness demarcation discreteness instruction aestheticism clearness culturedness connoisseurship astucity vision literacy mythos good taste accomplishments study omniscience bookishness scholarliness pedantry scholarism studiousness greater understanding comprehensive understanding better understanding enhanced understanding improved understanding superior understanding humanities belles-lettres books literature skills exposure involvement fluency decipherment control practice competence practical knowledge proficiency in absorption expertise in digestion visualization hold take skill in knowing visualisation uptake insight into grapple myths mastership higher education academic knowledge professionalism qualifications impression talent qualification savoir-faire deftness concept aplomb virtuosity facility adroitness letter academic training teaching saws stories expertism clue fluency in IQ skilfulness ability in contact action grounding idea fantasy mythus skillfulness empiricism inclination right stuff evidence faculty fitness doing hindsight intuitiveness proof efficiency life skills participation power suaveness development touch resourcefulness technique cunning sentience savviness storeys adage tale custom fable belief superstition saga saying saw conversance with knowing inside out intimacy with brightness brilliance alertness philosophy responsiveness accuracy precision sharp-wittedness quick-wittedness customs how-to


Lack of trust
mistrust distrust suspicion doubt uncertainty dubiety misgiving wariness distrustfulness dubitation incertitude misdoubt mistrustfulness query reservation scepticism skepticism apprehension misgivings caginess caution chariness concern doubtfulness dubiosity fear foreboding presentiment qualm scruple wonder hesitation unease disbelief anxiety cynicism hesitancy worry uneasiness trepidation disquiet incredulity question dubiousness qualms questioning unbelief lack of confidence indecision disquietude lack of faith leeriness reservations hesitance misbelief nervousness lack of trust apprehensiveness insecurity suspicions second thoughts diffidence niggle doubts perturbation agitation question mark reluctance trouble compunction restlessness confusion objection tension questions angst distress lack of conviction anxiousness solicitude dread sweat care fearfulness concernment agita nervosity pessimism willies questionableness questionability suffering heebie-jeebies agnosticism nonbelief unsureness ambiguity demur faithlessness jealousy scruples vacillation lack of certainty issues uncertainties premonition irresolution quandary worries objections tenseness difficulties difficulty alarm consternation edginess nerves suspense stress umbrage fretfulness butterflies panic worriment second thought watchfulness shakes jitters flap fuss jumps cold sweat downer misery goose bumps creeps shivers botheration drag ants in pants pins and needles nail-biting fidgets all-overs butterflies in the stomach pangs regrets reconsideration ambivalence instability dissent incredulousness discredit untrust trust issues dilemma thought guesswork unwillingness demurrer defeatism Pyrrhonism wavering perplexity needles sense of foreboding sneaking suspicion demand problem interrogatory probe bewilderment demurral inhibition scepsis minimifidianism possessiveness regret queries bad vibes prenotion presage faltering suspiciousness remorse disinclination spite twinge a pinch of salt ill-will overprotectiveness resentment repentance remonstrance contrition forebodingness pang conscience shame strain scoffing world-weariness negativity sardonicism pressure apprehension about rivals misanthropy sarcasm disillusion disenchantment trauma jitteriness scorn negative thinking contempt disparagement bitterness misandry acrimony twitchiness abdabs yips hassle Joe Blakes jim-jams collywobbles screaming abdabs burden grief oppression pain hardship ferment affliction passion flutter urgency expectancy nervous tension overextension agony albatross trial distention heat intensity impatience fidgetiness alarum terror shock horror


A restriction or controlling of quantity, quality, or achievement
limitation restriction check curb constraint restraint control block impediment obstruction bar circumscription inhibition barrier clampdown condition confinement deterrent fetter hindrance obstacle rein stint stricture brake damper cramp definition inadequacy injunction modification qualification reservation snag taboo handicap limit trammel hurdle catch encumbrance stumbling block stop drawback hitch interference drag crimp proviso chain difficulty balk provision rider baulk manacle clog holdback shackles stipulation complication prevention disadvantage requirement embarrassment let reduction specification bridle blockage discouragement setback regulation stoppage hiccup fly in the ointment problem spanner in the works burden hazard facer monkey wrench in the works clause straitjacket caveat contingency prohibition curtailment constriction millstone ceiling cumber boundary demarcation hampering suppression ball and chain strings road block impedance prerequisite binding boycott catch-22 barricade embargo sticking point shackle contraction no-no bound line restrainer term inconvenience interdict disincentive ban glitch string determent defect weakness albatross interruption proscription repression article holdup delay baggage hang-up joker agreement detriment hamper interdiction fine print monkey wrench preventive compression squeezing wall hold threshold crackdown moderation obligation don't captivity thou-shalt-not harness rule bondage exception tightening shrinking choking cap if exemption constrainment extent retardant bounds pitfall containment demand dissuasion lock deterrence disqualification tie fetters kicker cumbrance issue veto gridlock excess baggage wet blanket restraining order upper limit load leash retardation retardment jam-up rub censorship blank wall stone in one's path small print disallowance sanction millstone around your neck out of bounds off limits refusal stopping commitment stuckness curbing deadweight shortcoming detention arrest termination bind bond complaint disbenefit suppressant buttress confines deadline ration separation nonproliferation time limit squelching shutdown stumbling stone break reversal reverse blow maximum disclaimer but chill pale end astringency weary load bonds warning caution admonition safeguard depressant cloud hangup injury circumvention blockade hardship roadblock diminution cutback cut railing traverse fence gloom pall outline prearrangement rebuff whammy disablement bottleneck impairment flaw disorder fault strap bit governor lead halter bump uphill slowing blocking psychological baggage defence defensive measures defense preventative cinchers anchor binders depression stamping out millstone round someone's neck dead weight red tape obviation preemption intimidation preclusion check in time narrowing pressure stenosis tightness border perimeter strait waistcoat monition prohibiting forbidding barring proscribing enjoining outlawing banning interdicting custody limits anathema booby trap mountain to climb handicapping margin confine scaling down cold water retarding device disapproval requisite essential necessity sign commonition forewarning alarm tops small difficulty congestion squeeze telescoping contracting compacting condensing constricting condensation compaction ring-fence curfew rationing precondition terms non-acceptance tapu allowance postulate straitening strangulation framework paragraph heading item passage section part point red flag alarm bells religious convention forbiddance social convention law superstition arrangement line of demarcation cutoff point cut-off point rope order instruction deprivation pinions weight decrease manacles chains abridgment abridgement command need must criterion guideline constant variable tempering lessening chapter subsection note must-have sine qua non softening mitigation interference with hedge codicil division ultimatum delineation limiting factor consideration factor parameter moratorium rahui string attached to something official forbiddance court order allocation marking out delimitation distinguishing feature sabotage intervention foot dragging deal-breaker irons cord tether bracelet cuffs handcuffs ligature band handcuff iron precaution trammels cuff bracelets jam link protection leg irons thwarting lyam elimination halt security checking fastening precautionary measure hobble remedy bilboes wire gyves darbies restraints preventive measure protective measure stay hawser cable connection clogging discipline opposition immobilization immobilisation put down damp nuisance coupling occlusion hold-up deterring factor bridling edge shackling fettering holding back frustration baulking cramping stifling smothering tethers ropes trouble mountain checkmate palladium fail-safe protective shield halting quashing foiling saddle debt guilt cross duty verge compass frontier neutralizer prophylactic headstall hackamore collar noose balking sublimation leg-iron yoke gyve pendant lavaliere locket rackle clinker truss picket monkey on back thorn in one's side avoidance forestallment anticipation averting forestalling precluding snaffle electronic ankle bracelet extremity circumference putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud anticipatory measure restraining device interception prophylaxis deterence inhibitor eradication crushing abolition ambit linkage tie-in stickum hookup nexus gunk network stern measures strike getting tough crush severe measures arrestment close cutoff finish discontinuation expiration surcease closure closedown cessation shutoff conclusion lapse cease offset ending discontinuance lace guy lacing choker staying restraining suspension stalling coaxial piece of cordage boom topping lift wire rope

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