Đồng nghĩa của stifling

Alternative for stifling

Đồng nghĩa: crushing, quelling, sulfurous, sulphurous, sultry, suppression,

stifles, stifled, stifling

Đồng nghĩa: choke, smother, stop, suffocate, suppress,


Domineering or inhibiting


Very hot and dry
torrid hot sultry sweltering burning dry scorching searing sizzling tropical arid blistering boiling parching roasting blazing fiery parched broiling flaming scalding ardent barren fervent fervid red scorched suffocating baking oppressive superheated tropic ultrahot desert dried heated waterless red-hot white-hot piping hot humid warm close sweltry steamy sticky stuffy very warm sweaty muggy airless summery boiling hot baking hot steaming very hot like an oven balmy oven-like blazing hot hot and humid claggy jungle-like thermal stewing perspiring burning up like a Turkish bath withering unbearably hot extremely hot lush white igneous ovenlike recalescent incandescent thermogenic decalescent feverish smoking febrile fevered calescent feverous piping heavy like a blowtorch like a furnace on fire ablaze afire inflamed aflame kindled glowing ignited warmed toasted alight enflamed combusting raging conflagrant violent toasty lukewarm melting lit lighted empyreal flushed in flames febrific hectic pyretic drying burnt fired baked burned broiled cooked fried aboil burning hot uncomfortably warm browning frying steeping grilling heating toasting simmering brewing mellow warmish hottish tepid thermic snug flashing intense gurgling evaporating bubbling gleaming overheated fierce acute ferocious moderately hot sweating fiery hot strong extreme flickering agitable turbulent flaring unrestrained explosive dreadful heavy-duty vehement furious intensive terrible excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome profound keen deep hellacious almighty hard ghastly fearful frightful very great cooking blistery red hot at boiling point


An environment that encourages rapid growth or development, especially in a stifling or intense way


Causing a loss of force, vitality, or enthusiasm


The action of inhibiting a process
inhibition hindrance obstruction restraint restriction bar impediment check obstacle barrier block discouragement hampering suppression bridling checking constraint curbing deterrent prevention repression retardation arrest balking baulking blocking cramping encumbrance fettering frustration hazard holding back shackling smothering baulk balk chain clog cramp crimp curb drag drawback embarrassment fetter foiling halting handicap hitch holdback hurdle interference let manacle quashing shackles snag stop stopping thwarting trammel interdict straitjacket blockage embargo hangup prohibition stumbling block sublimation nipping in the bud putting an end to putting an stop to control refrainment discipline discretion continence self-restraint self-command self-control reserve keeping back keeping under control failure dashing derailment spoiling crushing defeat crippling collapse scotching circumvention nonfulfilment baffling foundering disappointment scuppering contravention unfulfillment nonsuccess lack of success non-success restraining biting back keeping in check holding in ill-success bottling up adverse fate concealment deadening containing muffling containment choking back countering forestalling hindering setback snookering blow nonfulfillment disturbance limitation brake stricture stoppage difficulty catch rein damper disadvantage impedance burden shackle circumscription interruption fly in the ointment problem spanner in the works monkey wrench in the works taboo delay cumber determent complication hiccup ball and chain holdup limit barricade millstone disincentive ban condition bridle inconvenience interdiction confinement dissuasion hamper facer catch-22 wall road block halt no-no deterrence monkey wrench forbiddance barring proscription ceiling cumbrance regulation blockade rub albatross boycott retardment detriment baggage glitch disallowance gridlock reservation lock injunction hang-up preclusion don't obviation safeguard curtailment forbidding banning clampdown prohibiting issue outlawing fetters uphill break restrainer hold demarcation defect weakness interdicting veto surcease stay proscribing enjoining qualification preventive bounds suspension bottleneck string roadblock joker hold-up jam load sticking point jam-up wet blanket dead weight excess baggage booby trap millstone around your neck out of bounds off limits refusal thou-shalt-not bond bonds shortcoming hobble yoke opposition choking pitfall preemption intimidation hardship elimination deadweight bump stumbling stone occlusion congestion nuisance railing traverse fence injury headache buttress avoidance forestallment precaution anticipation averting precluding mountain to climb tie disablement impairment flaw disorder fault trouble mountain checkmate reversal reverse censorship psychological baggage millstone round someone's neck blank wall chill sabotage intervention stint red tape saddle debt guilt cross duty stone in one's path weary load depressant cloud maximum interception prophylaxis deterence inhibitor foot dragging rebuff whammy harness defence leash defense preventative anathema gloom pall monkey on one's back thorn in one's side cap inadequacy circumspection modification definition stipulation disapproval defensive measures threshold depression rule bound non-acceptance tapu proviso provision cold water rider strings requirement moderation extent constrainment border perimeter boundary constriction religious convention sanction social convention law superstition contraction custody limits retardant disqualification margin confine line fine print small difficulty bondage rope order instruction deprivation pinions weight decrease manacles chains abridgment abridgement command reduction tops line of demarcation cutoff point cut-off point upper limit wait restraining order arrestment close cutoff finish discontinuation expiration end closure closedown cessation termination shutoff conclusion lapse cease offset ending shutdown discontinuance stall detainment detention lull lag interval intermission retard gap interlude pause bind ado prorogation logjam downtime filibuster holding staying stalling tie-up showstopper waiting period time wasted time lag cooling-off period holding pattern period of waiting disallowing vetoing embargoing tabooing exclusion negation ruling out repudiation temperance making illegal


Present participle for to die or cause to die from a lack of air, or an inability to breathe


Present participle for to put an end to something, typically by the use of force
suppressing checking repressing crushing ending quashing squashing subduing curbing quelling overcoming controlling extinguishing squelching terminating abolishing silencing thwarting stopping conquering killing deadening torpedoing putting down cracking down on putting an end to getting rid of nipping in the bud putting a stop to clamping down on wiping out stamping out snuffing out putting the lid on clamping down putting the kibosh on slapping down bringing to screeching halt cracking down putting an stop to shutting down restraining inhibiting beating destroying halting clobbering frustrating defeating smothering quenching finishing gagging holding back impeding annihilating demolishing extirpating arresting muffling shushing hampering hindering constraining containing bridling scotching eliminating restricting damping preventing cutting off censoring quieting routing hushing muting quietening bringing to a stop muzzling damping down putting a lid on putting paid to bringing to an end curtailing cutting short blocking weeding out eradicating mastering overpowering vanquishing mellowing licking quelching stilling garrotting bringing to a halt interfering with strangling overwhelming settling dumbing keeping in check choking bringing to a standstill doing for tongue-tying toning down putting the stopper on keeping the lid on bottling up shutting up quietening down soft-pedalling soft-pedaling strangling at birth obstructing dampening decreasing censuring overthrowing nipping something in the bud cushioning scrunching trashing squishing banking snowing under queering subjugating swallowing sinking pocketing submerging taming besting no-platforming putting a gag on sealing somebody's lips throttling regulating surmounting clamming abating dulling completing calling a halt concluding discontinuing running down closing wrapping up winding up choking back dispatching quitting chattering holding tongue putting a sock in it shutting it stopping talking canning it falling silent keeping trap shut dominating fettering sitting on prevailing over gaining control of winning against getting the better of triumphing over getting a grip on gaining mastery over trammelling trammeling corking icing bringing to a close keeping down choking off closing up saying nothing governing drying up dummying up moderating breaking immobilizing stalling crashing rendering powerless softening diminishing lessening crippling immobilising reining in putting out of business bringing to naught putting out of action bringing someone to their knees bringing to standstill pulling the plug on dead-ending keeping a lid on getting under control holding in check


Present participle for to reduce the strength or intensity of
muting reducing lessening decreasing diminishing moderating deadening dulling weakening blunting checking mitigating allaying alleviating dampening smothering softening suppressing easing curbing restraining tempering damping abating lowering quelling subduing assuaging cushioning lightening relieving stilling attenuating curtailing cutting depreciating depressing mollifying tranquilizing calming cooling placating minimising minimizing ebbing toning down damping down de-escalating taking the edge off easing off taking the bite out taking the sting out winding down soft-pedalling soft-pedaling making less intense putting damper on putting a damper on putting the lid on soothing palliating muffling numbing benumbing quietening repressing absorbing inhibiting silencing appeasing extinguishing lulling overcoming quieting quenching paralysing buffering paralyzing putting an end to settling blanketing cauterizing impairing gentling limiting pacifying retarding bolstering composing anaesthetizing quashing cauterising stunning incapacitating unnerving buttressing killing stupefying relaxing anesthetizing getting rid of masking sating slaking pillowing chilling chillin desensitizing discouraging soaking up deterring dashing stamping out modifying helping diluting satisfying hushing safeguarding against defending against protecting against shielding against throwing cold water on clouding lenifying sedating devitalizing putting a stop to filling sweetening making nice surfeiting pouring oil on reducing the effect of insulating secluding guarding padding lullabying pouring cold water on deflating squashing torpefying drugging stultifying narcotizing dazing obtunding becalming salving ruining marring wrecking rendering insensitive desensitising dullening comforting chilling out cooling off balming putting a lid on taking the edge rocking to sleep laying back reassuring qualifying quieting down ceasing stroking settling down falling taking it easy spoiling messing up harshing squelching tapering trimming dropping contracting rationing stopping subjugating banishing dispelling choking off rising above cutting off decrementing drowning etherizing slowing gassing knocking out doping destroying injuring frustrating depriving putting to sleep putting out of order consuming exhausting dimming tiring KO'ing laying out freezing chloroforming slashing shaving minifying narrowing downscaling paring shrinking clipping cutting down couching dwindling dialing down scaling down rounding down cutting back tapering off dropping off stepping down making cutbacks in trimming down trimming back marking down tailing off bringing down paring down whittling down taking down declining rolling back ameliorating curing extenuating controlling healing calming down smoothing slackening depleting downsizing improving nursing remedying doctoring making better consoling treating modulating subsiding thinning satiating attending to letting up steadying remitting slacking loosing containing degrading sapping denting eroding dissipating counteracting waning discounting mellowing dulcifying resolving succoring mending making less restoring meliorating enfeebling unburdening knocking down cooling out regulating reining succouring solacing undermining crippling disabling debilitating relenting adjusting tranquillising smoothing over disburdening freeing facilitating assisting aiding rehabilitating watering down dampening down letting up on taking a load off petering out taking the sting out of putting at rest gratifying addressing commuting conciliating piping down excusing diffusing disintegrating crumbling refreshing reducing the force of stabilising defusing stabilizing attending fixing dismissing disempowering fixing up eliminating untroubling allying loosening nourishing putting to rest chasing away driving off squaring driving away making weaker taking sting out patching things up shutting down admixing quietening down wearing away wearing down smoothing down reducing something rectifying transmogrifying revamping switching releasing playing up to indulging to the full making up simmering down reconciling easing up tuning down disposing holding in adulterating vitiating enervating rarefying constricting devaluating offsetting hebetating making smaller fine tuning making reasonable pruning taming monkeying around with patching up sorting out putting to rights ironing out abridging truncating fading taking the bite out of brightening receding promoting disengaging simplifying cheering running interference for furthering clearing the way speeding forwarding lifting opening the door untightening speeding up making easier expediting making lighter punctuating varying lissing interrupting sinking preventing breaking up palling bringing respite to setting right uplighting shifting emptying jettisoning taking changing removing upraising levitating unloading disencumbering eradicating bringing an end to making bearable taking load off draining away ratcheting down dying down dying away phasing down growing less dropping away falling away dying out making something bearable bringing aid to bringing aid reducing weight pouring out throwing out putting off medicating rehabbing amending cleansing dosing making well bettering restoring to health ministering to making whole treating successfully making healthy


Present participle for to limit, restrict, or inhibit
constraining restraining checking confining restricting chaining curbing hampering hindering balking baulking frustrating hamstringing impeding bridling constricting containing controlling cramping governing holding imprisoning incarcerating inhibiting interning keeping measuring regulating reining reining in retarding ruling taming straitening trammelling trammeling banning barring binding closing in concussing cooping up corking denying depriving disallowing fencing in hemming in hog-tying immuring gaoling jailing locking in necessitating pulling in shotgunning shutting in withholding locking up bottling up cooling off holding down holding in keeping lid on putting half nelson on holding back suppressing repressing smothering subduing keeping under control stopping keeping in check arresting limiting moderating keeping back preventing keeping a tight rein on blocking choking back biting back keeping the lid on keeping a lid on halting obstructing thwarting curtailing stalling reining back deterring staying fighting back holding up gagging slowing down putting a brake on stemming the flow of nipping in the bud mastering detaining stymieing fettering clogging discouraging muzzling handicapping foiling stilling circumventing debarring bitting interfering with stemming muffling delimiting reducing cooling catching toning down keeping in tying up keeping down keeping within bounds buttoning up corking up pulling up mitigating tempering countering calming intercepting modulating easing keeping control of relieving keeping on a string slowing shackling suspending short-circuiting handcuffing embarrassing dissuading encumbering quashing manacling hobbling dampening prohibiting forbidding harnessing leashing outlawing sandbagging averting warding tabooing interdicting enjoining fazing plugging holding in check quelling retaining waiving circumscribing killing guiding hogtying hogtieing impounding directing hanging up putting an end to cutting off ceasing putting on brakes putting an stop to putting away tying down cracking down pinning down boxing up sitting on pulling back bringing under control keeping in line strangling refusing laying off holding off on discontinuing keeping hold of having on a tight leash throwing a spanner in the works of binding up taping up stopping up pegging disciplining freezing entrammelling entrammeling putting on the shelf putting on back burner putting on hold putting on ice refusing to pay delaying gaining control over simmering down gaining mastery over putting a limit on cutting back boxing in neutralizing pausing putting the brakes on cooling down bringing to screeching halt keeping tight rein on swallowing squelching cutting short terminating interrupting bottlenecking counteracting staunching repulsing checkmating rebuffing braking choking neutralising drawing up standing in the way of slackening pace playing for time fetching up bringing to a standstill putting a spoke in someone's wheel

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