Đồng nghĩa của damaging

Alternative for damaging

damages, damaged, damaging

Đồng nghĩa: harm, hurt, impair, ruin, spoil, upset,

Trái nghĩa: benefit, repair,

Tính từ

Causing harm, damage or injury
adverse deleterious detrimental harmful dangerous injurious pernicious baleful baneful hurtful bad counterproductive disastrous inimical malignant noxious prejudicious ruinous calamitous cancerous corrupting destructive nocuous poisonous prejudicial unfavorable unfavourable unhealthy unwholesome disadvantageous ill malefic maleficent malign negative nocent undesirable unfortunate evil wicked environmentally unfriendly mischievous deadly fatal lethal hostile venomous malicious dire crippling virulent untoward catastrophic cataclysmic devastating wounding unpropitious threatening toxic unfriendly counter inopportune critical hazardous sinister unlucky inauspicious inexpedient unsympathetic undermining annihilative nasty antagonistic malevolent untimely perilous subversive menacing eradicative mortal ominous distressing spiteful suicidal contrary troublesome objectionable pestilential parlous corroding corrosive painful cruel unsafe grievous inconvenient extirpative regrettable noisome incendiary cataclysmal vicious opposed unpromising antipathetic infelicitous damning violent risky dicey abusive pestiferous unconducive savage uncomplimentary wrackful annihilatory devastative bitter unseasonable offensive terrible woeful vitriolic awful improper disparaging unkind inhospitable insidious poor unseemly unsuited fateful dreadful low unfit malapropos discommodious hard wrong evil-intentioned ill-disposed inadvisable death-dealing unhealthful ill-advised unnutritious insalubrious pestilent lamentable adversarial crushing murderous lethiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous inconducive adversary mean slighting grave rancorous foul serious ravaging brutal fierce unsuitable vindictive disavowing discouraging unflattering opposing disapproving ruining destroying harsh afflictive severe costly unhappy jaundiced unsound catty inapt inappropriate gloomy life-threatening unadvantageous naysaying shattering frightful very bad ill-suited corruptive cankerous aggressive disturbing vile unbeneficial aching hurting terminal miasmatic miasmic nefarious iniquitous reprobate cantankerous uncongenial alien killing deathly mortifying nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing annihilating desolating vengeful rapacious defamatory frightening forbidding intimidating jeopardizing artful hate-filled acrimonious alarming bothersome unwelcoming bad for you intimidatory minatory unsatisfactory tardy late withering imperilling imperiling deplorable unwelcome tragic worrying erosive cutthroat consumptive bodeful minacious louring loss-making direful cutting inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant fell tough troubling thorny jeopardising jeopardous ugly hateful neutralising scathing stinging precarious ill-natured immoderate impoverishing draining extravagant exhausting wasteful depleting unnourishing tragical miserable heartrending heartbreaking distressful sacrificial concerning barbed insulting innutritious insanitary black wretched catastrophal junk tainted sickly unhygienic harassing sinful ill-fated despiteful caustic contaminated rotten spoiled septic aspersive pointed acid trenchant sharp acerbic mordacious spoilt decayed distasteful unpleasant disagreeable impure pathological repulsive morbid ill-timed derogatory detracting pejorative debit-side dyslogistic depreciative depreciatory unprofitable downside unhelpful on the debit side splenetic resentful angry waspish dirty ornery evil-minded ill-tempered bilious rude snide obnoxious cross bad-tempered inconsiderate acrid irascible ill-humored biting mean-spirited ill-humoured wrathful cussed surly astringent uncharitable belligerent churlish testy sour envenomed viperous revengeful mordant lousy rough dark base grudging horrid pugnacious tetchy bad-natured vituperative choleric sarcastic shrewish poison crabby tart searing furious crabbed peevish portentous backbiting corrupt slanderous hellish doomy foreboding murder implacable despicable contemptible ferocious irritable combative grim petulant ill-boding snappish bellicose confrontational sardonic snarky querulous ill-omened indignant irate annoying ruthless razor-edged crotchety unsociable toxicant sinistrous squint-eyed scrappy scornful joyless militant liverish doomful lowering apocalyptic fractious sulky acidulous narky execrable ignominious currish dishonorable detestable beastly cranky accidentally on purpose ratty filthy gross full of spleen dishonourable stroppy shirty low-down low-minded hating spleenful ireful full of hate villainous criminal unrelenting grudge-bearing unforgiving of evil intent vitriolous censorious incisive blistering disdainful contagious embittered uncool envious petty grouchy shady underhand relentless avenging burning contentious slashing grumpy snappy sullen ill-intentioned scathy stabbing offended begruding sore insulted rapier-like dripping with malice odious pitiless wreakful out for revenge retaliatory merciless unattractive loathsome dyspeptic infectious unlikable impolite viperish annoyed vexed displeased irked piqued aggrieved exasperated irritated unlovable insensitive shabby peckish chippy soreheaded huffy miffy grumbling curmudgeonly waxy acerb smart-mouthed acidic belittling smart-aleck smart-alecky scalding pungent satiric satirical unfair galled provoked callous infective epidemic communicable mephitic short-tempered hot-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse short-fused pettish outraged ghastly unbearable insufferable irritating catching piercing taunting dripping venom horrible disquieting wintry premonitory thoughtless unloveable disease-ridden plague-like full of gall heartless glowering moody unfeeling uncaring coldhearted bloody-minded bearish precursive augural malificent warning presaging impending suggestive prophetic clouded prescient dismal doomed haunting fearful inhumane hard-hearted scummy cold-blooded barbarous not nice sadistic inhuman eggy enraged creepy eerie atrabilious wintery scary evil-looking spooky eldritch cold minatorial suggestive of evil dishonest perverse blackhearted icy frosty glacial sordid ignoble paltry

Tính từ

Tending to derogate, or lessen in value of someone
derogatory disparaging belittling demeaning denigratory deprecatory slighting depreciative depreciatory pejorative uncomplimentary detracting offensive unflattering critical defamatory deflating diminishing dishonouring disrespectful injurious insulting unfavourable disapproving discrediting negative spiteful abusive calumnious hurtful mean nasty personal rude slanderous vilifying vituperative calumniatory contemptuous contumelious decrying degrading denigrative derisory derogative detractive discreditable disdainful libellous libelous mud-slinging scornful scurrilous traducing catty aspersing censorious deprecating despiteful dishonoring fault-finding humiliating malevolent malicious maligning minimising minimizing opprobrious reproachful sarcastic unfavorable scandalous aspersive derisive dismissive false untrue aspersory misrepresentative lying scathing uncharitable snide unsympathetic epithetical detractory judgmental sneering impertinent cheeky familiar intrusive dirty vicious poisonous vitriolic unfounded unsubstantiated baseless uncorroborated unwarranted invective insupportable unsupported scurril scurrile hateful venomous vituperatory truculent unjustified unjustifiable ill-founded insolent libeling malign defaming libelling vile reviling shaming denigrating malignant debasing injuring reproaching excoriating disgracing despicable vulgar hurting offending abasing damning mocking jeering scoffing deprecative ridiculing withering taunting sniffy supercilious jibing condescending sardonic snotty caustic full of contempt affronting sarky depreciating foul mortifying cynical discourteous uncivil unmannerly obloquious obnoxious calumniating patronizing haughty arrogant harsh patronising abhorrent teasing pillorying snooty lampooning satirical biting unpleasant blasphemous unkind scolding shameful undignified muckraking wounding snidey violent berating slurring lowering superior castigating irreverent upbraiding coarse proud disgraceful impolite indecent ignominious abject unworthy outrageous downgrading cheapening inglorious infra dig dishonourable contemptible menial overbearing egotistic cavalier sharp-tongued snobbish dishonorable bringing shame uppity cool high and mighty on your high horse repulsive virulent maledictory scandalmongering backbiting acerbic smearing disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic maledictive perfunctory ranting denunciatory unfriendly bitter sharp unenthusiastic dimissory defiant abrupt curt brusque gruff short surly blunt ungracious shrewish vain imperious hypercritical insinuating bad-mannered ill-mannered objectionable snippy hard-nosed bold hard audacious temperamental upstage cold-shoulder irritating annoying reproving castigatory snarky ill-natured mordacious pathetic silly ridiculous cockamamy absurd ludicrous laughable risible cockamamie comical farcical preposterous offhand displeasing rough high hat dog it on high horse cutting ribald groundless obscene low infamous salacious gross scabrous gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh smart-alecky smart sassy nervy crusty exasperating raunchy lewd vituperous smutty filthy shameless exceptionable provocative impudent embarrassing vexing provoking galling corrupting wretched unbecoming Rabelaisian censurable shocking unacceptable crude reprehensible lordly aloof for the birds detestable upsetting improper foul-mouthed hoity-toity indifferent hifalutin prideful lofty highfalutin uppish rejecting antipathetic contemning averse high-and-mighty scouting despising repudiating toplofty turning up your nose at looking down your nose at

Tính từ

Characteristic of great power or forcefulness
powerful forceful violent strong vigorous almighty hard mighty ferocious explosive fierce crushing brutal devastating forcible heavy thunderous great overpowering blistering destructive overwhelming potent dynamic mightful annihilating calamitous desolating tremendous strengthful strengthy rugged severe grievous robust intense puissant hard-hitting all-powerful really hard very hard hefty savage vicious deadly lethal painful sharp furious fatal rough harsh serious smart mortal cyclonic death-dealing extreme acute turbulent aggressive powerhouse drastic rabid heavy-duty profound wild blustery stormy tempestuous deep stark titanic high concentrated exquisite boisterous intensive excruciating consuming bullying fearsome ghastly dreadful excessive terrible keen fearful frightful hellacious piercing vehement agonizing biting gutsy shrill intemperate coercive agonising telling punchy energetic fiery frenzied threatening convulsive terrorizing paroxysmal volcanic tumultuous thuggish out of control cruel terrorising gusty stiff squally commanding weighty knockout dominant elemental enormous exceptional supreme extraordinary major intimidatory protracted close heightened full tough intensified unqualified marked undue diligent all-consuming exaggerated bitter cutting penetrating oppressive strained vivid pungent stinging mother of all hardline bully-boy strong-arm physical grating discordant raucous jarring cacophonous screeching maddening blaring firm strict stringent draconian vexatious irritating annoying noisy radical squawky strident squawking rigid truculent virulent stern ear-piercing gruff dissonant unmusical blustering stridulent inharmonious unmelodious buffeting raging passionate resounding ungovernable inordinate uncontrollable rampaging uncontrolled rampant riotous unrestrained murderous bloodthirsty berserk storming uncurbed immoderate inflamed unchecked unbridled unmanageable unfettered emphatic ruthless desperate hot flaming enraged urgent ruinous strenuous peppery callous pugnacious maniacal outrageous aroused pitiless sadistic merciless mad barbaric barbarous impetuous homicidal heartless inhuman delirious maddened hotheaded frenetic assertive knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts frantic impassioned demoniac full-blooded hot-tempered hot-headed feverish drag-out knock-down fuming crazy bang-bang cut-throat hammer and tongs headstrong radge agitated hysterical full of force gale force

Tính từ

Evil or morally wrong
wicked evil bad immoral sinful corrupt vile iniquitous villainous foul nefarious unrighteous vicious wrong atrocious irreligious abominable heinous impious profane wrongful base depraved fiendish mean sacrilegious ungodly unholy blasphemous erring fallen irreverent rotten black contemptible dark impure monstrous outrageous reprehensible shocking sullied tainted despicable detestable diabolical dissolute execrable godless hateful horrible odious unlawful unprincipled abandoned barbarous criminal dangerous diabolic egregious guilty illicit murderous reprobate worthless degenerate felonious illegal illegitimate indictable lawless perverted roguish scandalous shameful sordid amoral crooked debased deleterious devilish dishonest dishonorable dishonourable flagitious injurious underhand unscrupulous warped adverse baleful baneful beastly bent dirty harmful hurtful incorrigible malfeasant mischievous nocuous noxious pernicious prejudicial rascally scoundrelly shady stinking unethical unsavoury unsavory dastardly detrimental heartless ill indecent maleficent peccable wayward shameless black-hearted low-down morally wrong bad news not cricket nasty loathsome infamous ignoble disgraceful dreadful low disreputable improper terrible offensive appalling abhorrent cruel obscene malevolent disgusting malicious gross lewd vulgar wanton infernal unspeakable coarse discreditable awful ignominious demonic satanic hideous hellish filthy smutty unfair bawdy repugnant ribald horrifying naughty savage salacious inhuman deplorable blue unconscionable damnable deceitful debauched shabby opprobrious raunchy revolting ghastly horrid indelicate scurvy immodest rude suggestive devious unworthy culpable sinister racy wretched spicy barbaric unjust blameworthy crude brutish licentious distasteful sickening perverse unpleasant fraudulent horrendous cacodemonic unseemly low-minded dissipated snide untrustworthy inexcusable lascivious frightful intolerable accursed off-color knavish unhallowed risqué obnoxious miscreant unforgivable pornographic X-rated spiteful demoniac Mephistophelian profligate atheistic malignant currish delinquent brutal nauseating treacherous dodgy notorious gamy flagrant heathen abject off colour paltry underhanded prurient lustful unclean ruthless errant bestial repellent saucy degrading pagan raw ugly objectionable demoniacal indefensible sexy degraded nightmarish vindictive inhumane near the knuckle horrific cheating grisly gruesome adult locker-room noisome trashy decadent scurrilous disrespectful unwarranted lurid merciless faithless repulsive fruity shoddy non-theistic beyond the pale two-faced erotic censurable off sadistic unchaste salty titillating sly juicy gamey sorry loose broad questionable terrific macabre grewsome nightmare unregenerate facinorous godawful grievous porny unprintable gutter intemperate porno rank earthy double-crossing scatological off-colored louche scatologic brute uncivilised uncivilized cutthroat demonian near the bone uncharitable Machiavellian lamentable blamable unvirtuous unrespectable glaring Luciferian indecorous violent arrant nudge-nudge perfidious unwholesome condemnable contrary cheap conscienceless disobedient venal rough excessive stag wild desperate distressing insufferable extreme petty serpentine sneaky unpardonable under-the-table harsh beyond contempt double-dealing unacceptable grim unbelieving low-life virulent vice-ridden sick disgustful loathly blameful disagreeable Hadean Rabelaisian corrupted foul-mouthed shy butcherly truculent corrupting exploitative undesirable demonical cursed inglorious lawbreaking rakish slippery unreasonable inappropriate deceptive callous malign unjustifiable unruly miserable preposterous exceptionable reproachable caitiff insupportable yucky against the law fearful lecherous exasperating rancid repellant fulsome nauseous taboo rancorous peccant immoderate servile menial unfaithful boorish lousy traitorous unbearable pitiful shifty libertine exorbitant insubordinate grody cold-blooded God-awful blameable undue invidious malefic ridiculous dire poor recreant forbidding crass untrue at fault hellacious crying agnostic deadly false frightening two-timing very bad blackguardly abysmal intimidating calamitous non-believing scummy wilful idolatrous despiteful senseless unjustified sick-making barbarian groundless depraving Stygian bad-hearted shadowy infidel needless unprofessional deliberate arbitrary transgressing lowlife unsanctified toxic humiliating blatant iconoclastic unkind deceiving lying venomous inequitable impish aberrant harrowing unbecoming nullifidian irreverential heathenish provocative unhealthy scampish puckish prankish tricksy undecorous furtive sinning wrathful disloyal disbelieving defiled feral inconsiderate fast unconscientious obvious prohibited barefaced sleazy misbehaving putrid demoralized undisciplined no good disorderly mercenary possessed responsible hypocritical extravagant amiss uncouth demeritorious ferocious offending brazen steep vitiated unsanctioned unauthorized troublesome scheming tragic arousing squalid unlicensed explicit tawdry recusant contraband enormous banned icky bloodthirsty conspicuous uncultivated self-seeking crafty unrefined undisguised utter sad forbidden graceless answerable good-for-nothing inordinate carnal disruptive patent actionable pitiable apostate mutinous audacious naked evident OTT unofficial proscribed ill-bred manifest outlawed evil-minded libidinous reprovable unconcealed unfeeling complete annoying interdicted foulmouthed demoralised unrestrained ominous hostile palpable transparent porn overt froward dirty-dealing fierce unnecessary chargeable barnyard scabrous alarming verboten regrettable contumacious catty pronounced striking hard-hearted pathetic bootleg uncontrollable unreliable to blame cruddy adulterous over the top formidable terrifying insincere serious impolite black-market scary fearsome untamed treasonable unauthorised plain rowdy in bad taste uncalled for capital direful fickle out of line exciting redoubtable slimy hair-raising spine-chilling not permitted not allowed in the wrong scornful disdainful badly behaved no-good against the rules from hell beneath contempt purple under the counter out and out Janus-faced out-and-out brass-necked full of mischief false-hearted back-stabbing ruffianly poisonous thievish yechy cunning wrongdoing guileful embarrassing mephistophelean straying undignified secular unblessed unconsecrated menacing tricky suspect cowardly grave ill-famed swindling threatening destructive morbid sceptical demonlike demonly demonish scathel inelegant ill-reputed remiss praetorian stop-at-nothing mercentary selfish casuistic drunken steamy uninhibited dirty-minded gossip-mongering raffish humble slavish unfriendly frenetic maniacal crazed mad morally bereft heretical insensitive bribable risque unprovoked remorseless barred abusive jackleg abased perverting great sexual unmannerly pixieish arch pixy pixie leprechaunish waggish elvish bloody unfortunate plebeian lowly common gratuitous motiveless dishonoured rakehell colourful colorful irritating foolish undeserved vexatious homicidal fell craven concupiscent unconstitutional thoughtless rakehelly dishonored hellborn satanical cloven-footed ghoulish sexually explicit skin disastrous sanguinary page-three demoralizing subversive unchivalrous stimulating entertaining lively profaned desecrated lame scabby grubby sneaking ratty frolicsome backbiting maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting LaVeyan tarnished dread willed unmotivated contaminated faulty aggressive unsafe negligent uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic not pure tempting seductive highly improper malodorous religionless nonreligious outright hairy tyrannical inexorable scungy ill-natured fishy slick flimflam scam hardened doubting canting defiling pietistical desecrative undutiful unctuous desecrating sanctimonious woeful heartbreaking mournful crummy biased prejudiced close to the bone sheer irksome red hot not nice shuddersome creepy spooky like death warmed up frozen gnarly intimidatory ill-boding foreboding aimless duplicitous modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful below contempt dirty rotten undevout freethinking self-indulgent pitiless vengeful absolute downright unqualified unendurable mendacious inconstant demoralising discriminatory apparent unmitigated significant major off-putting maddening impossible minatory viperous minacious unsound whorish promiscuous in poor taste ornery insolent skeptical free-thinking unspiritual O.T.T. extortionate ill-behaved badly-behaved untruthful defrauding not religious partisan too great shaming disgracing debauching debasing contumelious delusive saturnalian disquieting fly-by-night double-faced forsworn hollow-hearted mythomaniac renegade falsehearted perjured discriminating partial bigoted unequal gut-churning stupefying liable convicted disparaging contemptuous mean-spirited scrofulous overextravagant insane plethoric towering baroque lavish fancy unmerciful disproportionate overmuch overdue overweening stiff vomitous bogging disturbing heartstopping perturbing upsetting accountable deserving blame yucko startling agitating staggering stunning astonishing bewildering unsettling overwhelming amazing weighted distorted slanted preferential intolerant coloured unnerving surprising incriminated accurst freaking cussed darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst blasted danged durned dang confounded darn of easy virtue too much over-the-top unthinkable inconceivable illogical irrational on one's head impeached in error caught doomed censured convictable accusable condemned unbalanced loaded uneven misbehaved fractious anathematized underworld nether lower vomit-inducing tasteless animalistic unmanageable refractory defiant ungovernable one-sided unrightful non-objective uncalled-for colored unsophisticated philistine unbiddable playful recalcitrant obstreperous ferine difficult uneducated unpolished uncultured primitive swinish blamed under a curse blessed dratted awkward Plutonian undependable Neanderthal brattish intractable open loutish benighted ill-mannered headstrong willful teasing gallus of bad faith snaky hard-core unconventional incontinent lusty bold tough Neandertal thuggish churlish uncivil natural subterranean Tartarean Plutonic Styxian flaunting clandestine animal illiterate unmannered yobbish slobbish anarchic terrorist self-willed ostentatious impermissible punishable bad-mannered attention-seeking ill-disciplined in a state of nature impertinent uncontrolled mannerless rugged discourteous insurrectionary anarchical rebellious seditious insurgent mutinying neanderthal troglodytic anarchistic noncompliant nonconformist chthonian of hell Acherontic Avernal chthonic helly violating turbulent ungoverned nihilistic infringing wildcat piratical heavy warlike criminogenic unregulated unpeaceful disordered racketeering subhuman unashamed flagitous haram tapu less than human flaming noticeable off base smoking gun bald-faced bare-faced sulphurous sulfurous under-the-counter under the table contrary to law not acceptable ruled out in violation of law off limits without law and order stick out like sore thumb hanging out

Tính từ

Not practical, suitable, or advisable
inexpedient unwise imprudent inappropriate injudicious ill-advised ill-judged impolitic unadvisable disadvantageous ill-considered indiscreet undesirable careless detrimental foolhardy foolish impractical improper incautious irresponsible misguided silly thoughtless undiplomatic unsuitable wrong-headed inadvisable short-sighted tactless harmful prejudicial futile inopportune rash indelicate brash reckless inconsiderate hasty unthinking graceless overhasty wrong untimely ill-conceived impulsive hare-brained ill-thought-out maladroit misconceived heedless unwary unpolitic stupid confused spur-of-the-moment unguarded ill-timed improvident insensitive precipitate hot-headed spur of the moment temerarious unsubtle garrulous infelicitous nosy dumb unsensible unadvised pointless inconvenient unrecommended harebrained negligent unconsidered unseemly leaving self wide open playing with fire off the deep end crazy crackpot asinine not recommended madcap badly planned daft crackbrained half-baked cock-eyed hotheaded risky off the top of one's head misplaced erroneous unwarranted unfounded fallacious unsound deluded misled mistaken led up the garden path uncalled for off course stonewalled unreasonable erring straying disinformed stray labouring under a delusion errant bum-steer bearded deceived faked-out impetuous headlong devil-may-care wild precipitous harum-scarum daredevil mindless hurried daring audacious inattentive adventurous unheeding hell-for-leather kamikaze rushed irrational cursory unmindful neglectful regardless helter-skelter sudden senseless unobservant premature casual bold overbold gadarene remiss flying slapdash passionate imperceptive drive-by venturesome unthought-out pell-mell venturous absent-minded unsafe precipitant headstrong inadvertent immature indifferent myopic furious overconfident blind over-adventurous death-or-glory flighty unwatchful carefree napping abrupt unconcerned spontaneous undiscerning fiery frenzied insuppressible determined unsagacious astigmatic oblivious unpremeditated unperceptive untactful harsh frivolous uncaring jumping to conclusions unreflective tearaway over-venturesome ignorant capricious blithe perfunctory offhand uncircumspect unalert unvigilant off-guard uncareful superficial fast and loose gauche crude gruff near-sighted instinctive giddy nonchalant clumsy erratic untroubled short-term naive bungling irreflective unpolished rough blunt involuntary intuitive automatic unreasoning inept vulgar blundering awkward previous desperate unworried insouciant uninformed unplanned speedy unreasoned slipshod impromptu adventuresome quick cavalier breakneck sloppy forgetful dozy careless of hectic badly thought out not thought through credulous unprepared unrestrained bull-in-a-china-shop subitaneous swift unexpected abandoned out of control nearsighted boorish misjudged shortsighted inane unfortunate unintelligent childish short-range restricted limited suicidal radge cool fearless intrepid courageous scatty unsympathetic mad chaotic wacky lively brave dauntless undaunted heady disregardful wide open happy-go-lucky haphazard abstracted rushing snatched easy-going off deep end out on limb uncreative unimaginative mechanical unduly quick death-defying unaware dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy airy flippant without regard self-destructive indiscriminate unconscious swaggering breezy fly-by-night romping light-minded disorderly risk-taking unwarned unknowing unsuspecting off one's guard unreliable undiscriminating asleep at the switch out to lunch careless of one's duty ditsy lackadaisical extemporaneous snap lacking foresight unintended deaf apathetic listless whimsical uninhibited uncivil sharp in the dark emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed unselective unexacting reflex unintentional unwitting unpredictable violent free and easy crass unfussy witless eager fierce ardent unmeditated overventuresome impassioned vehement unbridled unsmart uncontrolled ad-lib jumping the gun winging it not in the loop uncautious wary shallow uncritical indiscriminating vacant unmeant feckless brutish outrageous lax unreflecting unresponsible fervid restive easily pleased fast-and-loose heedless of caught napping foot-in-mouth asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out not careful any old way asleep on the job paying no heed to inattentive to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of disregardful of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to going off deep end frantic decadent fast-paced licentious self-indulgent self-gratifying unconstrained fast exciting immoderate intemperate slack extravagant salacious gadabout louche carnal corrupt profligate wanton shameless

Tính từ

Causing difficulty or annoyance
troublesome bothersome upsetting annoying inconvenient irritating worrisome worrying demanding difficult irksome taxing tiresome tricky vexatious distressing disturbing nagging perturbing vexing exasperating infuriating maddening niggling trying arduous concerning harassing oppressive pestiferous pestilential plaguy problematic aggravating awkward burdensome discomforting discomposing disquieting hard laborious nasty pesky thorny troubling troublous unsettling wearisome importunate pestilent alarming dangerous disorderly heavy infestive intractable mean messy murder painful repressive rough rowdy tough ugly undisciplined ungovernable uphill wicked galling unpleasant onerous severe sticky exacting challenging frustrating disagreeable nettlesome hairy rankling knotty provoking toilsome carking abrasive riling peeving perplexing nettling chafing harsh harrowing stressful tedious delicate grievous wearing punishing strenuous rebarbative pesty plaguey exhausting weighty ticklish gruelling problematical grueling exigent crushing rigorous prickly formidable sensitive excruciating discommoding tiring grim brutal agitating complicated back-breaking displeasing testing dodgy intricate disconcerting nerve-racking fatiguing incommodious infernal cumbersome stiff complex daunting backbreaking distressful baffling puzzling traumatic dismaying involved rugged agonizing tormenting touchy wearying forbidding grave cussed embarrassing agonising ominous discouraging confounded Herculean hellish effortful disruptive serious convoluted controversial ponderous sinister harrying bitter murderous tense draining grating herculean sapping uncomfortable gloomy depressing tortuous torturous jarring threatening critical inopportune unnerving killing impossible unsuitable fraught unmanageable cruel untimely unsparing grinding foreboding unwieldy killer unwelcome dire sweaty stringent moiling catchy unhandy discommodious persnickety tricksy spiny operose inexpedient bruising startling frightening imperious pressing creepy unseasonable humiliating inappropriate vexed intimidating hellacious intolerable tall perilous unfavorable unfavourable antagonizing hostile enraging teasing discomfiting antagonising dicey ambitious bleak confronting dark nerve-wracking merciless mystifying fierce unremitting precarious intrusive consequential impeding elaborate irking awful enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall debilitating toilful uncertain incommoding compromising pessimistic vigorous unbearable laboured labored hefty unyielding bewildering knackering tight energy-consuming anxious unreasonable disappointing scary anxious-making unfortunate inhuman enervating cringeworthy mighty uneasy flustering hazardous obstinate cringey painstaking intense ill-timed searing hardhanded tangled chancy stubborn questionable iffy colossal extreme clunky cringe-making problem pressured demeaning labyrinthine unforgiving superincumbent dictatorial involute unfriendly obdurate sophisticated confusing unfathomable obscure byzantine titanic impenetrable tyrannical overbearing unpropitious involuted prophetic upstream fractious Augean gargantuan depleting shattering wretched fiddly aggressive pick-and-shovel solemn disadvantageous boring excessive charged persistent detrimental sour bedevilling immoderate unpleasing unamusing embittering clamorous troubled unfair afflicting objectionable gnawing quarrelsome shameful treacherous disobliging steep direful insistent dubious spartan suspect degrading uncompromising punchable uncongenial clumsy baroque daedal labyrinthian nail-biting dreadful Byzantine cumbrous crippling shocking risky bulky fussy austere intransigent bedeviling unrelenting discountenancing perfectionist time-consuming headache ungainly prohibitive hectic unamenable unaccommodating strict paradoxical pertinacious inflexible cranky bunglesome Gordian terrible querulous unbending hardheaded relentless toe-curling inauspicious high-pressure afflictive hypercritical immense unflinching staggering gigantic slavish detailed really hard very hard backbreaker gnarly temperamental rocky hard to please cryptic abstruse fancy pitiless inexorable incomprehensible confounding tough going inscrutable undecipherable enigmatic entangled recondite hard-line sombre difficult to understand full of twists and turns no picnic negative anxiety-ridden over-particular somber disheartening dismal difficile hard to satisfy restless nervous repugnant hurtful accursed lamentable deplorable exorbitant remote prejudicial emotive responsible apprehensive nauseating festering antipathetic provocative embarrassed echinated stimulating briery pointed unattractive unsatisfying thoroughgoing tender overtaxing overpowering plodding major infelicitous devastating a stinker of a like herding cats acid distasteful unpalatable plaguing tickly kittle bumpy dolorous insufferable nice devilish mistimed itchy scratchy distressed high-impact drudgy vicious worksome uphill battle hard-won marathon like getting blood out of a stone almighty easier said than done torturesome savage scabrous unendurable not easy ferocious discordant gut-wrenching off-putting unsteady unstable causing discomfort ill-fitting unmanoeuvrable changeable volatile capricious mercurial inconstant fickle variable unaesthetic grotesque inharmonious offensive ill-chosen devil of a very devil of a badly timed domineering autocratic no piece of cake despotic unjust undemocratic draconian shaming mortifying stridulous ill suited stridulent dry insensitive harsh-sounding tyrannous overwhelming violent authoritarian iron-fisted confused dirty anti-democratic punitive ruthless coercive out of place serpentine impractical filthy lumbering difficult to handle disputed menacing knotted jumbled mixed interlaced dense high-handed peremptory overweening adverse lumbersome Daedalian hi-tech Daedalean a nuisance dispiriting ironhanded depressive heavy-handed confining rough going graceless unclear unintelligible abstract minacious insoluble complicate unanswerable ignominious clamant urgent pugnacious debated contentious contested heavy-footed slow slow-moving an imposition mind-boggling hard to solve hard to explain mind-bending hazy above one's head beyond comprehension esoteric mystical thought-provoking ambiguous inexplicable profound deep rambling advanced enigmatical over one's head beyond one's grasp unsolvable mysterious opaque fathomless woeful ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy tortured harmful doubtful gray mournful black injurious chilling grey jeopardous morbid apocalyptic sad very bad cheerless bad straitened dour lurid morose undesirable full of hardship glum miserable strained ill-omened ill-boding doleful parlous nightmarish comfortless desolate clodhopping huge blundering uncoordinated massive maladroit bellicose moot debatable disgraceful discreditable barro dishonouring blush-making a devil tenacious indefatigable tireless unco lubberly elephantine ramified reticular mazy undetermined undecided unresolved unsettled unconcluded hard to use like a bull in a china shop substantial dishonoring equivocal unseemly distracting rattling dogged instant imperative burning crying emergent acute compelling persevering entreating necessitous in contention ongoing at issue in dispute afflicted open to question open to debate hot-button trouble avid solicitous pushy earnest forceful suppliant overeager recalcitrant open to doubt up in the air yet to be decided much debated hard-nosed pigheaded picky fastidious boorish rigid argumentative finicky full of problems strong-minded irritable bloody-minded testy perverse bull-headed steadfast choosy refractory captious snappy cantankerous uptight chippy headstrong resolute immovable disputative oafish bearish thrawn huffy stroppy froward opinionated dogmatic indomitable overcritical wrong-headed irascible obstructive particular bolshie ungracious grumbly single-minded set in one's ways finical unpredictable hard to handle invidious contrary fiendish ill-natured crotchety ornery uppity feisty discontented dissatisfied rude crabby stiff-necked contrarious impolite opinionative disputatious balky obstreperous beset by problems overly solicitous judgmental disapproving overexacting cavilling quibbling disparaging possessive sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling firm censuring cavillous cynical carping censorious high-maintenance over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious

Động từ

(somewhat rare) Bringing harm or injury to
annoying harming injuring crippling hurting bruising impairing maiming mangling molesting scathing traumatizing wrecking abusing blemishing crushing marring mutilating spoiling tarnishing vandalizing vitiating wounding breaking defacing deforming disfiguring ruining wrenching traumatising vandalising devastating defiling blighting smashing weakening demolishing trashing desecrating shattering gutting undoing staining endamaging sabotaging totalling compromising crabbing destroying annihilating totaling ravaging disrupting bloodying flawing tainting smirching incapacitating blotting razing disfeaturing sullying gnawing undermining bleaching banging up contaminating stabbing tampering with knocking discoloring crossing up lacerating playing havoc with splitting wreaking havoc on polluting scratching fading cracking discolouring corroding infecting dismantling rusting rotting wronging corrupting dirtying scorching causing injury driving a nail into the coffin of maltreating burning playing merry hell with wearing away denting battering tearing disintegrating doing damage to smashing up messing up despoiling poisoning pillaging wasting sacking plundering debasing desolating ransacking distorting spoliating looting scuppering depredating fouling up raiding perverting subverting scarring scotching laying waste lousing up torpedoing disabling fouling rifling robbing putting the kibosh on marauding reaving queering deteriorating thwarting dashing profaning raping depraving decimating soiling warping stripping diminishing adulterating screwing up devouring hindering impeding touching ravishing enfeebling nixing blasting blowing debauching sapping befouling making a mess of prejudicing doing in reducing blowing a hole in upsetting lessening frustrating devaluing foiling debilitating pulverizing sinking creaming banjaxing prostituting dishing stymieing consuming nuking demoralizing cruelling putting paid to tearing down degrading bringing to naught demoralising pulverising twisting afflicting contorting darkening violating levelling leveling extinguishing dishonouring botching vaporizing cutting wracking overwhelming euchring eroding dishonoring pulling down throwing a spanner in the works of vaporising putting a damper on throwing a monkey wrench in the works of threatening besmirching hamstringing quashing cheapening eating away cankering blunting enervating foraging putting an end to scourging decaying invalidating stealing from alloying bastardizing brutalizing marking shaking up brutalising putting out of action wiping out bringing down doing for putting the lid on taking out bastardising rubbing out mucking up depressing crumbling demeaning blackening abasing laming jeopardizing hacking abrading hampering disgracing torturing worsening quelling eating dissolving fleecing destabilizing uglifying weathering mauling paralysing bending defeating interfering with misshaping prostrating fretting nibbling impoverishing ruinating paralyzing dilapidating disqualifying wearing down outraging unfitting making a hash of breaking up shooting down watering down destabilising bringing to ruin attenuating roughing up laying waste to wasting away putting a stop to biting tearing apart bringing to an end leaving in ruins biting at running through jeopardising exhausting causing detriment to leaving desolate spiking deflating misusing burgling buckling butchering subduing squinching shaming affecting screwing misapplying malforming obstructing ending misemploying cramping overcoming harrying smearing gnarling preventing squashing holding up emasculating depreciating stifling overturning obliterating dismembering stopping radioactivating pirating diluting immobilizing shaking overrunning denuding reiving putting at risk knotting coloring seducing flattening skewing restricting scuttling inactivating making impure bodging bestializing busting shocking havocking decomposing cutting up tweaking dinging knocking down spreading to wincing overthrowing spreading among scouring chipping away at handicapping gnawing away at knocking out hacking up gnawing away doctoring colouring wearing making unattractive throwing monkey wrench in burning through pinioning making useless hocking taking apart wreaking havoc sticking up muzzling knocking off burning into slashing taking advantage of animalizing kiboshing razing to the ground rendering incapable raining on someone's parade making ugly detracting doing mischief to laying in ruins appropriating immobilising biting into unbracing hogtying detracting from hogtieing distressing eating away at unstrengthening using up plaguing shivering devitalizing indisposing bringing about the downfall of oxidizing depopulating clobbering tagging torpefying spray painting withering inconveniencing messing whittling busting up bowing branding blaspheming mullering muddying speckling blotching disfashioning rendering powerless making unfit making powerless putting out of commission doing harm to throwing a monkey wrench into doing one in wiping off map stamping out massacring hog-tying castrating gimping truncating disserving marauding over nicking disorganizing disturbing disarranging disordering dampening nipping in the bud cleaning out bringing to nothing reducing to rubble depleting reducing to nothing wreaking havoc upon endangering bending out of shape making misshapen distorting the shape of assaulting fragmenting perishing tarring slowing unsettling convulsing retarding delaying dumping on handling roughly committing sacrilege dragging down mongrelizing imperilling imperiling liquefying worn through melting dissipating restraining curbing inhibiting smothering turning upside-down deranging slowing down rending forcing treating sacrilegiously insulting souring oxidating scoring dispossessing scraping beating pinching costing causing the loss of resulting in damage to resulting in harm to leading to the end of causing the sacrifice of causing turmoil in throwing into confusion causing confusion in throwing into disorder throwing into disarray knackering littering toxifying making filthy infesting treating with disrespect blaspheming against making lose face committing sacrilege against rustling depriving humbling humiliating grieving tormenting paining stinging waxing piquing drawing blood aggrieving doing burglarizing bowdlerizing expurgating censoring streaking oxidising flaking troubling freebooting cutting to pieces amputating bowdlerising tearing limb from limb hashing up impacting striking toppling discrediting steaming mugging stiffing becoming rusty influencing perturbing bedding embezzling confiscating invading trespassing arrogating squelching neutralizing moving diseasing enthusing chopping crumpling mortifying bankrupting eradicating harshing misrepresenting misinterpreting falsifying deflowering sexually assaulting lowering chastening reducing in quality reducing in value decreasing prevailing occurring canceling out cancelling out aging ageing limiting rendering ineffective spotting charring garbling mishandling exploiting breaking into turning over desensitizing dehumanizing indecently assaulting forcing yourself on forcing oneself on sexually abusing halting impinging slicing carving slaying chopping up hashing flaying mashing cutting about separating slitting seasoning whittling away disempowering cutting down dehumanising desensitising disparaging running down slamming bemeaning cutting down to size taking down a peg derogating casting down lowering the status of panning belittling putting down decrying bringing shame to taking down misconstruing diverting manipulating skinning working against crazing outmaneuvering outsmarting overreaching outfoxing neutralising unbuilding crimping abolishing ballsing up outmanoeuvring having offsetting abating making waves jamming prevailing over impinging upon impacting on making dirty tingeing tinging casting a gloom upon digging out overshadowing softening casting gloom over knocking the bottom out of tunnelling bringing a note of sadness to sandbagging challenging dragging through the mud queering the pitch of tunneling poking full of holes digging mining hollowing out clipping one's wings knocking over relieving preying lofting ripping off grabbing moonlight requisitioning foraying liberating kipping lifting prowling requisitioning striking at striking down fudging misrelating misstating deflecting slanting cooking disenabling deactivating freezing felling ill-using conditioning having an effect on exerting influence on taking hold of attacking having an impact on crashing dynamiting clamping washing out nullifying devaluating taking bombing exploding smiting preventing from moving preventing from working making inoperative rendering inactive tying rendering inoperative actioning bringing to a standstill bringing to a halt disarming arresting mellowing glitching up disappointing mistreating brainwashing salting steering changing altering faking veering doctoring up watering blowing to bits blowing sky-high blowing up breaking down blowing to pieces losing strength grimacing chipping scraping away exterminating eating into grinding down simulating age in trampling

Danh từ

An act of disrespect or impiety towards something considered sacred
desecration blasphemy sacrilege defilement profanation violation debasement impiety contamination pollution befouling degradation degrading dishonor dishonour dishonoring dishonouring infection irreverence vandalism abuse damage defacement despoliation destruction ruin profanity heresy profaneness disrespect sin mockery unholiness impertinence depravity impiousness contempt godlessness irreligiousness irreligion discourtesy ungodliness offense curse crime sinfulness offence wickedness harm lack of respect impurity pollutant contaminant adulterant disgrace vitiation befoulment disregard execration imprecation indignity scurrility lewdness reviling unrighteousness derision cheek taking the Lord's name in vain immorality impudence flippancy vice atheism disbelief iniquity apostasy paganism heathenism agnosticism non-belief scorn insolence disdain disparagement scepticism doubt unbelief impoliteness forwardness sauce ridicule presumption presumptuousness incivility rudeness insubordination badness skepticism corruption corrupting poisoning warping poison depravation blight sauciness insult lip nerve cheekiness rape besmirching sullying ravishment ravishing molesting molestation assault deflowering bedding ruination defloration seduction seducing spoliation outrage mistreatment interference interfering sexual assault sexual abuse indecent assault boldness audacity effrontery disrespectfulness brazenness pertness gall chutzpah brashness cockiness face unmannerliness shamelessness freshness neck temerity brass sassiness nerviness brassiness brass neck discourteousness inconsideration impertinency inconsiderateness familiarity audaciousness mouth sass crust bumptiousness chutzpa overconfidence overfamiliarity immodesty mouthiness ungraciousness backchat snash insolency coarseness hardihood insolentness dis diss front back talk malapertness procacity ill manners bad manners impudency belittlement thoughtlessness idolatry glibness offhandness offhandedness ill breeding lese majesty barefacedness freethinking daring over-assertiveness non-theism aggressiveness aggression nihilism nonbelief infidelity forthrightness directness overfriendliness self-assurance informality overweening nature humanism incredulity iconoclasm assumption vigor moxie defiance assurance chirpiness perkiness ardor jauntiness spirit hardiness stuff gutsiness breeziness guts pushiness ardour vigour spunk a smart mouth lese-majesty churlishness unrespect lack of civility misrespect lack of consideration contumely insouciance smart mouth

Danh từ

Wearing away by friction
attrition erosion abrasion corrosion grinding rubbing chafing corroding friction scraping undermining waste deterioration detrition excoriation wearing depreciation disintegration eating away thinning wear wearing away natural wastage slow destruction weathering decay wear and tear wearing down grating consumption degeneration abrading loss scuffing diminution grinding down scratching oxidation oxidization scouring flaying stripping damage decomposition wastage depletion dissipation ablation overuse hard wear decrement dwindling diminishment rust being eaten away dilapidation impairment oxidisation battering ravages of time resistance rasping a few knocks fretting traction weakening spoiling destruction gnawing drag adhesion irritation dissolving dissolution crumbling sapping rotting grip purchase gnawing away scraping away corrasion impedance brushing trituration contact massage soreness agitation filing interference chipping away decrease wasting away despoliation desedimentation washing away rot putrefaction corruption breakdown putrescence blight spoilage perishing festering putridity withering caries mortification decline atrophy fading gangrene rottenness mould mold putridness decadence failing degeneracy downfall spoilation wasting extinction disrepair ruination adulteration senescence dying ruin decrepitude mildew cariosity tarnishing canker going bad must cavities holes verdigris reaction shrivelling fungus shriveling mouldiness moldiness fetidness degradation wet rot dry rot descent declension decaying ebbing break-up spoliation enfeeblement debilitation collapse falling apart falling down falling to pieces

Trái nghĩa của damaging

damaging Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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