Đồng nghĩa của corrosive

Alternative for corrosive


Đồng nghĩa: caustic, erosive, mordant, vitriolic,

Tính từ

Causing, or likely to cause, harm or injury
injurious harmful adverse damaging detrimental dangerous deleterious hurtful pernicious destructive bad baneful deadly ruinous undermining virulent abusive disadvantageous nocent nocuous unconducive undesirable unfavorable unfavourable venomous baleful distressing inimical hazardous negative disastrous dire catastrophic unhealthy crippling noxious toxic subversive prejudicial cataclysmic fatal perilous devastating evil unwholesome lethal calamitous malignant sinister ill prejudicious unfortunate threatening parlous critical painful cancerous counterproductive malicious mischievous dicey wounding maleficent menacing corrupting poisonous corroding incendiary malefic suicidal annihilative wicked eradicative extirpative unpropitious untoward inopportune inexpedient corruptive unsafe risky precarious murderous malign malevolent lethiferous pestilential sinful internecine pestiferous harassing wrackful slaughterous wreckful insalubrious noisome environmentally unfriendly mortal nasty hostile awful dreadful grievous terrible vicious cruel cataclysmal spiteful bitter fateful life-threatening foul contaminated terminal deathly damning tragic grave woeful pestilent death-dealing mephitic septic unlucky violent infectious offensive ominous serious severe evil-intentioned mean rancorous vindictive vitriolic direful lamentable hateful catty annihilatory devastative disturbing troublesome appalling diseased unhealthful savage black shocking fell impure unfriendly insanitary unhygienic unsanitary inauspicious unkind incurable killing unpleasant unsound disease-ridden disagreeable alarming skanky hard festy miserable objectionable antagonistic killer gross dirty rotten infective unnutritious ill-fated brutal filthy unclean vital polluted vengeful vile crushing ravaging homicidal infested repulsive repugnant agonizing fierce horrible deplorable distasteful forbidding destroying poison insidious despiteful jeopardizing germ-ridden germy costly harrowing heartrending afflictive disquieting upsetting unwelcome mortiferous regrettable obnoxious rancid dark ill-natured acute shattering heartbreaking harsh jeopardising frightful ill-boding agonising difficult apocalyptic messy sickly unsympathetic antipathetic disgusting carcinogenic counter frightening acrimonious infected minatory repellent iniquitous revolting contagious ruining abhorrent displeasing wretched abominable corrupt horrid envenomed excruciating sickening nauseating insecure viperous consumptive defamatory bodeful nefarious odious ill-starred ugly poisoned spoiled minacious sharp hapless mortuary ill-disposed unsavoury unpalatable detestable tragical distressful rank execrable yucky tough off-putting uncertain stinking bothersome galling toxicant immoderate wasteful unsalutary hairy beastly jeopardous spoilt morbid chilling unsavory high-risk treacherous venturesome worrying chancy dodgy ill-omened foreboding touchy touch and go dismal aggressive tainting contaminating uncontrollable bad for you unbeneficial aching hurting cantankerous reprobate nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing miasmatic miasmic afflicting contrary opposed dirtied feculent intimidating invasive final mortifying hate-filled oncogenic tumorous carcinomatous loss-making artful untimely causing death desolating annihilating intimidatory disease-causing morbific metastatic irremediable toxiferous splenetic climactic climacteric wild necrotic louring aspersive sacrificial capital rapacious unadvantageous resentful heavy tormenting torturous thorny troubling spreading peccant full of hate neutralising rough withering cutting bad-natured unwelcoming peracute unnourishing dead untreatable imperilling imperiling concerning of evil intent blighting earth-shattering shrewish unpromising erosive cutthroat scathing stinging slighting innutritious very dangerous not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds unpredictable cussed low impetuous maddened intemperate unrestrained epidemic communicable significant infelicitous catastrophal impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting barbed insulting portentous slaying bloody bloodthirsty ruthless cannibalistic uncool ornery envious petty predictive prophetic revealing oracular junk tainted catching sordid touch-and-go iffy sticky tricky intense evil-minded raging maniacal furious creepy eerie unsuccessful mighty vexatious irksome gnarly caustic stained sullied dusty squalid tarnished scungy grimy muddy soiled sloppy abortive doomy scary evil-looking spooky eldritch decayed pathological trying icky yukky annoying unappealing uncomfortable lousy uncongenial unlovely irritating unpleasing plague-like vituperative hot fraught with danger haphazard shameful outrageous heinous pathogenic doomed luckless sinistrous minatorial crashing invidious grody fearful acid trenchant mordacious pointed acerbic ill-intentioned atrocious glaring egregious pesky sour suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering scarring gut-wrenching monstrous unbearable flagrant intolerable terrifying flagitious weighty villainous heart-rending pathetic pitiful taxing mind-blowing horrifying disheartening gloomy straitened dour discouraging sombre hard-pressed lurid inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy discommodious tortured morose troubled full of hardship doubtful glum gray mournful strained exacting doleful austere grey oppressive nightmarish bleak pressing comfortless grim desolate exigent solemn rocky somber sad depressing very bad cheerless loathsome malodorous fetid traumatic putrid uninviting nauseous ghastly smelly vulnerable repellant hideous sick-making scandalous God-awful bogging horrendous fulsome obscene reeking niffy yucko disgustful loathly olid exposed defenceless insalutary foetid immoral unstable threatened unreliable unprotected on the nose explosive unsteady erratic fearsome ticklish slippery defenseless undependable wobbly untrustworthy tottering rickety on a limb on thin ice hanging by a thread open to attack

Tính từ

Characterized by the use of wit, especially to offend
sarcastic caustic ironical mocking sardonic barbed cutting cynical derisive satiric satirical scathing snarky acrimonious biting disparaging jeering mordant offensive scalding scoffing scornful sharp smart-mouthed sneering taunting acerbic acidulous acrid backhanded brusque contemptuous contumelious cussed disrespectful irascible mean needling saucy scorching scurrilous trenchant acerb acidic austere captious carping chaffing disillusioned hostile ornery pungent salty snarling tart twitting acid arrogant bitter evil severe stinging vitriolic weisenheiming smart-aleck smart-alecky mordacious venomous astringent critical nasty harsh virulent incisive vicious keen spiteful cruel malicious piercing devastating hurtful wounding searing pointed withering catty waspish unkind abrasive sarky savage penetrating razor-edged poisonous polemic fierce rancorous dry burning ironic brutal snide hateful rude rapier-like unfriendly ferocious blistering truculent unsparing belittling vindictive derisory corroding slashing extremely critical polemical heartless callous acute wry destructive antagonistic wise poignant malignant pernicious derogatory maleficent aggressive abusive malefic pithy disdainful splenetic snappy squint-eyed ill-natured malign evil-intentioned churlish stern alkaline controversial irreverent impertinent contentious ridiculing erosive coruscating rough argumentative disputatious malevolent hard baleful vengeful bilious unblunted sulphurous sulfurous sour merciless stringent snappish snippy testy acetose short unpleasant disapproving bad-tempered ill-tempered telling curt violent unrelenting edged vitriolous pitiless sharp-worded angry thoughtless inconsiderate peppery double-edged ungracious sadistic grim envenomed provocative salt exciting racy forceful witty stimulating ruthless wanton crabbed cold-blooded dripping with malice crisp negative cold discouraging unhelpful undermining disobliging adverse invalidating contrary obstructive vexatious discrediting troublesome insulting denigratory uncomplimentary pejorative vituperative opprobrious slighting defamatory degrading tongue-in-cheek deprecatory detracting demeaning laconic dismissive insolent sharp-tongued reproachful droll slanderous surly jibing vilifying teasing maligning libellous libelous pessimistic reviling sceptical lampooning suspicious obloquious vituperatory depreciative depreciatory deprecating calumniating obnoxious gruff derogative detractive decrying denigrative misanthropic misanthropical sly grouchy cantankerous skeptical injurious calumniatory censorious subtle crusty traducing twisted ill-humoured uncivil ill-humored pillorying humorous piquant contemptible burlesque foul ridiculous unbelieving blunt spicy vulgar berating unmannerly shrewish defiant distrustful farcical backbiting doubtful cross snidey irritable insinuating jaundiced scolding touchy invective hypercritical grumpy peevish prickly supercilious crabby tetchy ratty choleric castigating emphatic cranky scurrile scurril disagreeable superior crotchety calumnious chippy curmudgeonly dyspeptic upbraiding humiliating narky short-tempered scratchy eggy despicable liverish crushing peckish soreheaded quick-tempered snaky full of contempt despiteful like a bear with a sore head terse drilling clear-cut condescending unsympathetic wicked quizzical cynic strict exacting zesty rigid rigorous contorted affronting savoury zingy pert tangy savory censuring condemning cursing distorted crooked warped uneven deformed strong vigorous acetic tonic blasphemous damaging reproving castigatory parodying paradoxical spoof bantering spoofing mortifying blasting awry aslant askew skewwhiff pawky impolite discourteous unflattering contradictory alert atypical clever implausible exaggerated curious quick-witted driving forthright clear scandalous pettish fractious diminishing deflating dishonouring unfavourable powerful effective explicit distinct snubbing blighting abrupt edgy potent unequivocal deadpan aspersive quarrelsome cross-grained Hudibrastic Rabelaisian stroppy shirty short-fused personal bad-mannered ill-mannered invidious discreditable mud-slinging dour snippety saturnine brief on a short fuse vinegary waggish offhand ranting denunciatory apathetic debasing false untrue unfounded uncharitable vile absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical preposterous abhorrent haughty razor-sharp minimising fault-finding dishonoring aspersing minimizing unfavorable bad execrable wretched annoying ignominious sordid ignoble currish dirty dishonorable base detestable low paltry overbearing sniffy snotty egotistic snooty straight-faced out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky gally smart sassy nervy mean-spirited evil-minded dishonourable low-minded low-down ambiguous oblique indirect poker-faced matter-of-fact low-key quietly humorous accurate venomed antisocial equivocal pertinent unsociable meaty meaningful laid on the line right-on short-and-sweet right to it legit pregnant in a nutshell on the nose boiled down insightful calling a spade a spade on the button two-edged disbelieving for the birds doubting incredulous disenchanted hardened world-weary hard-bitten unneighbourly inhumane inhospitable uncongenial reclusive hard-boiled black bleak mistrustful sneaky underhanded fiery reserved selfish hating egoistic solitary standoffish egotistical narrow-minded eremitic nonbelieving querulous moody huffy impatient miffy sorehead passionate complaining spunky with tongue in cheek hot-tempered sharp-tempered

Danh từ

Bitterness, harshness or anger in one's feeling or expression
corrosiveness bitterness acrimony acridity mordancy acidity acridness asperity vitriol virulence cattiness tartness bile virulency acidness trenchancy mordacity causticity corrosivity acerbity sharpness rancor rancour sarcasm cynicism causticness scorn harshness contempt venom animosity acrimoniousness hostility mockery derision ridicule satire spleen irony nastiness disparagement sneering roughness keenness superciliousness pungency malice edge spite bite resentment acuteness antagonism poignance poignancy malevolence hatred grudge scoffing cut dig pique burlesque banter criticism raillery wisecrack aspersion invective comeback censure viciousness incisiveness ire wrath put down lampooning flouting sourness irascibility peevishness astringency churlishness ill will ill feeling bad feeling animus malignity indignation gall umbrage cruelty displeasure poison disdain hurt rancorousness dudgeon fury rage hurtfulness choler irritation resentfulness irritability huff offense miff vexation outrage unkindness embitterment vehemence perturbation exasperation exacerbation annoyance passion offence crabbedness brutality forcefulness outspokenness directness vindictiveness maliciousness hatefulness anger acidulousness temper severity disapproval sour unpleasantness brackishness facetiousness ill humour abrasiveness sullenness ruggedness crossness moroseness antipathy stringency brusqueness crabbiness gruffness disagreeableness sternness meanness enmity spitefulness unfriendliness waspishness grievance crankiness belligerence rudeness bad blood nasty behavior fog rise hate dislike jaundice aversion detestation loathing odium friction storm petulance stew malignancy conniption abhorrence disrelish hard feelings violence furor madness irateness malignance dissension ferocity discord despite furore slow burn tantrum angriness lividness lividity wrathfulness dissatisfaction birse ill temper bad temper feud opposition chagrin rankling embitteredness savagery dander disgruntlement hissy fit vengefulness grudges grievances envy maleficence frenzy tetchiness testiness flare-up mood mad bad mood disagreement agitation impatience infuriation tiff rivalry conflict contention distemper soreness disapprobation discontent cat fit blow up ill humor high dudgeon boiling point air rage ill feelings objection fierceness turbulence intensity force abomination tempestuousness power moodiness oppugnancy revulsion execration bad will repugnance needle cantankerousness revengefulness energy rampancy sore fire might impetuosity rabidity distaste snappishness querulousness disgust prejudice coldness pet discontentment alienation grumpiness extreme dislike repulsion no love lost horror vengeance revenge delirium distraction rampage uproar feverishness fever flap hysteria deliriousness hot temper chip on your shoulder extreme anger blame disaccord oppugnation vendetta ill-disposedness distrust balefulness perniciousness bitter feeling score down peeve jealousy pointedness punch competition bad feelings uncharitableness ruthlessness retaliation variance pettishness lather aggravation touchiness potency strength ferity fume hardness of heart disruptiveness schism disunity tizzy antithesis contradistinction contrariety clashing difference resistance aggression incongruity biliousness bad vibes bad chemistry blood feud personality conflict mutual hostility militancy disfavor ignominy invidiousness shame road rage dyspepsia disfavour harsh feeling mean-spiritedness hateful feeling sting strong aversion intense dislike milt melancholy lien caprice whim depression grudgingness vituperation mislike frost enemyship enemyhood foeship uncordiality daggers strong dislike sulkiness divisiveness denigration opprobrium disrespect scornfulness disregard deprecation despisal glumness snit pouts grouch hump sulk sulks strop blowout obsession mania grump state raving surliness grouchiness gloominess fit of anger skid paddywhack towering rage paddy foulie fit of rage fit of fury bate wax apoplexy spasm paroxysm blowup explosion upset hemorrhage bluster fit of ill temper heat paroxysm of rage outburst ferment wingding fit of bad temper frenzy of anger fit of temper paroxysm of anger fit of pique hysterics convulsion squall frenzy of rage fireworks eruption excitement haemorrhage

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