Đồng nghĩa của aggressive

Alternative for aggressive

Đồng nghĩa: belligerent, combative, hostile, militant, offensive,

Trái nghĩa: defensive,

Tính từ

Full of aggression or hostility
belligerent antagonistic bellicose destructive hostile violent adversarial angry argumentative cantankerous confrontational fierce inhospitable inimical irascible loudmouthed pugnacious quarrelsome stroppy abusive combative defiant exasperated feisty fiery fractious irritable malevolent mean miffy militant narky nasty ornery petulant splenetic sullen surly testy threatening touchy truculent unfriendly warlike cross grouchy grumpy offensive pettish snarly agonistic antipathetic arsey assaultive chippy choleric contentious contrary crabby cranky discordant fretful huffy mighty peppery prickly rancorous scrappy snappish snappy soreheaded unkind bad-tempered hot-tempered ill-tempered quick-tempered short-tempered disputatious gladiatorial brawly on the warpath captious oppugnant spoiling for a fight aggers rebellious warring litigious fighting uncooperative bolshie disputative provocative battling difficult warmongering ready for a fight hawkish challenging militaristic insolent polemical cavilling factious excitable controversial polemic unruly wrangling peevish bickering caviling obstreperous active have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick disobedient enthusiastic pushy recalcitrant cussed gutsy insubordinate courageous spirited spunky contumacious forceful biffo bold ferocious martial ardent hot flip rude wayward sabre-rattling hot-blooded dissentious perverse willful disruptive salty brawling thin-skinned at loggerheads rough querulous uncontrollable on the outs up in arms have it in for ready to fight having a chip on one's shoulder adverse jingoistic battleful pro-war determined plucky awkward troublesome wrestling bloodthirsty tilting skirmishing naysaying disagreeable dissentient spiky opinionated self-assertive itching to fight under arms looking for trouble raspy hotheaded assertive tempestuous arguesome ructious vigorous snippety impassioned turbulent churlish war passionate ill-natured unpleasant discourteous snippy snarky ratty crotchety waspish furious stuffy spiteful radical itching ultra-active extremist two-fisted extreme contending combating impetuous scathing frightening deadly vituperous browbeating caustic terrorizing terrifying intimidating cowing harsh terrorising trenchant sharp hateful bullying mordacious mordant fanatical embattled zealous military warrish revolutionary assertory obstinate non-compliant daring resistant resisting audacious refractory mutinous hot-headed tough intransigent in arms sensitive dissenting subversive intractable untoward ungovernable wilful froward rebel recusant incompliant balky restive peppy gritty frisky mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly gutty zestful game hearty dysfunctional go-getting full-blooded high-strung delinquent full of pep disregardful cheeky insubmissive sassy reckless resistive dareful naughty badly behaved undisciplined ill-disciplined mischievous bad impudent badly-behaved misbehaving whiny problematic socially impaired troublous incorrigible maladjusted trying self-willed tiresome erratic errant exasperating unmanageable disturbed malicious unrestrainable stubborn irksome uncompliant pesky rascally uncontainable roguish rowdy undisciplinable devilish ill-behaved wearisome demanding indocile disorderly headstrong unyielding obdurate insurgent wild noncompliant disaffected seditious riotous dissident pigheaded mulish out of control insurrectionary unbiddable incontrollable inflexible bloody-minded renitent bull-headed stiff-necked insurrectionist nonconformist pervicacious opposing unreasonable impish iconoclastic unbending uncompromising lawless persistent nonconforming immovable indomitable unrestrained contrarious unwilling relentless out of hand negative resolved anarchic disloyal cross-grained unaccommodating boisterous dogged adamant unmalleable anarchistic treasonable thrawn uncontrolled pertinacious bullheaded irrepressible strong-willed malcontent tenacious attention-seeking pat stubborn as a mule alienated obstinately disobedient treacherous pig-headed unpredictable traitorous troublemaking unpersuadable chaotic loud implacable steadfast firm noisy rigid unrelenting annoying rumbustious inexorable hardheaded adamantine inconvincible hardened hard ossified playful capricious unbridled tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish fiendish gallus wanton wrong strong-minded single-minded hard-nosed full of mischief locked in self-opinionated deaf to reason dead set on irreconcilable estranged haughty renegade nonobservant undefeated heretical maverick unorthodox mutinying apostate schismatic irregular unfavorable unfavourable rioting withstanding malign maleficent triumphant fickle declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining disobliging restless individualistic armed sabotaging attacking treasonous obstructive unhelpful unresponsive incurable vexatious impotent rampant as stubborn as a mule unadaptable unbowed untrained unbearable undependable intolerable impossible civil disobedience rock-ribbed with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way unsteady unschooled paradoxical contrariant disagreeing uncomplying immoral aberrant arbitrary without law and order wrongheaded converse insoluble hard-line thorny unpliable locked resolute knotty excited strong overwhelming intense insuppressible freaked abandoned overpowering vociferous uproarious raucous inconsistent ungoverned lacking self-control clamorous rampaging loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant tough nut hang tough rambunctious self-indulgent anti roisterous rackety tumultuous like a loose cannon beside oneself misbehaved raunchy artful kiddish infantile sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ruffianly thoughtless immature childish inconsiderate disrespectful rip-roaring rampageous roistering against opposed piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous wicked impolite rollicking romping anarchical heedless lawbreaking sinful raising the roof raising Cain teasing worthless impulsive impervious rash intemperate imprudent forward drunken bawdy evil hostile to inimical to opposed to averse to stiff out of line bad-mannered unbendable unshakable steely unflinching unenthusiastic about persevering unshakeable unalterable dead set against disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept unmoved indurate unbreakable fixed dogmatic heady opinionative convinced remorseless with one's feet dug in iron-willed with one's toes dug in wrong-headed

Tính từ

Behaving or done in a determined and forceful way
forceful assertive determined dynamic hardline insistent uncompromising dominant influential powerful strong vehement vigorous audacious bossy bullish commanding compelling confident convincing domineering emphatic fierce imperious pushy ambitious authoritative competitive feisty firm militant persuasive potent robust stout bold effective energetic tough zealous brassy strenuous violent hard-hitting in-your-face self-asserting strong-willed enterprising self-assertive go-getting active spirited intense full-blooded enthusiastic resounding muscular keen high-pressure pushing forcible eager passionate resolute forward self-confident high-powered ardent indefatigable driven tireless dogged persistent earnest brash driving go-ahead presumptuous tenacious cocky thrusting ruthless mettlesome nervy punchy bumptious committed untiring hardy intensive assured impertinent red-blooded fiery avid hungry wild obstinate vital industrious purposeful sure animated gutsy unflagging arrogant self-assured cocksure rugged stalwart carnivorous pushful steadfast motivated overbearing relentless effectual dedicated presuming unwavering overconfident stubborn desirous thirsty lively cogent dog-eat-dog vivacious officious plucky high-octane cut-throat direct self-possessed loud lusty fresh obtrusive brazen two-fisted gung ho offensive obnoxious aspiring cheeky brave pulling no punches impudent demanding rigorous insolent unrestrained wholehearted ferocious daring unrelenting uncontrolled unbridled positive impressive unremitting persevering zestful busy rude sassy importunate cutthroat progressive pioneering pertinacious obdurate saucy decisive brisk peppy weighty bloodthirsty telling virile zippy fanatical adventurous unyielding dashing staunch racy efficient pert certain mighty sparky brazen-faced eloquent go-go full of oneself all-out inspired uppity vivid wise can-do power-hungry spunky rash moving courageous full of get-up-and-go sound single-minded hard-driving intrusive sturdy interfering diligent fiercely competitive intensely competitive resourceful prying meddling nosy fervent intruding meddlesome immodest blunt resilient assiduous protrusive nosey snoopy merciless decided hard sedulous pitiless strident loudmouthed unabashed coercive solicitous absolute defiant hubristic voracious intent great forthright impassioned flip imperative acute antagonistic flamboyant gladiatorial gritty brutal all out storming impetuous hotheaded unflinching striking dramatic scrappy bold-faced dogmatic impulsive impolitic inconsiderate over-assertive overweening out-and-out warlike airy perky animate sprightly successful hot ballsy unfaltering irresistible unbending snappy bouncing springy frisky iron-willed pizazzy doughty jazzy jaunty spanking pizzazzy resolved plausible gay vibrant hard-nosed able have-a-go fearless exciting capable on the make clear effervescent strong-minded credible unanswerable kinetic perceptive spry trenchant definitive significant important breezy puissant coming on strong full of vim and vigour full of life full of beans self-driven goal-oriented venturesome self-seeking get up and go not backward in coming forward ball of fire eager beaver power-loving high-reaching having killer instinct self-starting Herculean unswerving restless painstaking constant conscientious unfeeling complete radical laborious unprincipled collected valid fast-track incisive thoroughgoing thorough murderous creophagous unruffled unfazed bludgeoning hard-working bent total sweeping full projecting prognathous flagrant bald bulging blatant jutting sheer authoritarian ruling controlling supreme arduous taxing steely pressurizing sure of oneself all-embracing exhaustive loyal sagacious demoniac motive mobile kinematic dynamical locomotive motile armed efficacious striving obsessed stressful difficult pressured exhausting assaultive graphic man-eating irrepressible faithful familiar unmixed hearty pressurising undaunted drastic conclusive compulsory highly capable in control arch brassbound provocative shocking outspoken independent heroic indomitable unhesitating take charge mean zappy assuming believing in oneself hardened vicious unmerciful out and out firm in spirit keen as mustard stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad urgent clamant pressing exigent overfamiliar shameless in the saddle bent upon fit succinct terse pithy trashy heedless precipitate headlong untactful as bold as brass brazenfaced incautious thoughtless ingenious full of yourself bright hasty maladroit barefaced like a ball of fire hell-bent full of determination dead set desiring success self-respecting adventuresome venturous free-swinging nerved emboldened peremptory autocratic dictatorial imaginative inventive cynical intransigent irreverent uninhibited creative overassertive lordly excited masculine manly hard-bitten daredevil intrepid free overfriendly enthused every person for themselves without mercy sparkling not taking no for an answer clamorous instant dire entreating burning necessitous exacting crying emergent nagging critical pumped bantam raring magisterial magnetic electric full-on hard as nails impatient crazy flourishing electrifying talented tough as old boots as tough as old boots agog anxious alive zesty dazzling bustling definite gifted temerarious reckless overbold innovative foolhardy on the ball rational logical meaningful impactful lucid reasoned grand material pertinent charming histrionical sufficient well-founded articulate relevant well reasoned imposing satisfying coherent reasonable theatric graceful expressive well founded performant powerhouse happening stirring colorful humming colourful buzzing rousing bouncy disturbing annoying troublesome suppliant overeager harassing stoked brass-necked bare-faced antsy butch hopping coruscating bubbly stimulating thriving astir abuzz athirst smart-alecky unshakeable unequivocal categorical geeked sensitive vibrating radiant responsive juiced rigid undeviating sustained steady nuts abubble aboil masterful explicit flush gingery unabated stringent high-spirited male greedy practical bullheaded unmistakable unambiguous unconditional unqualified distinct alive and kicking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of the joys of spring bright and breezy full of pep full of spirit combative charismatic energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising downright outright ordering imperial stern high-handed harsh bidding emulous contentious nifty chauvinist swashbuckling he-man laddish ringing obvious evident pointed glaring sober express accented flat stressed solemn self-willed proactive banzai deviceful vying overly solicitous keyed up hepped up fired up take-charge hopped-up extremely enthusiastic one hundred per cent hang-tough go for broke bound and determined stop at nothing competing play for keeps play hard ball for a face no mistake warring opposing oppositional macho aggressively male manful ultramasculine unpleasantly masculine sharp-elbowed on the warpath spoiling for a fight ready for action severe draconian oppressive tyrannical strict immovable inflexible stentorian rough despotic inexorable hyper jumping buoyant exuberant chipper tight unwearied iron incessant burdensome onerous inexhaustible weariless grating jarring fixed heavy wilful booming patient major stiff raucous grind devoted indurate heated shrill adamant cruel formidable discordant dominating haughty piercing perseverant tyrannous solid autocratical tyrannic quick noisy set serious iron-fisted arbitrary jangling dissonant deep heavy-handed hale and hearty unshakable alert playful high and mighty poignant raring to go eventful unblushing rich steamroller on the go excessive dead set on hardhanded self-directed concentrated galvanic unwearying unstinting concerted grievous grim searing trying excruciating bitter inhuman headstrong fast ebullient nimble interesting purposive self-disciplined agile mulish invigorated fluid sporty clinging hopeful die-hard stiff-necked motivating impellent urging propulsive dependable willful healthy chirpy elated occupied refractory intractable recalcitrant peart redoubtable entertaining enlivened rock-ribbed energized happy vitalized activated energised zingy dexterous deedful on the move full of zip dextrous obligatory mandatory required compulsatory reiterative continuous monotonous reliable upwardly mobile sexy athletic strapping fine mullish able-bodied blooming blaring trusty stable true in good health throwing one's weight around consumed compelled exhilarating heady hale in good trim in good kilter strong as an horse in good condition strong as an lion strong as an ox in tip-top condition in good shape true-blue unbendable unshaken possessed obsessive upbeat wick galvanized monomaniacal impelled piquant sharp peppery tasty pungent distinctive tart clever sportive tangy witty tried and true bound unafraid hanging tough tried and tested take-over fighting fit induced fixated compulsive obsessional thundering cacophonous deafening iron-handed in the pink full of vim abusive plenipotent tactless insensitive pushed steered guided besetting galvanised lofty unassailable unashamed unshrinking unembarrassed unreserved penetrating resonant huge gruelling vulgar flashy gaudy ear-splitting stubborn as a mule fit as a fiddle full of energy composed autarchic poised rasping tinny showy loud-mouthed garish smart urged on comprehensive sonorous flinty ramrod austere subjugating unfailing unceasing back-breaking in charge not backwards in coming forwards bold as brass screeching metallic flirtatious arrant high-pitched regnant egotistic inept undiplomatic bungling plugging unstinted continuing undeterred fireball continued plodding stridulous unmusical self-reliant orotund carrying entire extensive utter sadistic OTT over the top overstrict uphill Sisyphean wearisome wearying massive in fine fettle cool-headed profound clashing stridulant desperate broad hard-line cast-iron binding in driver's seat on high horse crack the whip canorous unharmonious unmelodious ear-piercing encyclopedic wholesale wide fatiguing killing knackering toilsome full of the joy of living picky confining acrimonious drawing unpermissive dyed-in-the-wool extreme brick-wall encyclopaedic universal revolutionary plenipotentiary officiating presiding stentorious stridulatory far-reaching wide-ranging full-scale grueling baying vociferous backbreaking vociferant colossal almighty hoarse stertorous squawky vocal boisterous gargantuan squeaky gigantic obstreperous all-powerful by the book hard and fast by the numbers

Tính từ

Ambitious or difficult to achieve
ambitious challenging audacious bold difficult hard grandiose demanding lofty monumental tough daring extravagant formidable unrealistic exigent impressive onerous ballsy brash herculean idealistic improbable unfeasible fanciful impossible killer unreal unreasonable unlikely far-fetched large-scale difficult to achieve exacting arduous strenuous trying exhausting taxing industrious severe elaborate intrepid toilsome grand visionary energetic stiff hellish pretentious killing magnificent knackering high-pressure grueling gruelling rigorous testing laborious rough backbreaking punishing stressful oppressive back-breaking effortful harsh burdensome daunting torturous tortuous excruciating tedious ponderous wearisome tiring bruising rugged wearying agonizing brutal troublesome grievous moiling draining forbidding harrowing uphill thorny fierce crushing bothersome fatiguing unsparing heavy agonising mighty painstaking hellacious intense stringent extreme colossal unforgiving weighty titanic wearing grim toilful debilitating galling tiresome cumbersome operose upstream vigorous intimidating unyielding grinding sweaty tall painful sapping hairy gargantuan energy-consuming Herculean tricky immoderate crippling merciless immense unremitting staggering gigantic prohibitive imperious murderous really hard very hard intolerable unbearable unpleasant distressing jarring solemn distressful shattering backbreaker depleting exorbitant excessive unfair steep persnickety pressing time-consuming Augean pick-and-shovel dicey awful hazardous easier said than done nerve-racking high-impact slavish torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy labored serious no picnic vicious marathon cruel uncomfortable troubling difficile laboured unnerving tough going problem ominous insufferable sticky tormenting not easy worksome like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting stretching hefty thoroughgoing major

Tính từ

Involving physical conflict, or having a propensity to use physical force
violent fierce rough wild brutal savage vicious bullying ferocious berserk bloodthirsty murderous rabid cruel frenzied intemperate ruthless callous furious harsh maniacal pugnacious terrorising terrorizing threatening barbaric barbarous destructive fiery mad merciless pitiless sadistic thuggish delirious heartless homicidal impetuous inhuman assertive explosive forceful frenetic hotheaded maddened agitated crazy demoniac feverish forcible frantic fuming headstrong hysterical impassioned potent radge hot-headed hot-tempered blood-and-guts cut-throat drag-out hammer and tongs knock-down knock-down-and-drag-out out of control bang-bang full-blooded dangerous feral menacing unruly unrestrained rapacious grim uncontrollable untamed fiendish fell intimidating intense bestial cutthroat turbulent hard rugged evil predatory rowdy unsparing unmerciful convulsive brute malevolent intimidatory frightening brutish truculent malignant terrible inhumane beastly butcherly tigerish monstrous venomous competitive nasty dog-eat-dog strong-arm damaging harmful ravening blazing noisy uncontrolled unbridled ferine unchecked uninhibited volatile unconstrained uncurbed immoderate unrepressed tumultuous hot stormy cyclonic animated blind tempestuous perverted paroxysmal volcanic relentless wolfish perverse atrocious wanton cold-blooded standup bullyboy gloating hard as nails coercive red in tooth and claw treacherous oppressive chaotic undisciplined boisterous troublemaking fractious disorderly belligerent intractable lawbreaking disruptive contumacious hostile two-fisted tough lawless anarchic riotous physical voracious unsafe sinister without mercy every person for themselves unmanageable ugly bully-boy dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous vile spiteful mean desperate depraved uncivilised rancorous minatory deadly viperous hurtful minacious nefarious serpentine malicious uncivilized villainous abandoned abhorrent dark vindictive wicked severe forbidding fearsome steely gruff ungentle stern flinty dour raging austere baleful louring frightful incessive remorseless raving stark lowering enraged undomesticated fearful horrible hellish angry infuriated crazed animalistic primitive biffo aggers bloody sanguinary excited insane distraught swivel-eyed deranged manic overwrought hectic corybantic fraught worked up panic-stricken diabolical beside oneself hyper sanguine murdering sanguineous bloody-minded demented fevered slaughterous in a tizzy keyed up fanatical freaked out wired unscrewed death-dealing weirded out wigged out heinous flipped out abominable hyperactive unfeeling energetic unrelenting unkind crude confused berko unhinged distracted hard-hearted weird zonkers unzipped unglued spazzed out hot under the collar shook up in a stew hot and bothered at wits' end lethal enthusiastic zealous intolerant mortal abusive irrational illiberal criminal obsessed devilish bitter insensitive restless onerous unreasonable killer infernal obsessive passionate uncaring exciting unsympathetic draconian killing maleficent flipped nervous immoral panic-struck panicky confusing virulent nuts unforgiving hardhanded distrait maniac possessed hysteric overexcited fast and furious inclement in a state in a frenzy beside yourself warlike madding injurious bellicose beastlike hardened ruffianly gory lupine implacable ravenous hideous ghastly trying ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uncharitable heavy stony-hearted grievous cold-hearted gay bloodless unemotional excruciating fleshly bodily emotional burdensome coarse neurotic unrestrainable consumed overcome stiff dastardly unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent pernicious overwhelmed uncompassionate wrathful hateful roughshod searing swinish incoherent bad foul corrupt struck overawed affected stunned incredulous punishing unbalanced awful infamous degraded dreadful degenerate worthless babbling tormenting torturous gone subhuman irrepressible carried away vehement driven to distraction incensed very upset unnerved out of one's wits in a panic rampant spasmodic in a fit seething debased profligate unprincipled sinful furibund phrenetic animal out of one's mind overpowered licentious contaminated flagitious faulty indecent reprehensible demoralised lewd miscreant reprobate putrid impious base insubordinate impure demoralized libidinous strong powerful forced tyrannous despotic tyrannical exacting dictatorial distressed suppressive authoritarian lost it hallucinating disturbed light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant disordered bewildered hallucinatory unsettled deviate devastated rigid unpitying ramrod uptight critical destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself in a lather heavy-handed last-minute wound up worried anxious het up fatal extreme out of one's head off one's head out of one's skull in a flap having kittens in a tizz hard-nosed hard-boiled fervent at your wits' end in a cold sweat in a flat spin at the end of your tether hard-shell heated deathly uncompromising extremist bigoted terminal overactive over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard impatient biased prejudiced one-sided partisan gung-ho busy pestilent narrow-minded perfervid devastating nutty dedicated overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased ardent sizzling bitten unwell militant ill keen vital high-strung ruinous like one possessed internecine destroying

Tính từ

Not friendly
unfriendly hostile antagonistic cold disagreeable chilly sour surly aloof distant inimical unsympathetic cool frosty inhospitable misanthropic uncongenial unsociable antisocial frigid ill-natured unamicable unneighbourly unpleasant unaffable unkind unsocial unwelcoming quarrelsome reserved stand-offish unapproachable withdrawn disdainful haughty impersonal indifferent nasty severe stern stiff supercilious uncommunicative unforthcoming adversarial adversary antipathetic antiseptic arctic brittle chill clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed coldish discourteous frozen gelid glacial hard-eyed icy impolite jaundiced menacing mortal negative obnoxious rude uncivil uncordial ungracious unmannerly wintery wintry cross ill-disposed Olympian starchy acrimonious against censorious combative competitive conflicting contrary disaffected estranged grouchy grudging gruff hateful malicious malignant opposed opposite spiteful uncharitable unneighborly unpromising vengeful warlike not on speaking terms belligerent vitriolic pugnacious rancorous bitter bellicose catty malevolent confrontational angry wrathful mean venomous militant cantankerous vindictive vicious hurtful truculent adverse virulent scrappy viperous argumentative contentious disapproving opposing biting unreceptive harsh ornery foul poisonous cruel inconsiderate abusive malign peevish ill-humored bad-tempered ill-tempered ill-humoured anti alien averse maleficent unpropitious intimidating malefic dour down on churlish irritable joyless furious snappy petulant resistant filthy at odds wounding oppugnant irascible grumbling splenetic cranky testy mean-spirited evil-minded resentful uncooperative ill disobliging unfavorable unfavourable dissenting oppositional sulky dissident rotten bad tetchy snappish grumpy sullen unwilling reluctant adversative accusatorial difficult oppugning wretched vile querulous stroppy narky ratty shirty fractious allergic soreheaded huffy miffy peckish liverish crotchety curmudgeonly waxy chippy dead set against at odds with set against dissenting from acting in opposition on the warpath in disagreement with at variance with ireful acrid scathing bilious ferocious savage short-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse envenomed pernicious choleric hot-tempered short-fused crabby crabbed indignant irate waspish hate-filled cutting nagging discontented rough sharp caustic hard tough scolding litigious snide captious criticizing backbiting cattish grating shrewish sharp-tongued fault-finding criticising carping complaining vixenish cavilling caviling unfeeling brusque brutal irritating annoying acerbic insensitive curt callous galling pitiless acerb comfortless rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take abrasive remote standoffish detached unresponsive offish unbending asocial formal unclubbable standoff unemotional dry forbidding solitary reticent buttoned-up undemonstrative austere dispassionate reclusive unenthusiastic emotionless taciturn unconcerned passionless stony restrained introverted lukewarm wooden uninterested retiring guarded secretive incurious apathetic offhand uncompanionable uppity silent cold-hearted stuffy shy quiet private unamiable unloving uninvolved off introvert close diffident eremitic self-contained constrained annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent agin conventional laconic snobbish media-shy closemouthed cold as ice close-mouthed tight-lipped retired off-putting cynical steely repellent fierce abstracted phlegmatic affectless suspicious preoccupied inapproachable distrustful proud inaccessible snooty impassive ungregarious incompatible short demure uptight hesitant ceremonious laid back self-restrained cautious stuck-up stuck up rigid prim inflexible putting on airs backward dumb muted strait-laced keeping people at arm's length eremetic stilted at variance unsavoury objectionable unattractive ungenial avoidant ungenerous unlikeable grim half-hearted tepid introspective discouraging stolid xenophobic unhappy depressing unmoved unaffectionate contained contemptuous withering seclusive iced abhorrent heartless mopey mopish unenthused flinty sober cheerless superior unsmiling passive nongregarious brooding scowling spiritless unsavory hardhearted stoic numb stoical impassible lifeless stony-hearted casual removed disinterested alienated lofty cold-shoulder discreet laid-back ascetic hermitlike independent hard-hearted thick-skinned hard-boiled on ice isolated cold fish lone wolf insular loveless hermitic hermit-like hermitical unrevealing unwilling to mix with other people pompous ungainly sceptical unaccommodating non-communicative self-sufficient all alone staid exact precise mute unhelpful correct proper untalkative tongue-tied unconversational secret mum loath disinclined inhumane pessimistic affected starched uncompromising unamenable obstructive speechless tight-mouthed wordless dark clamlike seemly official serious mumchance unreasonable unobliging selfish hating egoistic sarcastic sardonic egotistical narrow-minded misanthropical polite evasive mom hush-hush modest indisposed straight arrow by the numbers stiff-necked at a loss for words businesslike skeptical inhibited timid shrinking self-effacing on the QT dried up buttoned up clammed up unyielding uneager perverse fromward afraid disliking unsentimental mild soft-spoken peaceful sedate composed placid bashful gentle serene noncommittal collected insociable arrogant neutral matter-of-fact self-controlled hostile to antagonistic to resistant to antipathetic to ill-disposed to opposed to cussed incongruous clashing bureaucratic clinical inhuman mean-looking having no use for unfavourably disposed to put on airs bloody-minded discordant featureless uncolored strictly business straight impartial depersonalised faceless candid cold turkey unpassioned colorless careful soulless depersonalized gray colourless grey equal measured nondiscriminatory abstract anonymous poker-faced monolithic antithetical different dissimilar disparate variant polar inconsistent inharmonious contradictory dissonant irreconcilable discrepant mutually exclusive irresoluble poles apart diametrically opposed

Tính từ

Resolute and steadfast in one's will or ambition
steely resolute determined steadfast firm dogged unyielding unbending tenacious obstinate unflinching staunch inflexible strong unwavering persevering unrelenting bold undaunted unswerving fixed unfaltering unshakable purposeful rigid vigorous hard gutsy assertive hardened forceful gritty unshaken ruthless fierce untiring zealous hearty sturdy fanatical emphatic steady iron lusty fiery grim bitter burning ferocious furious granite stony unquenchable single-minded robust tough solid unshakeable resolved immovable persistent set stalwart committed unflagging constant decided relentless strong-willed dedicated indefatigable obdurate adamant stubborn implacable undeviating pertinacious intent insistent unhesitating uncompromising strong-minded spirited intransigent mettlesome earnest plucky indomitable perseverant dead set on courageous full of determination indurate unflappable rock-ribbed unchanging inexorable purposive driven deliberate sure manful bulldog brave bent upon set in stone stout valiant strenuous stiff spunky tireless stout-hearted unbendable serious true four-square unswervable bound pat dead set settled decisive consistent unqualified never-failing do-or-die hell-bent on hell-bent upon bent on hard-nosed pigheaded headstrong bullheaded unfailing fast compulsive self-willed unfluctuating stable immutable definite meaning business unremitting even uniform unvarying unvacillating bent invariant out unalterable enduring abiding regular sustained intense brick-wall intent on stand pat on one's mettle insistent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on focused diligent firmly-based assiduous unshrinking never-tiring focussed hanging tough patient fearless immoveable unappeasable unblinking faithful intrepid unintimidated loyal persisting strict uninfluenced whole-hearted ambitious motivated in earnest hard-line determinate dominant certain unmalleable tall in the saddle intent upon prevailing inexpugnable seasoned domineering ardent going dyed-in-the-wool hang tough through-and-through explicit positive hard-and-fast unmoved in place in position industrious keen inspired enthusiastic avid hungry compelled enterprising obsessed consumed obsessive active eager striving possessed thirsty desirous stiff-necked galvanized monomaniacal pushy impelled hardheaded willful impassive adamantine inconvincible wilful mulish ossified opinionated perverse iron-willed self-opinionated fixated aspiring militant obsessional energetic induced stony-hearted unimpressionable unchangeable impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised quiescent permanent unmodifiable go-getting self-starting hard-driving self-driven urged on hell-bent self-assertive goal-oriented set in concrete dug in locked in tough nut stick to guns secure safe anchored balanced wholehearted unmovable moored stationary secured motionless static stabile still braced jammed rooted cemented nailed unmoving riveted immobile tied unshaking solid as a rock

Tính từ

Not restrained or held in check
rampant unrestrained unbridled unchecked uncontrolled widespread epidemic rife wild dominant excessive outrageous pandemic raging rank tumultuous violent abandoned exuberant flagrant intemperate pervasive prevalent rampaging raw runaway unbounded uncontrollable unhampered unhindered vehement luxuriant profuse riotous ungovernable wanton blustering boisterous clamorous extensive extravagant fecund flourishing furious growing impetuous multiplying out of control predominant proliferating rambling spreading threatening turbulent unruly exceeding bounds out of hand spreading like wildfire on the rampage expanding mounting rapid growth ascending augmented rapid change exponential unconstrained unrestricted uninhibited immoderate uncurbed ungoverned undisciplined unimpeded irrepressible profligate unsuppressed chaotic licentious incontinent full-on free untrammelled unmanageable unfettered inordinate untrammeled lawless disorderly reckless disobedient dissolute self-indulgent unstoppable uncontainable unquenchable noisy unlimited unconfined loose not controlled rowdy extreme wayward stubborn overindulgent running wild rough indiscriminate tempestuous anarchic untamed unreasonable dissipated refractory debauched immoral severe passionate uproarious obstreperous mutinous impotent unregulated driverless mass rabid enthusiastic unconcealed crazed madcap crazy hysterical berserk over-the-top unmanaged depraved corrupt unopposed unobstructed self-willed unconventional heavy incorrigible impulsive reprobate unprincipled sinful wicked unshackled attention-seeking extrovert shameless natural boundless corybantic incautious irrational unbound footloose undue unjustified prodigal unrepressed raving thrilled rash unwarranted spontaneous saturnalian frank plenary open flamboyant exaggerated candid audacious impertinent bizarre limitless blunt giddy flighty unsubmissive egregious lavish imprudent uncalled for dissipative O.T.T. over the top lacking self-control greedy unbalanced rebellious stormy agitated intractable unstable recalcitrant explosive seditious rugged unsettled roller-coaster willful untoward wilful defiant froward contrary rebel recusant insubordinate incompliant balky contumacious restive storming full of confusion fiery excited shaking roughhouse perturbed bitter full of ups and downs full of upheavals full of conflict demonstrative destructive rambunctious raucous vociferous stern termagant in turmoil unrestrainable without law and order fractious

Tính từ

Causing anger or another strong reaction, especially deliberately
provocative provoking annoying offensive galling goading insulting aggravating stimulating vexing affronting exasperating incendiary inflammatory infuriating instigative irritating maddening agitational arousing challenging charged controversial disturbing edgy exciting inciting inflaming instigating outrageous piquing rousing agitative incensing in-your-face confrontational heady influential inspirational intoxicating pushing rabble-rousing spurring stimulant seditious subversive insurrectionary insurrectionist revolutionary stirring contentious dissentious dangerous treacherous malevolent demagogic wicked causing trouble inspiring exhilarating interesting thrilling thought-provoking moving electrifying gripping invigorating refreshing appealing breathtaking energizing hair-raising lively envigorating titillating bracing spine-tingling adrenalizing hectic energising stimulative enlivening animating motivating restorative encouraging tonic emotional galvanizing intriguing motivational exhilarant fascinating galvanising vitalizing persuasive vivifying quickening inspiriting impelling spirited uplifting affective meaningful touching renewing reinvigorating innerving roborant galvanic troublemaking exhilarative electric kicky sexy mind-blowing riveting mind-bending soul-stirring mind-boggling heart-stopping rip-roaring tiresome irksome vexatious agitating fomenting affecting striking passionate emotive triggering awakening captivating absorbing cordial reviving rejuvenating vital inviting tormenting distressing obstructive frustrating irking trendy fashionable troublesome bothersome impassioned strong powerful heartening memorable dynamic impactful dramatic potent animated impressive poignant energetic exalting anthemic trying compulsive enchanting elating enthralling hallucinogenic eye-popping mind-altering vibrant enthusiastic vigorous hearty emotion-charged sparkling entertaining piquant fiery exalté anarchic insurgent explosive rebellious rabid riotous hate-mongering mutinous intemperate seditionary incitive giving one food for thought like a red rag to a bull

Tính từ

Causing fear or terror
intimidating alarming frightening terrifying fearsome scary hair-raising daunting dire direful dismaying dread dreadful fearful forbidding formidable frightful ghastly horrendous horrible horrifying menacing redoubtable shocking spine-chilling terrible unnerving baleful bloodcurdling spooky browbeating bullying nerve-racking overwhelming pressuring terrorising terrorizing threatening unapproachable disturbing chilling sinister disquieting petrifying ominous distressing creepy appalling awful awesome dangerous mean-looking worrying startling demoralizing off-putting discouraging upsetting unsettling scaring hairy dispiriting grim disheartening foreboding demoralising awe-inspiring depressing disconcerting horrid eerie harrowing minacious warning minatory blood-curdling spine-tingling unpleasant distressful brooding tense worrisome inauspicious bodeful imposing perturbing powerful monstrous admonitory uninviting minatorial comminatory cautionary disagreeable offensive fraught anxious nail-biting taxing doomy ill-boding portentous ill black restless agitating nervous uneasy intimidatory looming challenging severe hostile impressive glowering lowering overhanging gloomy tremendous unwelcoming fateful unpropitious baneful unlucky apocalyptic inhospitable bleak uncomfortable strong rough tough dismal repulsive imminent ugly nightmarish ferocious eldritch dark hideous macabre causing fear strong-arm feared crushing disappointing dreaded awkward embarrassing nerve-wracking dampening solemn shuddersome mighty barro distracting discomforting traumatic distasteful unappealing disgusting thrilling hellacious calamitous godawful commanding doughty invincible indomitable resolute harsh objectionable unappetizing unpalatable unsavoury repellent unattractive nasty afraid striking massive pulse-pounding breathtaking exciting unfriendly gruesome unfavorable unfavourable shivery shuddery valiant terrific portending near unsafe close impendent upcoming lowery loury scowling impending forthcoming ghostly weird unearthly bullyboy obnoxious bad adverse disadvantageous austere confronting troublesome unpromising evil-looking exacting fazing courageous brave overpowering hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful extraordinary dour hard fierce rugged rebarbative causing excitement at hand odious life-threatening perilous negative stark jarring thunderous suggestive of evil untoward louring unsavory approaching all-powerful trying stressful difficult panicky exasperating gut-wrenching aggravating harassing irritating annoying irksome anxious-making maddening violent forced forceful coercive forcible

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