Đồng nghĩa của fit as a fiddle


Perfectly fit
fit as a butcher's dog fit as a flea in fine fettle sound as a bell sound in wind and limb fit healthy strong robust hale able-bodied in good health vigorous fighting fit in good shape hearty sound well hale and hearty sturdy hardy well-conditioned whole in good condition in good trim in tip-top condition in the pink blooming wholesome flourishing lusty thriving bouncing fine as fit as a fiddle alive and kicking tough bursting with health in rude health as fit as a flea strapping stalwart right as rain active powerful athletic stout full of life muscular in shape physically fit husky energetic trim in excellent shape fresh lively rugged firm in good physical shape all right sound in body and limb up to snuff aerobicized virile chipper staunch OK brawny able strong as an ox in fine feather in good kilter burly red-blooded in trim as strong as an ox buff full of vim in top form normal right good restored invigorated healthful unimpaired bushy-tailed bright-eyed capable in good physical condition solid as a rock in good form sinewy dynamic vital spirited mighty up to par solid peppy glowing hefty flush forceful perky bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans as right as rain indefatigable gingery sprightly abled very healthy very well sane in peak condition in perfect health bounding toned up slim muscled shredded toned ripped together luxuriantly energised vitalized energized not disabled nondisabled Herculean rude roaring rough stark jacked powerfully built iron as strong as a horse well-built beefy as strong as a ox thewy solidly built thickset hunky powerhouse unflagging enduring substantial cast-iron hardened acclimatised resistant hard acclimatized resilient tenacious toughened seasoned hard-bitten inured safe and sound potent rosy-cheeked the picture of health effervescent zippy vibrant go-getting persuasive wick take-over dashing enterprising jaunty steamroller bouncy strong as an lion snappy upbeat raring to go animated spunky full of energy spanking sparkling spry buoyant playful exuberant high-spirited efficient vivacious strong as an horse take-charge intense feisty brisk hard-driving zestful driving forcible tireless ball of fire effective better healthier recovered refreshed rehabilitated ok healed cured mended fitter hunky-dory fine and dandy

Trái nghĩa của fit as a fiddle

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