Đồng nghĩa của luxuriantly

Alternative for luxuriantly

  • phó từ
    • sum suê, um tùm
    • phong phú, dồi dào


In large quantities
abundantly amply plentifully profusely freely copiously extensively exuberantly fully greatly liberally richly generously lavishly prolifically substantially thoroughly aplenty bounteously plenteously unstintingly bountifully everywhere affluently fulsomely handsomely inexhaustibly satisfactorily in abundance in plenty in great quantities in great quantity in large quantities in profusion in huge numbers in plentiful supply all over the place teemingly superabundantly plentily aboundingly opulently lankly largely comfortably prodigally considerably heavily infinitely rifely excessively repletely hugely riotously voluminously munificently lushly extravagantly immoderately flowingly sumptuously superfluously wealthily thickly sizeably countlessly overabundantly gushingly innumerably boundlessly commodiously fertilely productively extremely numerously openhandedly lousily bigly sufficiently fruitfully unsparingly saturatedly effusively broadly completely unrestrainedly open-handedly gushily inordinately luxuriously stinkingly rankly flourishingly competently improvidently unlimitedly appreciably multifariously multiply manifoldly multitudinously immensely vastly whoppingly tidily wordily prolixly verbosely charitably unselfishly bigheartedly freehandedly freeheartedly openly benevolently magnanimously philanthropically kindly beneficently big-heartedly ungrudgingly altruistically hospitably kindlily considerately thoughtfully helpfully nobly kind-heartedly eleemosynarily kindheartedly loosely humanely goodly readily high-mindedly wastefully thriftlessly profligately loftily honourably indulgently benignantly moderately easily fairly greatheartedly honestly excellently tolerantly reasonably willingly honorably justly wildly unreasonably acceptably eagerly inexorably cruelly unkindly unrelentingly disinterestedly selflessly overgenerously intemperately caringly devotedly compassionately casually openheartedly chivalrously lovingly extrovertedly decently incorruptibly self-effacingly equitably


(informal) A way to describe something that has been done well
good well adequately appropriately congruously correctly creditably effectively efficiently gratifyingly happily nicely satisfactorily satisfyingly soundly sufficiently thoroughly tidily ably abundantly acceptably accurately adeptly admirably agreeably alright amicably amply aptly attentively becomingly capitally carefully cheerfully closely commendably competently completely conscientiously considerably decently decorously easily effectually effortlessly entirely excellently expertly extremely famously favorably favourably felicitously fittingly freely fully good-humouredly good-naturedly greatly heartily highly in a satisfactory manner indulgently irreproachably meetly middlingly neatly okay passably patiently plentifully proficiently profoundly properly readily respectably right rightly serviceably skillfully smoothly splendidly strongly substantially successfully suitably tolerably tolerantly wholly with forbearance without offence with skill sprightly fine OK all right so-so reasonably well enough moderately insipidly blandly indifferently unobjectionably fairly well O.K. good enough in a satisfactory way not badly fairly somewhat relatively rather quite pretty comparatively ish pleasantly delightfully pleasingly after a fashion to some extent attractively to a limited degree to a limited extent to a certain degree enjoyably charmingly kindly thoughtfully beautifully courteously pleasurably swimmingly palatably sweetly gloriously considerately deliciously welcomely great dreamily enchantingly prettily delectably fetchingly graciously winningly invitingly genteelly amusingly amiably likably virtuously politely winsomely distinctively desirably perfectly triumphantly finely accordingly proportionately judiciously fitly appositely befittingly presentably correspondingly astutely wisely relevantly sensibly prudently commensurately commensurably duly to a T consistently requisitely plentily equally averagely bounteously comfortably plenteously copiously minimally bountifully necessarily opportunely capably efficaciously productively fortunately propitiously comprehensively victoriously fortuitously auspiciously flourishingly conclusively skilfully totally prosperously thrivingly profitably altogether in triumph through and through all the way with flying colours


Adverb for indicative, or showing signs, of wealth or luxury
luxuriously sumptuously lavishly opulently plushly palatially extravagantly fancily ornately plushily affluently elaborately lusciously poshly swankily classily grandly lushly ritzily silkenly splendidly exclusively richly magnificently grandiosely swishly gorgeously elegantly expensively majestically ostentatiously pretentiously statelily imposingly impressively resplendently stylishly finely regally immoderately abundantly comfortably showily prodigally indulgently superbly exuberantly sensuously beautifully splendiferously exquisitely glitzily pompously chicly sybaritically sensually profusely spectacularly easily delicately voluptuously choicely rarely daintily spaciously superiorly specially riotously illustriously dearly nobly monumentally glitteringly comfily superly snazzily classically dazzlingly preciously spiffily valuably brilliantly wildly wealthily refinedly unrestrainedly wastefully exaggeratedly unreasonably excessively plentifully brightly copiously improvidently intemperately thriftlessly prosperously fatly bountifully amply prolifically colorfully openhandedly effusively profligately colourfully gaudily hedonistically pleasurably smartly fashionably glamorously trendily splashily handsomely tastefully flashily modishly sharply flamboyantly heroically genteelly formally snappily gracefully sophisticatedly aristocratically pottily snobbishly snottily snootily persnicketily snobbily agreeably inly dashingly coolly overindulgently hedonically nicely pleasantly dignifiedly stuffily highly gloriously proudly respectably leafily imperially royally baronially epically augustly bravely gallantly magnifically massively baroquely salubriously plummily


(predicative) In good health
well healthy fit fine in good health able-bodied as fit as a fiddle bright-eyed bushy-tailed chipper full of life hale hale and hearty healthful hearty in good condition in good physical shape in good shape in shape physically fit robust sound strong able all right as fit as a flea blooming bursting with health fighting fit fit as a fiddle in excellent shape in fine feather in fine fettle in good trim in rude health in the pink in tip-top condition sound in body and limb thriving up to snuff vigorous whole alive and kicking bouncing fresh glowing hardy husky in good form right as rain solid as a rock strong as an ox together trim up to par well-conditioned wholesome sturdy lusty tough stout muscular normal active stalwart athletic flourishing firm unimpaired strapping lively good OK buff energetic restored fit as a flea rugged in trim powerful virile right as strong as an ox shredded brawny burly in top form potent aerobicized in good physical condition in good kilter invigorated hunky-dory ripped sane safe solid substantial staunch abled capable mighty full of vim hard as right as rain better healthier recovered refreshed rehabilitated ok healed young cured mended beefy jacked okay proper rested fitter strengthened fine and dandy A1 untroubled Herculean spirited up to scratch nondisabled sinewy relieved perky sprightly in peak condition energised safe and sound rosy-cheeked uninjured unharmed soothed very well not disabled the picture of health red-blooded vitalized energized slim muscled toned comfortable bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans toned up stable as right as a trivet cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured unflagging enduring resilient tenacious indefatigable hefty acclimatised resistant seasoned acclimatized intact fast bombproof undamaged durable flawless well-built vibrant wide-ranging perfect rigorous vital unhurt undecayed unblemished well-constructed hanging together holding together forceful heavy-duty hunky stark dynamic hard-wearing muscly spry unyielding resolute peppy animated hard as nails feisty indestructible aggressive long-lasting strongly made well-made thickset thewy iron determined heavy vivacious zippy impervious intense brisk jaunty imperishable tireless spanking forcible snappy impenetrable stubborn hard-nosed ball of fire high-powered untiring powerfully built sparkling unbreakable cynical gritty reinforced bouncy zestful dogged indomitable uncompromising two-fisted frisky enthusiastic sparky secure airy animate keen fair driving pert reliable strenuous jazzy springy enterprising vehement obstinate pizazzy gay pizzazzy florid ruddy rosy dewy bright clear built to last kinetic dependable breezy made to last lasting influential sporty important hulking flush physical gingery significant case-hardened agile nimble lithe powerhouse effervescent mesomorphic hard-boiled unsentimental high-spirited fortified indurate rigid inflexible stiff doughty steamroller manful puissant manly invincible dashing irrepressible solidly built spunky callous indurated plucky steeled masculine steady hard-edged passionate effective steadfast zealous racy as strong as a horse obdurate mettlesome resounding emphatic bubbly fiery assertive cohesive jock beefcake invulnerable fixed radiant perdurable well-founded self-assertive self-confident gutsy hard-hitting persistent unwavering industrious unbending single-minded full-blooded full of vim and vigour as tough as old boots full of the joys of spring go-go bright and breezy pushy full of get-up-and-go bulky thick upright broad-shouldered bulletproof muscle-bound full-bodied well-developed built meaty herculean fleshy well muscled like new unused revived unwearied alert unfaded undimmed stimulated verdant creamy unwithered relaxed upstanding inexpugnable well-proportioned rude dour formidable well-knit well knit abiding roaring rough macho moving demoniac motive mobile kinematic dynamical locomotive motile big as strong as a lion perduring long-continued diuturnal studly leathery galvanized galvanised tempered as strong as a ox intrepid headstrong valiant thick-skinned relentless unshakable bullheaded stouthearted serviceable molded dense conditioned tight moulded long-lived accustomed habituated withstanding leading dominant flushed youthful-looking pink blushing healthy-looking youthful predominant authoritative prestigious controlling difficult to keep down complete exciting electrifying wieldy omnipotent strengthy boss almighty tough as nails peaches-and-cream flamboyant alive zesty dazzling bustling quick to bounce back happening stirring impassioned colorful humming colourful buzzing vivid rousing impregnable unassailable desensitized experienced deadened barnstorming hopping coruscating intensive stimulating busy astir bold abuzz quick to recover tried-and-true immovable established rolling with punches storming ballsy punchy sensitive vibrating responsive peart thoroughgoing thorough rock-solid armoured all-out abubble have-a-go full of pep high-octane aboil full of spirit coarsened used fanatical strong as ox everlasting stormproof knockabout well fortified well-armed airtight armored inviolable storm-resistant well defended well-protected steely impassible well protected unattackable concrete tough as old boots committed violent wholehearted total sweeping full unrestrained playful strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse unfeeling uncaring benumbed inaccessible coldhearted cruel uncompassionate heartless contemptuous unsubmissive irreverent hardhearted hard-as-nails unrepenting impious unemotional desensitised prepared disdainful unashamed obtuse hard-headed upbeat go-getting dedicated iron-willed fierce driven ardent all-embracing all out uncontrolled exhaustive unbridled wick practical shrewd realistic persuasive take-over exuberant take-charge efficient hard-driving earnest unflinching down-to-earth matter-of-fact raring to go out-and-out unmixed out and out pulling no punches sure loyal avid eager sagacious strong-willed world-weary water-resistant unaffected waterproof insusceptible adamantine set compacted packed concentrated consolidated compressed hard-handed stony compact rocky firm in spirit strong-minded independent perceptive resolved faithful keen as mustard decisive brave confident heroic purposeful stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad courageous resourceful unhesitating unfaltering certain take charge mean full of energy lacking sentiment toughened by experience as hard as nails protected repellent immune immune to unsusceptible to imperviable to unaffected by repellent of impervious to proof against invulnerable to

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