Đồng nghĩa của verdant

Alternative for verdant

verdant /'və:dənt/
  • tính từ
    • xanh lá cây, xanh tươi
    • phủ đầy cỏ xanh
    • (nghĩa bóng) ngây thơ, thiếu kinh nghiệm


(of countryside) Green with grass or other rich vegetation
green leafy lush overgrown grass-covered rich dense flourishing grassy grown jungle-like jungly luxuriant prolific rampant teeming thick thriving verdurous blooming fertile fresh graminaceous gramineous virid viridescent rank abundant profuse fecund abounding foliate riotous superabundant weedy exuberant prosperous fruitful vigorous sprouting pullulating bosky productive fat cornucopian fructuous plentiful copious overflowing lavish plenteous rural pastoral wild excessive ample prodigal diffuse leaved shady shaded leafed extensive summery springlike umbrageous covered hidden wooded in foliage bountiful bounteous liberal generous galore aplenty plenty opulent full no end inexhaustible large substantial flush lank generative a dime a dozen bumper heavy swarming unstinting breeding proliferant spawning comfortable overabundant rife considerable great handsome a gogo fulsome yielding infinite replete affluent huge pregnant crawling with wealthy childing high-yielding voluminous producing munificent proliferous thick on the ground fructiferous immoderate extravagant reproducing flowering superfluous sumptuous alive with thick with flowing breedy pubescent procreant black feracious virile arable vegetative uberous gravid loamy bearing puberal hebetic bringing forth with child flowing with milk and honey in abundance well-provided stinking with no end in sight awash filled gushing generating countless proliferating propagative extreme profusive openhanded innumerable numerous sizeable fraught luxurious myriad boundless moneyed thronging commodious propagating sufficient fruit-bearing lousy big plenitudinous no end of in plenty well-supplied over the top surplus in excess extra fruiting progenitive creative unsparing inventive effusive inordinate open-handed gushy unrestrained bushy spreading broad complete impenetrable condensed compact concentrated crowded tropical junglelike semitropical coarse abundant in abounding in mucho packed competent swimming unlimited appreciable chock-full enough improvident serried impassable proliferative lousy with high-growing flushed dripping swamped overrun rolling saturated brimming deluged reproductive high-volume successful lucrative close-packed knee-deep stinking crawling many multifarious multiple manifold multitudinous booming profitable wordy prolix verbose remunerative vast immense well-off well-to-do whopping princely tidy well-fixed monied deep-pocketed loaded paying fat-cat cushy silk-stocking well-heeled moneymaking juicy economic well-endowed money-spinning gainful a mess of coming out of ears jammy stink with


Lacking in experience
young inexperienced green new undeveloped fresh naïve unfledged uninitiated unproven untrained amateur amateurish callow ignorant immature inept inexpert naive tenderfoot unacquainted unfamiliar uninformed unlearned unpractised unqualified unskilled unskillful innocent nonprofessional raw sophomoric unconversant undisciplined unprofessional unschooled unseasoned unsophisticated untested untried untutored unversed jackleg unaccustomed underdeveloped unpracticed unworldly lacking experience wet behind the ears wide-eyed rookie kid prentice unused wet behind ears unfamiliar with rude spring chicken uninitiate vernal unripe born yesterday unrehearsed youthful unformed adolescent juvenile puerile unripened spring ingenuous dewy vulnerable impressionable naif unwary childlike childish unsuspicious unknowing unsuspecting dewy-eyed tender uncritical simple artless untaught guileless uneducated nescient simpleminded unaffected credulous gullible unwitting primitive oblivious trusting natural as green as grass insensible illiterate fledgling jejune unaware unconscious unread unenlightened unmindful incognizant benighted uninstructed unlettered witless uncultivated unknowledgeable unguarded thick trustful in the dark unpretentious budding easily taken in aw-shucks dense moronic clueless imbecilic shallow unsceptical infant birdbrained unstudied over-trusting unintellectual mindless easily deceived obtuse silly uncultured nonliterate open spontaneous cretinous analphabetic exploitable naïf foolish easy backward dilettante babyish developing junior easily led misinformed girlish boyish virgin unconversant with inexperienced in stupid unintelligent apprenticed incompetent dark dumb dim dopey susceptible confiding pure virginal pubescent childly dozy uncertificated fatuous unpretending strange blind to unpolished simple-minded unused to unacquainted with unaccustomed to unequipped unchartered unlicensed a stranger to unversed in new to unpractised in unassuming modest down-to-earth dilettantish unfinished incomplete unexperienced unaccomplished rustic unrefined without airs unbaked jellybean crude sophomore unweaned folksy unartificial clean genuine plain half-grown unscholarly dupable little deceivable idealistic unquestioning daft gullable young-looking youngish novice unwise just starting out ill-informed over-trustful slow accepting believing not up to divvy infantile young at heart chowderheaded dof dotish novel frivolous newborn glaikit uncorrupted not dry behind ears empty-headed half-witted slow on the uptake easy mark as thick as two short planks unenlightened about ignorant of nescient of uninformed about underage not used strange to in the springtime of life like a babe in the woods in the dark about fresh to a stranger nascent emerging bland newly arrived tenderfooted sciolistic unready frank uninhibited ill-educated undeceitful ordinary kidstuff unmellowed sour unstudious first-time uncomplicated uncool country corn-fed uncouth philistine lowbrow homely green as grass blind not ripe wholesome vulgar impractical dull maturing humble unschooled in untutored in unacclimated unadjusted unadapted quiet baby non-technical lowly not developed babe in woods inerudite catachrestic solecistic incapable growing up small unskeptical biting sucker mark fleeceable brash reckless non-professional lay simplistic out of the loop unable to read and write real true untamed unprepared wild swallowing whole tumbling for taken in kidding oneself unhabituated to not ready for vigorous manual labouring menial overtrusting falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker active gauche honest-to-goodness cracker-barrel untalented cowboy spry imprudent not trained provincial parochial teenage unhandy inproficient inadequate laboring awkward fresh-faced sprightly soppy sentimental dovelike unrealistic teary-eyed sinless undefiled teenaged bush-league corny unadulterated cornball authentic homey blue-collar young looking buoyant enthusiastic full of life keen readily swallowing whole readily taken in readily falling for early growing teen newish blossoming blooming unskilled at not associated out of contact unskilled in uninitiated in inconversant unaware of not versed in burgeoning unattempted brainless senseless asinine not aged in one's salad days not far advanced unprecedented unheard-of unknown original crazy idiotic experimental doltish exploratory test pilot prototype trial speculative unestablished unproved fond damfool retarded a newbie to too green not given to not used to a novice at newcome a newcomer to inexperienced at conjectural unsubstantiated unessayed kooky loony cuckoo dotty screwball looney absurd nutty wacky harebrained lunatic mad dunderheaded nonsensical dippy featherheaded cockeyed lamebrained zany tomfool lunkheaded whacky crackpot daffy kookie bubbleheaded preposterous sappy balmy jerky gormless insane unexpert in the experimental stage cute unjaded quaint fool batty boneheaded indiscreet blockheaded half-baked Panglossian countrified weak-minded dim-witted feeble-minded feather-headed hare-brained feather-brained superficial starry-eyed airheaded uncomprehending hebete thick as two short planks pig-ignorant not the full shilling a brick short of a load dead from the neck up two sandwiches short of a picnic


Made from or with herbs

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