Đồng nghĩa của unquestioning

Alternative for unquestioning

Trái nghĩa: questioning,

Tính từ

Having absolute certainty about something
confident optimistic hopeful sanguine sure certain positive convinced doubtless unfaltering firm unwavering categorical resolute satisfied unequivocal clear consummate unhesitating assured implicit persuaded trusting have no doubt unshakeable in one's belief easy in one's mind hold the unwavering view in no doubt not question secure in one's belief undeniable decided unquestionable free from doubt real incontrovertible incontestable indubitable genuine indisputable constant uncompromising abiding unchangeable unshakable unfailing unqualified unvarying enduring convincing changeless fixed telling valid never-failing steady unchanging set steadfast for a fact unshaken undoubting concrete express decisive self-assured conclusive definite self-conceited confirmed self-confident specific perfect rank cold affirmative absolute out-and-out forceful irrefutable unambiguous cocksure inarguable factual actual downright explicit forcible unmistakable direct outright hard thoroughgoing thorough clear-cut complete buoyant cheerful bullish upbeat bright cheery expectant secure disposed to look on the bright side of good cheer encouraged enthusiastic undoubtful full of hope at ease animated spirited idealistic can-do chipper Panglossian Pollyannaish buoyed up having no doubt keeping the faith looking on the bright side always expecting the best swaggy unvacillating unshakeable resolved assertive undoubtable believing questionless clear in your mind having no questions about unshaken in one's belief blithesome gladsome sunny winsome eupeptic gay lightsome blithe canty self-possessed believing in oneself anticipative chirpy holding the unwavering view anticipating trustful sure of yourself with no doubts about sure of oneself filled with aplomb converted swayed unflagging anticipant hoping comfortable reassured calm inspirited expecting emboldened content influenced looking forward to won over easy in your mind talked into something happy ridibund lively disposed to take a favourable view seen through rose-coloured spectacles inclined to look through rose-coloured spectacles in good heart

Tính từ

Showing or tending to have a belief in a person's honesty or sincerity
trusting gullible naive trustful unsuspicious unwary wide-eyed credulous innocent unsuspecting childlike confiding dewy-eyed easy exploitable gullable ingenuous susceptible unguarded believing undoubting easily deceived easily taken in simple impressionable over-trusting green deceivable dupable overtrusting unknowing unsophisticated inexperienced unworldly raw accepting uncritical easily led over-trustful born yesterday as green as grass wet behind the ears optimistic fleeceable foolish clueless easily fooled artless unsceptical guileless ignorant callow immature imprudent nescient incognizant simpleminded dewy naif primitive jejune aw-shucks easy mark readily taken in readily falling for readily swallowing whole green as grass unschooled natural vulnerable young fresh unaffected untutored unstudied rookie uninitiated unfledged naïf tender exploitative exploitatory exploitive undeveloped naïve unpretentious idealistic defenceless untrained pure genuine silly untaught uncorrupted folksy unartificial clean defenseless plain youthful uninformed unseasoned unacquainted tenderfoot like a babe in the woods new unfamiliar fresh-faced overcredulous fictile country uncool corn-fed undeceitful malleable infant juvenile adolescent babe in woods unpractised lacking experience childish unripe vernal verdant amateur unqualified unskilled dew-covered heavy with dew damp wet moist uncivilized savage biting sucker mark unskeptical fond insensible easily influenced easily exploited easily controlled barbarian uncultivated barbaric unwise unrefined soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless undefiled dovelike countrified virgin cute starry-eyed shallow unjaded uneducated virginal Panglossian quaint simple-minded tumbling for taken in kidding oneself swallowing whole uncivilised unlearned untamed animal brutish austere atavistic nonliterate fierce uncultured undomesticated vestigial underdeveloped wild barbarous down-to-earth unpolished gauche modest unassuming falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker provincial rustic parochial bush-league corny homey unadulterated kid without airs cornball authentic persuadable sensitive responsive acquiescent wide open soft thin-skinned amenable emotional movable inclined manageable impressible given tractable suggestible easily taken advantage of disposed pushover predisposed nonresistant influenceable easily moved sitting duck highly strung prone swayable receptive adaptable at risk out on a limb ready readily taken advantage of fall for susceptive

Tính từ

Not difficult to satisfy

Tính từ

Having unconditional and enthusiastic support
wholehearted complete committed emphatic absolute categorical full genuine real total true unambiguous unqualified unreserved unshakeable unstinting determined earnest enthusiastic fervent hearty positive sincere solid staunch thorough unconditional undivided unequivocal unflinching unlimited unmitigated unrestricted zealous dedicated devoted steadfast steady sure unadulterated unalloyed unfaltering unswerving unwavering utter ardent enduring heartfelt outright serious stalwart thoroughgoing undiluted unfeigned warm abiding authentic constant entire fullhearted impassioned loyal passionate whole-hearted bona fide hundred percent whole-souled never-failing out-and-out without reservations definite consummate explicit express pure rank downright wholesale categoric profound clear decisive regular simple stark sheer whole fair plumb unquestionable indubitable perfect final arrant assured dead flat unconstrained certain open unmistakable very dreadful bodacious plenary crashing deadly actual determinate blank wide clean stone blooming straight-out flat-out all-out straight out all out cotton-picking no strings no holds barred no fine print no catch no ifs ands or buts no kicker firm resounding direct forthright definitive conclusive uncompromising overt ultimate right apodictic extreme specific point-blank clear-cut through and through deep-dyed no strings attached right-down in every respect one hundred per cent full-bore plain undeniable obvious veritable indisputable straightforward patent incontrovertible distinct manifest evident precise irrefutable incontestable transparent undoubted palpable proper exact accurate decided exhaustive comprehensive convincing beyond question straight blunt compelling crystal clear unarguable irrefragable inarguable unchallengeable unanswerable dyed-in-the-wool beyond doubt lucid candid proven bald self-evident unassailable pronounced undisputable apparent barefaced frank undebatable well defined supreme gross demonstrable unambivalent honest nonambiguous marked accomplished utmost open-and-shut perspicuous undisputed blatant concrete detailed glaring factual surpassing authoritative clinching well-defined confirmed open and shut watertight unrestrained striking straight from the shoulder broad infernal univocal beyond dispute black-and-white guaranteed verifiable uninhibited undiminished unabridged unmodified valid bald-faced infallible established beyond a shadow of a doubt outspoken last full-scale undisguised observable pellucid defined fixed upfront ringing limitless particular not in doubt plain-spoken nailed-on uncontestable effective cut-and-dried deciding reliable inveterate tangible bright-line unmixed conspicuous sharp unvarnished blasted strict luculent airtight hard blessed confounded peremptory uncontroversial intense plainspoken forthcoming sound luminous unbroken black and white openhearted matter-of-fact point blank no-nonsense freehearted maximum naked free-spoken full-on prize flagrant substantial resolute noticeable brazen irrevocable verified settled overall persuasive unbounded correct grand meticulous forceful determinative infinite faultless essential determining matchless cogent demonstrative unerring set settling substantive understandable full-blown flawless truthful bluff literal straight-from-the-shoulder tactless impressive undiplomatic unguarded bloody trenchant unremitting error-free well-founded straight to the point sure thing out-front well founded no mistake in the bag boundless up-front as plain as a pikestaff on the nose unconditioned clearly expressed uncontested speaking as one finds staring one in the face not afraid to call a spade a spade dependable unquestioned unfailing pat binding fundamental certified unrelieved existent assertive insistent secure unblemished hands-down uttermost everlasting double-dyed pinpoint max attested prominent paramount significant realistic top nth legit perceptible confirmable key closing good clean-cut obligatory intact strong forcible out and out establishable extensive appreciable known surefire concluding safe kosher mere peerless powerful coercive prime unimpeachable elemental finished as sure as eggs is eggs beyond a doubt integral integrated unblurred distinctive accepted acknowledged inimitable veridical inclusive undoubtable bold telling incisive influential unsurpassed terminal in-depth intelligible lucent sensible material compleat minute inerrant perfected effectual dinkum plausible efficacious weighty urgent intelligent crystalline sweeping on ice without reservation spot-on unconcealed true-blue sure-fire for sure well-grounded sure-enough pertinent foursquare dead-on nailed down sharply defined all-inclusive close honest-to-goodness for real hard and fast cut and dried eternal up front perpetual straight-talking call a spade a spade on the money for certain not beating around the bush straight-shooting extraordinary inch-perfect without limit bang on from the hip on the button like it is true blue staring shallow simplistic capital egregious most unchallenged adamant all-fired overwhelming unregenerate all quintessential jejune naive glib infamous notorious vile monstrous atrocious abrupt unshakable runaway imperative irreversible commanding unstinted effusive gushing forward unimpaired maximal systematic relentless austere spelled out optimum shameless unequivocable necessary compulsory dead on verbatim crisp official principal rigid unabated unadorned uncorrupted wholesome cinched unalterable specified quite single altogether unappealable concentrated overarching clear cut stated severe untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending cold superior recognizable uninterrupted totalitarian round quantified unembellished predestined provable trustworthy ascertained destined without qualification no beating around the bush double-checked unfabled oppressive discernible legitimate rightly so called stone-cold no joke with no strings open-ended nothing other than plain-speaking state-of-the-art limiting terminating completing finishing ending through-and-through no two ways about it limited no lie visible certifiable huge well-established beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question persistent harsh grim unalleviated unsoftened veracious sovereign telltale no ifs and or buts without doubt down pat beyond a shadow of doubt untarnished untouched unaltered habitual undying objective determinant resolving revealing irrefrangible energetic vigorous easily understandable stone cold satisfying great formidable inexpugnable stable frozen hard-and-fast inevitable faithful obtrusive unique salted away excellent unsurpassable errant transcendent chronic ideal impeccable horrible unified aggregate no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact measurable vehement superlative predominant on-target surgical individual foolproof intuitive insightful relevant ingenious combined composite audible outstanding enunciated dramatic unimaginary existing perceivable quantifiable detectable pre-eminent unbound tyrannical all-powerful litmus test having down pat recognized doubtless recognisable stunning omnipotent what you see is what you get physical well grounded intent unhampered preeminent indivisible organic choate well documented free natural unevasive in every way as plain as the nose on your face as plain as daylight self-explanatory unimaginative recognised questionless failsafe plain as day sure enough non-fictional de facto honest to God real live deep guileless ingenuous artless well-proven salient without restrictions unchecked unhindered ungoverned unimpeded uncontrolled unbridled untrammeled untrammelled unsuppressed uncontrollable ceaseless no-holds-barred unshackled no-limit uncurbed brutal unrepressed wild full-fledged aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic easily distinguishable over-literal lacking nuance lacking subtlety aboveboard personal immediate undoubting saying what one thinks calling spade a spade lay it on the line bare-faced laying it on the line corroborated intricate experienced comprehensible confident dogmatic stressed important solemn pointed sober accented potent workmanlike documented inflexible unbreakable fail-safe limpid crystal considerable rigorous exclusive intensive can't-miss iron clearly defined uncontradicted penetrating firsthand crystal-clear for a face easily understood substantiated encyclopedic elaborate textbook cast-iron wide-ranging all-encompassing far-reaching special encyclopaedic intimate first-hand picture-perfect in depth basic primary set in stone picture-book dead right bull's-eye to a T letter-perfect classic to a turn polished errorless model spot on on target central elementary pivotal vital radical crucial transcendental critical empyrean empyreal sublime

Tính từ

Without faltering, continuous, steadfast
unfaltering firm indefatigable resolute steadfast steady tireless unflagging unswerving untiring unwavering decided fixed resolved unfluctuating unhesitating persevering persistent relentless unfailing unflinching unrelenting unremitting unvacillating unyielding abiding bound constant determined dogged enduring inexorable mulish never-failing pigheaded set stiff-necked stubborn sure sustained tenacious unflappable unqualified unshakeable wholehearted bent on meaning business bound and determined dead set on going all the way faithful devoted loyal dedicated staunch true dependable reliable devout fast pious stanch down-the-line true-blue ardent intent intense allegiant supportive durable certain single-minded committed good trusty stalwart obdurate unmovable unbending adamant tried-and-true changeless immovable liege rigid established immobile stable trustworthy earnest pertinacious purposeful intransigent obstinate strong-willed insistent inflexible uncompromising implacable deliberate strong stout unshakable serious spunky rock-ribbed undaunted steely purposive spirited strong-minded plucky brave bold courageous indomitable unshaken manful mettlesome perseverant gritty vigorous strenuous bulldog valiant indurate gutsy stiff unbendable unchanging four-square stout-hearted persisting definite patient intrepid decisive immutable sedulous diligent assiduous settled out importunate cohesive coherent solid tough hell-bent on hell bent on tall in the saddle intent on on one's mettle insistent on set on do-or-die determined to hell-bent upon intent upon committed to the idea of bent upon sturdy possessive unforgetful driven unswervable genuine sincere vehement honest in earnest heartfelt fervid serious-minded meaning what one says hell-bent impassioned zealous compulsive full of determination grim undeviating

Tính từ

Complying or willing to comply with an order or request
obedient amenable compliant law-abiding tractable biddable docile acquiescent deferential duteous dutiful respectful submissive well-trained conformable meek pliant subservient yielding accommodating good governable ingratiating malleable obeisant observant passive under control unresisting bootlicking disciplined manageable obsequious tame pliable servile well disciplined well trained attentive complaisant controllable devoted docious faithful hearsome honouring honoring loyal obliging regardful resigned reverential sheeplike venerating well-behaved willing in one's clutches in one's pocket in one's power on a string wrapped around finger at one's beck and call cooperative persuadable humble unassertive manipulable agreeable polite adaptable persuasible impressionable orderly subdued susceptible suggestible influenceable easy easily influenced reverent courteous slavish fawning lamblike abject mild sycophantic timid tolerant nonresistant quiet soft resistless ductile flexible devout mannerly self-abasing responsive proper well behaved spiritless receptive unprotesting grovelling groveling decent menial unresistant peaceful pious tolerating gentle longanimous civil self-effacing civilized well-mannered teachable milky considerate conformist peaceable thoughtful admiring gracious patient appreciative lowly accepting complying forbearing deferent spineless easily handled awed honourable honorable righteous toadying civilised ignoble solid virtuous cringing worshiping susceptive moral ethical easily swayed suasible restrained well mannered under one's thumb go-with-the-flow supple transformable bendy worshipping worshipful solemn upholding lawful conforming orthodox craven seemly weak-kneed long-suffering decorous base uncomplaining domesticated cool laid-back assenting supine non-resistant non-violent nonresisting amiable solicitous game workable nonviolent cowering downtrodden mean quiescent subject easily led calm enduring ready like putty in one's hands trained moldable Uriah Heepish like putty in your hands rolls with punches venerational putty in hands peacekeeping assentient accordant consentient following open trusting gullible controlled consenting under someone's control adoring loving conscientious bendable submitting easygoing childlike mellow usable complacent unassuming stoical easily manipulated acceding ingratiatory truckling ruly agreeing approving able to be influenced snivelling inferior weak dedicated responsible punctilious mindful putty in one's hands tranquil filial courtly chivalrous gallant convincible shy unobtrusive demure cowed tameable fatalistic reconciled philosophical spongy putty lithy sniveling dancing wimpish frightened boneless sequacious acquiescing assentive obligatory binding conciliatory taught wussy holy practising godly adapted well-disposed genial phlegmatic cordial satisfied stoic adjusted renouncing relinquishing accommodated sheepish supplicatory indulgent tamable easily persuaded at peace honest at one's mercy a slave to timorous unambitious hesitant tentative apprehensive fearful lenient incumbent on well brought up well-brought-up correct untroublesome convenient amendable mim self-conscious non-resisting committed generous friendly high-minded worthy principled right-minded like a lamb to the slaughter good-natured easy-going good-humored good-tempered good-humoured clean-living upstanding upright unctuous adjustable practicing oily oleaginous low straight just respectable greasy toadyish lifeless slimy brown-nosing cringey smarmy soapy forelock-tugging arse-licking sucky excessively deferential apple-polishing non-aggressive above board under someone's thumb ass-kissing static reflexive bearing flaccid disinterested sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid flat motionless poker-faced moony idle unflappable dominated obeying comformable giving-in bowing down kowtowing surrendering subordinate placable beggarly eating crow eating humble pie despicable subjugated bullied browbeaten disciplinable handleable trainable oppressed intimidated repressed hands off unadventurous traditional conventional nagged going through motions walking through it constrained uxorious henpecked ground down treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging wife-ridden under someone's heel modest retiring flattering crawling forgiving sycophantish creeping prostrate diffident brownnosing serene apathetic inactive crouching cowardly unpretentious mealy-mouthed parasitic proletarian plebeian unconfident common smooth insecure lowborn shrinking plain lumpen baseborn low-life vulgar prole lower-class charitable kind unsure suckholing compassionate moderate obscure sympathetic lax poor ordinary simple merciful unwashed dull mundane withdrawing prosaic everyday cast down with the patience of Job scared humiliating administrable domestic arse-kissing credulous enslaved stipendiary sneaking parasitical compliable tender rulable down-to-earth bowing adulatory scraping saponaceous sycophant mousy pacific laissez-faire wormlike average declassed commonplace placid backward bashful bowing and scraping selfless pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy zero encourageable unforthcoming aw-shucks warm soft-hearted understanding composed sensitive pleasant warm-hearted tender-hearted affable uninvolved non-participating equable chilled easy-oasy permissive imperturbable even-tempered unexcitable mild-mannered jejune vapid forbearant persistent persevering equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable honey-tongued insincere smooth-tongued slick silver-tongued smooth-talking impassive philosophic fortitudinous reactive unassured nervous anxious self-controlled self-restrained saccharine nauseating slippery endearing cloying insinuating wheedling cajoling winsome winning sickening disarming deceivable self-doubting not self-assured lacking in confidence wimpy lacking confidence uncertain lacking assurance lacking self-confidence not confident dupable clement insinuative timeserving creepy charming serving silken inert pampering naive liberal unsuspicious mollycoddling deludable unoppressive pardoning benign temperate unburdensome humoring spoiling excusing light condoning fleeceable low-born low-bred humouring peasant low-ranking lethargic indifferent deprived enervated sluggish lazy negligent careless effete indolent lymphatic listless languid uninterested slothful torpid heedless slack unresponsive dormant unoccupied lackadaisical sedentary do-nothing tired

Tính từ

Conforming to accepted behaviour or established practices
conformist conventional obedient orthodox traditional unadventurous conservative common ordinary bourgeois accepted old-fashioned usual standard popular staid doctrinal stuffy straight square established prevailing button-down customary received suburban strait-laced normal hidebound recognized regular mainstream traditionalist widespread old-line devout Pooterish acknowledged recognised buttoned-down middle-class general fuddy-duddy current observant prevalent pious unprogressive reactionary proper conforming ultraconservative predictable parochial correct brassbound standpat paleoconservative strict small-town archconservative traditionalistic mossbacked universal routine old-school boring die-hard majority sanctioned ceremonial bien pensant stick-in-the-mud middle-England petit-bourgeois unimaginative stock shared socially acceptable rife provincial property-owning lamestream fogeyish diehard commonplace materialistic shopkeeping propertied ruling overall dated central ubiquitous practising godly dutiful holy parish-pump widely held in circulation core out of date out of the ark out-of-date behind the times Victorian philistine illiberal law-abiding reverent committed true primary average dominant vanilla predominant typical middle-of-the-road practicing classic accustomed true blue classical traditionary habitual proven ritual of the faith stereotyped undistinguished wonted set prescriptive ritualistic of the true faith fixed immemorial prescribed rooted tried and true run-of-the-mill tried and tested widely used taken for granted time-honored time-honoured formal decorous narrow-minded genteel stodgy respectable puritanical dogmatic Biedermeier ceremonious comme il faut straight-laced of the old school approved official authoritative authorized canonical unoriginal familiar unheretical well established well-established derivative kosher punctilious legitimate religious right rightful sound admitted authorised straight arrow in line by the numbers according to the book everyday expected long-established natural settled confirmed frequent old long-standing characteristic public enduring quotidian regulation plain prosaic lasting garden-variety going household standard-issue age-old well-known bog-standard unexceptional workaday ancient daily unremarkable abiding long-lived fashionable deep-rooted staple dignified garden variety stately cut-and-dried cut-and-dry stereotypical proverbial well worn day-to-day common or garden formulaic standardized archetypal durable chronic representative basic long-lasting archetypical acceptable standardised permanent constant stable hackneyed steady solemn understood legal long-term lawful methodical entrenched simple agreed upon typic historic matter-of-course agreed old hat unquestioned courtly surviving renowned endorsed respected repeated liturgical passed folk certified starchy overused persistent firm systematic chosen consistent generic valid favourite favorite ceremonialistic ongoing sacramental celebratory allowed immortal hacky perennial mundane known formalistic documented humdrum imposing august stipulated well known preferred orderly reliable bona fide recognizable dull native white-bread recognisable in vogue timeworn par for the course long-living favoured time-hallowed long-existing comfortable rehearsed staunch serious highbrow regimented express discreet mediocre garden indifferent inconspicuous ageless collective extensive undoubted uncontested undisputed statutory canonic unspontaneous OB old-world ancestral old-time heavy symphonic concert heavyweight domestic explicit timeless pervasive touted straightforward tralatitious favored great boilerplate past uneventful stale artificial legendary famous famed notorious unopposed legit okayed acquired honored one-size-fits-all wide obligatory acquainted given used habituated state derived broad believed memorable unforgettable undying deathless venerable in established usage unsophisticated appropriate permitted supported legalized ratified backed certain validated affirmed OK'd antique lowly distinguished plastic so-so grind declared identified perceived existing ornate elaborate honoured vulgar recurring de rigueur old school vintage realized remembered self-evident axiomatic handed down homespun humble dyed-in-the-wool mutual inveterate legalised net realised professed old line antiquated common variety matter-of-fact inherent symptomatic regulated regularized widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted arrived at stated procedural reputed infamous anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen emblematic of choice in the habit of periodical periodic earlier generation congruous adopted intermutual embraced united across the board commutual like distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing grand mannered lofty stylized studied made official vouched for continuing sop wont in force individualistic clichéd cliched mature backward-looking stilted stiff nice in keeping in character portly repetitious practised practiced mechanical reiterative iterated automatic addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory cyclic seasoned remaining long-running true to form to be expected vernacular unofficial informal same old only to be expected on the cards … all over true to type ingrained tried and trusted stiff-necked banal trite old-style officially recognized strong fast lifelong persisting eternal standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle secure unshakable vested platitudinous overworked tired steadfast resilient institutionalized regularised institutionalised corny ready-made worn-out worn out readily available widely available most common

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