Đồng nghĩa của ancient

Alternative for ancient


Đồng nghĩa: aged, antique, archaic, elderly, old,

Trái nghĩa: modern,

Tính từ

Belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence
obsolete archaic antiquated antediluvian superannuated outmoded venerable antique extinct medieval past primitive defunct former mediaeval obsolescent prehistoric prehistorical primal primaeval primeval superseded bygone dateless early fossilised fossilized immemorial neolithic olden primordial atavistic démodé deprecated dinosaur foregone outdated out of date timeworn antwacky earliest fossil out-of-date relic past its sell-by date of yore of long ago Stone Age out of the ark done for had it dead and gone past one's sell-by date old old-fashioned aged hoary old-time dated age-old outworn first pristine original historic mossy aboriginal traditional primigenial forgotten of old vintage earlier moth-eaten hoar previous passé rusty behind the times quaint anachronistic historical long-ago old hat oldfangled dead Noachian moribund demoded kaputt kaput prior primary mouldy old-world autochthonous moldy remote ancestral autochthonic old-fangled classical late old-school indigenous long-established disused horse and buggy unfashionable stale creaky clunky erstwhile long-standing worn-out one-time time-honored very old gone by sometime old as the hills from the past folk deep-rooted usual customary departed discarded initial discontinued retrograde retro old-timey done vanished gone old-style hackneyed expired out of fashion quondam long-gone bypast onetime native established ex- antiquarian as old as the hills fixed rooted way back way back when preceding out distant time-honoured anterior antecedent fundamental cobwebby foregoing time-worn tired abandoned prime exhausted musty finished lost domestic endemic born elderly vieux jeu past it forepassed local unhip long ago completed nonextant ended old-hat has-been once no longer in use fallen into disuse long gone out of style recent latter-day older down memory lane gone-by in the olden days back when in the good old days ages ago childhood from way back long forgotten well-established geriatric heritage horse-and-buggy decayed old as Methuselah unoriginal demode cast-off crumbling fusty backward elemental basic radical out-of-fashion obscure dusty threadbare overused veteran old style removed redundant hacky habitual conventional square untouched by humans old as Adam unremembered unrecalled long past long departed deep over lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion olde worlde lapsed before the flood background past its prime last proto- lower ur- long-lived timeless having seen better days proleptical popular classic standard regular widespread accustomed taken for granted universal then unstylish out-of-style not with it bent unusable belated forever old fashioned home-grown wiped out nascent embryonic elementary predictable inevitable predetermined fated inescapable ordained certain unavoidable destined ex precursory spent at the time of an earlier time one time once upon a time of a former period unemployed stagnant past recall congenital unacquired ethnic chthonic connate homegrown inherited no more accomplished elapsed uncivilised essential uncivilized underivative underlying substratal unevolved uncomplicated coarse underived barbaric budding centuries old in oblivion sunk in oblivion ago whilom other out of commission out of use pre-existing early bird dead and buried antediluvial over and done with over and done rooted in the past precedent retired conservative water over the dam water under the bridge traditionalistic orthodox as was behind one ancient history familial family ultraconservative unprogressive standpat reactionary lineal brassbound paleoconservative archconservative charming picturesque oral unwritten button-down buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line die-hard handed-down gothic colonial Victorian artful cute baroque ingenious Gothic appealing enchanting captivating affected pleasing pretty

Tính từ

Having been in existence for a very long time

Tính từ

Being of advanced years in age
old aged elderly ageing aging senior geriatric mature gray grey older senile olden senescent unyoung over-the-hill getting on grey-haired grey-bearded of advanced years advanced in years as old as the hills over the hill past it no spring chicken on last leg long in the tooth long-lived decrepit venerable doddering doddery hoary grizzled not as young as one was not long for this world not as young as one used to be superannuated longevous septuagenarian octogenarian nonagenarian centenarian matured past your prime of a certain age antique age-old feeble hoar immemorial antediluvian dateless antiquated enfeebled worn timeworn rusty oldie old-fashioned out-of-date been around past one's prime lot of mileage up in years patriarchal archaic outmoded outdated middle-aged silver-haired grizzly white-haired silvery-haired tired declining retired full of years past your sell-by date relic worn-out long in tooth anile cobwebby passé moth-eaten creaky ripened shot of an advanced age very old on its last legs senior citizen worse for wear frail weak wasted debilitated infirm incapacitated tottering weakened weakly in second childhood in your dotage ripe major crippled fragile abiding long-lasting out of shape Elder I First along in years of age gray-haired on in years not young in one's dotage in bad shape leading above primary high-grade oldest eldest higher over first-born the elder next higher faltering pensioned pensioned off former discharged emeritus ex- dotard past put out to grass resigned emerita in retirement more advanced

Tính từ

Described in or based on legends
legendary fabled mythical traditional fabulous romantic storybook fairy-tale heroic mythic mythological apocryphal fanciful fictitious allegorical created customary doubtful dubious fabricated figmental handed-down imaginary imaginative improbable invented related storied told unhistoric unhistorical unreal unverifiable chimerical fictional made-up visionary imagined fantastic make-believe folkloric whimsical fantastical nonexistent false ideal supposititious fictive chimeric pretend phantasmal fantasied phantasmic imaginal phantom untrue notional illusory symbolic fantasy pretended hypothetical epic parabolic dreamlike symbolical mythologic fancied dreamy enchanted magic magical made up suppositious hallucinatory unsubstantial delusive quixotic shadowy dreamed-up proverbial fake theoretical concocted extravagant non-existent wild unbelievable deceptive illusive unlikely spectral apparitional incredible aerial product of someone's imagination trumped up fool's paradise out of this world literary larger-than-life devised spurious unsubstantiated unverified unauthenticated questionable estimated academic all in the mind famed uncanonical famous mock equivocal debatable wonderful outstanding remarkable important impressive extraordinary phantasmagoric intangible insubstantial seeming artificial immaterial nebulous far-fetched absurd preposterous allonymous ungenuine unsupported counterfeit inaccurate wrong ostensible impalpable sham insincere phoney ridiculous curious unnatural weird faux misleading reproduction reachy replica phony imitation tall poetic capricious crackpot offbeat flakey kinky flaky far out fairy tale floating idealistic cock and bull hard to swallow blue sky hard to take pipe dream impractical pie in the sky castles in the air on cloud nine unrealistic optimistic exaggerated high-flown utopian idealist hopeful idyllic unworkable unpractical quixotical idealised idealized starry Panglossian Micawberish starry-eyed out of touch with reality ivory-towered head-in-the-clouds assumed ethereal abstract supposed virtual imagal all in one's head figment of someone's imagination delusory mistaken fallacious creative inventive impracticable apparent deceitful blue-sky unfeasible pseudo pretentious vague phantasmagorical speculative otherworldly semblant unworldly specious impossible overdecorative incorporeal arty-crafty dream daydreaming simulated irrational picturesque vaporous synthetic nightmarish ingenious inspired airy unsound perfectionist bogus transcendental original erroneous unreasonable artistic innovative airy-fairy Utopian fraudulent non-viable illusionary perfect implausible ambitious deceiving surreal flimsy grandiose lofty pie-in-the-sky introspective musing abstracted astral fantasized feigned delusional illogical unfounded vain bizarre play-play unearthly enterprising spiritual hyped up unattainable misguided metaphysical fantasised unbusinesslike foolish clever originative resourceful insightful far-sighted artful unconventional innovational unorthodox vivid thought up dreaming fertile forged radical naive prophetic Promethean ivory-tower deluding beguiling avant-garde in the clouds psychedelic faultless flawless excellent lulling misty preoccupied calming relaxing gentle marvelous woolgathering soothing pensive introvertive phantasm trumped-up imitative phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic Kafkaesque phantasmagorian chimeral dummy ersatz improvised conceptual inane queer created out of thin air mimic man-made factitious substitute conceived manufactured acted dreamt up fantasizing hollow inconceivable out there misconceived sentimental over-optimistic prepared unthinkable unimaginable marvellous moony impulsive inoperable chivalrous ideational suppositional conjectural putative fantasising in your head Barmecidal Barmecide float innovatory silly conjectured theoretic unconvincing unserviceable impetuous useless ineffectual inefficacious ineffective in error senseless half-baked nonconformist stimulating off-centre unusual individual poetical unachievable productive inspirational crazy potty shaky lightweight feeble contrary to reason incorrect supernatural celestial gone nonrealistic nonsensical prescient mercurial hardly possible breaking ground way out out of the ordinary brain wave subjective perceptive penetrating intuitive discerning mental transcendent invalid without substance unfocused gifted wise sharp talented shrewd untruthful inexact weightless wispy out-of-reach not applicable not sensible faulty expressive preternatural empyreal mystic heavenly arcadian model best ideological ultimate supreme distorted noble exalted dainty rare frail rarefied diaphanous tenuous thin volatile light frivolous fragile indescribable indefinable flawed imprecise fresh exotic unclear obscure untouchable indistinct unbodied truthless improper eccentric fancy quirky flighty with your head in the clouds arty fey mystical casuistic counterfactual off the mark fishy cooked-up misrepresentative contrary to fact off coloured sophistical colored formless nonphysical bodiless ghostlike discarnate nonmaterial brilliant freaky freakish genius experimental keen artsy ephemeral inexistent revolutionary astute challenging imperceptible to the touch imponderable slender infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night idle audacious bold hard difficult far-out homespun homemade handmade tough demanding monumental daring formidable rustic artsy-craftsy head in the clouds onerous exigent too little too late ballsy brash herculean pretentiously artistic killer aggressive large-scale difficult to achieve

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