Đồng nghĩa của forever

Alternative for forever

Đồng nghĩa: always, eternally, evermore,


In a way that continues or lasts forever
evermore forevermore permanently in perpetuity enduringly for evermore for aye for ever and ever until doomsday for all time for life in perpetuum until kingdom come for ever more for good and all now and forever on and on till Doomsday until hell freezes over until Kingdom come until the cows come home until the end of time for keeps until the twelfth of never once and for all till blue in the face till death do us part world without end till the cows come home till the end of time too long eternally perpetually everlastingly always for good for always endlessly ever indelibly aye ay e'er constantly continually for eternity ceaselessly interminably unendingly for all future time for ever to the end of time incessantly immortally abidingly continuously unceasingly without end repeatedly at length timelessly ad infinitum unchangingly deathlessly perdurably sempiternally imperishably relentlessly unremittingly forever more invariably persistently for a long time regularly for hours for ages till hell freezes over never-ending undyingly henceforth without a break lastingly hereafter without a pause consistently ever after indefinitely unfadingly on non-stop all the time good never to return neverendingly perennially at all times immutably unlimitedly to infinity unwaveringly conclusively unrelentingly inalterably without limit tirelessly nonstop definitively steadfastly decisively irrevocably at great length having no end 24/7 without interruption frequently considerably onward finally absolutely onwards forth unremitting without cease steadily indefatigably relentless uninterruptedly without let-up without stopping ad nauseam forwards henceforward unfailingly infinitely durably ahead hence forward sine die to the end moving ahead and beyond into eternity till cows come home for the rest of eternity for ever so long time after time for all eternity day and night night and day for a lifetime to a finish till you're blue in the face morning, noon and night the entire time for an infinite amount of time regular patiently time and time again faithfully


At all times
constantly continually perpetually always incessantly endlessly persistently eternally consistently continuously non-stop regularly repeatedly unfailingly everlastingly interminably invariably unremittingly durably ever immortally infinitely unchangingly undyingly unendingly ay aye lastingly for always all the time day and night e'er for good night and day the entire time morning, noon and night unceasingly ceaselessly permanently at every turn relentlessly evermore without a break twenty-four-seven 24/7 forevermore round the clock entire time indelibly nonstop day in, day out at all times habitually frequently customarily dependably tirelessly infallibly inevitably perennially unrelentingly recurrently without fail without exception every time without rest each time without cessation on and on without stopping on every occasion for keeps routinely often religiously methodically oftentimes ofttimes steadily monotonously without break time and again again and again time and time again over and over time after time over and over again on all occasions thick and fast many a time and oft enduringly too long around the clock remorselessly without surcease uninterruptedly typically normally at all hours so long round-the-clock away as usual per usual without end for ever usually anytime till cows come home by any chance to the end of time in any case in perpetuum much sempiternally oft hourly everywhere universally invariously unalterably in every case in all instances in all cases whatever happens in every instance in all places


Persisting for an extended period of time
lasting enduring abiding permanent constant perpetual eternal continuing everlasting perennial undying unending immortal fixed durable endless imperishable continual steady ceaseless firm indestructible immutable timeless incessant stable persisting ageless established unceasing remaining uninterrupted unchanging ongoing steadfast unremitting unfading interminable irreversible dateless surviving unbroken indelible reliable changeless fast unfaltering secure perdurable unwavering dependable indissoluble sempiternal lifelong inexhaustible ingrained old inexpungible longstanding never-ending long-lasting non-stop long-lived deep-rooted long-term long-standing never-changing in for the long haul till the cows come home deathless infinite without end boundless indefinite amaranthine persistent continued immemorial illimitable always termless invariable ineradicable limitless never dying unvarying unfailing inextinguishable classic atemporal agelong undiminished continuous unforgettable anti-aging relentless vast irreparable standing unchangeable unalterable immovable set perduring undeviating for keeps set in concrete set in stone forever and a day undefined sustained chronic unrelenting settled unabating lingering habitual nonstop unyielding long-established incurable unrelieved inveterate deep-seated traditional strong solid regular stubborn usual routine recurrent prevailing recurring irremediable tenacious irrevocable age-old round-the-clock residual confirmed time-honoured unbreakable stout unabated irretrievable prolonged absolute persevering sturdy resistant unflagging living time-honored running obstinate unrectifiable inborn ever-present inbred rigid binding ancient certain irrecoverable ritual irredeemable consistent unchanged ritualistic beyond repair ineffaceable incorruptible sound toughened neverending existing unshakable extant customary unrepairable dogged final unswerving conventional undestroyed inflexible heavy-duty hard-and-fast uniform accustomed rooted unmitigated vestigial hard-wearing protracted severe static inextirpable historic unrecoverable sure ancestral resolute inured in existence hardened tried and true tried and tested current resilient reinforced old-time stationary frequent unredeemable repeated equable untiring lost staunch infrangible indefatigable inevitable long-running tireless never-ceasing unappealable cast-iron unreversible familiar peremptory rock-solid well-built well-made unrepealable hopeless armored armoured invulnerable made to last incorrigible around tried-and-true entrenched folk unshakeable round the clock hard invariant incommutable old-world wonted unstoppable past hope beyond hope habituated alive nagging accepted even inalterable infallible returning hardy robust fated trustworthy unfluctuating true haunting dyed-in-the-wool seasoned unmodifiable proven faithful unquenchable sustaining maintaining progressing advancing pursuing tough predestined predetermined memorable steely shatterproof airtight unassailable well-established unwearied classical irrepressible decided rugged adamantine venerable impregnable fortified unlimited doomed same stabile non-breakable conclusive safe monotonous strengthened invincible determinate carrying on unsalvageable well fortified well-founded uncorrectable unsleeping bottomless past mending written off long-living inseparable long-l about long-drawn-out still existing long-existing never-dying in progress day-and-night respected fresh unspoiled youthful niggling gnawing dragging slow lifetime repetitious repeating reoccurring intermittent on an even keel unmovable in circulation serious unended livelong pushy lifetime's wear-resistant unsuppressible going on unwaning hard and fast maintained death-defying ever living committed unflinching phoenixlike undeadly weatherproof leftover all-time for life consecutive proved valid hard-shell staid inannihilable firmly established irradicable worn yearlong annual yearly seasonal for all your life world-without-end lengthy extended unbending implacable dangerous acute spun-out drawn-out time-hallowed tried level periodical periodic responsible staying repetitive marathon always-on year-round beyond cure well established dire alarming extreme grave irreclaimable irreformable open-ended interminate unwearying flat adherent that will never die that will live forever never-failing on a treadmill day and night balanced stalwart uncontrollable regularised regularized standardised frozen trustable unvaried strongly made nonbreakable traditionary irremovable sacrosanct brass-bound tight calm standardized without respite decisive definitive gone forever lost and gone honourable trusty bulletproof honorable calculable predictable fail-safe loyal surefire can't-miss unerring present well grounded staying put solid as a rock fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians prescriptive orthodox irrefutable stunted imperceptible shrunken token compelling indisputable incontrovertible definite monolithic well balanced well-balanced inerasable effective oft-repeated around-the-clock measureless unbounded unexpungeable doctrinal standard widespread popular common normal stereotyped prescribed immeasurable being existent straight assiduous delivering there come-through rock solid diligent counted on outstanding cogent impenetrable hard as nails stormproof knockabout heavy well-armed inviolable cohesive storm-resistant well defended well-protected impassible well protected flourishing unattackable bombproof concrete hard-bitten unerasable stirring rememberable unconstrained unchallengeable ultimate untold incalculable indubitable inestimable abundant abounding determinative inexpugnable unanswerable emphatic indeterminate great immensurable about in circulation to the fore widely used unmanageable insuppressible unrestrainable uncontainable unrestrained finished not to be forgotten never to be forgotten unfathomable horizonless nonperishable overlong undivided fathomless irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable undestroyable undestructable unruinable irrefrangible intractable inexorable wild substantial having no end not stopping well-defined well-constructed continuing on aged hoary out of control left over left behind early past unrestorable anachronistic antediluvian irremedial ruined destroyed cureless broken impossible irreplaceable creaky mossy first oldie dated decrepit mouldy clunky earliest moldy hoar rusty old-fashioned old hat of long ago as old as the hills old as the hills time-worn very old moth-eaten horse and buggy categorical beyond recall


That is beyond memory
immemorial age-old ancient long-standing traditional archaic old antediluvian dateless fixed rooted time-honoured aged ancestral antique hoar hoary long-lived of yore olden timeless time-worn venerable atavistic long-established prehistoric primaeval primeval time-honored timeworn very old centuries old rooted in the past old-fashioned antiquated superannuated out-of-date outmoded old-time rusty passé creaky old as the hills as old as the hills obsolete historic bygone elderly primitive primordial anachronistic mouldy clunky moth-eaten mossy oldie moldy old hat horse and buggy early past outdated senescent dated remote older oldfangled decrepit relic worn-out grizzled quaint vintage obsolescent cobwebby medieval outworn old-fangled longevous fossilized grey-haired out of date worn getting on mediaeval fossilised behind the times past it advanced in years long in the tooth out of the ark past its sell-by date over the hill old-world retrograde old-school old-timey retro well-established silver-haired grizzly white-haired silvery-haired antwacky past your sell-by date sometime stale former decayed old as Methuselah quondam unoriginal erstwhile of old pristine onetime late done unfashionable once hackneyed demode aboriginal original cast-off crumbling lot of mileage of an advanced age old as Adam antediluvial classical ageless enduring established lasting first ritual ritualistic earliest tried and true tried and tested of long ago senior ageing geriatric mature aging doddering doddery unyoung senile grey gray matured septuagenarian octogenarian nonagenarian centenarian ripened shot over-the-hill no spring chicken not as young as one used to be been around not as young as one was grey-bearded not long for this world senior citizen worse for wear ripe past your prime vieux jeu advanced antiquarian patriarchal abiding long-lasting of age along in years gray-haired on in years not young in one's dotage up in years deep-rooted childhood from way back long forgotten retired tired declining full of years long in tooth on last leg of advanced years musty dry as dust out of fashion from the past demoded prehistorical moribund neolithic Noachian kaputt kaput fusty backward Stone Age

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