Đồng nghĩa của infrangible

Alternative for infrangible

infrangible /in'frændʤibl/
  • tính từ
    • không bẻ gây được; không gây được
    • không thể vi phạm được


Difficult to break and therefore able to withstand rough usage
unbreakable durable indestructible resistant shatterproof toughened non-breakable adamantine armoured everlasting hard-wearing imperishable lasting long-lasting nonbreakable rugged solid stout strong sturdy armored brass-bound firm hard heavy-duty incorruptible indissoluble invulnerable perdurable permanent resilient tight tough unshakable unyielding made to last immortal enduring inextinguishable wear-resistant abiding indelible undying deathless nonperishable unfading well-made weatherproof perennial endless ineradicable strongly made inexterminable undestroyable unchangeable perpetual reinforced immutable unwreckable rock-solid undestructable unruinable irrefrangible unalterable inextirpable irrefragable nonbreaking eternal dateless timeless unending ageless continuing constant never-ending ceaseless sempiternal ongoing persistent forever unceasing infinite without end fixed unchanging changeless incessant amaranthine continual unfailing interminable invariable indefinite irreversible boundless unremitting steadfast deep-rooted lifelong continued unvarying immemorial illimitable termless rock-hard always cast-iron never dying never-changing unquenchable secure undiminished irrepressible uninterrupted established unforgettable stable persisting unbroken ingrained strengthened inexpungible memorable fast set relentless unwavering immovable classic never-ceasing in for the long haul set in stone binding unsuppressible never-dying inseparable undestroyed agelong atemporal limitless unended flinty impenetrable hard as nails like granite non-corroding non-biodegradable continuous invariant standing irreparable decided incommutable safety undecaying traditional death-defying ever living anti-aging inevitable inflexible inalterable hard-and-fast perduring undeviating phoenixlike undeadly repetitious returning repeating reoccurring intermittent recurring ineffaceable not decaying consistent unmovable unmodifiable resolute unchanged for keeps going on inerasable set in concrete that will never die that will live forever forever and a day unexpungeable stubborn uncontrollable hard and fast steel-clad bulletproof covered adamant unstoppable haunting protected shielded rememberable unerasable stirring deep-seated unconstrained unrelenting unmanageable unrestrainable uncontainable insuppressible unrestrained ironclad heavily clad steel-plated not to be forgotten never to be forgotten incorrigible intractable dogged inexorable wild out of control steady remaining surviving reliable unfaltering dependable inexhaustible old longstanding non-stop long-lived long-term long-standing till the cows come home

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